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#742 + (-31) - [X]
* rux adds more null
* Kariloy|work eats the null
* Kariloy|work starves
<rux> :(
* rux offers an after meal int
#793 + (-29) - [X]
MadMerlin chews on kariloy
MadMerlin has disconnected: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
Kariloy|work: and that's what you get when you chew on Kariloy :|

#879 + (-29) - [X]
(13:03:48) GuildChat from Morla: Xiasa, what are you irl?
(13:04:01) GuildChat from Xiasa: Human =P
(13:04:09) GuildChat from Morla: ah, nice
(13:04:09) GuildChat from Araroyige: So you claim.
(13:04:16) GuildChat from Araroyige: How do we know?
(13:04:17) GuildChat from Morla: humans are strange

#91 + (-28) - [X]
AL13N: it's like very early in the morning
AL13N: 11.14 am

#792 + (-28) - [X]
<Vinafera> work is easy ... marriage is easy ... planeshift ... now that is complicated
#951 + (-27) - [X]
<@Marathal> i went to mean mommy school and graduated magna cum laude
#818 + (-27) - [X]
[12:02] * Lolitra_Purrty walks up to Talad and takes his arm 'hello there my handsome Dev'l oper'
[12:03] * Talad (n=info@planeshift/director/Talad) Quit ( Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) )
[12:03] <sxealex> haha!
[12:03] <Izzabella> oo Lolitra_Purrty you scared him off!
[12:03] <Lolitra_Purrty> oooo...
[12:03] <Arerano_Areramau> What have you done!!??
[12:03] <Arerano_Areramau> :P
[12:03] <Lolitra_Purrty> whoops
[12:03] <Izzabella> your too much woman for him.
[12:03] <a_wibble> "Connection reset by peer" Looks like there's competition for Talad.....
#853 + (-27) - [X]
Soraile: I'm furry. . . . <.< not A furry. well, unless they create a raccoon person, then yeah, i'll be all over that. but still
DAL|Lost1d: Furrys rule vanilla drools
#986 + (-27) - [X]
<Minks_work> You hug Kran butts?
<Haraun_> XD
<Mishka_> I knew it…
#740 + (-26) - [X]
<Miadon> Life is like a packet of Pink Wafers...
<MIadon> ...its terrible.
#820 + (-26) - [X]
<Listbard> XilliX is a slang term often depicting something awesome, or someone awesome, it often replaces '1337' or other terms that refer to someone being awesome.
<Gag_H> Sacrileg! ;)
<Listbard> XilliX also substitutes for the phrase 'win' as opposed to 'fail' XilliX can mean success in life, or anything else. For this same reason it can be replaced with 'owned' or 'pwned'
<Listbard> "Wow that jump you made on your bike was XilliX dude!"
<Listbard> "My skills on counterstrike are XilliX..."
<Listbard> "j00 got pwned by mah XilliX skillz"
<Listbard> "You just got XilliXed n00b"
<Listbard> "You fail at being as XilliX as me."
#98 + (-25) - [X]
DivineLight: nyways, don't expect WIPE soon :P
stfrn: expect it for when you least expect it....
* Jorrit zaps all characters on the db.
Jorrit: Done :-)
#783 + (-25) - [X]
<Jeraphon> Ugh! Just when you want the WC the most
<Jeraphon> it's infinite login
<Arianna> Jeraphon, that sentence sounds really funny if you think WC = toilet :D
<Jeraphon> Just the kind of humour I expect from the country that gave us Roberto Benigni.
#88 + (-24) - [X]
stfrn: ... carrots are the doom of us all

#732 + (-24) - [X]
<Cyrius> perl, python, and php are all hammers for insane people
<Cyrius> perl's a hammer for people who put the nails in clever patterns
<Cyrius> python's for obsessive-compulsives who make sure every nail is perfectly spaced
<Cyrius> and php is for people who like hitting their thumbs repeatedly
#735 + (-24) - [X]
<Vengeance> Fenki_Rhia: In general, people online are more tolerant of gays or jihadis than they are of people using an "opposing" OS. :P
<Vengeance> It is very strange
#796 + (-24) - [X]
[15:46] * Xil|sleeps hides all the noob parts in the closet
[15:46] * Xil|sleeps whistles
#813 + (-24) - [X]
<Tuxide> Come and I will show you
<Tuxide> It will look even funnier on your end than it will on mine
<Tuxide> Let me know when you're there
<Aiken> I should be close
<Aiken> I am flying
Dopplganger comes in at the wroooong time...
#819 + (-24) - [X]
<Farren_Lindar> I don't go to funerals

<Farren_Lindar> Because everyone is always crying and they hug me because I'm the only one not crying :/

<Ryiel> Yeah cause you say: "What's the fuss about? It takes only 2mins to get out of the DR"
#836 + (-24) - [X]
[17:22] <Zwenze> Underthemoon, we discussed that inguild chat but consider the work as too much and we haveto little artists in guild.
[17:23] <vinafera> Zwenze: besides, all the doorwayswould be too low for most of the players if we designed it
[17:23] <Zwenze> and the mugs to large
#851 + (-24) - [X]
|<-- crj has left irc.freenode.net (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
-->| crj has joined #planeshift-citycontest
|<-- crj has left irc.freenode.net (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
-->| crj has joined #planeshift-citycontest
<crj> doh, i just keep pushing the magic button that crashes my client...
<Baldur> Priceless :')
#865 + (-24) - [X]
<freenode'chewed-on> o.O
<freenode'chewed-on> Xordan is in the #crystalspace directory but not in this
<freenode'Bald|Studying> Bastid
<freenode'chewed-on> channel, not directory ^.^!
<freenode'Bald|Studying> Funny :P
<weltall> directory? :D
<weltall> cd #crystalspace
<weltall> cd xordan
<weltall> ls
<weltall> :O the wonders
<weltall> :D
<freenode'Hoki_Workin> rm -rf xordan
<weltall> oh my who fixes the client now
<weltall> XD
<freenode'chewed-on> weltall: :P
<freenode'chewed-on> ah, shush ! :P
#885 + (-24) - [X]
[01:00:07] * Elvi joinks at Allola's tail and it snapps off "well lookie here, its a clip on tail"
[01:00:34] <Allola> O.O
[01:00:37] <Allola> Nuhuh!
[01:00:41] <+Morla_Phlint> oopsy...
[01:00:43] <Allola> It's not supposed to come off!
[01:00:48] * Allola shreiks
[01:00:56] <+Morla_Phlint> but it did...bad merchandise
#981 + (-23) - [X]
<Mekora> Work at a Pubic Hair Salon
<Vakachehk> -_-
<Vakachehk> Doing what
<Vakachehk> ?
<Vakachehk> I'm not a trained Hairdresser
<marathal> pubic hair salon?
<marathal> really?
<Bird|ghosted> Mekora: no :P
<marathal> giving brazilian waxes?
<marathal> lilura: mekora gets in qdb.
#43 + (-23) - [X]
<Faldrok> Whoa. Slow down a minute. Me and my bag of sugar were, you know. Erhem, now let me carry on with answering those questions.
<Faldrok> 1. Yes, so I take the sugar from the stores and I manipulate them for my own use. They are mine, ALL MINE!!! WEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEH
<Faldrok> 2. They can deny whatever they want to, right? Me and my sugar have a special bond, that nothing can break it, except when I eat all of it. :-/
<Draklar> Do you produce Sugar Golems?
<Faldrok> I like to think of them as Sugar Whores. But, you may call them as you wish.
#762 + (-23) - [X]
Arianna: Xil|sleeps: shouldn't you sleep ? :)
Xil|sleeps: i should
Xil|sleeps: indeed
Xil|sleeps: i stayed up too late working on ps last night :)
Xil|sleeps: gonna be another hard day for me :0
Talad kicked Xil|sleeps: for health reasons
Xillix has joined
ChanServ enables 'Voice' status for Xillix
Xillix: thanks talad :)
Xillix (n=Xillix@planeshift/setting/leader/xillix) is now known as Xil|sleeps
Xil|sleeps is now away - Reason : zzz
Xil|sleeps: night
Talad: night
#794 + (-23) - [X]
[14:05] * `Zidane sticks to his "cleaner unplugged server to plug in mobile phone charger" theory.
#876 + (-23) - [X]
[17:36:04] * Allola (n=) has joined #theoutlaws
[17:36:37] <Allola> Jaycc|dead! =O
[17:36:52] <+Morla_Phlint> hey 'Llola
[17:37:08] <Allola> o/
[17:37:18] <+Morla_Phlint> sorry, it's all my fault, I dropped Jaycc on the floor and she broke :'(
[17:37:29] <Allola> =O
[17:37:36] <+Morla_Phlint> i know...
[17:37:52] * +Morla_Phlint is ashamed
[17:38:46] * Allola picks up the Jaycc|dead pieces and tries to put her back together.
[17:39:04] * +Morla_Phlint hands 'Llola some glue
[17:39:25] * Allola giggles and pulls out duct tape "This works better"
[17:39:26] <Allola> >=]
[17:39:33] <+Morla_Phlint> :O
[17:39:51] * Allola tries to duct tape Jaycc|dead back together
[17:39:56] * +Morla_Phlint throws the glue away and smashes a window
[17:40:04] <Allola> O.o
[17:40:15] <+Morla_Phlint> oops... I did it again
[17:40:17] <+Morla_Phlint> xD
[17:40:26] <Allola> LMAO!
#973 + (-23) - [X]
<LigH> UtM: I know, sometimes I have to force myself to type one key after anotehr not to mix them.
<LigH> *another :P
#778 + (-22) - [X]
<joseAway> Add one to the list of things I did NOT want to see in a /query window.
<joseAway> 20:10:59 <Farren_Kutter> Feel the wrath of my hairy beast
#782 + (-22) - [X]
<Kaerli> does anyone know which bug is holding up the NPCClient start up?
<Arianna> npcclient is a bug.
#828 + (-22) - [X]
<newbie> asks: help with tutorials
You advise <newbie> with this suggestion: Please be a little more specific with your question.
<newbie> asks: i dont understand the tutorials

(to be fair, more specific questions followed, that's why i deleted his name ;-) )
#914 + (-22) - [X]
[11:08] * Minks__ writes a list
[11:09] <Minks__> *proper bread*
[11:09] <Minks__> *things to put on bread*
[11:09] <Inglorion> what do you put on bread, Minks__?
[11:09] <Minks__> toilet paper!
#968 + (-22) - [X]
(23:43:15) Amaneldth says: ...a Ynnwn out there...
(23:43:17) Amaneldth says: with...
(23:43:20) Amaneldth says: no pants!!!
(23:43:22) Roled says: I shall get the drinks
(23:43:26) Roled says: NO PANTS!
(23:43:30) Amaneldth says: No pants!
(23:44:25) Roled says: Let me buy ye a drink Sir NoPAnts!
(23:44:30) Roled laughs
(23:44:41) Roled says: Tis Trogdar!
(23:44:43) Lilura says: trog put on some pants
(23:44:45) Barike looks at Roled and snarls under his breath
(23:44:46) Amaneldth gives a weird look to Roled.
(23:44:48) Trogdar says: If I had pants I would put them on right about now.
(23:45:03) Esorono says: Getting cold for you too?
(23:45:05) Lilura says: and ama ...stop staring
(23:45:06) Amaneldth looks at the tall Ynnwn.."Aren't you rahter cold?".
(23:45:13) Amaneldth says: I'm not staring!
(23:45:21) Lilura says: sureee
(23:45:34) Esorono tries to hug Lilura.
(23:45:42) Trogdar shrugs "It's not really the cold that I am worried about"
(23:45:48) Trogdar chuckles
(23:45:57) Amaneldth gazes intently. "Then what are you worried about?"
(23:46:14) Amaneldth says: [at trogdar's face!!]
#396 + (-21) - [X]
* Fossie sets mode +Q Shalmaneser
<Karyuu> Raagh. Just raagh.
<joseSleep> thanks kary
<-- Shalmaneser has quit ("Leaving")
--> Shal (n=Shalmane@CPE000fb517ab71-CM00152fb8894e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #planeshift
<Shal> See?
<Shal> There's the proof.
* Fossie sets mode +Q Shal
<stfrn> o.O
<Karyuu> ..What proof?
<joseSleep> What proof?
<-- Shal has quit (Client Quit)
<Fossie> xD
--> Shal3 (n=Shalmane@CPE000fb517ab71-CM00152fb8894e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #planeshift
* Fossie sets mode +Q Shal3
<Shal3> GEek :-D
<stfrn> erm....
<Karyuu> ...
<joseSleep> shal
<-- Shal3 has quit (Client Quit)
<Underthemoon> Now I'm confused
<joseSleep> right
<Karyuu> .... XD
<Karyuu> Oh dear god.
<Fossie> this is fun
<joseSleep> so he thinks Fossie is muting him
<joseSleep> XD
<Karyuu> XDDD
<stfrn> I don't think anyone understands
* joseSleep actually laughs for the first time in .. a while
<Karyuu> He really -hasn't- been on IRC enough.
<joseSleep> fossie
<joseSleep> I
<joseSleep> I LOVE you
* joseSleep hugs
* Fossie backs away
<Robin|PS> heh
<joseSleep> sorry
<joseSleep> delirium
<joseSleep> anyhow
<Karyuu> This is seriously funny xD
<Fossie> i mean.. i have done this to him before aswell
<Fossie> a few weeks ago 0_o
<joseSleep> ROFLMAO
<Fossie> my mission is complete
#662 + (-21) - [X]
<Phinehas> "Ok... single girls first, since there's more guys
around. Karyuu, Kiirani, Kalika, Zorbels, Demarthl"
<Karyuu> "I am the most unsingle person ever :3"
<Phinehas> "Nobody asked you. Sit down."
#791 + (-21) - [X]
* Kanalal pokes Kerol in the tummy to see if he squeaks
* Kerol burps
<Kanalal> :/
#843 + (-21) - [X]
<Torzigg> drey! back in the closet! Now!
<Torzigg> =>.<=
<Farren_Kutter> drey came out of the closet?
#855 + (-21) - [X]
<homik|grrrr> if i start typing strange things its vecause garden gnomes truned my keyvoard into chocolate milk and i couldn't rememver which way the key fit back togather
<Akaiddo> lol
#861 + (-21) - [X]
<freenode'Vonoff> weltall, you made me a frigging chicken! :P
<weltall> me?
<freenode'Dajoji> I don't wanna ask for details O_o
<freenode'Vonoff> at least i think it was you, since you threatened to make me perma klyros :D
and why you aren't a klyros then?
<freenode'Vonoff> no idea, but am perma chicken now
<freenode'Dajoji> hehe
<freenode'Tinvel> lol...you were the Hungy Ulbernaut with chicken model and description of a Dlayo Vonoff?
<freenode'Vonoff> Name Vonor
<freenode'Vonoff> Last name
<freenode'Vonoff> Race Kikiri
<weltall> XDDDDDD
[some minutes later]
<freenode'Vonoff> weltall, ah yes, i forgot about him :)
<freenode'Vonoff> anyways, who made me a chicken through the dev wc, if it wasn't weltall? meh :-/
<weltall> it was nice eh
<freenode'Vonoff> no
<freenode'Vonoff> :P
<weltall> why not?
<freenode'Vonoff> <-- not a chicken :D
<weltall> ^ a quality one
* freenode'Vonoff is more the derghir kind of person :D
<freenode'Anqua> I gave Vonor a great idea
<freenode'Vonoff> Anqua, you did? :P
<weltall> anqua+vonor+idea? nah this doens't work
<freenode'Anqua> hehe
<freenode'Anqua> Now that Vonor is a kikiri, everytime he go visible and help a player, he can lay an egg before going invis. again
<freenode'Tinvel> lol
<freenode'Anqua> This way our players will be happy
* freenode'Rizin|Sleep has entered the channel
<freenode'Vonoff> lol
<freenode'Anqua> Satisfaction Guarenteed
<freenode'Anqua> :P
<weltall> hahahahaha
[in the mean time vonor was sending some pm]
<Vonoff> was it you?! I know it was you!
<kougaro> me what?
<Vonoff> you made me a kikiri, didn't you?
<kougaro> smoked something? :P
<Vonoff> i'm a damn chicken!
[and other pm too]
<freenode'Vonoff> meh, it was you who changed me, wasn't it?
<weltall> are you poking all devs?
<freenode'Vonoff> just poked you before then kou and now you again but in private :D
<weltall> what's wrong in being a kikiri anyway
<freenode'Vonoff> well, i don't want to be one :D
<weltall> why not aiken is a kikiri 24/7
<freenode'Vonoff> i'm not aiken :D
[coming back in the channel...]
* freenode'Pizik è ora conosciuto come freenode'Not_a_GM
<freenode'Not_a_GM> hey, welsmall are you around?
<freenode'Anqua> hehe
<weltall> pizik you'll become a dwarf soon
<weltall> XD
<freenode'Not_a_GM> hehe
<freenode'Not_a_GM> better than fishy
<freenode'Anqua> better be a dwarf than a klyros :P
<weltall> ok klyros then
<freenode'Vonoff> weltall, can you assing item meshes to chars? if so, make Not_a_GM a carp fish :D
<freenode'Not_a_GM> didn't think it would be
<weltall> you need a cal3d model to assign it
<weltall> and a race defined too
* freenode'Not_a_GM è ora conosciuto come freenode'Pizik_afk
<freenode'Vonoff> gn8 guys
<freenode'Tinvel> good night Vonoff
<freenode'Anqua> bye Vonoff
<freenode'Xopal> gn o/
<freenode'Vonoff> btw, please let me be a dwarf again...or at least a derghir...but heck, not a chicken! :D
<freenode'Anqua> how about an egg?
<freenode'Anqua> or a tloke?
<freenode'Vonoff> stonebreaker or derghir
<freenode'Vonoff> :D
<freenode'Anqua> okie
<freenode'Anqua> I'll request them to make you
<freenode'Anqua> a female stonebreaker
<freenode'Anqua> XD
<freenode'Vonoff> male!
<freenode'Xopal> lol
<freenode'Anqua> Female will be better, trust me
<freenode'Anqua> You just have to chnge your name from Vonor to Vonoria
<freenode'Anqua> ;)
<freenode'Vonoff> i don't have to play a female char to be better :D
<freenode'Xopal> .. or Vonoretta ^^.. very feminine!
<freenode'Anqua> hehe
<freenode'Xopal> Bet she combs her beard too! What a lady. xD
<freenode'Anqua> LOL
<freenode'Vonoff> meh, you're all so silly :D
<freenode'Anqua> some female dwarves have beard
[next day...]
<freenode'Vonor> weltall, when will you change my mesh back? :D
<weltall> when you will submit to klyros greatness
<freenode'Rizin> lol
<freenode'Tazen> lol
<freenode'Vonor> oh those klyros, they are so awesome
<weltall> hum
<weltall> it doesn't seem convinced
<weltall> XD
* freenode'Vonor bows down "klyros are the bestest"
[in #planeshift]
<freenode'Vonor> Klyros are the bestest race evah
* freenode'Elvi jumps Vonor "blurghbubaHA!
<freenode'Semutara> >_>
<freenode'Vonor> klyros I say!
<freenode'Elvi> so... why where you a dwarf yesterday? :P
<freenode'Vonor> i only morphed
[back in the other channel]
<freenode'Vonor> weltall, look how serious i am -> #planeshift
<weltall> ahahhaha
<freenode'Vonor> are you convinced now?
<weltall> changed
<freenode'Vonor> meh, you made me a klyros
<weltall> XD
<freenode'Vonor> I admit, klyros are great, but i want to be a stonebm or a derghir :D
<weltall> oh sure XD
<freenode'Vonor> come on man
<weltall> you know you like the brotherhood
<weltall> :D
<freenode'Vonor> well, am gonna delete vonor then
<weltall> why? XD
<freenode'Vonor> to remake him as stonebreaker
<weltall> it will change again
<weltall> XD
<weltall> now you are a stonebreaker
<weltall> a boring stonebreaker
<weltall> bah
<freenode'Vonor> didn't you forget something?
<freenode'Vonor> Name Vonor
<freenode'Vonor> Last name
<freenode'Vonor> Race StoneBreaker
<freenode'Vonor> Gender F
<weltall> hum no
<freenode'Tazen> lol gender F

#871 + (-21) - [X]
zanzibar: bilbous, etes-vous un quebecois?
bilbous: nein
#964 + (-21) - [X]
[20:04] * Elvi bounces on AiwendilH's troll head
[20:04] * Mishka chains Mellas to the game
[20:04] <Mellas> :O
[20:04] <Mellas> kinkey :p
[20:04] <AiwendilH> but in case you can't give up yet...played already in zeroping Mellas?
[20:05] <Mellas> yep
[20:05] <Elvi> not kinkey like nekkid elvis sprites running around on your screen
[20:05] <Baldur> Mellas isn't really used to kinky, he keeps misspelling it :P
[20:05] <Mellas> who's he?
[20:05] <Elvi> HAHA! fail Baldur
[20:05] <Baldur> It.
[20:06] <Baldur> Wait. Nice..
#94 + (-20) - [X]
<rendie> hey..what if u dont know the m/f symbol..
<acraig> well, you can judge most of them by the models
#656 + (-20) - [X]
<Myriam> How did a Tefusang got at the iron mine's entrance? ^^
<Underthemoon> Um....to get to the other side.
<Underthemoon> ?
#840 + (-20) - [X]
<Ryiel> what do you speak then?
<Elvi> swedish
<Farren_Lindar> I speak Darnassian
#850 + (-20) - [X]
Trying to find a birtday present for overtherainbow is hard and wakes alot of conflict
<ravna> some ps3 games
<Bald|Dreamweaver> A monstertruck within the 50-100$ limit..
<ravna> wtf
<ravna> 1 gallon fuel
<Bald|Dreamweaver> Yo momma.
<Pizik> MP3 player
<ravna> yo momma is cheaper
#890 + (-20) - [X]
<Lokter> I thought you were about to flame me..
* Odin|work sprays Lokter with a fire extinguisher
* Lokter looks at Odin "He hasnt started yet"
<Odin|work> Preemptive spray
* Lokter grabs the fire extinguisher from Odin and beats him with it
* falcnor douses Lokter with kerosene.
<Lokter> not good
#944 + (-20) - [X]
<Xoel> think I might hit the town.
<Illysia> Hey Xoel, can't you wrap up/summerize the rest of your stupid? Soon I'll have to leave for class and won't be here to call you on it.
<Geoni> How do you hit the town?
<Xoel> Sure, I'll summarize it. Official IQ: 145. Read it and weep.
<Xoel> Geoni: a very large hammer, obvs.
<Geoni> Tears are just POURING out of my eyes.
#982 + (-19) - [X]
[Channel] [1: gossip] Pontifer: I used a broad statement to adress the masses not the individuals.
[Channel] [1: gossip] Hulenore: ?
[Channel] [1: gossip] Pontifer: It means I don't want to hear how many dark corcle rings you all have.
[Channel] [1: gossip] Haraun feels personally offended
[Channel] [1: gossip] Hulenore snickers
[Channel] [1: gossip] Pontifer: Circle*
[Channel] [1: gossip] Hulenore: Yeah, like everyone is gonna be all like, "Hey, just so ya know, I have X amount of 'em..."
[Channel] [1: gossip] Aramara: I'm going to leave it on my voicemail
[Channel] [1: gossip] Hulenore: Lol
[Channel] [1: gossip] Aramara: "you have reached Aramara, I'm not home right now, please leave a message, and by the way, I have 23 dark circle rings
#228 + (-19) - [X]
Rhad: The fog in my head would seem to indicate I should have had a good time last night, but I strangely have memories of coding instead of drinking and corrousing with unscrupulous types.... how depressing :(
Jorrit: oops :-)
Jorrit: Hi Rhad
Rhad: hola :)
Rhad: I hate mornings
* Jorrit loves mornings :-)
thebolt: Hi Rhad
Rhad: It's statements like that that justify our immense military budget you know..
#268 + (-19) - [X]
odd2k: ok going to bed.. noone say something interesting before I hit the exit button
Pogopuschel: hey, have you heard that great news?
* odd2k has quit ()
#777 + (-19) - [X]
<Talad> if you are in game
<Talad> avoid moving
#826 + (-19) - [X]
<homik> i hate word problems
<homik> american math is so stupid (or atleas the way they teach it
<steuben_sleeps> math \o/
<homik> its always "Little billy bought X amount of substance B at price Z and shoved it in bodily oriface Y"
#655 + (-19) - [X]
<Vengeance> Kromel: there is a new "Getting started in 400 easy steps" quick guide on the main website now
<Vengeance> Kromel: I suggest reading that for a few
#707 + (-19) - [X]
<res|laptop> "'Patches welcome' is the Open Source way of saying 'Go screw yourself'."
<res|laptop> http://video.google.nl/videoplay?docid=-4216011961522818645
#719 + (-19) - [X]
<Jurrely> gods dont defend themselfs or explain
<Jurrely> or correct spelling
<Cadoras> says who?
<Jurrely> god
<Jurrely> dissprove him
<Cadoras> wouldn't that be explaining his lack of explanations?
<Cadoras> in which case, he just contradicted himself?
<Jurrely> ask him
<Cadoras> and wouldn't the bible and other religious books be explanations? :P
<Jurrely> ask him
<Cadoras> I will
<Cadoras> one second
* Cadoras mumbles to himself
<Cadoras> he says you're an idiot
#737 + (-19) - [X]
<quotemstr> Wow, I've never seen an advertisement in an SMTP 5xx response before.
<quotemstr> 550 We would love to have gotten this email to mr3wm@aim.com. But, your recipient never logged onto their free AIM Mail account. Please contact them and let them know that they're missing out on all the super features offered by AIM Mail. And by the way, they're also missing out on your email. Thanks.
#781 + (-19) - [X]
<Talad> seems this new HD goes in standby and disconnects me from mirc during the night
<Arianna> it needs to sleep too
#785 + (-19) - [X]
<Jeraphon> hey folks. Anything happen since last night? :)
<Arianna> back from lunch
<Xordan|Afk> Arianna ate lunch
<Jeraphon> good to know
<Arianna> sometimes it happens :D
#945 + (-19) - [X]
<Esorono> /me captures Blazecon in a pokeball.
* blazecon breaks out "aww, so close"
<Caraick> hehe
<Esorono> /me captures Blazecon in a masterball.
<blazecon> masterball?
<Esorono> It captures a pokemon without fail.
<blazecon> aww thats no fair
<Esorono> ^_^
<blazecon> even Agumon!?
<Esorono> That's a digimon :p
#966 + (-19) - [X]
*In a guessing game about computer parts*

[15:51] <Elvi> you still use those didsks today everyday infact ;)
[15:51] <Baldur> ...
[15:51] <Baldur> The wheel?
#212 + (-18) - [X]
* stfrn was a cheerleader *\o/*
Lordbug :O
Zayek disturbing image
* Zanoxx has quit ()
Drey that bad :/
#611 + (-18) - [X]
* Zorbels corruptes Foxgamer "Cooooooooome to the dark side, besides theres free cookies."
* Alhana is the victim of Zorbels malicious lies and deception.
* Kanalal goes to the dark side for the free cookies
<foxgamer> free cookies? o.O
* foxgamer rushes to the dark side
#652 + (-18) - [X]
<Dem|SRO> i hate weekends
<Dem|SRO> its hell to log in non stop >:|
<Dem|SRO> stupid school kids. go to bed
<Lordbug> ahaha, you sound like my father :P
<Dem|SRO> remind me to shoot myself when im finished playing
* Niavard imagines Dem|SRO telling Lordbug "Lordbug, I am your father. join me and we will rule #planeshift as father and son"
* Dem|SRO thinks Niavard shouldn't smoke crack
<Niavard> and Lordbug would obviously have to respond "Noooooooooo"
<Niavard> And then you'd all explode, like the flying sheep with the gift of foresight told me.
<iKtomi> o.O
<Nilaya> Uh...huh. :)
<Nilaya> You feeling okay, Niavard? ;)
<Niavard> Quiet! you're not tricking me with your puniful mind games, for I have tinfoil hats!
<Lordbug> that's his normal self
<Nilaya> Right.
<Lordbug> when he says something that actually makes sence... then that question will be apropriate
#706 + (-18) - [X]
<Vengeance> kable: Magodra is working on it, and I don't want to step on him
<kable> good to know
<Vengeance> He is the main dev working on adding things to npcclient, so he is most likely the one that made it worse a few weeks back. :)
<Vengeance> You'll know it is fixed when you hear the faint sound of a forehead being slapped in Norway.
#932 + (-18) - [X]
[16:47] <drey> then someone find out what this wet patch is on my desk >.>
#975 + (-18) - [X]
<RlyDontKnow> Xordan: do you remember how creating the breakpad symbols from the binary and platform symbols work? or know who did it before?
* groton (~groton@unaffiliated/groton) è entrato in #crystalspace
<Xordan> res|laptop: IIRC, it figures out which cells are out of range, and newly in range, then allocates or reuses blocks to fill those cells. It's done based on distance between the last position (so if you haven't moved much it doesn't recalc I think).
<res|laptop> well that sounds sensible
<res|laptop> not checking every generated mesh, that is ;p
<Xordan> I'm not sure that's what it really does though :P
<res|laptop> lol
<Xordan> It's a rather complicated amount of code for something which sounds so simple
<res|laptop> possibly
<Xordan> I never 100% understood how it worked when I last tried to make it faster
<res|laptop> but sometimes, saving work makes code more complicated :P
<Xordan> RlyDontKnow: hmm, yeah I did it.
<res|laptop> weltall: quick, Xordan admitted he did it! save that quote!
<Xordan> :P
<Xordan> RlyDontKnow: I ran some breakpad symbol dumper I compiled from the breakpad source tree
<res|laptop> I bet it comes in *very* handy if properly used out of context.
#41 + (-17) - [X]
<cyo> dinners, flower, and a picture collage...sound good?
<cyo> oops
<cyo> dinner, flowers*
<Moogie|Mogura> lol
<Moogie|Mogura> a flower
<Moogie|Mogura> :D
* Moogie|Mogura hands cyo a daisy
* cyo passes it to Venge
<Moogie|Mogura> awww that's so sweet... :)
<Venge> you remembered! my favorite! *weep*
#955 + (-17) - [X]
[18:11] <@Lilura> blaaa
[18:12] <@Lilura> someone say something funny so someone can quote it and baldy can update and i wont be bored for 5 secs =D
[18:12] <+ravna> something funny
[18:13] <@Lilura> =|
[18:14] <Baldur> *updates*
#633 + (-17) - [X]
* FaKeShAdOw has quit ()
<Torzigg> nooo
<Wolfy> :(
<darknight> nooo what
* Torzigg tries to summon Fakey back
* lammas joins the summoning
<lammas> alakazam!
<Torzigg> ...tentacles
* FaKeShAdOw (n=FaKeShAd@adsl-64-175-37-145.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net) has joined #planeshift
<lammas> it worked!
#663 + (-17) - [X]
* Underthemoon ponders a guild bent on subjegating newbies, not helping them.
<DAL|Losted> Underthemoon: That's just cruel. Need help gathering the 20,000 trias?
#863 + (-17) - [X]
<weltall> nope
<weltall> XD
<weltall> i only slide him u 2
<weltall> XD
<freenode'Carua> and then someon RPed it into Harn's suicide
<weltall> XDDDDD
<weltall> yeah
<weltall> they said harnquist has hanged
<weltall> let me find the log
<freenode'Carua> *hung
* freenode'mouli (n=mouli@ è entrato in #freenode'#PlaneShift
<weltall> (15:06:22) Evaraj says: there is an npc in the bronze doors fortress whisch sells hammers
<weltall> (15:06:38) Deinos says: thanks
<weltall> (15:07:39) Evaraj says: harnquist is stuck in the roof
<weltall> (15:08:00) Weltall says: ahahhaha
<weltall> (15:08:34) [Guild] Pain says: that is a shame
<weltall> (15:09:02) [Guild] Pain says: did you lift harn again?
<weltall> (15:09:07) [Guild] Pain says: I reset him earlier
<weltall> (15:09:25) [Guild] Weltall says: yes
<weltall> (15:09:47) [Guild] Weltall says: + dlayo in the tree
<freenode'Eckar> If it were by rope it'd be hanged, not hung. :p
<freenode'Eckar> Doesn't the english language rule?
* freenode'Eckar laughs.
<weltall> (16:26:46) Auslorrod says: have some people in town today!
<weltall> (16:27:32) Auslorrod looks up
<weltall> (16:28:04) Auslorrod says: holy cr%&...hadn't even noticed. poor harn... must have been the Pain Monster I've seen lurking about
<weltall> (16:28:52) Auslorrod looks to the dwarf...[oops, i think i just rp'ed :P]
<weltall> (16:29:32) Auslorrod says: Pain Monster yeah, evil kikiri hanging around Harns recently, deranged from drinking out of the casting box, metal poison i think
<weltall> (16:30:04) Auslorrod tosses his brackets into the furnace
<weltall> (16:30:31) Eurac says: If I was taller i would pick harnquists pockets, get back some of that money he cons everyone out of.
<weltall> (16:30:51) Auslorrod says: yeah for sure,
<weltall> (16:31:00) Auslorrod looks about for a poker or somethin
<weltall> (16:31:22) >Assimil Koer greets everyone.
<weltall> (16:31:24) Auslorrod says: Greetings Assimil
<weltall> (16:31:27) Eurac says: Hi
<weltall> (16:31:37) Assimil says: hey he can fly or is it me?
<weltall> (16:31:45) Auslorrod says: was just looking at harns boots up close
<weltall> (16:31:54) Auslorrod says: Eurac thinks he's been hanged for ripping citizens off
<weltall> (16:32:06) Assimil says: hehe
<weltall> (16:32:23) Assimil says: cant marry him *haha*
<weltall> (16:32:45) Assimil says: anyone of you a crafter?
<freenode'Eckar> Yep, hanged is correct.
<weltall> (16:32:57) Eurac says: He is already married, just a minute maybe he hanged himself.
<weltall> (16:33:39) Auslorrod chuckles at eurac then turns to Assimil. nope, can't craft yet.
<weltall> (16:33:50) Eurac says: Me niether
<weltall> (16:33:56) Assimil says: *sigh*
<weltall> (16:34:04) Auslorrod says: met a fenki named Titaso that is able
<weltall> (16:34:04) Assimil says: no dagger for a little fenki
<weltall> (16:34:17) Assimil says: Tarotin?
<weltall> (16:34:46) Auslorrod says: ummm..not sure....here it was Titaso
<weltall> (16:35:10) Assimil says: ah...yeah..saw him yesterday...but he is a axe man
<freenode'Eckar> <.< Harnquist sometimes needs to die.
<weltall> 16:35:39) Assimil says: where did he found the rope?
<weltall> (16:36:20) Assimil shouts: DONT DIE...Customers are Comming !!!!!!
<weltall> (16:36:46) Auslorrod says: hmm, well, perhaps we'll be able to sell to each other now!
<weltall> (16:36:52) Assimil says: hehe...ok time to take a look around...catch ya later`s i guess *hehe*
<weltall> (16:36:58) Auslorrod says: see ya
<weltall> (16:37:04) Eurac says: :)
<weltall> (16:37:17) Assimil says: looks a bit stupit *haha*
<weltall> (16:37:45) Auslorrod says: wonder if Kada's is dead over here
<weltall> (16:37:59) Auslorrod says: well, aside from the fact that everywhere is dead
<freenode'Carua> so,wait you were talking to the "Pain Monster"?
<weltall> yes also
<weltall> (16:58:17) Eurac says: Hi
<weltall> (16:58:22) Gabiwe says: Hi
<weltall> (16:58:32) Eurac looks at Harnquist.
<weltall> (16:58:54) Eurac says: He floats now?
<weltall> (16:59:07) Gabiwe says: Look at the notice hean hear
<weltall> (16:59:33) Eurac says: I see.
<weltall> (16:59:48) Gabiwe says: I just noticed it ealyer myself too
<weltall> (17:00:03) Eurac says: well it is to late for him to pay a better return top the citizens now.
<weltall> XD
<freenode'Eckar> He would say that..
#868 + (-17) - [X]
greato> When Pizik will be back
-->| Khaki_ (n=Khaki@93-97-141-193.zone5.bethere.co.uk) has joined #planeshift
<Minks> on soulcake tuesday
<Baldur>Though cake does imply it's a lie.
<--| greato has left #planeshift
#933 + (-17) - [X]
<sarrasaurus_rex> i'm going to europe this summer yey
<sarrasaurus_rex> and i can meet my french bf :D
<Geoni> Liar.
<sarrasaurus_rex> no i'm srs
<Geoni> You don't have a french bf.
<sarrasaurus_rex> well he thought he was
<Geoni> You though? XD
<Geoni> thought*
<sarrasaurus_rex> he wanted to be my bf, but we were only together for a month
<sarrasaurus_rex> *not relationship togetther, i mean location-wise
<sarrasaurus_rex> and on the last day he's like "SARRAS I LOOOVE YOU" and i was like "i know" all han solo-ish
<Geoni> I don't understand the location-wise ordeal.
<Geoni> Ew your real name is Sarras?
<sarrasaurus_rex> no you dumb dumb
<Geoni> So your misquoting?
<sarrasaurus_rex> i don't want to say my real name
<Geoni> Blood sucking misquoto!
<sarrasaurus_rex> o.O
#938 + (-17) - [X]
[10:47:32] <Bald|Worker> Aaahh, soon of from wooork...
[10:47:37] <Bald|Worker> Great :)
[10:50:31] * Look_a_klyros does naughty things to Bald|Worker.
[10:51:05] <Bald|Worker> I hope you're a girl xD
[10:52:40] <Halbor> it's eso
[10:52:50] *** Bald|Worker (~BJ@90-227-107-17-no34.business.telia.com) Quit (Quit: I'm going to shower for a few hours now...)
#988 + (-17) - [X]
[1: gossip] Mishka is listening to a cougar purring <3
[1: gossip] Marathal: get your ear off my front door, mishka
#980 + (-16) - [X]
[14:07] <drey2> Cer|dwen: the only rule is drey wins, always
[14:07] <Jecewie> you're dre2
[14:07] <Jecewie> drey2*
[14:07] <Baldur> Win Jecewie
[14:07] == drey2 has changed nick to Dreyz0rz
[14:07] <Cer|dwen> oh yes I got that from earlier with the time difference, can't agree to disagree
[14:07] <Jecewie> still not drey
[14:08] == Dreyz0rz has changed nick to Count_Drey
[14:08] <Baldur> drey-fail, an anomaly :P
[14:08] <Count_Drey> :|
[14:08] <Count_Drey> now there's tzatziki on my keyboard :(
#78 + (-16) - [X]
MadMerlin > it's 6 pm in the morning...
#630 + (-16) - [X]
<FaKeShAdOw> nature calls, brb.
<FaKeShAdOw> wait wait nevermind
<FaKeShAdOw> wrong number >.>
#703 + (-16) - [X]
<Ninjab3ar> hmm
<Ninjab3ar> how are the graphics in this game?
<Vengeance> not very good
<Vengeance> excellent, though, compared to like MineSweeper
#755 + (-16) - [X]
<Linksunius> I've bribed a gm's non-gm character to get the GM to do a favour for me
<Arianna> I bet you bribed him with pearls of wisdom and jewels of fantasy :)
#784 + (-16) - [X]
<Talad> acraig: infinite login means there is no /sessions dir
<Talad> or the disk space is finished
<Arianna> or the end of the world is coming!
<Arianna> we are doomed!
* Arianna takes cover
* Kerol pushes Arianna over the edge of the world
* Arianna respawns
<Arianna> I was just out of bounds!
#788 + (-16) - [X]
[14:29] <`Zidane> so, i can kill a rat in like, maybe 5 minutes, with 10% hp left..... so thats strong enough to kill an ulber right?
#833 + (-16) - [X]
drey: rux!
rux: drey!
drey has disconnected: "me!"
rux: ok then
#906 + (-16) - [X]
<aleena|ps> ok to use eels?
<Valrion> hmmm
<Valrion> you can list it, sure
<aleena|ps> would work I think, altho may want to call them something else,
<Valrion> yeah, should work
<aleena|ps> ok, will add to list
<Baldur> How about keels? That way keelhauling would be more lucrative
<aleena|ps> believe that boats make poor eating
<Baldur> No, to rename eels I meant
<aleena|ps> meant too many people would associate with boats
<Baldur> And still, the confusion would be epic to see...
<aleena|ps> lol
<aleena|ps> oh yeah
<Baldur> "Boards? Wha- we're outta meat again?"
<aleena|ps> rofl
#978 + (-15) - [X]
[06:52] == marathal [~chatzilla@planeshift/gamemaster/Marathal] has joined #planeshift
[06:52] == mode/#planeshift [+o marathal] by ChanServ
[06:52] <Lilura> MARAAAAAAAAAAA
[06:53] <@marathal> LILUUUU
[06:53] <Baldur> MMOOOMMMMMYYYYY!
[06:53] <@marathal> wow..baldur is here
[06:53] <@marathal> i was thinking about you when i read the forums the other day
[06:53] <Baldur> <<<<<<<<<<3
[06:53] <@marathal> chuckling at the fact you took down your pics. ;d
[06:53] <Timmothy> I suck less at the ukulele now!
[06:54] <Baldur> Yep, all 32 pages :P
[06:54] <@marathal> ALL 32? XD
[06:54] <@marathal> that's pretty darn funny.
[06:54] <Baldur> All the pages id posted my pics on xD
[06:55] <Baldur> haha xD I got a bit worried ;P
[06:58] <@marathal> I was yanking your chain, Baldur.
#158 + (-15) - [X]
<Moogie> do you think that guy'll be back in like 2 days time and be all "I'm a super leet modeller now, I can draw boxes and everything, let me finish Planeshift and I'll do it in an hour!"
<Drey> all he wanted to do was art, the little kiddies with their flash games are better
<Drey> moogie he is only 13
<Drey> dont be mean
<Moogie> Drey: I'm not being mean
<Moogie> ...well I am
<Moogie> but that's not the point
* Drey hides from the meanie
#572 + (-15) - [X]
<dfryer> If you're going to be a religious nutjob, put some effort into it, kthxbye
#621 + (-15) - [X]
<shoo> ok
<Yaccin> arr
<Yaccin> wait
<Lordbug> are you Shooree?
<Yaccin> its /server psmirror.org
* Lordbug does /whois >:)
<shoo> who is shoree
* Lordbug notes
* Lordbug checks logs
<Lordbug> dman I was wrong :(
<Lordbug> not shooree
<shoo> can you help me please?
<Lordbug> shoo: open a browser
<shoo> what's that?
<Lordbug> and type: h-t-t-p-:-/-/-w-w-w-.-p-s-m-i-r-r-o-r-.-o-r-g-/
<Yaccin> shoo: just type /server psmirror.org
<Lordbug> shoo: a faster way is: /quit www.psmirror.org
*** shoo has quit IRC ["www.psmirror.org"]
* Lordbug promises to use this power for good only
#617 + (-15) - [X]
<Kanalal> heh, i love this like 'Checking whether build enviroment is sane'
<Kanalal> on my computer, you must be jokeing
<Lord_eating_Bugs> xD
<josePhoenix> "build environment not sane: gcc test output: Wheeeee Bingley Bleeep Fleeble!"
#649 + (-15) - [X]
<Induane> So..erm..talad... how bout the game last night! I think the Bears looked pretty good on defense.
<Talad> what game?
<Induane> Its traditional for men to get together at a friends house and watch football.
<Talad> ah, so I should answer... oh, yes, the Enkidukai looked pretty fast
<Talad> and did you see the long run of the shaman enki to the left when the bears were running out of breath?
<Gag_H> LOL!
#698 + (-15) - [X]
<dfryer> Frosty Mace of Laanx's Testicles
<Gluonite> Must have 150 testosterone to wield it.
#745 + (-15) - [X]
<Gag_H> Hello.
<Gag_H> Is there a minimum mining level for diamonds?
<Ker_uni> diamonds are forever...
<Aerianna> no
<Aerianna> lol
<Kemedes> <Ker_uni> diamonds are forever... <--- until the next wipe :p
* Aerianna laughs
<Ker_uni> <.<
#795 + (-15) - [X]
[15:17] <Fesek> Am i in the right irc room? I was under the impression this was a room for Planeshift. :|
[15:17] <`Zidane> Fesek: it is.
[[15:17] <eldoth> Nah... this is ComplainShift

#21 + (-14) - [X]
<BongoTheBloody> replace the server code with a pong games code, no one will know
#108 + (-14) - [X]
* blueCommand removes channel operator status from Talad
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Talad
blueCommand: bah
#280 + (-14) - [X]
* iKtomi has joined #planeshift
* ChanServ sets mode: +o iKtomi
<Arianna> hello iKtomi!
* iKtomi has quit IRC (Remote closed the connection)
<Arianna> mmmm
<Arianna> I scared him away.
<Arianna> Today I am not charming.
#804 + (-14) - [X]
<Silavur> One day I was asking Xillix about the Dlayo's, and I'm pretty sure he logged on and had one chase me..
#692 + (-14) - [X]
<DAL|Away> So I will need to have a light in there before I export it?
<Induane> if you want to see it
<jorrit> :-)
<jorrit> Details
<Induane> :D
#717 + (-14) - [X]
<After two hours of trying to make Rylour understand me>

Telles says: I want you to rot in the depths of the Death Realm
Rylour Awnnys says: Can you be more clear?
Telles says: I'll chop your head off and use it as a ball.
Rylour Awnnys says: Can you be more clear?
Telles says: I hate you
Rylour Awnnys says: You speak strangely... Can you be more clear?
Telles says: die!
Rylour Awnnys says: If I die, I will just reincarnate when I return from the Death Realm, so I don't see why that should give you satisfaction.
#757 + (-14) - [X]
* xillix breaks out flamethrower and seaches the house for the one bug that keeps buzzing in his face
#219 + (-13) - [X]
<Karyuu> No, probably a cuttlefish.
<josePhoenix> cuttlefish are so cuttle-y
* josePhoenix cuttles karyuu
* Karyuu latches onto josePhoenix
<Karyuu> xD;
* josePhoenix runs around "GETITOFFGETITOFFGETITOFF"
<Karyuu> Wheeeeeeeeee!
<Karyuu> Faster, faster!
* josePhoenix runs faster
<Karyuu> Woohoo!
* Karyuu spurs josePhoenix into the sunset.
* josePhoenix runs into the sunset
* josePhoenix drops Karyuu off at the community house and goes to take a bath
<josePhoenix> all that sunset rubbed off on me
* josePhoenix glows bright orange
#262 + (-13) - [X]
<-- Ayshe has quit ("If I was wittier I wouldn't need to draw attention to my quit messages in such a blatant fashion")
#350 + (-13) - [X]
in Help Channel:

Mistermartyn asks: please tell me what memory dump is please
Advisor: er... google knows all
#582 + (-13) - [X]
<rerogo> ok, after another reset, i'm running the computer topless
<rerogo> hopefully that'll cool it off
<Torzigg> meow
* Peacer|HW kicks torzigg "SCAT!!!"
<rerogo> purrrr
<Torzigg> O_o
<Peacer|HW> :P
<Kanalal> rerogo: how will you being half-naked help the computer cooling?
<Peacer> LOL
#805 + (-13) - [X]
* Arianna feels like hunting
<Jeraphon> It's player season
* Arianna takes her favourite lazo from the collection

#962 + (-13) - [X]
<Perlan> you sheep :P
<Lilura> better than im a tad bit disinterested
<Perlan> not in holland :)
<RlyDontKnow> määäääh
-->| homik (c6251b56@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #planeshift
<AiwendilH> that's a goat RlyDontKnow ;)
<Perlan> i only use BA when i see BA baracus :P
<Perlan> lol
<Marathal> a german goat, AiwendilH ? :)
<Perlan> you fool!
<Minks_> mä?
<AiwendilH> yep Marathal...just ask my girl and she would tell you ;)
<Marathal> XD
<Marathal> funny.
<AiwendilH> sheeps are bääääh;)
<Minks_> määääh!
<Mishka> beeeee
* Mishka plays electric guitar with wah-pedal
<Mishka> I'm so cool.
<RlyDontKnow> anyway, määäääääh is a german sheep
<RlyDontKnow> a goat would be määäähähähähähä
<Perlan> isn't it, maaaaaah and ma-a-a-a-a-a-a-a?
<Perlan> first sheep, 2nd goat?
<RlyDontKnow> sounds about right
<Marathal> okay..this convo is just weird.
<Perlan> ok, then they differ not much from dutch sheep :)
<AiwendilH> noz so sure...I think in her picture books it's indeed bäh for sheep
#82 + (-12) - [X]
Moogie|Sleep finds a clean-shaven guy to be the most attractive type
Zayek: bah
Kariloy: uhhh
Master_Rux goes to shave
Zayek goes and shaves
Master_Rux: lol
Zayek: lmao
Kariloy runs to shave
Moogie|Sleep: LOL
Kariloy: :P
Zayek: oh my
Kariloy: LOL
#95 + (-12) - [X]
BlizMare: you can turn any game into a MMO
acraig: checkers?
Moogie: but not into a mmo-RPG
Vengeance: It is not in the FPS or RTS genre
stfrn: yes, by changing the genere
Vengeance: It is not in the "stealth action" genre
* stfrn considers rp-ing a level 12 red checker
Vengeance: It is simply an MMORPG
acraig: heh, King me!
#96 + (-12) - [X]
* Kariloy returns \o/
<@josePhoenix> :O
<Kariloy> josePhoenix close your mouth or a fly will come in... or nonsense wil come out :P
#186 + (-12) - [X]
Moogie: pshh, I could have typed 'Rux' in three keystrokes
Moogie: instead I went through the tab auto-complete twice because I missed it the first time

#234 + (-12) - [X]
<Demarthl> lies!
<Demarthl> i know your brain!
<Demarthl> its mine now!
<Ayshe> i'm devious, Demarthl
* Demarthl steals Ayshe's brain
* Ayshe drools softly
* Demarthl has left #planeshift ("i have the brain of two!")
<Ayshe> great, now what do I do?
<Cydo> Mwhahahhahahahhahh
<Ayshe> I mean mhhhrrrrrrrrrr....
<Cydo> or we could return your brains for a small strorage charge
<Ayshe> mhrrrrbraiiins
<Cydo> The other white meat
#272 + (-12) - [X]
[06:29] * KL has joined #planeshift-devs
[06:30] <KL> hi
[06:32] <aarobber> hi k
[06:32] <KL> hi
[06:32] <aarobber> hi k
[06:32] <KL> hi
[06:32] <aarobber> ok, we're done now
[06:32] <KL> hi
[06:33] <KL> i win!
#541 + (-12) - [X]
From ingame--

Keletin says: What is Kran?
Keletin says: day?
Aeshion [you are]
Hyung says: I had assumed you were.
Ralas says: (heh no it's your species)
Keletin says: I am a Kran.
Keletin says: Is that good?
Ralas says: um...
Ralas says: (it's jus the race you picked. pretty meaningless aside from appearence for now)
Ralas says: er...
Ralas says: that is...
Keletin says: meaningles?!?!
Keletin says: hmmmmm
Keletin says: I'm not a Kran.
Ralas says: (meaningless as far as...well ok not meaningless. but the cultures are pretty undefined as of now)
Keletin says: I'm a blue angel.
Keletin says: Made out of bean stalks.
Keletin says: Ok borring RPers. Blue Angel is going exploring.
#709 + (-12) - [X]
<Cerala> whoo, white out...
<Mordaan> hmm?
<Cerala> Like when snow comes down so hard that its pure white outside and nothing can be seen
<Mordaan> graphics bug or is that happening with everyone?
<Cerala> In real life :) outside my window
<Mordaan> oh
#724 + (-12) - [X]
<Karyuu> We need better item names. "Rather Foul Coffee," "Slightly Dubious Cake," "Cheese That Maybe Probably Shouldn't Be Eaten," etc.
#810 + (-12) - [X]
* Eliere giggles and wiggles waving around with repairkits
* Phanto is trying to get Sack quest to see if it works too
<Lordbug> Eliere...Eliere... where did I heard that name before...
<Eliere> you probably saw drunkpartlynaked fenki dancing in fountain and getting kicked out of town by guards
<Lordbug> Ah, that must be it... but then again, I'm in all sorts of weird parties.
#891 + (-12) - [X]
* Tucos got confused
* Tucos looks around for brainz
<Lokter> lol
* Tucos targets Lokter
<Lokter> I dont have any brains
* Tucos looks disappointed and turns away
<Lokter> you should have worked that out by now
#97 + (-11) - [X]
Drey tries to find the two Ulbernauts that wondered off
Drey: oops

#222 + (-11) - [X]
* Platyna cries hysterically and beats her fists against her desk...
Xordan: I blame your insanly low glibc version :P Because I can't think of anything else to blame other than Debian as a whole :P
Platyna: Come on Xordan....
Xordan: hmmm, fine I blame pie.
#263 + (-11) - [X]
Demarthl says: y'know, if we threw Zim at another type of rock at the right angle, it could start a camp fire
Demarthl grins
Zim says: I guess i could wear a pillow next time, a bit of warning would be nice.
Zim says: Hey i'm not made a flint!
Demarthl says: but the other rock might be
Karyuu says: Granite? Talc? Corunduuum?
Demarthl says: I think flint is preettyyyy
Zim looks down at his arms and shrugs.
Karyuu says: Shale!
Demarthl says: so dark
Karyuu says: Obsidian.
Demarthl says: then it makes big spark!
Zim says: Platinum!
Demarthl says: he looks like mouldy blue pudgy fingered rock to me
Karyuu says: Zim, you're priceless!
Zim shifts his feet, and grins. "Thank you^^"
Zim glares toward Demarthl. "I'll show you pudgy!"
Karyuu says: Aw. I love you guys.
Zim punches Demarthl in the arm.
Demarthl says: argh!
Demarthl says: thats not pudgy! thats broken and mushy!
Zim says: Hows that for pudgy!
Demarthl says: your mother was a ruby!
Karyuu says: Hahahahah!
Zim laughs and pats Demarthl on the head.
Karyuu sits down to prevent herself from falling to the floor with laughter.
Zim says: Fair enough.
Karyuu says: That's so good!
#281 + (-11) - [X]
* Fossie has joined #planeshift
* ChanServ sets mode: +v Fossie
<Draklar> hello Fossie person
<Fossie> Hey
<Arianna> hi Fossie
* Fossie is now known as Fireofsoul
<Fireofsoul> Hi Ari
<Fireofsoul> lol come on just to go to sleep.. Cya
* Fireofsoul has quit IRC (Client Quit)
<Arianna> mmm
<Arianna> we have this effect on him?
#647 + (-11) - [X]
josePhoenix: you have too many names
josePhoenix: and this is coming from the person that crashed nickserv by linking too many nicks :P
#746 + (-11) - [X]
<Linksunius> IT's a MOVIE
<josePhoenix> With lusty wenches?
#774 + (-11) - [X]
<Mononoke> I really can't imagine story about knight who half of day spends with fighting for heart of princess and other half with mining like *beep* in mines
#942 + (-11) - [X]
Xoel: He just makes an ass of himself for being around
Telnavi: Irony too great.... >.<
#19 + (-10) - [X]
<Vengeance> acraig: Perhaps the front of our forthcoming PS t-shirts?
<Vengeance> "A world is not enough.... wait a minute--the world isn't there anymore!"
#67 + (-10) - [X]
<Draklar> Hey babe
<Babelpuschel> >:|
<Babelpuschel> hi sweetheart
<Babelpuschel> sup?
<Draklar> sooo.... I take it you got your boobs back?
<Babelpuschel> o.O
<Babelpuschel> It was a TYPO
<Draklar> uhuh
<Babelpuschel> I meant noobs >.>
<Babelpuschel> Look at your keyboard, foo .. b and n are so close to one another :P
<Draklar> I'm not saying they aren't... I'm saying you have serious problems...
#75 + (-10) - [X]
* Zayek is now known as Zayek|ZzZ
<Kariloy> :|
<Kariloy> yes go sleep you bastard :/
<Kariloy> ;D
* Moogie sleeps on Zayek's covers
<Zayek|ZzZ> Moogie :3
<Moogie> ^^
<Kariloy> :o
<Zayek|ZzZ> you've been replaced with a perfect kitty Kariloy
<Zayek|ZzZ> not that i'd ever let you near my bed in the first place
<Kariloy> i don't want you :|
<Zayek|ZzZ> WOOHOOOO!!!
<Zayek|ZzZ> party at my place!
* Zayek|ZzZ points at Kariloy
<Zayek|ZzZ> your not invited
<Kariloy> :|
<Kariloy> you're not invited to my party either :,|
<Zayek|ZzZ> fine by me, i have Moogie on my bed, best. night. EVAR
#223 + (-10) - [X]
<Pog|work> yeah, I mistyped the ban info - if it had displayed correctly, Xordan would have been proud of me
* Moogie doesn't type, just click
<Corin> Moogie, 102 key mouse? :D
<MadMerlin> maybe she mouse gestures each keypress
<Moogie> Corin: yes! it is my own design and spans the width of my room
<Moogie> right now I'm running back and forth dancing across it like a professional ballerina
<Moogie> my words are art :P
<MadMerlin> i'm not sure if that would be useful for quake or not
<Moogie> hehe
<Moogie> "You got fragged by a girl via ballet???"
<Pog|work> haha
<MadMerlin> "but it's ok, she was botting anyways"
#257 + (-10) - [X]
<svecias> is there a bug in the character creation
<Drey> yep
<svecias> after i pick my life evens,
<Drey> there is lots there
<Drey> whats happening?
<svecias> so then...
<svecias> after i pick life evens and lick next
<Drey> eww
<svecias> it brings me back to the main character creation screen
<Drey> thats where the problem is
<svecias> the licking?
<Drey> yeah :P
#291 + (-10) - [X]
* Talad|presenter is now known as Talad
<Arianna> the quiz tonight is really hard.
<Arianna> Xordan is not winning anymore!
<Xordan> :(
<Arianna> you know that I have joined the team just to win the sunday quiz!
#772 + (-10) - [X]
<Farren_Kutter> you crashed the server >.>
<Kayden> did not x.x
<Farren_Kutter> hehehe
<Kayden> weird it is down...
<Farren_Kutter> ?
<Kayden> it did say failed...but I haven't seen any crash mails in hours
<Farren_Kutter> :P
<Kayden> ah there it is :)
* Kayden looks inside with anticipation
<Kayden> I *did* crash it XD
<Kayden> Data = 0x1b379e10 "Name : Kayden Clackersbane7418\nScript:\n<evt><block operation=\"remove\" category=\"+WaterBarrier\" delay=\"60000*PowerLevel\" /> </evt>\nVariables:\n", Size = 143, MaxSize = 192, GrowBy = 64},
<Kayden> minibuff = "Name : Kayden Clackersbane7418\000:/\b",
<Kayden> nice :D
#987 + (-10) - [X]
[PlaneShift: A Free 3D MMORPG .:. http://planeshift.it .:. Report bugs at http://hydlaaplaza.com/flyspray/ .:. Discussions about competing projects are not allowed in here. .:. troubleshooting guide: http://tinyurl.com/3ym467g]
[23:04] == Baldur_ [52d19f86@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #planeshift
[23:04] -ChanServ- [#planeshift] Welcome to the official PlaneShift fan channel. Behave respectfully and read the guide before asking questions.
[23:04] <DAudioLink> Big quesion here: Who would buy a painting of bacon?
#40 + (-9) - [X]
<Faldrok> busy day tomorrow :P
<Faldrok> I have to do a total of ****three**** things
<Faldrok> uuh; make that two
#187 + (-9) - [X]
<Miss_SG> ohh
* Miss_SG gets to wash a mercedes *drools*
<Miss_SG> *lays out on the car hood like a model*
<Miss_SG> too bad jose isn't here. he probably would have already commented on that :P
* ArcaneFalcon pulls up with his truck that hasn't been washed in months
#197 + (-9) - [X]
<stfrn> so lets see... add fishing, when there are no ponds, that should work :D
<Vengeance> stfrn: Change /dig for gold to /fish for bass and pretend
<stfrn> "you do not find any bass"
<Vengeance> "Perhaps if you use a pick, you will find more bass..."
#269 + (-9) - [X]
svecias: are we all linux users here?
Drey: yeah
svecias: sweet!
svecias: who here is usign ircII?
Koshdukai: I'm really using raw telnet
Koshdukai: can't find ircII hard enough
MadMerlin: i'm writing the tcp packets by hand
Koshdukai: LOL
MadMerlin: in binary
Moogie: svecias: half are linux, half windows, and a few tiny people are mac :)
Koshdukai: cat > out.a ? ;)
* Koshdukai searchs for the tiny ppl
gorilla_: Moogie, are you calling mac users short??
Koshdukai: gorilla: in a word ;)
* Koshdukai sees lot's of Dwarfs ingame and thinks "all Mac users"
Moogie: lol
#255 + (-9) - [X]
Ingame in help channel:
Jorace asks: why do i suck so much
#314 + (-9) - [X]
<Ayshe> if I had a dollar for everytime some smarta** had asked me where the "Lair" is precisely, I'd have .. er... $2. And I'm pretty sure both would come from Clawhand...
#642 + (-9) - [X]
* Kanalal rubs his nipples on the screen in apreciation
<Demarthl> now i feel ill
<Demarthl> you sir, are a sick bastard
<Demarthl> go get some help
<Demarthl> or a shirt
#701 + (-9) - [X]
<Eklina> /tell Rat please: /set invincible off
#673 + (-9) - [X]
* Awayshe gets an evil streak
dancer_in_shadow: gets or brings out the evil streak? ;)
Awayshe: I am as pure as the driven snow
Awayshe: no bad thought has ever traversed my mind
Awayshe: ... in the same way light doesn't travel through the sun
#693 + (-9) - [X]
<Bakuun> I'd like to make a channel called #The_Red_Sea sometime. Just so I can type "/part #The_Red_Sea"
#809 + (-9) - [X]
On Planeshift Devs:

Yill: On a side note.....
Yill: all of you people are insane, crazy, bordering dangerous nutheads.
Yill: I love eeet!
#63 + (-8) - [X]
<Draklar> well during the day I am simple, yet famous guy with a Draklar nick... but after the sun goes down... err... I mean at sunday afternoon I change into... The Slapper Man!
#183 + (-8) - [X]
* josePhoenix dances around until he gets odd looks from Ary and then stops
#1011 + (-8) - [X]
<Mordaan> Last night it looked like a scene from A Beautiful Mind. I had papers and charts everywhere.
<Mordaan> Now I'm doing a flow chart.
<LigH> That should have been done to engineer, not to reverse-engineer a quest.
-> weltall joined the channel
<LigH> WB weltall
<Mordaan> True...problem is I keep getting lost. lol
<Mordaan> I have all the steps, I just need to work out the required steps.
<weltall> an explorer getting lost
<weltall> kick him!
#221 + (-8) - [X]
* Lordbug whacks Cydo|chinesefood with healthy food again
* Cydo grins and chomps on a fortune cookie
<Lordbug> Cydo do you ever eat something that's not fast-food like?
<Cydo> .........Water?
<Lordbug> I said eat
<Lordbug> not drink
<Cydo> ...........Ice cubes?
<Lordbug> *sigh*
<Lordbug> nothing to do with this one
<Cydo> Does fish n chips count as not fast food?
#414 + (-8) - [X]
DragonRift: guys know anyone good at terrain textures?
may-day: yeah, nature
DragonRift: anyone who is online?
res2k: if nature was offline you would not even notice.
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