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Hello! Enjoy our collection of quotes and if you feel the pleasure, you can add some of your own.

Depending on if you like or dislike a quote, there are links that are + and - signs that you can click to promote or demote a quote. If you think a quote has slipped by our highly technological sensors and isn't appropriate for this website, you can always click the [X] link near it.
Note: The quote is not removed from the database, it just puts a flag up for the admins to check it to verify that it is alright, it may or may not be removed.

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If you are submitting a quote, poke Lilura or Ralas on IRC to approve it or it will get buried in spam.


Northing to see here, move away folks!
aka baldy is silly

whoever is flagging all these quotes........I hate you

Love Lilura

Hello folks :)
I\'d like to welcome a new member into the team, Lilura has accepted a place as a co-moderator where she\'s going to help me keep the QDB and add some spice, hopefully add some quotes not fitting my sometimes one-sided humour as well, and make some more of you laugh :)


For the mother of all that is holy, slow down on the flagging peeps. I just had a batch of 26 flagged quotes to, even though that might be considered small it\'s quite timeconsuming and unflagging the same quote daily isn\'t what I\'d call fun.

Be sensible and bear in mind that this place isn\'t tied as tightly to the PG-channel as you might think but is a general database for any humorous quotes in #planeshift.

Over and out,


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