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#1 + (64) - [X]
<Vengeance> The intent of the game is to make newbies kill rats
#2 + (4) - [X]
<dfryer> best linkdead fix ever would be to just remove the linkdead detection code
#10 + (-3) - [X]
*** Xordan quit ("YAY!1oneelevenonehundredandelevenonethousandonehundredandeleven,tenthousandonehundredandeleven")
#12 + (7) - [X]
<manadora> WOW! I just killed Talad
#18 + (41) - [X]
<BongoTheBloody> Planeshift: We crash a lot, but not as much as windows
#19 + (-10) - [X]
<Vengeance> acraig: Perhaps the front of our forthcoming PS t-shirts?
<Vengeance> "A world is not enough.... wait a minute--the world isn't there anymore!"
#21 + (-14) - [X]
<BongoTheBloody> replace the server code with a pong games code, no one will know
#22 + (-2) - [X]
Venge on PS development:
<Vengeance> Sleep will be sacrificed.
<Vengeance> Marriages are often strained.
<Vengeance> Children wonder where daddy is.
<Vengeance> etc. :)
#23 + (12) - [X]
<acraig> we don't want to make super uber game and all become super rich and hang around with loose women...
<acraig> well, maybe we do, but we don't say that
#27 + (5) - [X]
<@SaintNuclear> you said you're GMT-6, i'm GMT+2, 6+2=7
#29 + (9) - [X]
* MadMerlin flirts with moogie
*** Moogie has left #planeshift-fans
#30 + (-1) - [X]
<@SaintNuclear> Zaxim, you got no right to talk about Grakrim
<Zaxim> sir, I wasn't speaking about him sir, I was merely asking sir
<@SaintNuclear> wow
<@SaintNuclear> this is useful
<@SaintNuclear> i think i'll keep you
#31 + (15) - [X]
Zabeal says: clam heads always prevail
Zabeal says: *calm
#32 + (-1) - [X]
<dfryer> if my chi flows to the left, then I am the king of france?
#33 + (-7) - [X]
<lynxlynxlynx> Xordan is the true and only heir to the thrown
#34 + (37) - [X]
Wizardking says: now tell xordan how great he is on 3
Wizardking says: 2
Wizardking says: 1
Wizardking says: 0
Wizardking says: You the best player of all Xordan!
Pereil says: I thought on 3?
Stafengrimr says: whos this Xordan person?
#35 + (3) - [X]
<Zaxim> come on rat campers
<Zaxim> it's late, GO TO BED!
#37 + (13) - [X]
<Aendar>I want a potato
#38 + (21) - [X]
* Xordan sighs again
* Moogie sighs louder
* Xordan sighs once more for luck
* Aendar sighs loudest
* Faldrok groans
* Xordan thinks this could look a bit wierd
#39 + (19) - [X]
<Moogie|Mogura> ./buddy give moogie lots of money and a big house and a sports car and an indoor swimming pool and a private jet and ... ...
* Pogopuschel makes a dog-like sound "too many parameters"
#40 + (-9) - [X]
<Faldrok> busy day tomorrow :P
<Faldrok> I have to do a total of ****three**** things
<Faldrok> uuh; make that two
#41 + (-17) - [X]
<cyo> dinners, flower, and a picture collage...sound good?
<cyo> oops
<cyo> dinner, flowers*
<Moogie|Mogura> lol
<Moogie|Mogura> a flower
<Moogie|Mogura> :D
* Moogie|Mogura hands cyo a daisy
* cyo passes it to Venge
<Moogie|Mogura> awww that's so sweet... :)
<Venge> you remembered! my favorite! *weep*
#42 + (4) - [X]
<Venge> You are suffering from non-1337ness.
<Gorbulas> |\|0!!!1!11
#43 + (-23) - [X]
<Faldrok> Whoa. Slow down a minute. Me and my bag of sugar were, you know. Erhem, now let me carry on with answering those questions.
<Faldrok> 1. Yes, so I take the sugar from the stores and I manipulate them for my own use. They are mine, ALL MINE!!! WEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEH
<Faldrok> 2. They can deny whatever they want to, right? Me and my sugar have a special bond, that nothing can break it, except when I eat all of it. :-/
<Draklar> Do you produce Sugar Golems?
<Faldrok> I like to think of them as Sugar Whores. But, you may call them as you wish.
#44 + (17) - [X]
<Kwartz> I love you aendar you complete me
<Aendar> Hold me Kwartz!
* Kwartz wasnt expecting repartee and is afraid
<Aendar> lol
#47 + (12) - [X]
<Venge> I met my wife in a chatroom just like this
<Venge> July 1997, when you were 8. :)
<Moogie> hehehe
<Grono> :P
<Moogie> awwww, geeks unite :)
<Venge> I owe my marriage to Khaled Mardham-Bey and I've still never licensed Mirc. :P
#48 + (6) - [X]
* Xordan gets out his nerf stick and nerfs Xalthra
<Xalthar> sounds ghey
<Xordan> Indeed, if you think in that kind of way :P
<Xalthar> I do when around you.. I lub you secretly
#49 + (6) - [X]
<josePhoenix> I looked all over, but I couldn't find a Manadora to English translator... what's your secret, Xordan?
#50 + (0) - [X]
<Aendar> Kixie: But my opinions matter more than yours...
<kixie> perhaps, but thats only because your a pompous windbag. X'D
<Aendar> It still means more though.
<Moogie> windbag..? *squeezes Aendar again to see if he makes music*
<Aendar> Pffffffft
<Moogie> :O wrong type of windbag, arrg!
<Aendar> -.-
#51 + (5) - [X]
* Zeraph eats Talad's ZzZ
* astare is now known as dfryer
<dfryer> HA!
<dfryer> I have the console.
* Zeraph eats dfryer's console.
* dfryer has quit IRC ("-NO CARRIER: CONSOLE EATEN-")
* dfryer has joined #planeshift
<Zeraph> lol!
#52 + (10) - [X]
* iceeey goes to the loo
<Moogie> release the TMI monkeys!
<Moogie> *TMI monkeys pounce on iceeey as he exits the loo*
<iceeey> I never exited the loo
<Moogie> you're typing on the loo!?
<Moogie> TMI monkeys! attack!!
* iceeey runs
<Moogie> finish what you were doing first!!!
<Moogie> :O
<iceeey> can't... too emotionally stunned
* iceeey dies
<iceeey> the end
* iceeey is now known as iceeey|zzz
<KL> iceeey reappears in the DR, pants around ankles
#53 + (11) - [X]
<aarobber\away> nice spam: Viagra - use it for fun!
<aarobber\away> what the hell else would you use it for?
<Moogie> lol
<Aendar> aarobber: Do you really wanna know?
<Moogie> an extra place to hang your clothes, I guess
<aarobber\away> Aendar, yes
* Aendar blinks
* Aendar does that without Viagra.
<Aendar> :)
<astare> urm...
<Venge> lol
<Aendar> Nothing fuels an ego like hanging laundry from your privates.
#54 + (28) - [X]
<Tybalt> I love doing a banana
<Tybalt> uho...forget I said that
#55 + (4) - [X]
<DepthBlade> I won't talk anymore just incase I accidently give you a quote to use against me
<Moogie> lol
<Moogie> damn, I have to be up in 4 hours, I forgot
<Moogie> gnite :P
<DepthBlade> why
<Moogie> 3rd attempt at opening a bank account
<DepthBlade> Oh well good luck with that sweet dreams
<Moogie> yis, you too
* KL has quit IRC
* Moogie is now known as Moogie|Sleep
<DepthBlade> mine are always sweet and wet
<DepthBlade> >.> sweet I mean only sweet
* Moogie|Sleep adds to the quotes file
#56 + (17) - [X]
<Pogopuschel> i got addicted to IRC once
<Pogopuschel> I managed to get out though through... no wait
<Pogopuschel> HELP
#57 + (0) - [X]
<DepthBlade> Altharion why is it you always whenever you have nothing else intelligent to say you always use someones nationality
<iceeey> because he's norwegian
<Xordan> lol
#58 + (9) - [X]
<Vengeance> The big one last night was a person asks for advice in Help, gets no response and in <2.5mins logs out
<Nilaya> Wow
<Vengeance> Then 2.5 mins goes by and we try to tell him his requeest for help timed out. :)
<Vengeance> boom
<Moogie> lol
<Vengeance> We cannot hit all these permutations without you, our army of monkeys with typewriters. :)
#59 + (14) - [X]
<GeorgeD> server restart is coming, everybody duck!
* bongothebloody ducks
* Moogie falls over
* Ikarsik has quit IRC ("Leaving")
* menewbe jumps away
<GeorgeD> Ikarsik didn't take it well...
#60 + (3) - [X]
<Moogie> that server admin is getting annoying, someone should kick him ;P
<ravna2> yea, we need a vote option
<ravna2> :)
* Vengeance was kicked by Vengeance (Too much server LDs)
#61 + (-1) - [X]
* acraig puts on his green beret debugging hat
<acraig> all I see now is penguins...
#62 + (30) - [X]
<blueCommand> Vengeance: We actually have something called "Mini Mortter", Mini Carrots
<blueCommand> You can buy them at McDonalds
<Vengeance> congrats
<Draklar> ok, we should have McDonalds selling magic carrots :D
<blueCommand> you can stick them up your nose at least
<Draklar> ...
<Xordan> o.0
<Vengeance> I want to see that
<blueCommand> my little brother
<blueCommand> not me
<Vengeance> blueCommand with his nose stuffed with Swedish mini-carrots
<Vengeance> running around going "am I invisible yet?"
#63 + (-8) - [X]
<Draklar> well during the day I am simple, yet famous guy with a Draklar nick... but after the sun goes down... err... I mean at sunday afternoon I change into... The Slapper Man!
#64 + (22) - [X]
<aarobber> crap! I just got my toe stuck in a beer bottle!
#65 + (9) - [X]
* aarobber has left #planeshift ("Beer -- it's not just for breakfast anymore")
#67 + (-10) - [X]
<Draklar> Hey babe
<Babelpuschel> >:|
<Babelpuschel> hi sweetheart
<Babelpuschel> sup?
<Draklar> sooo.... I take it you got your boobs back?
<Babelpuschel> o.O
<Babelpuschel> It was a TYPO
<Draklar> uhuh
<Babelpuschel> I meant noobs >.>
<Babelpuschel> Look at your keyboard, foo .. b and n are so close to one another :P
<Draklar> I'm not saying they aren't... I'm saying you have serious problems...
#68 + (21) - [X]
<+Xordan> Kariloy: Time to take your pills
<Kariloy> no :D
* +dfryer takes kariloys pills
<+dfryer> wtf?? Estrogen?
#69 + (-6) - [X]
<Anth|Altharion> except for when i thought grakrim was a chick, there is no other women in PS that i ever picked on..
#70 + (115) - [X]
<acraig> I think I will use this Latin phrase as a sig... Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam
<stfrn> what does it mean?
<acraig> I have a catapult. Give me all your money, or I will fling an enormous rock at your head
#71 + (16) - [X]
<aarobber> I enjoy the period when you get extremely paranoid after about 35-45 hours of non-sleep
<aarobber> I ran away from my shaddow into a wall once
#72 + (19) - [X]
<aarobber> dfryer, you here?
<aarobber> fine, don't be here
<aarobber> be a jerk
#75 + (-10) - [X]
* Zayek is now known as Zayek|ZzZ
<Kariloy> :|
<Kariloy> yes go sleep you bastard :/
<Kariloy> ;D
* Moogie sleeps on Zayek's covers
<Zayek|ZzZ> Moogie :3
<Moogie> ^^
<Kariloy> :o
<Zayek|ZzZ> you've been replaced with a perfect kitty Kariloy
<Zayek|ZzZ> not that i'd ever let you near my bed in the first place
<Kariloy> i don't want you :|
<Zayek|ZzZ> WOOHOOOO!!!
<Zayek|ZzZ> party at my place!
* Zayek|ZzZ points at Kariloy
<Zayek|ZzZ> your not invited
<Kariloy> :|
<Kariloy> you're not invited to my party either :,|
<Zayek|ZzZ> fine by me, i have Moogie on my bed, best. night. EVAR
#76 + (-3) - [X]
*** hyp3rion quit ("PEBMAC - Problem exists between Mexico and Canada")
#78 + (-16) - [X]
MadMerlin > it's 6 pm in the morning...
#79 + (6) - [X]
--- DivineLight has disconnected: Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)
<Master_Rux> someone disconnected the Divine Light. that can't be good
* stfrn looks for more Divine Bulbs
#81 + (-2) - [X]
<Kwartz> if i could have sex with a drink it would be with sambuca!
<mindari> knowing you, you already tried
<Kariloy> lol :x
<Kariloy> have you Kwartz? :P
<Kwartz> let us never speak of this again
#82 + (-12) - [X]
Moogie|Sleep finds a clean-shaven guy to be the most attractive type
Zayek: bah
Kariloy: uhhh
Master_Rux goes to shave
Zayek goes and shaves
Master_Rux: lol
Zayek: lmao
Kariloy runs to shave
Moogie|Sleep: LOL
Kariloy: :P
Zayek: oh my
Kariloy: LOL
#83 + (23) - [X]
* Drey is listening to Blink 182 - F**k a Dog
* Xordan is listening to Brahms Clarinet Sonata No.1 Op 120 in F minor - 4th Movement
#85 + (52) - [X]
<BlizMare> IKotomi , i think you need to study english a bit more before you pass judgement on my usage
* @Moogie capitalises BlizMare's "english"
<@Vengeance> It's "judgment" btw
* @iKtomi fixes the spelling of iKtomi in BlizMare's comment
* MadMerlin adds a period at the end
* @iKtomi removes an extraneous space character
#88 + (-24) - [X]
stfrn: ... carrots are the doom of us all

#91 + (-28) - [X]
AL13N: it's like very early in the morning
AL13N: 11.14 am

#92 + (-2) - [X]
AL13N: that's kind of a big security issue
Rux: hey they work very hard to provide us with quality bugs
#93 + (-6) - [X]
talonz: i think everyone should have gaming women
AC-130U: hahha
talonz: they so easy to please
AC-130U: yeah
stfrn: download one today!

#94 + (-20) - [X]
<rendie> hey..what if u dont know the m/f symbol..
<acraig> well, you can judge most of them by the models
#95 + (-12) - [X]
BlizMare: you can turn any game into a MMO
acraig: checkers?
Moogie: but not into a mmo-RPG
Vengeance: It is not in the FPS or RTS genre
stfrn: yes, by changing the genere
Vengeance: It is not in the "stealth action" genre
* stfrn considers rp-ing a level 12 red checker
Vengeance: It is simply an MMORPG
acraig: heh, King me!
#96 + (-12) - [X]
* Kariloy returns \o/
<@josePhoenix> :O
<Kariloy> josePhoenix close your mouth or a fly will come in... or nonsense wil come out :P
#97 + (-11) - [X]
Drey tries to find the two Ulbernauts that wondered off
Drey: oops

#98 + (-25) - [X]
DivineLight: nyways, don't expect WIPE soon :P
stfrn: expect it for when you least expect it....
* Jorrit zaps all characters on the db.
Jorrit: Done :-)
#99 + (16) - [X]
* pinniped wishes he had a faster pooter now
* pinniped hates long compile times
Pogopuschel: have a cup of coffee in the meantime
Jorrit: If you're compiling CS then you can also plant some coffee.
#100 + (-2) - [X]
<Axsyrus> wtf I'm a hampster
#101 + (2) - [X]
GuildChat from Shadowkhan: *munches on elk's goat*
GuildChat from Elkindel: O_O
GuildChat from Elkindel: you -ate- my goat? o_0
GuildChat from Shadowkhan: only a little.
#102 + (8) - [X]
GuildChat from Shadowkhan: well, see ya all in mundania...someday...over the rainbow
GuildChat from Elkindel: bye shadow
GuildChat from Xeraans: Seeya!
GuildChat from Shadowkhan: where skiiiies aaaaaare bluuuuuuue
GuildChat from Tycho: Stop the singy get to the leavy =P
GuildChat from Shadowkhan: hey
GuildChat from Shadowkhan: *throws a hippo at "ninja tycho"*
GuildChat from Tycho: Is that the... hippos.... goats.... I'm gonna report you people to.. some... animal thingy
GuildChat from Nilaya: seriously
#103 + (-6) - [X]
GuildChat from Shadowkhan: who's up for some riduculously funny rpging?
GuildChat from Karyuu: How ridiculously?
GuildChat from Shadowkhan: sea weasel ridiculous
GuildChat from Karyuu: Oh. I was thinking Ultimate Space Mango ridiculous..
GuildChat from Shadowkhan: nah. we are WAY beyond ultimate space mango ridiculous
GuildChat from Shadowkhan: what IS an ultimate space mango?
GuildChat from Karyuu: It's a vehicle XD
GuildChat from Shadowkhan: no my friends...
GuildChat from Shadowkhan: we are
GuildChat from Shadowkhan: in God Hippo Zone ridiculous!!!
GuildChat from Elkindel: *spawns and hope he doesnt get hit with Laanx' Lag Hammer of DOOM*
GuildChat from Elkindel: subzero fps....
GuildChat from Shadowkhan: i didnt kno u could get that low
GuildChat from Karyuu: Quick! To the Space Mango! o.o
GuildChat from Karyuu: *hops into a badly drawn spaceship and flies away*
#104 + (17) - [X]
<TomT> I'm thinking about buying a new computer chassi..
*Erik^10001 has joined #planeshift-devs
<TomT> Need to be really tight but preferly not cost too much..
<Erik^10001> Hi all!
<Erik^10001> TomT: Looking for getting laid tonight, are you? :P
#105 + (52) - [X]
* mrIchy has joined #planeshift-devs
<Rhad> Talad: I know you have made up your mind, but I'm telling you, in-game hardcore sex is not suitible for a fantasy MMORPG..
<Talad> mrIchy: This channel is for devs only, please leave.
* mrIchy has left #planeshift-devs
<Rhad> Always fun to spread false rumors :)
#107 + (16) - [X]
stfrn: I was using carrier pigions at one point, but there was too much packet timeout :/
#108 + (-14) - [X]
* blueCommand removes channel operator status from Talad
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Talad
blueCommand: bah
#109 + (12) - [X]
Dcite: Nothing wrong with being on bash.org
stfrn searches bash.org for all mentions of Dcite
Dcite: Non =P
leji: lol
Dcite: err nun..
Dcite: None...
stfrn searches bash.org for all mentions of Dcite and a nun
#110 + (20) - [X]
<Linforcer> I did qbasic at age 13'7 years ago
<deiu> some asm :(
<deiu> then VC++ 5 , 6...
<Linforcer> now I'm doing ESTER
<deiu> what's that ? :|
<Linforcer> my girlfriend's name
#111 + (-7) - [X]
Sirspike says: hi!
>Nilaya greets sirspike.
Sirspike says: whats the controls?
Sirspike says: whats the controls??????
Grakrim says: How did you get in here if you don't know the controls?
Sirspike says: hello anyone???????
Sirspike says: whats the conbtrols?
Grakrim says: But you walked here...
Nilaya says: sirspike, a, s, d, w, space, m, shift, arrow keys, r
Sirspike says: someone help please?
Grakrim puzzles over the philosphy, "How many roads must a man walk down before he learns the controls?"
#112 + (1) - [X]
Drey: boring
Pogopuschel: ?
Drey: im bored
Pogopuschel: Read a book
Drey: hmm
Pogopuschel: Go outside and foretell the end of the world
Jorrit: Write a book
Drey: im might play tomb raider
Pogopuschel: That's what I usually do
#113 + (-3) - [X]
Leona says: by the way Cad, why is your name red?
Cad says: Because I can open doors, Leona ;)
#115 + (6) - [X]
<josePhoenix> I wish my girlfriend played PS
<josePhoenix> well, I wish I had a girlfriend
<Xordan> lol
<josePhoenix> once I get one, I'll wish she played PS
#116 + (0) - [X]
BlizMare: any of the 5 OPs developers or just here the most and like to chitty chat?
@Vengeance: only iKtomi is annoying full-time
@iKtomi: Talad, acraig, venge and moogie are developers :P
+stfrn: heh
@iKtomi: bah, shush you
@Vengeance: I'm not even sure why he is an op
#118 + (7) - [X]
Joroy|PS hugs a tree
<+stfrn> :O a tree huger!!!!
<MaidenIndigo> Go back to Canada, hippie!
#119 + (5) - [X]
Reilithion: I met some kids from Spain on a boat once.
Reilithion: Their favorite phrase was "Que significa eso?"
Kariloy: what does that mean :P
Reilithion: exactly
#120 + (12) - [X]
<cyo> dinners, flower, and a picture collage...sound good?
<cyo> oops
<cyo> dinner, flowers*
<Moogie|Mogura> lol
<Moogie|Mogura> a flower
* Moogie|Mogura hands cyo a daisy
* cyo passes it to Venge
<Moogie|Mogura> awww that's so sweet...
<Venge> you remembered! my favorite! *weep*
#122 + (22) - [X]
Zeraph eats a choco-covered-kitten.
MaidenIndigo mourns for the kitten
Kariloy mourns for the chocolate
#124 + (21) - [X]
<iKtomi> the Taladmobile.. evokes a fred flintstone-esque vehicle with a kran pedaling furiously and shouting at noobs as he whizzes past
<Karyuu> Screaming "Damn kids, get off my lawn!" as he tours Yliakum.
#125 + (28) - [X]
Rux: leji!
MadMerlin: rux!
Rux: MadMerlin!
MadMerlin: me!
Drey: Drey!
Rux: you!
Rux: Drey!
MadMerlin: drey!
stfrn: rux!
Rux: stfrn!
stfrn: MadMerlin!
MadMerlin: me!
MadMerlin: stfrn!
stfrn: drey!
Drey: stfrn!
Rux: us!
MadMerlin: us!
stfrn: them!
Drey: we!
krod: wtf
#126 + (16) - [X]
(somone asks for code help)
* Arianna is curious anyway
* Arianna pushes Jorrit aside
* Jorrit kicks Arianna from her chair.
* Arianna types from the floor
* Jorrit throws Arianna's keyboard out of the window.
* Arianna throws herself out of the window and types flying
(some actual help here)
* Jorrit wonders if Arianna hit the ground already.
* Arianna is flying on persian carpet that she took when she was typing on the floor before throwing herself out of the window
#128 + (19) - [X]
Androgos on the issue of 'Planeshift...wow...sucks...2'
Androgos : Summary: I hate you
Vengeance : Androgos is cute when he gets mad. :)
#129 + (13) - [X]
Fireofsoul: 53 people online! there hasn't been this many since the great cheating age
Rux: or yesterday
Fireofsoul: bah
#131 + (43) - [X]
Moogie > Zayek, your log is huge
#132 + (17) - [X]
* THAPRINZE has joined #planeshift
<Vengeance> THAPRINZE: I'm surprised to see you
<Vengeance> Wasn't there a whole kerfuffle about you getting renamed in game?
<aarobber> why can't people just not be creative and use the name generator?
<Vengeance> Clearly this is Will Smith, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and he wants to use his original nickname
<stfrn> :)
<Nilaya> lol
<Vengeance> Or Freddie Prinz Jr trying to act 'street'
<Vengeance> Is Sarah Michelle Gellar behind you THAPRINZE?
<Vengeance> She was a great Buffy
<aarobber> :)
<Vengeance> A little too flat and mousey for me, but hey, I'm glad you're happy.
#133 + (9) - [X]
Nilexam: yes, that's money... O.o ... tria (triangles), hexa (hexagons), octa (octagons), and circles
Nilexam: you can probably guess which are worth more ^^
Saab: ...................
Saab: Sorry caps.
Saab: I mean... if you think about it, Circles have an infinite number of tangents...
Avaicus: so do emus
#134 + (13) - [X]
Nilaya casts various blue and crystal healing magic thingies on Drey
Rux casts "I'll cut you with my sword"

#135 + (3) - [X]
Zayek > why'd i have to live in sucky england >.>
Pogopuschel > what's so bad in sucky england?
Pogopuschel > hmm that sentence kind of answers it ;) no really
Zayek > it sucks
Zayek > the only good think about this land mass is the scottish highlands, and thats not even england!
Darkmoon > oh, how I long to see the lands of my ancestors, the Scottish Highlands
Zayek > scotlands beutiful
Zayek > only downside is they talk like angry modems ^_^
Darkmoon > LOL
Pogopuschel > LOL
Aiselyn > rofl
#136 + (16) - [X]
* Zeraph fixes stuf
Zeraph: stuff* \o/
Zeraph: it's fixed
#137 + (6) - [X]
iKtosleep doesn't sleep...
#138 + (17) - [X]
Moogie: Drey, you just missed some girl get her boobs out on tv
Moogie: and I didn't :D
#139 + (7) - [X]
Drey what about je voudrais aller au lit?
fken its correct
fken I would like to go to bed
Drey avec...
fken indi
Drey hmm
fken lol
Drey i was going to say tu
fken ?
Drey nevermind
fken ok
fken I think its better to forget
#140 + (13) - [X]
fken: ~MadMerlin@d150-133-71.home.cgocable.net is a mail address ?
Rux: and a darn good one too
fken: it must be hard to remember
#141 + (-2) - [X]
iKtosleep: theres a fly or something that keeps falling onto my pillows, or my keyboard, or other annoying locations (e.g. my head)
stfrn: open your moth, that'll fix it
stfrn: *mouth
iKtosleep: stfrun!
iKtosleep: er
iKtosleep: stfu!
#142 + (-5) - [X]
Kariloy: -->
stfrn: <--
Zayek: <-->
stfrn: >--<
Zayek: >-->
stfrn: D >-->
Zayek: <---<<< :o
stfrn: and they said there was no archery in PS
Zayek: a gm conversation just took place >.>

#144 + (18) - [X]
Venge: Isn't it funny how we talk for years about all these grandiose plans for our new kind of MMORPG, and then when we finally deliver it turns out to be just a rat killing game? :)
#145 + (19) - [X]
<Darkmoon> am I going to have to draft a full set of Yliakum laws now? :P
<Tuxide> make it so you can dump booze in the lake
<stfrn> sure :)
<Darkmoon> why do you want the entire Nolthrir population falling-down drunk?
<Tuxide> to make it easy to barter
#147 + (38) - [X]
17:40:16 --> EkSe (excellente@host29-59.pool80116.interbusiness.it) h
as joined #planeshift
17:40:22 <-- EkSe has quit (Read error: EOF from client)
<SaintNuclear> ...
<Grakrim> And its a new record!
<Faldrok> Record?
<Grakrim> Yep. In Grakrim's Game O' Idiot-Quick-Leaving-Newbs.
<Grakrim> EkSe is such a good player, he doesn't even need to chime in with the customary "ne1 here???"

#148 + (10) - [X]
<SaintNuclear> Grakrim, don't ruin good debates
<Grakrim> I'll be sure to keep an eye out for one...
#149 + (23) - [X]
<Karakth> My imaginary girlfriend dumped me :/
<Grakrim> That's a shame.
<Karakth> It was my choice, though.
<Grakrim> Eh?
<Grakrim> Then I don't understand many tokens of that first sentence...
<Karakth> It's a long story.
<Grakrim> I'd say.

#150 + (15) - [X]
<[Link```> Draklar the Pole can't watch "Enya, the Video Collection"
<[Link```> or "The ChubbChubbs!"
<[Link```> OH MY GOD
<[Link```> They banned "Home Alone"!
<[Link```> HOW could someone NOT like Home ALone?
<[Link```> The first and second one
<[Link```> The rest all sucked
<[Link```> God damnit
<[Link```> I'm never going to poland
<Grakrim> Despite that, how the hell do you justify bannin
g Home Alone? There's nothing in it.
<[Link```> No shit
<Grakrim> I mean, if he hired a few hookers, and invited Michael Jackson over, I could see it. But he just has a fun time torturing some criminals.
#151 + (-2) - [X]
<SaintNuclear> Karakth, pass the Tiny-Japan-Infection-Homing-Br ain-Dissipator-Missile
<Grakrim> The TJIHBDM?
* Karakth hands Nuc the TJIHBSD
<Karakth> Oops
<SaintNuclear> thanks
<Grakrim> Hmm... Well, being based on BSD, I'd imagine its quite a stable weapon.

#152 + (27) - [X]
<[Link```> What the hell
<[Link```> Mad Max is banned in sweden
<Grakrim> Eh? Why's that?
<[Link```> The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is banned too
<[Link```> And "Dracula"
<Grakrim> Its a conspiracy.
<[Link```> Something called Titicut Follies is banned in the US
<[Link```> Has good votes
<[Link```> I'll see what it is
<[Link```> Plot Summary: Highly controversial documentary c hronicaling life inside a Massachusetts institution for mentally ill convicts.
<Grakrim> Hmm... That's a bit disappointing, considering the title.
#155 + (-4) - [X]
<SaintNuclear> i once accidently dropped a disk into the toilet
<Grakrim> Ack.
<SaintNuclear> Duke Nukem 2
<Grakrim> But... How?

#156 + (1) - [X]
* Zeraph acudentally creates a supersonging *BoOm* in Seytra|PS's direction >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<Zeraph> rofl: supersonic*
<Seytra|PS> lol
* Seytra|PS flies away at light speed.
<Zeraph> I do not know why I said supersonging >.<
<Seytra|PS> Neither does anyone else. :P
#157 + (5) - [X]
< Grakrim> Something doesn't add up.
< Grakrim> Induldge me, Faldrok.
< Faldrok> Hmm?
< Grakrim> We have established that you enjoy sports, no?
< Faldrok> Yes.
< Grakrim> And that you do not like TV, correct?
< Faldrok> It's mostly that I don't like TV shows.
< Faldrok> I don't consider a sport's activity (like a basketball game) a show because it isn't.
< Grakrim> *And* that you are a no-life IRC-holic?
< Faldrok> That is correct.
< Grakrim> I contend, Mr.Faldrok. That A+B does NOT equal C.
< Grakrim> You sir, are mathmatically incorrect!
#158 + (-15) - [X]
<Moogie> do you think that guy'll be back in like 2 days time and be all "I'm a super leet modeller now, I can draw boxes and everything, let me finish Planeshift and I'll do it in an hour!"
<Drey> all he wanted to do was art, the little kiddies with their flash games are better
<Drey> moogie he is only 13
<Drey> dont be mean
<Moogie> Drey: I'm not being mean
<Moogie> ...well I am
<Moogie> but that's not the point
* Drey hides from the meanie
#159 + (2) - [X]
* MaidenIndigo waits for someone to eat Moogie
<Zayek> >:| it is my destiny!
* Drey bites moogie
<Zayek> i only eat Moogie in private
#160 + (5) - [X]
<iKtosleep> so if you take more than 20 pcs of candy before I do !reset ArcaneFalcon it will say "PWNED! *chucks a shoe at $1*"
#161 + (3) - [X]
* Seytra|PS pukes iKtomi
<Seytra|PS> :P
<stfrn> :o
<Zph|Polycounting> =X
<Seytra|PS> I don't remember eating that...
#162 + (4) - [X]
<Zeraph> then people servive on beer & mushrooms
<stfrn> pretty much
#163 + (3) - [X]
* Zeraph eats some computer chips.
* iKtomi watches the tables turn as the chips eat Zph
<Seytra|PS> Keep away from mine...
#164 + (3) - [X]
<Rux> !poke himself_in_naughty_places
* Vault pokes himself_in_naughty_places
* Vault pokes himself_in_naughty_places
* Vault pokes himself_in_naughty_places
<Vault> Are you there himself_in_naughty_places?
<Rux> ^_^
#165 + (-5) - [X]
<Venge> The voices don't stop / until I swallow with a drink / Medication Rules
#166 + (2) - [X]
* Moogie shakes head
* Drey shakes moogie's head
* Moogie shakes Drey's head
<Drey> :O
* Drey hugs
* Zeraph shakes everyone's head with an earthquake.
* Cherppow is shaken.
* Rux shakes his groove thang
<Zeraph> unles you have shock-absorbing sandles...
* Drey hugs some more
<Rux> death balls!
<Cherppow> I have shake amplifying bramble mitts :I
<Drey> yup
#167 + (3) - [X]
<Zayek> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v481/Demarthl/Photos/DSCN00432.jpg its a hard life
<Moogie> it sure is ^^
<Zeraph> yes it is
<Rux> http://www.travisnelsa.com/planeshift/wtf.jpg and a confusing one
#168 + (25) - [X]
<Drey> bleh
<Drey> he used to be cool
<-- Hory has quit
<Xordan> Yeah
<Xordan> Now he's just drunk
<Drey> yup
#169 + (0) - [X]
<Ecolem> lol the random name came up with Loser as a first name!
<stfrn> lol!
<Rux> it's a sign
* stfrn bans that name just in case...
#171 + (-3) - [X]
Pogopuschel: Rux: PS at 320x240 like dipping icecream in gravy and complaining that it tastes funny..
#172 + (2) - [X]
<Lordbug> nah
<Lordbug> I have the installer here :P
<Zeraph> then use it!
<Lordbug> I keep them just in case
<Lordbug> yha... but...
<Zeraph> use it!
<Lordbug> I have to click the button and install it
<-- xcsd has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
<Uber_Zim> thats alot of worm...
<Zeraph> Use It!
<Uber_Zim> work...
<Lordbug> but but but
<Uber_Zim> worms yay
<Zeraph> UsE iT!
<Moogie> sure is a whole lotta worm
<Lordbug> oh no!!!
* Lordbug uses it
<Zeraph> there :P
<joseFood> Use It!
<joseFood> darn
#173 + (-5) - [X]
<Ais> !hotties
<iKtosleep> no!
<ArcaneFalcon> !monkeys
<Ais> !girls
<Ais> !newguitar
<ArcaneFalcon> bah Ais, I thought we were doing ! for things we didn't already have
#174 + (24) - [X]
<Arianna> to model -> modelling, modelled, or modeling modeled?
<Arianna> so, it is with double l?
<josePhoenix> I think so
<Jorrit> Arianna: I would use tripple l. At least there are sufficient then.
<Jorrit> Arianna: the reader can always use that extra l for something else.
<leji> aah jorrit, you're so user-friendly :P
<Jorrit> Always :-)
<Arianna> Jorrit: maybe you are right. Maybe they can use it if there is one l missing somewhere else.
<josePhoenix> Jorrit is the greatest!
<Jorrit> Arianna: exactly!
* leji builds a statue to the glory of Jorrit
<Jorrit> Arianna: in fact if you double every letter in your sentence then can even make their own sentences to construct sentences you forgot to talk about.
<leji> o.O
<Arianna> that's really practically.
#175 + (6) - [X]
<Arianna> I have problems with my thesis ;(
<Jorrit> Arianna: what problems?
* Arianna starts a monologue, please everybody sit down or ready to fall asleep.
<Arianna> I will try to summarize.
* stfrn sits down
* Jorrit falls asleep already even before Arianna begins.
* stfrn takes notes
[Here Arianna does the monologue]
<Platyna> Arianna: Paste it on rafb.net so we could (not) read it.
<Platyna> ;-)
* aarobber has quit IRC (" HydraIRC -> http://www.hydrairc.com <- State of the art IRC")
<Jorrit> Arianna killed aarobber!
[Arianna is still writing her monologue]
* Arianna has finished the monologue now
* Arianna tries to wake up the people that fell asleep, saying that the worst is over.
* stfrn is still taking notes
<Platyna> Jorrit: He got flooded out.;]
#176 + (-3) - [X]
<lynxlynxlynx> someone made a game where the goal is to slaughter sheep >:(
<lynxlynxlynx> if only i had his address, i'd call supersheep immediately :)
#177 + (-2) - [X]
<Platyna> What else you can do with PCI 166 LSI SCSI controller than a coffee pad?
<lynxlynxlynx> throwing weapon
* Kwip has joined #planeshift-build
<josePhoenix> Platyna: abstract sculpture atfer you throw it at things :D
<Platyna> I prefer a coffee pad...
<josePhoenix> well why did you ask? :|
#178 + (27) - [X]
<Chaotis> I don't remember seeing the video.
<Chaotis> What was in it?
<Chaotis> ...other than the obvious.
<Zeraph> monkeys dancing infront of a jap McDonalds I think...
<Chaotis> Nupe, didn't see it.
<Zeraph> they looked like ape escape monkeys
<Drey> hmm
<Rux> i wish i could say that narrows it down, but the internet is one freaky place
#179 + (-7) - [X]
* aarobber has quit (" HydraIRC -> http://www.hydrairc.com <- 100,000+ downloads can't be wrong")
* aarobber_ is now known as aarobber
aarobber: those 100,000+ people are so very confused
aarobber: or stupid
#180 + (3) - [X]
<Platyna> Venge: There is a very nasty bug...
<@Venge> only one? That is great news!
#181 + (4) - [X]
one day in Tfihsenalp#
Xur !poke himself_in_naughty_places
* Vault pokes himself_in_naughty_places
* Vault pokes himself_in_naughty_places
* Vault pokes himself_in_naughty_places
Vault: Are you there himself_in_naughty_places?
stfrn: now that's spaming :|
imotKi: |:< Xur
stfrn: lol
imotKi etum\
#182 + (-5) - [X]
* josePhoenix looks for some finnish heavy metal music to cheer ary up ;)
<Arianna> are you sure that that will cheer me up? ;)
<josePhoenix> cheers me up.. but I might be alone in that :P
<Arianna> :-)
#183 + (-8) - [X]
* josePhoenix dances around until he gets odd looks from Ary and then stops
#184 + (-3) - [X]
<Zeraph> stfrn, the entire outside wall is missing..
<stfrn> hmmm
<stfrn> an ulber must have gotten hungery
#185 + (-6) - [X]
<josePhoenix> Ecolem: only I kick people. Moogie does too. So do others, like venge, acraig, and Talad (yay for talad)
<Zayek> i just kick jose in the balls, then he devoices me
#186 + (-12) - [X]
Moogie: pshh, I could have typed 'Rux' in three keystrokes
Moogie: instead I went through the tab auto-complete twice because I missed it the first time

#187 + (-9) - [X]
<Miss_SG> ohh
* Miss_SG gets to wash a mercedes *drools*
<Miss_SG> *lays out on the car hood like a model*
<Miss_SG> too bad jose isn't here. he probably would have already commented on that :P
* ArcaneFalcon pulls up with his truck that hasn't been washed in months
#189 + (5) - [X]
* Kariloy kidnaps Pogopuschel >=D
<Pogopuschel> you're welcome to try XD
<Pogopuschel> but think about your back, and bring a stapler
<Pogopuschel> er .. wrong word
<Pogopuschel> forklift*
<Kariloy> why do assume i would do it alone? why not a pro team of kidnappers... or even a moving company? :D
#190 + (-7) - [X]
<-- Ais has quit ("asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm[];',./\{}:"<>?|!@#$%^&*()_+=-0987654321`~")
<stfrn> holy ascii batman!
#191 + (-4) - [X]
<Miss_SG> hmm
* Miss_SG gets out the water hose
#193 + (-6) - [X]
* THAPRINZE has joined #planeshift
<Vengeance> THAPRINZE: I'm surprised to see you
<Vengeance> Wasn't there a whole kerfuffle about you getting renamed in game?
<aarobber> why can't people just not be creative and use the name generator?
<Vengeance> Clearly this is Will Smith, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and he wants to use his original nickname
<stfrn> :)
<Nilaya> lol
<Vengeance> Or Freddie Prinz Jr trying to act 'street'
<Vengeance> Is Sarah Michelle Gellar behind you THAPRINZE?
<Vengeance> She was a great Buffy
<aarobber> :)
<Vengeance> A little too flat and mousey for me, but hey, I'm glad you're happy.
#195 + (-2) - [X]
<Rux> gas inspection?
* Zeraph doesn't want to inspect Rux's gas....
* Chaotis doesn't either.
#196 + (3) - [X]
<MadMerlin> tired of clicking rux?
* Zeraph isn't!
* Zeraph clicks Rux.
* Zeraph clicks Rux again.
<Zeraph> Wheeee!!!!
<Zeraph> c'mon everyone join in!
<Deserir> lol
#197 + (-9) - [X]
<stfrn> so lets see... add fishing, when there are no ponds, that should work :D
<Vengeance> stfrn: Change /dig for gold to /fish for bass and pretend
<stfrn> "you do not find any bass"
<Vengeance> "Perhaps if you use a pick, you will find more bass..."
#199 + (1) - [X]
<joseSleep> Nefron, I'm going to hunt you down in portland and fix that domain o' yours good >:|
* joseSleep blinks
<Zeraph> I think he is really going to do it too
<joseSleep> Zeraph, dat right
<joseSleep> I da crazy dude
<Nefron> lol
<joseSleep> Nefron, don' worry
<joseSleep> I' a-bring lots o ganja
#200 + (6) - [X]
<Nefron> ick
* josephoenix slaps Nefron with Zeraph
--- Zeraph gives voice to Nefron
<Nefron> woo xD
<josephoenix> that was not what I intended >:|
<Nefron> Slap me again, maybe I will get OP xD
#201 + (-2) - [X]
<Karyuu> I pissed off Nefron somehow, that's why he was jumping in and out before. How funny.
<josePhoenix> sounds very nefrony
<Karyuu> It is. Shadow mentioned that it's typical Nefron behavior.
<josePhoenix> sounds like it's being examined and dissected with a cold analytical eye... >.>
<Karyuu> More like with pointed fingers and laughter.
<josePhoenix> Oh. That works too.
#204 + (23) - [X]
<josePhoenix> -MemoServ- Memo #2 from ArcaneFalcon (sent 5 days (12h 29m 39s) ago):
<josePhoenix> -MemoServ- PS-MC IS DOWN, FRIGGIN FIX IT...errr...please?
#205 + (-2) - [X]
<Zeraph> yipyi[pyipraeh!
--- Talad|dinner has changed the topic to: Official Fan Channel for Planeshift MMORPG <::> www.planeshift.it <::> Important links: http://ps-mc.net/?page_id=3
--- ChanServ has changed the topic to: Official Fan Channel for Planeshift MMORKG: Massively Multiplayer Rat-Killing Game <::> www.planeshift.it <::> Important links: http://ps-mc.net/?page_id=3
<Demarthl> take your meds
#206 + (-4) - [X]
--- Moon-writing is now known as Moon-block
<stfrn> hm, some sort of eclipse, eh?
#207 + (-4) - [X]
<-- Darkmoon has quit ("/me fades into the dark places of your mind...")
* Underthemoon checks his mind for Darkmoon residue.
<Nefron> I've seen some nasty stuff happen due to Darkmoon residue in the brain.
<Underthemoon> I would advise you all to do the same
<Nefron> Or for only 5 carrots per person, I will be more than happy to inspect your minds.
* Zeraph looks @ his brain. "nope it's good"
<Nefron> I am not responisble for any lost info, or the sudden rumors spread.
#208 + (-2) - [X]
<Vengeance> I don't go to sleep until I'm so tired I have no choice.
<Vengeance> This is how PS gets written. :)
<Vengeance> PlaneShift--We do more coding after midnight than most people do all day.
#209 + (-2) - [X]
* Nefron turns the tables by scowling at Lacey
* Lacey is a woman, she is unscowlable.
<Underthemoon> Nefron loses points
* Chao|code is scandalized by the bubblewrap.
<Nefron> I had points to lose?
<Nefron> Woohoo!
<Nefron> I HAD POINTS!
<Underthemoon> <0
* Lacey sighs and rolls her eyes.
#210 + (12) - [X]
<stfrn> ddr != dance dance ram
#211 + (-2) - [X]
* Talad (asdasdf@1Cust81.tnt2.mln6.ita.da.uu.net) has joined #planeshift
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Talad
<Aiselyn> hello Talad
<Zayek> greetings Talad
* Talad (asdasdf@1Cust81.tnt2.mln6.ita.da.uu.net) has left #planeshift
<Zayek> goodbye Talad
<Aiselyn> cya Talad
#212 + (-18) - [X]
* stfrn was a cheerleader *\o/*
Lordbug :O
Zayek disturbing image
* Zanoxx has quit ()
Drey that bad :/
#213 + (17) - [X]
groton: anyway, i resisted till 2002 without a cell phone. then i lost
Spoonman: you lost?
Spoonman: what did it do, beat you up?
#214 + (-7) - [X]
josePhoenix: 14 gigs of space.. whatever shall I put there?!
ArcaneFalcon: yonk!
josePhoenix: ?
josePhoenix: why should I put yonk there?
ArcaneFalcon: everyone needs a good supply a yonk
#215 + (30) - [X]
* Kiirani is the only sane one in this channel.. and she's hiding up a tree poking sticks at people who come close
#216 + (7) - [X]
Ayshe is now known as Ayshe|zzz
Kiirani: Ayshe....
stfrn: night ayshe
Kiirani: It's 4pm..
Kiirani: are you ok?
Ayshe|zzz: yea, I'm at work and it's been a long day. ^_^
Kiirani: Lol, ok

Ayshe is now known as Ayshe|zzz|FIRED
Ayshe: :(
#217 + (34) - [X]
* Cydo digs around for a screwdriver to fix his bloody knife
<Cydo> ....err, for the record the knife is not actualy "bloody"
<Cydo> just a pain in the rear
<Moogie> you stab people in the bum with a knife? :O
#218 + (43) - [X]
* Nefron rubs a bard of soap on his tongue
<Nefron> *bar
<Karyuu> Nefron, stop eating the minstrels.
#219 + (-13) - [X]
<Karyuu> No, probably a cuttlefish.
<josePhoenix> cuttlefish are so cuttle-y
* josePhoenix cuttles karyuu
* Karyuu latches onto josePhoenix
<Karyuu> xD;
* josePhoenix runs around "GETITOFFGETITOFFGETITOFF"
<Karyuu> Wheeeeeeeeee!
<Karyuu> Faster, faster!
* josePhoenix runs faster
<Karyuu> Woohoo!
* Karyuu spurs josePhoenix into the sunset.
* josePhoenix runs into the sunset
* josePhoenix drops Karyuu off at the community house and goes to take a bath
<josePhoenix> all that sunset rubbed off on me
* josePhoenix glows bright orange
#221 + (-8) - [X]
* Lordbug whacks Cydo|chinesefood with healthy food again
* Cydo grins and chomps on a fortune cookie
<Lordbug> Cydo do you ever eat something that's not fast-food like?
<Cydo> .........Water?
<Lordbug> I said eat
<Lordbug> not drink
<Cydo> ...........Ice cubes?
<Lordbug> *sigh*
<Lordbug> nothing to do with this one
<Cydo> Does fish n chips count as not fast food?
#222 + (-11) - [X]
* Platyna cries hysterically and beats her fists against her desk...
Xordan: I blame your insanly low glibc version :P Because I can't think of anything else to blame other than Debian as a whole :P
Platyna: Come on Xordan....
Xordan: hmmm, fine I blame pie.
#223 + (-10) - [X]
<Pog|work> yeah, I mistyped the ban info - if it had displayed correctly, Xordan would have been proud of me
* Moogie doesn't type, just click
<Corin> Moogie, 102 key mouse? :D
<MadMerlin> maybe she mouse gestures each keypress
<Moogie> Corin: yes! it is my own design and spans the width of my room
<Moogie> right now I'm running back and forth dancing across it like a professional ballerina
<Moogie> my words are art :P
<MadMerlin> i'm not sure if that would be useful for quake or not
<Moogie> hehe
<Moogie> "You got fragged by a girl via ballet???"
<Pog|work> haha
<MadMerlin> "but it's ok, she was botting anyways"
#226 + (2) - [X]
<feldimaus> where can i get a non corupt planshift?
<feldimaus> :-)
* Cydo sighs
<Ayshe> Planeshift used to be good, but someone bought it one of those novelty 'One ring' dealies. Did these people not see the movie? The Ring of Power for your loved ones? It corrupts you and makes you evil! And you have to walk bloody miles to get rid of it...
<Ayshe> so, Planeshift kinda went into a spiral of deceit and evil. It's so corrupted now, if you open the .exe and add a "z" to the end then save it as a .mpg it's a vid of Micheal Jackson
<Cydo> At times you scare me Ayshe....
#228 + (-19) - [X]
Rhad: The fog in my head would seem to indicate I should have had a good time last night, but I strangely have memories of coding instead of drinking and corrousing with unscrupulous types.... how depressing :(
Jorrit: oops :-)
Jorrit: Hi Rhad
Rhad: hola :)
Rhad: I hate mornings
* Jorrit loves mornings :-)
thebolt: Hi Rhad
Rhad: It's statements like that that justify our immense military budget you know..
#230 + (-5) - [X]
[10:24] blueCommand has joined
[10:24] blueCommand: Woot
[10:24] blueCommand: bye
[10:24] blueCommand has disconnected: Client Quit

#231 + (7) - [X]
<Lordbug> Tub, what's the problem?
<leji> I'd like to have a girl at home with a name not ending with .jpg
<Lordbug> rofl
<stfrn> lol leji
<Tuxide> hahaha
<stfrn> try png, they are higher quality
* Lordbug hands leji a girl with a name ending in .gif
#233 + (2) - [X]
<Lacey> Venge is absolutely right.
<Venge|away> ah my 4 favorite words :)
#234 + (-12) - [X]
<Demarthl> lies!
<Demarthl> i know your brain!
<Demarthl> its mine now!
<Ayshe> i'm devious, Demarthl
* Demarthl steals Ayshe's brain
* Ayshe drools softly
* Demarthl has left #planeshift ("i have the brain of two!")
<Ayshe> great, now what do I do?
<Cydo> Mwhahahhahahahhahh
<Ayshe> I mean mhhhrrrrrrrrrr....
<Cydo> or we could return your brains for a small strorage charge
<Ayshe> mhrrrrbraiiins
<Cydo> The other white meat
#235 + (-3) - [X]
<Arianna> stfrn: the qdb is updated automatically or manually by jose?
<stfrn> manual
<Arianna> because he checks the entries? So brave
<stfrn> :)
#236 + (-6) - [X]
--> Talad (~Talad@ has joined #crystalspace
<Talad> Hi
<Talad> I have a csString with an integer in it.
<Talad> how do I get an int value from it?
<Talad> the first that answers gets a free account on a game of my choice :)
<Talad> mm... atoi will do probably
<Talad> I won an account! nice.
<-- Talad (~Talad@ has left #crystalspace
#238 + (-5) - [X]
<Zeraph> anyone here watch Bleach?
<Ayshe> no but once I took acid and watched dishwahing liquid for half an hour
<Ayshe> .. no, not really
#239 + (3) - [X]
<Ayshe> can you ghost yourself..?
<-- Ayshe has quit (Nick collision from services.)
--> Ayshe (~user@222-152-144-30.jetstream.xtra.co.nz) has joined #planeshift
<Ayshe> it would appear the answer is a resounding "no sh-t, sherlock"
#240 + (19) - [X]
* Moogie sings: "seventeen pages of spam to delete, seventeen pages of spaaam, you click one post, you make it a ghost- still seventeen pages of spam to delete"
#241 + (30) - [X]
<stfrn> looks like the sewers are nicely populated
<Tuxide> populated with rats or newbs?
<Vengeance> Tuxide: is there any difference? :)
<Tuxide> yeah...the number of eyes
#242 + (-1) - [X]
*** PK (~PK@PK.sustaining.supporter.pdpc) has joined #planeshift
*** Mode change [+v PK] on #planeshift by ChanServ
<PK> am I dreaming?
<Koshdukai> yes
<PK> is it really possible?
<Koshdukai> yes
<PK> is the server really back up?
<Koshdukai> yes
<PK> what a nightmare :-P
#243 + (120) - [X]
rerogo shows up with two fish speared on either side of a pick "what do I do now? Cooking isn't implemented."
<joseAway> You sell them.. to Ayshe!
<joseAway> Tell her they're turnips.
rerogo hides fish in turnip shaped boxes
<Ayshe> perks up
<Ayshe> turnips?
<joseAway> Yes indeed.
<Ayshe> gives jose a kippered turnip
<rerogo> who want turnips-3 tria each- no, theres nothing fishy about this deal
<Ayshe> i'm not herring much sincerity in your voice
rerogo thinks "carp, shes onto me"
<Ais> perks up her nose....something smells fishy
<stfrn> I'm herring a lot of carp :|
<Ayshe> i may pike out of this deal
#244 + (-3) - [X]
Jorrit: Did it run without errors?
Darkhack: well, it did say "autoheader: command not found"
Jorrit: That's not good.
Darkhack: Why? What's it even mean?
Jorrit: I don't know what it means.
stfrn: that's not good!
#245 + (-5) - [X]
<Nefron> Shadow has no taste in music.
<Nefron> Bwah
<Shadowkhan> OH YEAH?!
<Shadowkhan> Do you like country?
<Shadowkhan> Then YOU have no taste in music XD
* Nefron looks around for backup
<Shadowkhan> Get all the backup you want. Country is still cool.'
<Nefron> Is not.
<Shadowkhan> is too
<Karyuu> Nuh-uh :c
<Nefron> It's all the same, some guy loses his heart, it hurts, and he wants it back.
<Shadowkhan> All genres of music have the same messages XD
<Shadowkhan> Christian = god is awesome, y0
<Karyuu> Metal: "I KILLEE YOU WITH STYLE."
<Shadowkhan> Rap = sex, drugs, money
<Karyuu> Trance = "Drugs are sooo coooool."
<Karyuu> Pop = "If I Only Had A Brain"
<Nefron> Boy Band = "I want to be a girl"
<Shadowkhan> I like all types of music except rap, heavy screaming death metal...and that's about it
<Nefron> Death metal = The best, because it matches who I am
* Shadowkhan throws a hippo at iKtomi
* iKtomi dies :O
<Shadowkhan> Emo.
<Shadowkhan> EMO XD
<Karyuu> Goth Rock: "My wrists slit themselves."
<Nefron> Industrial = "I like the taste of blood"
<Karyuu> "Bite the hand that bleeds you." xD
<iKtomi> sugarlumpHIPPOS: "wtf?"
<Karyuu> Hahah!
<Karyuu> More like: "Wtf? Anyone have toast?"
<Shadowkhan> Did I...miss something? XD
<Karyuu> Oh. Yeah.
<Karyuu> We're kind of in a band.
<Karyuu> By the way.
<iKtomi> Except not.
<Karyuu> Right.
#246 + (18) - [X]
<Rhad> I don't know why people automatically suspect the software or hardware when they get low fps. It could be that time is at fault instead.
#248 + (3) - [X]
<Darkhack> damn, linux runs on everything
<stfrn> I installed it on my toaster once...
<stfrn> little did I know it would segfault on rye
#249 + (2) - [X]
<joseAway> Skatey, then why do you behave much like someone not old enough to use the internet for fear that he'll be tracked down and raped by child predators?
<Skatey> cos its more fun being a idiot
#250 + (11) - [X]
--- stfrn|away is now known as stfrn
<stfrn> eh, |away isn't what it used to be :/
#253 + (2) - [X]
<svecias|osx_x86> i would consider spam if i said something like "Click here for hot, uncensored barely legal programs"
#254 + (4) - [X]
Rux: so i come into the room and drey's all like Rux! and then stfn's all like hmm and then MadMerlin goes indeed and then Kariloy says something about the bunnies being cold
#255 + (-9) - [X]
Ingame in help channel:
Jorace asks: why do i suck so much
#256 + (136) - [X]
Demarthl: what if like, the sky breaks, and it like, falls on moogie?!? :O
Xordan: :O
Moogie: well let me ask you this: shut up!
#257 + (-10) - [X]
<svecias> is there a bug in the character creation
<Drey> yep
<svecias> after i pick my life evens,
<Drey> there is lots there
<Drey> whats happening?
<svecias> so then...
<svecias> after i pick life evens and lick next
<Drey> eww
<svecias> it brings me back to the main character creation screen
<Drey> thats where the problem is
<svecias> the licking?
<Drey> yeah :P
#259 + (5) - [X]
Ralas: guess where I am?
Lacey: Mars?
stfrn: brazil!
Ralas: i'm on the bridge thingie that you can't get to
Ralas: the one near the plaza
Tuxide: I've been on that thing once
Tuxide: back in the old days of molecular blue
Ralas: yeah but this is in 3d
Tuxide: ...
#260 + (-1) - [X]
Kiirani: Time to test it :P
Ayshe: gonnalinkmenow?
Kiirani: Nope, I accidentally added a '{' in the wrong place on line 40
Kiirani: I ALWAYS do that -.-
Ayshe: ack! there are MOUSTACHES in your source code!
Ayshe: your php has been hijacked by the french
#261 + (9) - [X]
* Uber_Zim remembers the Teffy Milk, and shudders.
<Karyuu> If I remember correctly, I spent weeks trying to forget that.
#262 + (-13) - [X]
<-- Ayshe has quit ("If I was wittier I wouldn't need to draw attention to my quit messages in such a blatant fashion")
#263 + (-11) - [X]
Demarthl says: y'know, if we threw Zim at another type of rock at the right angle, it could start a camp fire
Demarthl grins
Zim says: I guess i could wear a pillow next time, a bit of warning would be nice.
Zim says: Hey i'm not made a flint!
Demarthl says: but the other rock might be
Karyuu says: Granite? Talc? Corunduuum?
Demarthl says: I think flint is preettyyyy
Zim looks down at his arms and shrugs.
Karyuu says: Shale!
Demarthl says: so dark
Karyuu says: Obsidian.
Demarthl says: then it makes big spark!
Zim says: Platinum!
Demarthl says: he looks like mouldy blue pudgy fingered rock to me
Karyuu says: Zim, you're priceless!
Zim shifts his feet, and grins. "Thank you^^"
Zim glares toward Demarthl. "I'll show you pudgy!"
Karyuu says: Aw. I love you guys.
Zim punches Demarthl in the arm.
Demarthl says: argh!
Demarthl says: thats not pudgy! thats broken and mushy!
Zim says: Hows that for pudgy!
Demarthl says: your mother was a ruby!
Karyuu says: Hahahahah!
Zim laughs and pats Demarthl on the head.
Karyuu sits down to prevent herself from falling to the floor with laughter.
Zim says: Fair enough.
Karyuu says: That's so good!
#264 + (23) - [X]
<Jorrit> Maybe we should add an option to pssetup to select which bug you prefer.
<Jorrit> So people can choose.
#265 + (27) - [X]
* Demarthl levels up in spelling
* iKtomi levels up in stuff
* Moogie levels up in Hyuga single-handedly taking down scores of enemy Gears with his bare hands while the other characters watch
* Xeraans loses experience in understanding what's going on.
#266 + (-3) - [X]
<Csophae> Haha, Agara is great because she can be happy for me so I don't have to be.
#267 + (36) - [X]
acraig: yes, having some issues at the moment we are trying to resolve.
iKtomi: -.-
odd2k: yay issues
acraig: 'issues' sounds better than 'OMFG why the hell won't the server stop crashing. OMG I want to shoot myself in the head!! "
#268 + (-19) - [X]
odd2k: ok going to bed.. noone say something interesting before I hit the exit button
Pogopuschel: hey, have you heard that great news?
* odd2k has quit ()
#269 + (-9) - [X]
svecias: are we all linux users here?
Drey: yeah
svecias: sweet!
svecias: who here is usign ircII?
Koshdukai: I'm really using raw telnet
Koshdukai: can't find ircII hard enough
MadMerlin: i'm writing the tcp packets by hand
Koshdukai: LOL
MadMerlin: in binary
Moogie: svecias: half are linux, half windows, and a few tiny people are mac :)
Koshdukai: cat > out.a ? ;)
* Koshdukai searchs for the tiny ppl
gorilla_: Moogie, are you calling mac users short??
Koshdukai: gorilla: in a word ;)
* Koshdukai sees lot's of Dwarfs ingame and thinks "all Mac users"
Moogie: lol
#270 + (2) - [X]
<Nefron> I think I am going to join the ARNG
<Kixie|WAR> !!!
<Demarthl> the what?
* Kixie|WAR holds down nef and straps him to a gurney
<Nefron> The army national gaurd
<Daikan> bleh
<Kixie|WAR> Oh, I thought it was a guild
#271 + (14) - [X]
<Kixie> Car serviced?
<Kixie> What are you, a wuss?
<Kixie> I drive with no brakes.
<Kixie> Thats the ONLY way to drive.
<Xeraans> Yes, but it's not the way to stop. :)
#272 + (-12) - [X]
[06:29] * KL has joined #planeshift-devs
[06:30] <KL> hi
[06:32] <aarobber> hi k
[06:32] <KL> hi
[06:32] <aarobber> hi k
[06:32] <KL> hi
[06:32] <aarobber> ok, we're done now
[06:32] <KL> hi
[06:33] <KL> i win!
#273 + (-8) - [X]
The banner over the PS tester's room:
>:| FIX >:| TEST >:| IMPLIMENT >:| TEST >:| FIX
#275 + (3) - [X]
Tmed on promoting some GM's

Tmed: yeah do not promote any of them because they are international terrorists
Tmed: they blew up my ass
#276 + (5) - [X]
Erinys says: why do you have a red name?
Niber says: Cuz I'm a NPC
Erinys says: ? I don't get it
Erinys says: if you're an npc you can't talk
Tamuura says: how do you become an NPC?
Niber says: LOL
Kaeyos tells you: xD
#277 + (3) - [X]
<Arianna> I am a pirate
<Drey> pirate!
<Draklar> vikings were pirates
<Drey> not real ones though
<Draklar> word "viking" is connected with "pirate", dude
<Drey> dude?
<Draklar> yes, dude
<Drey> brb
<Drey> i need to laydown
<Draklar> suits you well for eating chinese left overs
<Drey> well viking boy suits you for being draklar
<Draklar> what?
<Drey> thats right
#278 + (1) - [X]
<AF333> Drey!
<AF333> er
<AF333> anyone else!
<Arianna> hi Air France
#279 + (23) - [X]
*** josePhoenix_ has kicked leji from #planeshift [josePhoenix_]
*** josePhoenix_ is now known as josePhoenix
[Lordbug] ???
[Lordbug] why?
<josePhoenix> >:|
<Demarthl> o.O
*** Drey_ (n=Tom2@82-44-176-15.cable.ubr05.haye.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #planeshift
<josePhoenix> leji josePhoenix_ Moogie Pogopuschel kick me
<josePhoenix> that's what he said
[Lordbug] ah
*** Pogopuschel has kicked josePhoenix from #planeshift [Pogopuschel]
<Pogopuschel> done :P
#280 + (-14) - [X]
* iKtomi has joined #planeshift
* ChanServ sets mode: +o iKtomi
<Arianna> hello iKtomi!
* iKtomi has quit IRC (Remote closed the connection)
<Arianna> mmmm
<Arianna> I scared him away.
<Arianna> Today I am not charming.
#281 + (-11) - [X]
* Fossie has joined #planeshift
* ChanServ sets mode: +v Fossie
<Draklar> hello Fossie person
<Fossie> Hey
<Arianna> hi Fossie
* Fossie is now known as Fireofsoul
<Fireofsoul> Hi Ari
<Fireofsoul> lol come on just to go to sleep.. Cya
* Fireofsoul has quit IRC (Client Quit)
<Arianna> mmm
<Arianna> we have this effect on him?
#282 + (-8) - [X]
<Demarthl> what day is it?
<Draklar> yesterday
#283 + (4) - [X]
<Draklar> in WFRP there's a profession camp-follower, but translated to Polish it sounds funny so no one wants to play it
<Moogie> lol, it sounds funny in English too :P
<Moogie> depending on whether you're from the UK and know what 'camp' means or not
<Draklar> it sounds something along lines of "camp slop"
<Drey> camp = kinda mincey
<Drey> if thats how you want to spell it
* Moogie nods
<Moogie> camp is gay in a very femenine sense
<Drey> so like i walk/parade up to Draklar..
<Moogie> lol
<Drey> them im all like "hey whats up i like your hair"
<Draklar> :O
<Moogie> and he replies "what-ever, girlfriend" ?
<Drey> exactly
<Moogie> :D
#284 + (10) - [X]
Underthemoon: What whould you use against a marshmellow pyramid?
Demarthl: christmas tre lights
Underthemoon: Ah, that makes sense.
Demarthl: no it doesnt
Jorrit: It does. You just have to redefine 'sense' slightly.
Draklar: against cheerleader pyramid?
Jorrit: It is the same way we fix bugs in CS. We redefine the meaning of the word 'bug' until it is no longer a bug.
Draklar: genious
Demarthl: i knew you used that floating bug to make the flying skill :P
Jorrit: Exactly :-)
#285 + (-1) - [X]
thebolt: hm, where should i put the install-script?
thebolt: scripts/install/ ?
Jorrit: Put it in plugins/video/render3d/direct3d7/install
thebolt: hehe ;)
Jorrit: Why should we always be clear and correct?
Jorrit: It is time to add some confuscation and confusion to CS!
#286 + (-8) - [X]
* Daikan Likes Aural Pleasure: 5163. Vital Remains - Entwined By Vengeance
* Karyuu imagines Vengeance entwining Daikan's vital organs in a serpent's embrace.
<Karyuu> Oooo.
#287 + (9) - [X]
<Demarthl> now im going to collapse before i remember what i did with my brothers ex boyfriends mother >.>
<Xordan> o.o
* Sekhemet covers her ears "lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala"
<Demarthl> what?
<Demarthl> she was hot >.>
#288 + (-1) - [X]
* Drey bites Arianna
<Arianna> am I tasty?
* booiiing has joined #planeshift
<Drey> yes
<Draklar> mmm Italian food
#289 + (8) - [X]
<kronosx> is the server for Planetshift, available for download ?
* Draklar blinks
<Draklar> ha?
<Drey> yes
<kronosx> i cant find it
<Drey> try new zeland
#290 + (7) - [X]
* Talad has joined #planeshift
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Talad
<Drey> o/ Talad
<leji> hi Salad
<leji> arr
<leji> common typo
#291 + (-10) - [X]
* Talad|presenter is now known as Talad
<Arianna> the quiz tonight is really hard.
<Arianna> Xordan is not winning anymore!
<Xordan> :(
<Arianna> you know that I have joined the team just to win the sunday quiz!
#292 + (0) - [X]
<Kariloy> Arianna i'm not a wine freak either... i'm just a freak :x
<Arianna> .-D
<Arianna> and I am a pirate.
#293 + (-7) - [X]
<s_ander> Guys
<s_ander> I am stuck!
<s_ander> Can't move anymore
<s_ander> what to do?
<RadioImp> stop playing with duct tape?
#294 + (25) - [X]
<Talad> when touching npcclient, I feel like an elephant in a glass shop
<Khaki> when going through npcclient I feel like I'm a cleaner in a glass shop after the elephant's left :)
#295 + (3) - [X]
[21:14][Lordbug] noooooooooooooooooo
[21:15] * Lordbug wants jose!
[21:15]*** iKtomi (n=josephoe@c-24-98-51-203.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) has joined #ps-mc
[21:15]*** Mode change [+o iKtomi] on #ps-mc by ChanServ
#296 + (-2) - [X]
<Karyuu> Y'know, all this time I've been drawing Depthblade, and I haven't realized it until now.
<Karyuu> Unconscious referral to his description.
<Karyuu> Well, that's one more fan art piece almost out of the way.
#297 + (6) - [X]
<Karyuu> .. Do centaurs have two pairs of organs?
<Draklar> ...huh?
<Karyuu> Well I mean like.. two hearts, two sets of lungs..
<Karyuu> Four kidneys o.o
* Draklar pats Karyuu
<Draklar> So how bad is the cold?
<Karyuu> You're right. Perhaps the bottom is just filled with styrofoam.
#298 + (30) - [X]
* Count_Drey has a plan!
<Karyuu> Does it involve peanut butter and lemmings?
<Count_Drey> nope
<Karyuu> Just checking, Drey. Just checking.
#299 + (1) - [X]
<Draklar> hmm... I don't have Cartoon Network anymore.
<Draklar> the source that teached me english... gone ;(
<Draklar> tought
<Draklar> bah, the irony
#300 + (-4) - [X]
<Arianna> Draklar, what happened to the forest guardians now that you are back?
<Draklar> I want to join ze team so I'm not going to be leader of any guild
<Lordbug> :O
<Underthemoon> He's a dwarf now, they cut down forests. ;)
<Arianna> :OO
<Kariloy> :OOO
<Draklar> I've been rp'ing a paranoid dwarf that believed trees are evil and after me and the dwarven tribes
<Arianna> pity though, since at least there was a nice place where I could gain some power for my power rangers lifegoal
#301 + (17) - [X]
<Ayshe> I have a disturbing propensity for disproportionate evaluations of inherint relevance during discourse regarding the precise magnitude and disposition of my opinions
<Karyuu> Ayshe, that is -so- going to get quoted.
<Nilaya> :D
<Karyuu> \o/
<Ayshe> can you shorten it to "Ayshe says he talks a lot of crap" ?
#302 + (4) - [X]
Netrhys tells you: (I was using the flight key, but didn't notice that the damage was back on, so I died. But I flew nontheless... dead girl flying. ^^)
#303 + (17) - [X]
Moogie: right... reboot then
***Ayshe wishes you luck
***Moogie hugs Ayshe
Ayshe: i'll be here
Ayshe: expect it to take 5 - 20 mins
Moogie: it won't ask me any questions will it? :|
Ayshe: no
Moogie: okies
Ayshe: it's automatic
Moogie left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).

(ten minutes pass)

***Ayshe frets
***Ayshe panics
***Ayshe hyperventilates
josePhoenix [n=josephoe@unaffiliated/josephoenix] entered the room.
Ayshe: oh no i have killed moogies computer and she will be upset and wont ever come back to irc ever and everyone will know it was me who did it and i'll be known as the moogiekiller and it will be bad and i'll never see moogie again because my advice was bad and i am really nervous because she relied on me and i might have stuffed up and oh man its scary waiting here and i had a coffee or two while i waited or maybe it was three i like caffeine oh man oh i hope moogie gets back soon
Ayshe: er, I mean heya jose
#304 + (-8) - [X]
Tuxide: anyone here use naim?
Drey: neop
* Drey trys again
Drey: enop
Ralas: bah?
Drey: neop
Drey: enop
Drey: :/
Drey: press all the keys at once
Drey: see if you get the word
Drey: enop
Ralas: er this is too weird
Tuxide: trying to say open or peon or something?
Drey: neop
Ralas: i'm going back to xchat
Drey: enpo
Ralas: brb
Drey: nope
Drey: \o/
*** Ralas has signed off IRC ().
Tuxide: you know, just saying "no" is acceptable too
#305 + (19) - [X]
semi-frio: meh... just seeing Kii makes me hungry...
Kii_food: Erm..
semi-frio: I mean the nick
Kii_food: I'd be flattered, but I'm really just disturbed O.o
#306 + (7) - [X]
<Ayshe> Xtra sent me a link for security scanning
<Ayshe> when I clicked it, it said my browser was unsupported
<Kiirani> lol
<Ayshe> it suggested I install IE 5.0 or better
<Ayshe> so I doublechecked FireFox was installed
<Kiirani> you wouldn't believe the bull they come up with..
<Kiirani> I once called tech support and spoke with a woman who told me she could only help me if I was using Internet Explorer
<Kiirani> And waaay back when we had slingshot dialup, I called and asked why my 56k connection was moving at 20k...
<Kiirani> They said it would only work at top speed if I used IE -.-
#307 + (0) - [X]
serious work in josePhoenix's test server

The Merchant says: Ha! your guild? (heavens gate)who would want to join that Ais?
The Merchant #2 says: who's Ais? i see no Ais!
Laanx, Talad and Vodul say: We'll join!
Zell says : hahaha
Jesus says : Rebel! I'm joining Balamb garden! burn in hell sinners!
God says : Us too!
Zell says : us? o.O
Quistis says : oops i made God a skits

(Ais as Quistis, Dem as Zell, The Merchant as himself and #2, the unbeknownst as Laanx, Talad, Vodul, Jesus and God)
#308 + (9) - [X]
Dentoid: iceeey, what mods?
iceeey: Dentoid: basically I moved the generation of alpha maps over to csTerrainBlock and made it fetch materialmap and indices from the terraformer functions which I implemented in simpleformer. and I changed the simpleformer loader and bruteblock loader so that it reflected this change
Dentoid: Ooh, that's good changes.
iceeey: yeah, but it doesn't work :/
Dentoid: Oh :)
Dentoid: Ooh, that's bad changes.
#309 + (5) - [X]
<Draklar> Xeraans, I wanted a Trepor baby, but think about it... You need to give the baby a proper family... And did you ever try marrying a Trepor? She is all peanuty and bites you... In different way than Karyuu that is...
* Karyuu bares her teeth in a friendly sort of I-KILL-YOU way.
#310 + (-4) - [X]
Yeti says: Everan, turn around and tell me if you see green
Yeti says: do you see green and reds?
Everan says: well, i see green grass and treetops
Everan says: but nothing red
Yeti says: maybe its just my screen
Everan says: you should really think about leaving those drugs alone ;)
Yeti says: lol, but, i see colors ^.^
Yeti says: damn, i think they wore off, the colors are normal now
Everan says: so you are getting clean? :D
Yeti says: i need one more ore and ill have another run for ya :P
Yeti says: drugs make me work fast XD
#311 + (2) - [X]
*joseRemote has kicked Moogie from #planeshift (This act of faking nicks has been identified by others in the planeshift community and given the name "ghosting".)
#312 + (-3) - [X]
<Draklar> Karyuu is using that name because she has irc stalkers
<Draklar> it's like fleas... only on irc
#313 + (7) - [X]
<Shadowkhan> Gah, I have to go XD
<Shadowkhan> Talk to you all later :P
<Karyuu> Aw.. Take care, Shadow ;) Was awesome to see you here.
<Shadowkhan> ...*cough* how do you exit with a nifty saying?
<Xeraans> ./quit <messege>
<Xeraans> Seeya later!
<Shadowkhan> Wait, actually XD. Could you grant me uber power so I can kick myself? XD
<Xeraans> Happy hat day!
*** Xeraans sets channel #explorers mode +o Shadowkhan
<Xeraans> :>
<Shadowkhan> w0000t!
* Karyuu passes around helmets
* Xeraans takes a helmet
*** Shadowkhan was kicked from #explorers by Shadowkhan (Shadowkhan)
<Karyuu> ..I thought we were pretty nice?
*** Shadowkhan (n=Shadow@ip68-0-227-142.ri.ri.cox.net) joined
*** ChanServ sets channel #explorers mode +v Shadowkhan
<Shadowkhan> It didn't do the nifty message thing.
<Xeraans> ... XD
<Shadowkhan> How does that work? XD
<Xeraans> ./kick Shadowkhan <messege>
<Shadowkhan> goooot it.
<Shadowkhan> Power, please XD
*** Xeraans sets channel #explorers mode +o Shadowkhan
<Shadowkhan> Thank you.
<Karyuu> *drum roll*
<Shadowkhan> Oh! Did any of you read the latest VG cats?
<Karyuu> [ Yes :P ]
<Shadowkhan> Good
* Xeraans waits..
*** Shadowkhan was kicked from #explorers by Shadowkhan (And finally, Ma-ti! With the power of heart! .... ..... ....."HEART!")

#314 + (-9) - [X]
<Ayshe> if I had a dollar for everytime some smarta** had asked me where the "Lair" is precisely, I'd have .. er... $2. And I'm pretty sure both would come from Clawhand...
#315 + (2) - [X]
<Moogie> aarobber: it's a fresh download/install
<aarobber> sure it is
<Moogie> I only just got it to finish updating today after 7 tries
<aarobber> sure you did
<Moogie> :P
<dfryer> well, we've established that it's a haunted machine
<Moogie> I'm not sending those donuts anymore
<aarobber> sure you aren't
<aarobber> man, that works for everything
<dfryer> sure it does
<Moogie> lol
<aarobber> quiet you
#316 + (11) - [X]
Nilaya: There were glitches today. There were glitches yesterday. There will be glitches tomorrow. :)
Nilaya: That is, unless they turn the server off. But that's not fun. :)
#317 + (2) - [X]
<Kiirani> -_-
<Kiirani> maddie4hamsters (3:17:02 PM): not like they'll do anything, of course, seeing as your so far awa - HEY!
<Kiirani> maddie4hamsters (3:17:15 PM): i totally found new zealand on the map in Social Studies earlier today
<Kiirani> Ayshe, I feel small
#318 + (14) - [X]
6:34 * Cherppow has quit (Nick collision from services.)
6:34 * Cherppow (n=Cherppow@a84-231-96-169.elisa-laajakaista.fi) has joined #PlaneShift
6:34 * ChanServ gives voice to Cherppow
6:41 * Cherppow has quit (Nick collision from services.)
6:41 Drak|Writing Cherppow, people miss you ;o
6:41 * Cherppow (n=Cherppow@a84-231-96-169.elisa-laajakaista.fi) has joined #PlaneShift
6:41 * ChanServ gives voice to Cherppow
6:46 * Cherppow has quit (Nick collision from services.)
6:46 * Cherppow (n=Cherppow@a84-231-96-169.elisa-laajakaista.fi) has joined #PlaneShift
6:46 * ChanServ gives voice to Cherppow
6:50 * Cherppow has quit (Nick collision from services.)
6:50 * Cherppow (n=Cherppow@a84-231-96-169.elisa-laajakaista.fi) has joined #PlaneShift
6:50 * ChanServ gives voice to Cherppow
6:51 Cherppow: I don't know how the guys at elisa have nerves to call this a "connection".
#319 + (-3) - [X]
<Zaxim> the majik developers have started a new project
<Zaxim> a MUD that, "situated deep underground, in old catacombs, after the Cataclysm. The catacombs and the natural tunnels enclosed in granite and more exotic types of rock will be filled with dangers and desperation, "
<Zaxim> sounds familiar?
<Kaulam> lol.
<Kaulam> Just a bit.
#320 + (-6) - [X]
* stfrn|brb is now known as stfrn
Demarthl wibble stfrn
stfrn tyibble
Demarthl ywibble
#321 + (11) - [X]
Demarthl> night drey
drey|aslep> o/
stfrn> night drey
drey|aslep> o/
Demarthl> night drey
drey|aslep> o/
Demarthl> night drey
drey|aslep> o/
Demarthl> xD
drey|aslep> o/
stfrn> :P
drey|aslep> o/
Demarthl> o/
drey|aslep> o/
Demarthl> :|
drey|aslep> o/
stfrn> knight drey
drey|aslep> o/
Demarthl> bed now curly bonce!
drey|aslep> o/
Demarthl> bleh
drey|aslep> :P
#323 + (29) - [X]
Demarthl: yeah, so anyway, i was monking across thep laza with my 0.15 slash dagger of peace, and this ulbernaut appeared and asked where the ice cream van was
Demarthl: thought it a bit odd, y'know, ice cream not being in the plaza
Demarthl: so i showed him the way to Kada's and we had ice cream
Demarthl: twas cool
Demarthl: /endwtf
#324 + (7) - [X]
<Kah`Ree> What can I say, Ayshe. I lead a double life... Artist by day, show dog by night. Or other way around.
<Ayshe> show dog by night?
<Ayshe> is that a euphormism? I'm not sure I'm old enough to hear this
<Kah`Ree> It most certainly isn't.
* Ayshe shurgs
<Ayshe> I am innocent and pure and uncorrupted
<Kah`Ree> Says the one who suggested I tell my stalkers I'm in love with Moogie :P
<Ayshe> er
<Ayshe> what's wrong with a little love?
<Ayshe> :)
<Kah`Ree> Nothing. 'Sides, I love her anyway :D
<Ayshe> how could you not love moogie? she's got a badass computer
<Nefron> xD
<Kah`Ree> That seems to be failing on her.
<Kah`Ree> Constantly.
<Nefron> Yeah.
<Nefron> I am really suprised
<Kah`Ree> I bet it's a male model.
#325 + (-3) - [X]
<Aedra> So... PlaneShift...
<rerogo> What is this Planeshift of which you speak?
<Aedra> ;D
<Aedra> rerogo, what do you think?
<rerogo> And why is it the title of this channel? I thought this was #BSD-warez
<rerogo> :P
<Aedra> e-e :p
<josePhoenix> /mode #planeshift +b rerogo!*@*!#bsd-warez
<Aedra> Hehe.
<josePhoenix> redirectz!
#326 + (2) - [X]
ebydemebyz: website/erreur.jpg
Jorrit: ebydemebyz: file not found.
res2k: of course. "erreur.jpg" gives an error - makes perfect sense
josePhoenix: Of course!
josePhoenix: it gives an error because it was misspelled :P
#328 + (44) - [X]
Lordbug|PS: joy everywhere!
Lordbug|PS: whee! :D
Lordbug|PS: see!!! a flying cow!
* Nefron has joined #ps-mc
* Lordbug|PS throws a flying cow at Nefron
* Nefron has quit (Client Quit)
Lordbug|PS: erm...
Lordbug|PS: it wasn't me
#329 + (18) - [X]

<Tangera-away> The members are impervious to attack
<Tangera-away> can anyone do something?
<Induane> members?
<Tangera-away> Monstors!
<Induane> My member is impervious to attack.
<Tangera-away> opps
<Arianna> Induane !!!!!!
<Induane> lol sorry
<Tangera-away> The monsters are impervious to attack
* Arianna closes her ears and sings
#330 + (-2) - [X]
<Draklar> Argh! Board the ship!
* Karyuu crawls onto Draklar's head.
* Draklar combs his hat
* Nefron looks at Karyuu who is now at his level
* Karyuu flashes Nefron a toothy grin
<Nefron> Mrrrw?
* Karyuu waves her arms. "Raise the sails! Seamen to the aft! Bear away with the northern winds! Bring to, bring to!"
* Nefron quirks his head
* Draklar starts runnin around with Karyuu on his head
* Karyuu latches on tightly, gulping
<Karyuu> Neffer chips on the starboard side!
<Karyuu> Lower the halyards, heave to!
* Nefron dodges out of the way
* Draklar trips over and falls asleep
<Karyuu> EEEE-
* Karyuu topples to the ground
<Karyuu> My vessel!
* Nefron sits on Karyuu
<Karyuu> I'm drowning!
* Karyuu tries to bite at Nefron
* Draklar lifts Karyuu
<Nefron> 0_o
* Draklar grins
* Draklar throws her into a swimming pool
* Nefron did not know Draklar was that strong
<Karyuu> He's a Viking :c
<Karyuu> A drakkar :D
<Nefron> :P
* Karyuu puts on a captain's hat.
* Nefron pulls Drak asside and begins to plan a mutiny
* Karyuu gnaws on the mast.
<Karyuu> You're not a ship >:\
<Nefron> Gah..
<Nefron> Exactly, stop gnawing on my ankles
<Nefron> The mast is over there
* Karyuu twitches an ear
<Ais|SSC> who said the mast was wood?
<Karyuu> I've a steel mast.
<Ais|SSC> you're chocolate!
<Karyuu> O___0
<Karyuu> I didn't order a chocolate mast.
<Ais|SSC> you did now
* Karyuu glances at Drak
<Karyuu> Were you aware of this?
<Nefron> Vikings had steel masts? Would that not sink their ships?
<Nefron> No...I still think it's wood
<Draklar> Chocolate isn't metal
<Karyuu> Very good Draklar :D
<Nefron> You get a gold star :)
<Ais|SSC> hmm....
<Ais|SSC> I bet if you mixed it right in the alloy...
#331 + (2) - [X]
<stfrn> summon+.... creature glypths
<Tmed> like summon + stfrn
<stfrn> :PP
<stfrn> there is no stfrn glyph >:|
<stfrn> well, ok there is :/
#332 + (6) - [X]
<Karyuu> I get the feeling popularity is some sort of flesh-eating disease you just learn to live with.
#333 + (15) - [X]
* AryAway is now known as Arianna
<Koshdukai> \o =)
<Arianna> cosc!
<Arianna> you know, I have to tell you the truth. your name sounds funny in italian
<Arianna> coscia = upper part of the leg
<Koshdukai> I suspected that
<Arianna> du = sounds like di (it could be dialect)
<Arianna> cai = cane = dog
<Koshdukai> lol
<Arianna> so, upper part of the leg of a dog
<Arianna> = koshdukai
<Koshdukai> BAHAHAH
<Koshdukai> I think I'll put that on my sig ! :Z
<Koshdukai> "...buy you can call me upper part of the leg of a dog" ;)
<Koshdukai> *but
<Koshdukai> well, now that you mention it
#334 + (14) - [X]

<Arianna> my boyfriend is in Japan
* Arianna cries in a corner
<Arianna> stupid boyfriend that goes away without me!
<Arianna> :|
<snakekain> Arianna: you should have forced him to marry you
<snakekain> so you don't get separated
<Arianna> snakekain, you are right. Next time I will tie him with a engagement ring!
<res2k> ...how does the one imply the other?
<Arianna> res2k, I really don't know ;)
<res2k> Arianna, don't forget to weld one end of the ring to the floor or so.
<Arianna> res2k, don't make me become naughty. You served me a joke on a silver plate but I have to play the good girl.
<res2k> Arianna, oh okay. and that why I was about to mentioned that there is probably a wide selection of necklaces with attached chains available.
<Arianna> res2k, I appreciate the hint ;)
#335 + (10) - [X]
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Dentoid
<Jorrit> Hi Dentoid
<Dentoid> Hey
<Dentoid> brb :)
<Jorrit> You only come here to go away! :-)<Arianna> Jorrit, you do it too.
<Jorrit> snakekain: I can imagine.
<Arianna> Jorrit, your best words are "b - brb - b - brb - b - brb - b - brb"
<Jorrit> Arianna: there is a lot you can tell from those words.
<Jorrit> Arianna: if only you understand the language.
<Arianna> Jorrit, yeah, I know you love me, but please don't give hints to other people...
<snakekain> Jorrit: i disagree with Arianna
* Jorrit disagrees with Jorrit
<xardias> Jorrit loves Arianna! Jorrit loves Arianna! Jorrit loves Arianna! *points at Jorrit*
<Jorrit> Hey! My wife is near me!
<Jorrit> :-)
#336 + (14) - [X]
* Vengeance has quit ("I am the Goddess of Meep.")
#337 + (17) - [X]
acraig: what brought on this header changes anyways?
Fossi:thebolt ;)
acraig: ah :)
* acraig lights a bag of poo on fire and rings thebolts doorbell...
stfrn: :O
#338 + (22) - [X]
straight from auto announce...

* Daikan|Away Listens To Devil Music! :O!!: 2971. Mozart - Symphony No.9
#339 + (2) - [X]
* Cherppow has quit IRC ("It's time.")
* Cherppow has joined #PlaneShift
* ChanServ sets mode: +v Cherppow
<odd2k> It's not time?
<Cherppow> Wrong button -.-
#340 + (9) - [X]
<GeorgeD> hmmm, ok, i'll get the latest CS and check it out. Pity Planeshift doesn't work with it.
<Jorrit> yes
<Jorrit> I suppose Rhad will work on that soon.
<GeorgeD> that will make me a happy man :)
<Arianna> I was so tired of trying to fight those bugs :D
<GeorgeD> yea, and I hope people on the tech help forum will stop saying: Does your PS crash? Turn off the sound!
<Arianna> GeorgeD, I was doing that toooo! that is how I was increasing my number of messages!
<GeorgeD> :)
#341 + (8) - [X]
<pinniped> there are really only a few humans on the planet - and very many monkeys disguised as humans
#343 + (2) - [X]
<MacabreWolf> how long will the validation e-mail take?
<MetalPig> Two and a half years.
<MacabreWolf> thought it'd be something like that...
#344 + (-5) - [X]
<Koshdukai> "Although gcc and Visual C++ both support the COFF symbolic format, their implementations are incompatible." <-- Tipical
<Arianna> what is COFF?
<Arianna> it sounds to me as cough
<Arianna> does the compiler cough instead of throwing out warnings?
#345 + (3) - [X]
[03:46] * Underthemoon bows to everyone, steals Moogie, and runs off trailing poorly made balloon animals!
[03:46] * Kjurg has joined #planeshift
[03:47] * Kjurg is now known as Kjurg|afk
[03:49] * Underthemoon comes back after no one makes a comment, pops the balloons, and helps Moogie up into her tree. :)
#348 + (16) - [X]
Demarthl coffee rocks
Demarthl rocks garden
Demarthl garden light
Demarthl light burns
Demarthl burns hot
Demarthl hot coffee
Demarthl mmm
#350 + (-13) - [X]
in Help Channel:

Mistermartyn asks: please tell me what memory dump is please
Advisor: er... google knows all
#351 + (-1) - [X]
genjix> jorrit: why the aversion to installing it?
Jorrit> genjix: because it doesn't work :-)
Jorrit> genjix: otherwise no problem with it.
#352 + (2) - [X]
* Daikan gnaws on his athlon xp
<Karyuu> Daikan, that's usually not good for the constitution.
<Daikan> Cast-iron stomach and steel-bending chompers, Daikan does have.
<Karyuu> I meant for the Athlon.
<Daikan> oh
<Daikan> *crunch*
<Daikan> What Athlon?
* Daikan washes it down with a RAM smoothie.
* Karyuu tsk's and shakes her head
<Karyuu> Kids' diet these days.
#354 + (4) - [X]
<Lordbug> Csophae! :D
<Csophae> Hey!
<Csophae> You're new here, lol
[13:37] <Csophae> is #planeshift getting too boring for you?
[13:37] * Lordbug is secretly spying
[13:38] <Csophae> oooo >_> <_<
* Daikan is secretly strapping C4 to Lordbug.
* Vodul has quit IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
* josePhoenix has quit IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
<Daikan> oops. strapped it to the wrong person..
<Lordbug> Daikan: lol :D
#355 + (-5) - [X]
<Fossie> i was talking to someone who thought nz was connected to australia
<rerogo> ?
<rerogo> odd
<Underthemoon> xD
<Fossie> they thought it was a 1hr drive from sydney to auckland
<rerogo> lol
<Talamir|PS> :P
<rerogo> they didn't make a CHunnel there
<rerogo> or did they?
<odd2k> a CHunnel? :d
<Fossie> chunnel?
<Talamir|PS> channel...I think :P
<odd2k> or tunnel
<odd2k> or tunnel channel
<Fossie> its a 3 and a half hour flight to ozy
<rerogo> I accuse the Bush administration of making a tunnel with taxpayer money to somehow increase Hlaiburton's profits
<rerogo> :P
<Talamir|PS> :P
#356 + (0) - [X]
* Xordan hugs Karyuu
* joseAway pries Xordan off of Karyuu and puts him back in his display case
<Xordan> :|
<Karyuu> Xordan's a decoration?
<Underthemoon> Indeed
<Pogopuschel> I can imagine Xordan behind some glass in a museum
<Pogopuschel> with a label next to it
<Pogopuschel> saying !!!Onethousandonehundredeleven
<Xordan> :)
<Pogopuschel> and people will pass by and say "oh yeah, that's what it was like in the 21st century
<Underthemoon> And here we have the rare Xordan.
<Karyuu> No flash photography, please.
<Pogopuschel> and the live version throws 64bit-fixes at you
<Tal|PS> Would Xordan be foaming at the mouth at this point?
<Pogopuschel> screaming "pwned with 2GB ram"
<Karyuu> X'D
<@joseAway> :D
* Karyuu hugs Xordan
<Underthemoon> No no, this display was not vandalized, he was born that way.
#357 + (1) - [X]
Dreyzorz: i hear drilling downstairs...
Dreyzorz: dad has embarked on some crazy new DIY project
Dreyzorz: there goes my weekend.
#358 + (-2) - [X]
<Vanderbal> Greetings all
<Vanderbal> How is everybody today?
<Count_Drey> very fridge like
#359 + (142) - [X]
<Xalthar> fear me!
<Xalthar> I mean.. Greetings Berler!
#360 + (15) - [X]
Demarthl: oi.O
Demarthl: ow!
Demarthl: there is an i on my eye!
#361 + (-7) - [X]
<Gravalden|workin> hey talda
<Gravalden|workin> talda
<Gravalden|workin> GRRRRRRRRRRRRRr
<Talad> talda sounds ok
<Gravalden|workin> talad
<stfrn> :)
<Gravalden|workin> i'm 2/3rd done talad...
<stfrn> you can mispell my nick and no one would even notice
<Draklar> xD
<Gravalden|workin> yeah i know but i never miss spell yours
<stfrn> Gravalden|workin: hey srtfn
<stfrn> :P
<Gravalden|workin> ok i did
#362 + (10) - [X]
Xeraans: Hello Ayshe.
***Ayshe waves to big X
Xeraans: big X.. "Click me! I close out the universe!"
Karyuu: Not the universe!
Karyuu: I live there!
#363 + (2) - [X]
<Natas> everyone in this chan has a hard name to pronounce
<Natas> weird
<Daikan> heh
<Natas> except jose
<Daikan> Yeah Jose is the man.
<Daikan> but don't tell him I said that.
<Natas> haha
<Natas> i'm sure his irc logs will
<Daikan> OH WILL THEY?!
* joseSleep was kicked by Daikan (Daikan)
<Daikan> XD
<Natas> raped.
<Daikan> though technically it was already logged if he was logging
<Daikan> oh well :P
<Natas> yah
<Natas> you dummy
#364 + (9) - [X]
GoominFR: i need weapon
Nebuduck: the pen is mightier than the sword... buy a pen
GoominFR: lol
Nebuduck: - can you get pens on planeshift?
Senor_Drey: no :|
Nebuduck: damn. Well, thats a design flaw there then
#365 + (1) - [X]
KL: are you drunk? :)
aarobber\laptop: just a much
* Jorrit won't ask aarobber\laptop to work on the CEL camera now.
Jorrit: It will wobble too much.
#366 + (0) - [X]
Ayshe: This is so not my day. I slept in, because the power was out and my body clock is screwed up from the flu. Arrived over an hour late for work after the boss called me on cell, got here to find production figures from yesterday were missing and our client was screaming, spent the morning catching up on various jobs 'cos I was sick yesterday. At lunch someone hit my parked car then started abusing me, although he hit one other car and no damage (in the rain I might add, so I am thoroughly soaked). I was about to come back to work, but my car would not start so I got the fiancee to give me a lift, sick as a dog. Her car seat was wet, I might add. When I got here I discovered a major job I did last week has gone missing. Some staff member lost about twenty delicate little thingies I manufactured and dropped off Thursday last week... I will also mention for the joy of it that the power is still out, and all my frozen food is now slushy. At least I can be happy that the meat for tea is thawed out...
Ayshe: I'm GMT+12. If you aren't in Wednesday yet, I can give you a gem of advice: Stay in bed. you will be happier.
#367 + (2) - [X]
Demarthl: my last words will be probably cursing in random choice order, i chose to die young, the brake on my bmx will fail and i'll get hit by an equivalent of an 18 wheeler, with 'eddi stobart' on its cargo cover"
#369 + (2) - [X]
Demarthl: Darth Vader tried to kill me once, but i was too strong and made him 2d, now he just stands on the stairs
#371 + (1) - [X]
Demarthl: Scumdust... it's a piece of scum, the hard nasty green you get under the rim of your toilet and it loves dust, like a magnet, it can also make about 5000 different sounds with one gfx card fan
#374 + (-4) - [X]
***Xeraans sings
Xeraans: Draklar the mighty, he roams through the country side, he never needs a place to hide, with Kary as his sidekick, fighting with her little stick..
Xeraans: Righting wrongs and singing songs, being mighty all day long; He's Draklar! Draklar the miiighty!
Xeraans: Everyone admires him, he's so handsome it's a sin. When things get grim, he'll take it on the chin.. If you're in jeopardy, caused by the enemy, don't call the cavalry! There's a better remedy, although he doesn't work for free.. He's Draklar, Draklar the miiiighty.
Karyuu: Oh my god X'D
***Xeraans bows, just before being overthrown by a rhino.
#375 + (-1) - [X]
garou: I found dark matter in the CEL docs. Though documentation of the XML format is relatively sparse, it's definitely dense enough to make my head hurt.
morgul|laptop: garou: Impressive.
morgul|laptop: Should we alert NASA?
thebolt: :)
thebolt: probably CERN is a better institution than NASA in this case ;)
garou: I don't think they should know about CS' dark secrets. But we could contact some esoteric groups, as writing bootstrap-XML-files is obviously occult knowledge.
#376 + (0) - [X]
[in the midst of a discussion about what constitutes death metal]
<Nebuduck> its all music!
<Pogopuschel> really? lol
* Nebuduck blinks as realisation dawns
* rerogo realized that a long time ago, and is still lost
* Nebuduck thinks he is even more lost than Rerogo
* rerogo is losterer
* Nebuduck is the lostester
<Draklar> This band is so weird :<
* rerogo is uber-glitching-lost
<josePhoenix> please stoooop :|
* Nebuduck wonders if a half an hour not talking about music would be worthwhile
* Nebuduck is as lost as rerogo times 10
* rerogo proposes that anyone talking about music be muted (unless they are himself)
<Draklar> Anyway, CoB is power... >.>
<Xalthar> metal and steel is a way of life, thus it is a natural part of any conversation
* Nebuduck seconds that proposal, adding himself to the list of people allowed to talk about music
<rerogo> yes, but a glitch is not a real number, so you can't multiply it by 10
<josePhoenix> Xalthar, that's only if you're xalthar...
<Nebuduck> i can damn well try...
* Nebuduck 's computer hangs...
#377 + (4) - [X]
Makratok: let me ask you this, have you ever had to draw boobs on a spider? i have :|
Underthemoon: Another nightmare?
Makratok: nope, reality
Ralas: you had to?
Underthemoon: Yikes.
Makratok: yup
Makratok: needed female
Makratok: but thats confidential information only obtainable with MI rank class 5 or higgher :|
Tuxide: you needed a female spider, so you drew boobies on her...
Ralas: i dont' think spiders have them
Ralas: nto being mammals and all
Makratok: i'll be drawing humans, elves, orcs, dwarves, cybernetic biomechanical beings, and plant creature thingies too
*** Ayshe has joined #planeshift.
*** Mode change "+v Ayshe" for channel #planeshift by ChanServ.
Tuxide: ...with boobies?
Ralas: o/ Ayshe
Makratok: 50:50
Ayshe: mm, boob-
Tuxide: oh welcome
Ayshe: huh?
Ralas: heh that was good timing
#378 + (8) - [X]
<Ayshe> I hope someone quoted Karyuu on qdb
<Karyuu> What? When?
<Ayshe> teh funay must not escape
#379 + (30) - [X]
Karyuu: Heeey
Karyuu: Can I have a mini-rant about something?
***Underthemoon bows to Karyuu and get another chair.
Makratok: as long as i keep my pants on :|
***Underthemoon takes a seat and listens.
***Karyuu takes out a Verliit puppet sock. "I am the lady of DARKNESS! My roleplay is superior! I am the roleplay MASTER! Without me, your community will DIE! Your wipes are KILLING PlaneShift! BLAH BLAH BLAH! LOOK AT ME, I HAVE TEETH AND EAT STUFF!"
Karyuu: /end
Ayshe: ...
#380 + (-5) - [X]
* Mogura|Moogie streaks naked across the room with the words "release CB!" written on her bum, and then disappears into the night
#381 + (5) - [X]
<Nilaya> Hm. Deb gave me an 8 word sentence, and I am supposed to write a 3 page paper on it..
<Nilaya> at least 3...
* Nilaya switches to double-spacing XD
* rerogo points out that 1024-spacing is theoretically possible
<rerogo> at least in M$ Word
<Nilaya> ... XD
<Nefron> Arial font!
<semi-frio> :O
<Nilaya> I don't have Arial... <.<
<Nefron> 0_o
<Nefron> Give it to Karyuu, shes good with wordiness...stuff
* rerogo points to arial.ps-mc.com <-look there :P
<Nilaya> lol
<semi-frio> lol
#382 + (2) - [X]
<joseAway> http://qdb.ps-mc.com/?381 <- come now rerogo, are you suggesting my site is a conglomerate? :P
<rerogo> what do you mean?
<rerogo> the idea is that you have subdomains for everything
<joseAway> yeah
<joseAway> now I'm making a "rerogosmellslikegymsocks".ps-mc.com
<joseAway> brb
<rerogo> you didn't add arial as a valid subdomain
* rerogo chastises jose for not milking it as an easter egg
<joseAway> but I DID add rerogosmellslikegymsocks
<joseAway> Pwnt.
#383 + (14) - [X]
<Epix> Do alot of people play Planeshift? Ex, how many people are on the server right now?
<IKetoI> heheh...
<semi-frio> tyhere are 129 players on
* Nebuduck hugs every single player who is on at the moment
* Seperot now needs a bath
* semi-frio is glad he crashed
* Karyuu escapes, luckily
#386 + (12) - [X]
* Talad has joined #planeshift-devs
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Talad
<Talad> Hi planeshifters
* Talad draws a curtain around AryBath
<Talad> devs have to be focused :)
#387 + (-1) - [X]
<Vernius> I have this nagging suspicion that i'd be able to grow an extra leg, gnaw it off, freeze it for a few months, stick it in a bag, filet, marinade, add fresh vegetables and rice, refreeze, and send it by standard delivery mail to Rwanda before the updater got finished.
#388 + (12) - [X]
From the PS forums in the Newbie Help section:

zog (first post ever): howdy, zog here ...new to the game and thought I'd say hi
I love the game so far and can't wait to see what is in store (and a BIG thanks to the people manning the "help" line ...patient enough to deal with my idle chatter and save my furry backside ...on a number of occasions ...darn that rogue ...)
Drey: hi im drey and i shall be your new god.
#389 + (2) - [X]
Deblin says: well can i have like a store
Neeve says: no
Deblin says: why not
Neeve says: you may sell items to a merchant like hanquist
Neeve says: because there is no 'store' feature
Deblin says: how come hes a mercant
Deblin says: can i be one
Neeve says: Deblin, Harnquist is an NPC
Deblin says: ohh
Deblin says: now u tell me
#390 + (0) - [X]
<Pogopuschel> you can easily see: For a stupid comment, I'm your man. the other people in this channel are for anything else :)
#391 + (-8) - [X]
<Ayshe> yea. show some respect, punk. I am the future!
<Karyuu> Future..? Blimey.
* Karyuu stocks up on canned goods
#392 + (6) - [X]
<+Ayshe> so long as I am an admininator on the qdb, I can ensure that nothing moronic I say ever ends up in the qdb
<@josephoenix> Hm.
<@josephoenix> That could be a problem
<+Ayshe> aww
<+Ayshe> I jest
<+Ayshe> I'm not captain censorship yet
* josephoenix adds "if you have a funny Ayshe quote, /msg directly to jose" to the topic
<+Ayshe> nooes!
<+Ayshe> it's not my funay I fear getting quoted
<+Ayshe> it's the weird stuff I say
<+Ayshe> like how I like rolling in water and oatmeal naked

#394 + (-5) - [X]
lin0xx: coding with my pants off
lin0xx: cooooooding with my pants off
lin0xx: ohhh yeeeahhh baaaybay
lin0xx: wrong windows
joseph0enix: ...
#395 + (10) - [X]
<Daikan> Somebody buy me a 19" LCD monitor.
<Daikan> Please.
<Daikan> :]
<Nefron> Only if you buy me a 21" Daikan
<Daikan> Well have I got a deal for you!
<Daikan> I just so happen to be in the possession of a 64" Daikan!
<Nefron> But...
<Daikan> Here, lets exchange shipping addresses :]
<Nefron> I am a 77" Nefron
<Nefron> Why would I need a 64" Daikan? o.o
<Daikan> 64-D's are all the rave
<Daikan> yo
<Daikan> Get with the times.
<Nefron> 77-Ns are up and coming though...
<Nilaya> The witch laugh, of course. :)
* Daikan cackles XD
* Nefron runs and hides
#396 + (-21) - [X]
* Fossie sets mode +Q Shalmaneser
<Karyuu> Raagh. Just raagh.
<joseSleep> thanks kary
<-- Shalmaneser has quit ("Leaving")
--> Shal (n=Shalmane@CPE000fb517ab71-CM00152fb8894e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #planeshift
<Shal> See?
<Shal> There's the proof.
* Fossie sets mode +Q Shal
<stfrn> o.O
<Karyuu> ..What proof?
<joseSleep> What proof?
<-- Shal has quit (Client Quit)
<Fossie> xD
--> Shal3 (n=Shalmane@CPE000fb517ab71-CM00152fb8894e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #planeshift
* Fossie sets mode +Q Shal3
<Shal3> GEek :-D
<stfrn> erm....
<Karyuu> ...
<joseSleep> shal
<-- Shal3 has quit (Client Quit)
<Underthemoon> Now I'm confused
<joseSleep> right
<Karyuu> .... XD
<Karyuu> Oh dear god.
<Fossie> this is fun
<joseSleep> so he thinks Fossie is muting him
<joseSleep> XD
<Karyuu> XDDD
<stfrn> I don't think anyone understands
* joseSleep actually laughs for the first time in .. a while
<Karyuu> He really -hasn't- been on IRC enough.
<joseSleep> fossie
<joseSleep> I
<joseSleep> I LOVE you
* joseSleep hugs
* Fossie backs away
<Robin|PS> heh
<joseSleep> sorry
<joseSleep> delirium
<joseSleep> anyhow
<Karyuu> This is seriously funny xD
<Fossie> i mean.. i have done this to him before aswell
<Fossie> a few weeks ago 0_o
<joseSleep> ROFLMAO
<Fossie> my mission is complete
#397 + (3) - [X]
* Draklar (i=Draklar@62-29-147-141.ols.vectranet.pl) has joined #planeshift
Robin|PS: Hiya Drak.
* Karyuu pouncehugs Draklar
Karyuu Mornin' :>
Fossie: \D/\R/\A/\K/
joseSleep: teh drak
* Underthemoon tiggerpounces Draklar
Draklar: Hey there, kitten.
Draklar: Umm
Underthemoon: Hey buddy boy
Draklar: Just to make it clear, that wasn't meant for UTM.
#402 + (15) - [X]
<Spleen> Now is planeshift's game play heavily focused on team work or can someone take a breather in travel somewhere with low risk of being put in an encounter?
<Venge> Spleen: The main goal is to run around as long as possible before the server crashes. :)
#403 + (11) - [X]
<Venge> We outsourced the advisor group recently to New Delhi.
<Venge> They are cheaper than volunteers, it turns out.
#404 + (19) - [X]
<Venge> Please file it with the other 1000 bugs.
<Venge> I will ignore it until a year from now when someone mentions it to me and I make a 5 minute fix.
#407 + (0) - [X]
* Lordbug summons Zan
*** Jekkar (~Jekkar@cm84428-a.maast1.lb.home.nl) has joined #CoV
[Lordbug] oops wrong number
#408 + (16) - [X]
<Walugo> Just realized, Meshes != Heightmaps
<Demarthl> good for you
<Demarthl> we know your ugly but we dont comment on it do we
<Walugo> :)
* logics (n=jketreno@dsl093-216-122.aus1.dsl.speakeasy.net) has joined #planeshift
<Demarthl> so play nice
<Sekhemet> with dice
<Sekhemet> but not with lice
<Demarthl> eating rice
<Sekhemet> with chinese spice
<Demarthl> and ill stab ye thrice
<Walugo> You have many-a-vice
* Hory` (n=Miranda@ has joined #Planeshift
<Sekhemet> pie! can i have a slice?
<logics> i can't get the game to work w/ my mice
<Sekhemet> did you try with ice?
<Sekhemet> it works nice
<Demarthl> ok stop now
<Walugo> ok, that much rhyming will suffice
<Sekhemet> that's good advice
<Sekhemet> XD
* Demarthl snaps the shotgun barrel back and forth > :|
<Sekhemet> my, that's a frightening device...
<Sekhemet> *ducks behind box*
<Demarthl> ARGH *BLAM!*
#410 + (7) - [X]
<Pogopuschel> 158 kB/s .. neat :]
<josePhoenix> :OOO
<josePhoenix> how the hell did you get THAT?
<Pogopuschel> pedalling faster
#411 + (11) - [X]
Underthemoon: iKtomi! *bows*
Ralas: jose!
***iKtomi unfolds Underthemoon
iKtomi: Ralas!
iKtomi: Underthemoon, I swear, it's like "folding@HOME" with you around xD
Karyuu: xD
Underthemoon: I practice the art of self origami.
#412 + (4) - [X]
<Draklar> <o> <o>
<Karyuu> Weirdo o.o
<Draklar> <o>.<o>
<Draklar> <o>_<o>
<Draklar> Hmm..
<Draklar> Needs hair.
<josePhoenix> I muted this channel to stop the spam -.-
<Draklar> Jose's fighting the meat industry.
#413 + (3) - [X]
<Watcher> " If you /use with an argument it wil assume you are trying to consume." What does that mean?
<ramlambmoo> It means if you /use an item it will first assume you're trying to eat it
<Watcher> Ah right
<+stfrn> yup
<Gholmyrr> like /use potion
<ramlambmoo> yeah
<Watcher> so if I use use on a sword
<frosty> so thats what shields are for :)
<+stfrn> so you can /use a mushroom
<Watcher> then I will do a cool trick
<frosty> :P
<ramlambmoo> well it will figure you cant eat a sword
<Watcher> Why? :P
<+stfrn> nope, you will equip it
<frosty> :(
<ramlambmoo> unless you have sword eating skill
<Watcher> I have seen pepole eat swords :P
<ramlambmoo> yeah but you need to train that.
<Watcher> Oohh now thats a good idea :P
* Watcher makes thread about a new skill "Sword eating"
<Watcher> jk
<Gholmyrr> first you will try to eat the sword then you will equip it and smile with broken teeth
<ramlambmoo> You have failed horribly to eat your sword. You have died.
#414 + (-8) - [X]
DragonRift: guys know anyone good at terrain textures?
may-day: yeah, nature
DragonRift: anyone who is online?
res2k: if nature was offline you would not even notice.
#415 + (4) - [X]
<pql> will monsters come to life on arena today ? it's not interesting heh....
<lynxlynxlynx> /shout i'm giving out free weapons and circles
<lynxlynxlynx> that will spawn tons of monsters
#416 + (16) - [X]
<blueCommand> I have 9 in ping to the server
<Seytra> 9? 9 seconds...
<blueCommand> 9 ms
<josePhoenix> blueCommand, ...what kinda connection do you have there
* Xordan pokes blueCommand's direct fiber to the server
<blueCommand> well
<blueCommand> is quite fast
<Xordan> lol xD
#417 + (4) - [X]
<iKtomi> you know what would be cool?
<Csophae> hm?
<iKtomi> if I found this huge crystal in the ground
<iKtomi> and then underneath was a cave
<iKtomi> and a stalactite
<iKtomi> and the crystal was really the azure sun
<Csophae> Yes. And you could give the cave to the DepthSeekers
<Csophae> :D
<iKtomi> and underneath I find peoples running around
<iKtomi> and I'm all "dude, this is cool"
<iKtomi> then I'm all "so... where's the nearest wireless Ap?"
<iKtomi> and they're all "[dude, you're so out of character]"
<iKtomi> and I'm all sorry man
<iKtomi> and yeah
* iKtomi dances
#418 + (25) - [X]
Barry: Rux do you know why everything at the arena is impervious to attack that may explain why no one is online
Rux: npc server must be down again
Barry: someone mentioned super client this is beyond me
ramlambmoo|mIRC: super client controls npc actions
Barry: Thank you did not know that
Xyle: is it vulnerable to cyberkryptonite? ;)
Rux: it's vulnerable to slight gusts of wind
#419 + (8) - [X]
(08:11:48) >Talad just joined Planeshift
(08:12:04) You tell Talad: what are you up to? :\
(08:14:11) Talad tells you: mortals can't grasp divine plans
(08:14:21) You tell Talad: awww... :[
(08:14:36) >Talad has quit
#421 + (16) - [X]
<Tuxide> just reject his code, dude
<dfryer> hey, blue contributes :)
<Cha0s> I think he just needs to have his code screened ;)
<Tuxide> yeah...paired programming
<dfryer> I prefer impaired programming
<Tuxide> impaired programming?
<dfryer> yea, I slam back a shot of hard liquor and get to work
#422 + (5) - [X]
(on what's so special about planeshift)

Jorrit: skruw: not that many free games.
skruw: i mean is it that good?
skruw: whats so special about it besides the fact its free?
Jorrit: skruw: that it is free? :-)
Jorrit: skruw: also you don't have to pay for it.
Jorrit: skruw: it is also very cheap.
Jorrit: skruw: and it doesn't cost a lot of money either.
#423 + (1) - [X]
<Xyle> is there anyone here?
<Xyle> i have a question, for anyone
<Xyle> noone here?...damn
<@Pogopuschel> nope
<@Pogopuschel> :]
<Xyle> ok
<Xyle> i have to ask something
<Xyle> im going to apologize in advance for my language
<+Jorrit> Xyle: why not just ask?
<+Jorrit> Xyle: that's six sentences already and still no question :-)
<Xyle> im getting to it
<+Jorrit> seven
#424 + (-2) - [X]
<@stfrn> we need better orginzation >.>
<@Pogopuschel> and spelling
#428 + (-4) - [X]
<Larun-Sanakas> I suppose having it crash is the reminder that it is a tech demo.
<dancer|traveling> one would think... but then that would require thinking...
<Lord_eating_Bugs> thinking isn't implemented
<dancer|traveling> that explains much!!
<dancer|traveling> LOL
<Lord_eating_Bugs> :P
#429 + (2) - [X]
* Nebuduck hangs jose for being a red indian
* iKtomi has kicked Nebuduck from #planeshift (No racial slurs. And I'm still cooler than you.)
* Nebuduck (n=tom@user-6604.l3.c5.dsl.pol.co.uk) has joined #planeshift
<Nebuduck> I was GOING to say...
<Nebuduck> well "Nebu" means gold in ancient egyptian
<Nebuduck> so Im a gold duck
<Nebuduck> which is cool
<Karakth> "duck" in ancient Egyptian meaning "fool"
#431 + (6) - [X]
<TomT> Hmm, who would call himself eggplantboy http://www.planeshift3d.com/wbboard/thread.php?threadid=20513&boardid=11&sid=dead5140fcb16092cd503212e5122c83&page=1#7
<stfrn> someone who likes eggplant perhaps
<TomT> DaveG says "If you seriously wish to apply to the team, email Luca. Random submissions of art are not accepted, unlike code." - no wonder we have so many crashes - it's those darn random code submissions.
<stfrn> hey, asdf() compiles fine for me...
<TomT> hehe
#432 + (10) - [X]
Seperot: sees a bunch of people running away screaming "OMG ITS THE SEXY MUFFINS GUILD!"
#433 + (7) - [X]
This is what REALLY goes on in #planeshift-devs all day...

<TomT|afk> hello
<TomT|afk> iz any1 here???
<TomT|afk> kids - ugh
<TomT|afk> hi
<TomT|afk> omg
<TomT|afk> shannon rox
<TomT|afk> she iz totely better than i
<TomT|afk> bibi
<Moogie> iz she olol kthx
<TomT|afk> wut??
* stfrn|away is now known as stfrn
<Moogie> omg u dis mi?/
<TomT|afk> omggg
<TomT|afk> wuz ^
<TomT|afk> hi stfrn
<acraig> lol :)
<stfrn> hello
<Moogie> heya stfrn :)
<Moogie> and acraig
<TomT|afk> dis da bestest chat in da wurld
<TomT|afk> :D :D :D :D :D
<TomT|afk> :-D
<acraig> Poor TomT :)
<GeorgeD> never knew TomT is such a chatterbox :)
<TomT|afk> omg
<Moogie> how we continue to uphold the image of a mature and intelligent dev discussion channel is beyond me :D
<TomT|afk> wut
<TomT|afk> im so intelligent
<TomT|afk> lyke totely
<GeorgeD> i hope nobody's gonna post this log somewhere :)
<Moogie> omgz u speled it rong itz intellygint lol!!11
<TomT|afk> lol
<TomT|afk> OMG RELE
<TomT|afk> I DIDNT NO
<Moogie> lolol u nub!\
<acraig> Moogie to the rescue!
<Moogie> xD
<TomT|afk> still waiting for that intelligent dev discussion
<TomT|afk> XDXDXD im so intelligent
<Moogie> I can't keep up the 'minus IQ' as long as TomT can
<acraig> I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-A-T I mean S-M-A-R-T
<TomT|afk> OMG ppl r jumping on mi roof
<TomT|afk> lol u guyz r so funni!!!!1!!1
<acraig> There must have been a sale on !'s today!!!!!
<TomT|afk> wut sale omg were
<TomT|afk> !!!!!!!!!!!
<Moogie> monie plz
<TomT|afk> OMGGG
<TomT|afk> OmGnEsS fOoD!!!
<TomT|afk> iz finely redyy
<TomT|afk> im going 2 eat
<TomT|afk> 's rnt n chat languge
<TomT|afk> acraig no apostrefes
<acraig> how about ` ?
<TomT|afk> no1s talking 2 mi
<TomT|afk> hihihi
<GeorgeD> EnJoY da fOoD!!!!!1!!1ONE
<TomT|afk> yummi n mi tummi
<stfrn> ah, the dev channel, where I see most of my leet :)
#434 + (65) - [X]
NebuNekoru: Excuse me while I go change into something more comfortable
NebuNekoru: transforms into a sofa.
#435 + (7) - [X]
<Moogie> Dark & Light mmorpg is tempting me to buy it with tonnes and tonnes and -tonnes- of 'free phat stuffz' as rewards for pre-ordering
<Csophae> what's it about?
<Moogie> your own dragon pet, a unique title, special skills, free teleporting, an exclusive map, 'wealth inheritance' from previous characters...
<Moogie> I don't know much about it, they just sent an email saying 'we invite you to become a Pioneer' :P
<Moogie> http://www.darkandlight.com/
<Draklar> -dragon pet- (something you'd get anyway by finishing "Bongo the goblin" quest), -unique title- ("Ho", but you can not use it if you want), -special skills- (toilet cleaning, plumbing), -free teleporting- (max one meter), -exclusive map- (Bongo's toilet room) -wealth inheritance- (100.000 Bongo pieces, which aren't accepted outside of Bongo's toilet room)
#436 + (20) - [X]
<aarobber> I have no food :/
<DaveG> poor aarobber is going to starve to death :/
<aarobber> I have no food, but I can't find any pants
<aarobber> this sucks
<DaveG> poor aarobber is going to starve to death while pantsless
<DaveG> how did you loose your pants?......
<DaveG> aarobber... did you eat your pants?........
<Xordan> :O
<aarobber> I was never wearing any pants
<aarobber> k, found some pants
<aarobber> now need some clean underwear
<Xordan> Worst case you can turn some old ones inside out :P
<aarobber> no, worst case I use a baithing suit
* DaveG sighs
<aarobber> these are desperate times DaveG

#438 + (11) - [X]
tomsa: What is Afk ?
JorritAfk: Away From Keyboard
JorritAfk: It means that I'm currently not here.
JorritAfk: And you are imagining things.
#439 + (11) - [X]
(getting CrystalSpace from CVS)

geargolem: garou, i'm just downloading the source
garou: Well, have fun with it. You're now working with the bleeding edge. :)
geargolem: what happened to the cutting edge?
garou: Got dull.
#441 + (3) - [X]
* Arianna could write a Ph.D thesis
* Ayshe could write the letters P H and D and possibly even spell thesis to within 10% margin of error
#443 + (-2) - [X]
* Dentoid has kicked bludot from #crystalspace (Stop spamming)
JosephSpiros: I wonder what his deal was
CyaNox: boredom
tigon: cs can do that to a man
norman: maybe he fell asleep on the p, o and return key
#444 + (25) - [X]
<Drey> Seperot!
<Seperot> DREY
<Seperot> power up?
<Drey> go go go!
<Seperot> FIRE!
<Drey> w00t
<joseAway> Seperot, Drey, wtf?
#445 + (10) - [X]
<josePhoenix> Someone just came up to my GM char and asked to bone her. :|
<PsychoticShadow> LOL
<PsychoticShadow> ........................
<encrypted_goat> what did you say?
<josePhoenix> encrypted_goat, "No." <- and you can quote me on that
<Sek|PS> that's a no no
* PsychoticShadow rolls off her chair
<stfrn> that's where you take out a GM-only bonesword....
<PsychoticShadow> XD
#446 + (48) - [X]
GuildChat from Josephoenix: what the heck? why is harnquist harnquisty?
GuildChat from Josephoenix: who did that o.O
GuildChat from Chaos: jose,I named-changed him, then server crash, nameupdated
GuildChat from Josephoenix: :O
GuildChat from Chaos: I changed him back, but it won't update till a server restart
GuildChat from Chaos: cause it's a bug
GuildChat from Josephoenix: why did you change him in the first place o.O
GuildChat from Chaos: to see if I could ;)
GuildChat from Josephoenix: nice going einstein -.-
GuildChat from Chaos: it's not that big a deal ;)
GuildChat from Josephoenix: ye gods man
GuildChat from Josephoenix: the best known npc in hydlaa is now an adjective
#447 + (23) - [X]
<joseAway> you know, I just saw in my mind a commercial of a kran saying "rock hard, literally" and then I wanted to commit harakiri
#448 + (10) - [X]
<@Pogopuschel> please add things I fogot
<@Pogopuschel> like the 'r' in "forgot"
#449 + (2) - [X]
<@Pogopuschel> well .. if it would read "touch me", people would assume that it's safe to do so. If it would read "don't touch me" people would still touch it, because "things that are forbidden" and "people" are like moth and flame
<Zinn> hmm true even if said touch me and die people still would
<+Jorrit> Best to label it with labels like 'readme' or 'help'.
<+Jorrit> People are sure not to press those.
#451 + (8) - [X]
<malverian[work]> Release early, release often.
<stfrn> spend all your time fixing bugs :P
#453 + (15) - [X]
<Nebuduck> I thought americans were pro free speech
<josePhoenix> nah
<josePhoenix> we like censorship and people spying on us
<josePhoenix> just look at santa claus
<Nebuduck> hmph
<josePhoenix> "he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake"
<Nebuduck> yeah, I reckon santa's worse than Jacko
<josePhoenix> of course, if this is free speech day, then I will be so bold as to suggest that santa makes use of the knowledge of when you're sleeping to come in and molest you :|
<Nebuduck> wow
<Nebuduck> people say its impossible for santa to deliver presents to all those kids
<Nebuduck> but to deliver presents AND molest?!
<Nebuduck> he must get in and out quickly
<Nebuduck> um...
<josePhoenix> ...
<Nebuduck> of the house
<josePhoenix> ehhhhh
<josePhoenix> thanks Nebuduck
<Nebuduck> in and out of the house
#455 + (1) - [X]
* Goop (n=Goop@ has joined #planeshift
<Goop> first thenf i c, and i c "implicit?
<Goop> :/
<Goop> whut the
<rerogo> ...
<Drad> haha o/
* Goop hammers in a "me want MB" sign
* Goop has quit (Remote closed the connection)
<josePhoenix> who the heck was that? o.O
<De_Gopher> uh
<Kariloy> silly asian?
<Kariloy> that would be my guess
<PK> maybe it was an AB player who got stuck in time or so?
<Xordan> lol
#456 + (16) - [X]
<Seperot> planeshift a game born of lag
<Seperot> adpoted by crashing
<Seperot> sold to bugs
<Seperot> then marryed to another lag
<joseSleep> :O
<Karyuu> Scandalous :|
<Seperot> such a heartwarming story
<joseSleep> finally adopted by Talad, who gave it a loving home...
<Karyuu> A tale of love and betrayal, sacrifice and war.
<joseSleep> And cookies? And fudge?
<Seperot> a true epic
<McNaire|PS> I thought you were asleep?
<joseSleep> -true- epics have cookies and fudge
#460 + (1) - [X]
<josePhoenix> it's CHRISTMAS for crying out loud. not monkeysex day
#461 + (9) - [X]
<DaveG> (notice the full circle in the conversation ;) )
<DaveG> (notice that I pointed out the obvious punch line :P )
<Cha0s> (enough notices... you're not the server, for heavens sake :P )
#462 + (20) - [X]
Vengeance: We believe we have built an excellent architecture for bug generation.
#463 + (3) - [X]
<DaveG> at the bottom of the generic "NPCs are braindead" bug report: "Irkoon reported that: "Holy script quest, Jayose recognise the word Holly (2 L) but not Holy (1 L).""
<stfrn> holly hel, how did that happen :|
#464 + (4) - [X]
* GodAlmighty smites JoseArting
* joseArting has kicked GodAlmighty from #planeshift (excommunicate THIS!)
#465 + (11) - [X]
< Nebuduck> if I ever find someone I want to marry, they will be just
like emerge
< Kariloy> so you want someone that does all the work for you...?? you
lazy bum
< Nebuduck> Kariloy: yeah, pretty much

#468 + (7) - [X]
* Cadoras is now known as GodAlmighty
* GodAlmighty smites Josephoenix and then excommunicates him
<Shooree> Cadoras, you do realize that impersonating divine beings is a criminal offense in particular societies?
* josePhoenix has kicked Cadoras from #planeshift (We here at #planeshift try to make a worldwide outreach effort, so we maintain compliance with ALL local laws.)
#469 + (9) - [X]
<FakeShAdOw> i think everyone who plays tdzk is either a girl, or a nerd
<FakeShAdOw> :P
<Cadoras> or both
<FakeShAdOw> or a nerd girl
<Cadoras> like Fakeshadow
<FakeShAdOw> yes
<FakeShAdOw> NO!
<Cadoras> OWNT!
#470 + (-2) - [X]
Drey says: wow
Drey says: i love this name gen
Drey says: "lillgay"
#472 + (20) - [X]
Drey: if it helps, thats my favourite pair of jeans
Drey: and im wearing them now
Gag|PS: I'm glad that you wear trousers.
#474 + (10) - [X]
=-= Alhana|Food is now known as Alhana|Soulless
<rerogo|school> grabs Alhana's soul as it leaves her body
<rerogo|school> \o/ a backup soul!
* Hokinon burn it to dvd
<rerogo|school> thinks he can bzip it onto a floppy disk
<rerogo|school> souls are quite compressible
<rerogo|school> lots of redundancy
<rerogo|school> and it's mostly plain text
#475 + (148) - [X]
-->| Fossie has joined #planeshift
<Fossie> Ahoy hoy
-->| Hoki_Workin has joined #planeshift
<Hoki_Workin> cabbage
|<-- Fossie has left ("Leaving")
<FaKeShAdOw> you made fossie leave with but one word O_o
<Hoki_Workin> but what a word it is :)
#477 + (12) - [X]
<dancer_in_shadow> Nebuduck, gentoo doesn't seem to know what to do with SCSI
<dancer_in_shadow> ideas?
<Lordbug> point a gun at it and say "Work!"
<dancer_in_shadow> tried that already
<dancer_in_shadow> it asked what the metal tube was for
#478 + (7) - [X]
/* it was just established that JeppeJan has 44% packet loss */
<JeppeJan> its very, very dark i think
<Jorrit> What is very dark?
<lynxlynxlynx> that's due to the packet loss, you didn't get all the lighting info yet
<JeppeJan> ahh
<JeppeJan> please send me some lightning packets -thanks
<lynxlynxlynx> ^^
<JeppeJan> can i ask a gm for some light:
#479 + (6) - [X]
[18:09] *** acraig (n=andrew@gen-bosslt04.genesis.mun.ca) has joined #planeshift-build
[18:09] *** acraig has changed the topic on #planeshift-build to "PlaneShift Public Developers Channel. www.planeshift.it. A Free 3d mmorpg. Current CS and CEL date is Jan 18 00:00:00 UTC 2006 -- Use http://www.rafb.net/paste/ to paste code"
[18:09] *** acraig (n=andrew@gen-bosslt04.genesis.mun.ca) has left #planeshift-build ["Leaving"]
[18:10] <Dave|away> drive by topic changing :P
#480 + (54) - [X]
<Dentoid> What's the iSelfDestruct I see things about in CVS mail?
<res2k> in case the terrists or klingons or so gain access to CS we can blow it up.
#481 + (2) - [X]
Kanalal: oh no my digital camera is broken and all i have are naked photos
Drey: dont tell Xordan >.>
Rilar: LOL
Kanalal: why you think hed be intertested?
Kanalal: *interested
Drey: why do you think devs have pink names?
Kanalal: lol
Rilar: rofl
#482 + (16) - [X]
< Zorbels> I really hate it when the npc's dissapear
<+Xordan|Afk> They probably really hate it when you disappear
<+Xordan|Afk> But you don't care about what they feel >:|
<+Xordan|Afk> So selfish
<+Xordan|Afk> :P
* Zorbels sticks her tongue out at Xordan
< rerogo> How can we care about their feelings?
< rerogo> If we asked one about its feelings, it would say "response to feelings 0,100"
<+Xordan|Afk> lol
#483 + (153) - [X]
<Karyuu> The tech support problem dates back to long before the industrial revolution, when primitive tribesmen beat out a rhythm on drums to communicate:
<Karyuu> This fire help. Me Groog
<Karyuu> Me Lorto. Help. Fire not work.
<Karyuu> You have flint and stone?
<Karyuu> Ugh
<Karyuu> You hit them together?
<Karyuu> Ugh
<Karyuu> What happen?
<Karyuu> Fire not work
<Karyuu> (sigh) Make spark?
<Karyuu> No spark, no fire, me confused. Fire work yesterday.
<Karyuu> *sigh* You change rock?
<Karyuu> I change nothing
<Karyuu> You sure?
<Karyuu> Me make one change. Stone hot so me soak in stream so stone not burn Lorto hand. Small change, shouldn't keep Lorto from make fire.
<Karyuu> *Grabs club and goes to Lorto's cave*
#484 + (7) - [X]
<Karyuu> "Reality? Yeah, I played that game. The plot *sucks* but the graphics are awesome!"
#486 + (3) - [X]
<Cadoras> Hory... thats like Xordan without the W :P
<+Xordan> >:|
<Cadoras> umm... heya... Xordan

#487 + (3) - [X]
* stfrn divides 0 by rux
* Joins: FaKeShAdOw
* Rux implodes
<FaKeShAdOw> but i havent done anything yet!!
<FaKeShAdOw> >:|
<stfrn> he was just happy to see you
<FaKeShAdOw> lies.
<FaKeShAdOw> :D
#488 + (0) - [X]
<Bakuun> I'd say we're unofficially dismissed from the meeting atmosphere ;)
<Xordan|Afk> ooo mememe
* Cha0s pokes Xordan
<Kerol> XD
<drey|aslep> :|
* Bakuun gives Xordan a gong
<Xordan|Afk> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MEETING ENDS! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
#489 + (8) - [X]
* Arianna cries in a corner
* Jorrit thinks it must be getting rather wet in that corner.
<Arianna> it could be worst ;)
<Jorrit> Arianna: 'worst' is not correct english. It is 'worse'. 'worst' is the dutch word for a kind of meat :-)
<Jorrit> Which made your sentence sound VERY funny.
<Jorrit> i.e. roughly translated to: 'it could be a sausage'

#491 + (14) - [X]
<Kanalal> i want the cooking skill to be implemented
<Cadoras> I want strip tease skill to be implemented
<Rux> i want cooking strippers skill
#492 + (6) - [X]
<Kerol> now i get ~500 25%
<Kerol> 1s ping
<Kerol> ... hm.
<Kerol> fail.
<Kerol> better than TV
<Kerol> one never know what happens next
<Bakuun> Though one does know what happens -eventually-
<stfrn> who will be voted off the server next??? :B
#493 + (7) - [X]
* stfrn chews on a server log
* Bakuun fears for splinters
#494 + (-3) - [X]
<finnland> people keeps respawning ontop of me, ive had more dwarfs in my crotch than i need
#495 + (-3) - [X]
<k1ck-stuntz> tbh you were the one who helped me to get planeshift like 8 months ago
<SaintNuclear> i somehow doubt that
<k1ck-stuntz> i can try to find the logs tho
<k1ck-stuntz> im searching buts its like 60 pages or something lol
<k1ck-stuntz> cant be seem to find it tho
<SaintNuclear> of course, because i never ever helped you
<k1ck-stuntz> its was you and link
<SaintNuclear> me and link? oh, maybe i did help you then, hah
<SaintNuclear> you know, if you're saying that Link helped you, you got no case at all
<k1ck-stuntz> SaintNuclear but why you saing i got no case if link helped me?
<k1ck-stuntz> he doesent helps people?
#497 + (19) - [X]
<Nebuduck> you said cute cos you thought i'd be insulted if you said hot
<FaKeShAdOw> :)
<Cadoras> no, she said cute because she thought you would be insulted if she said butt ugly

#498 + (8) - [X]
<NaeRey> Cadoras, you omnipotent?
<Kanalal> NaeRey i think the word is impotent
#499 + (7) - [X]
<Watcher> TALAD!
<Watcher> Woha!
<Talad> WATCHER!
<Watcher> Amazing!
<Talad> do we know each other?
#500 + (4) - [X]
(Kiirani posts two weeks chat from the dev channel for Exodus. Not one word was said in the whole time)

<Kiirani> * Now talking on #exodus
* Topic for #exodus is: http://second-exodus.com
* Topic for #exodus set by Ayshe at Wed Feb 1 08:58:20 2006
* ChanServ gives voice to Kiirani
* You are now known as Kii_Beach
* You are now known as Kiirani
* You are now known as Kii_shower
* You are now known as Kii_sleep
* You are now known as Kii_sleepless
* You are now known as Kii_shower
* You are now known as Kiirani
* You are now known as Kii_sleep
*******(Carries on for a page)******

<Kiirani> Ayshe, do you think we have a problem?
<Ayshe> yea. Pretty much
<Ayshe> you sleep and shower an awful lot for a linux zealot
#501 + (12) - [X]
<Kanalal> Vengeance: Big men in little shorts, what more could you ask for?
#502 + (10) - [X]
<PlaneShiftServer> I am always online
<PlaneShiftServer> You just can't play games on me!
<PlaneShiftServer> muhahahaha
<PlaneShiftServer> ok, brb, food
<PlaneShiftServer> I mean
<PlaneShiftServer> new memory is being installed
<DAL|Blender> Impostor!
#503 + (7) - [X]
<Lalas> why is there just one server ??
<Rux> donate another one
<Lalas> cannot somebody mirror the server ??
<FaKeShAdOw> oh come on,. one server is enough trouble
#504 + (47) - [X]
<Lordbug> omg! alt+F4 = space
*** Kevin|IG has quit IRC ["Quit"]
*** Kevin|IG has joined #planeshift
<Kevin|IG> remind me to hit you sometime
#505 + (26) - [X]
<Sarrow> My Dorm mate wants to use the computer, what do I do?
<Underthemoon> Kill him?
<Verrliit> Get out the trout.
<Araye> kill the dorm mate
<Aradia_Demeter> poke him with a butter knife
<Sarrow> You guys are seriously twisted, ill just say that the computer needs defragging
#506 + (18) - [X]
<Niavard> In Soviet Planeshift, features have not implemented YOU!!
#507 + (3) - [X]
* Rux explodes
* Maelgwyn makes a note not to stand near Rux for fear of being blown up
* Rux also takes note not to stand too close to himself
<Maelgwyn> the random explosions might be contagious 8|
<Cyl> wha
* Verrliit takes note: "Rux is useful for mining..."
#512 + (-8) - [X]
<Csophae> I wish I still did gymnastics
<Fireofsoul> then you could put your feet behind your head and scratch your nose while doing flips on a bar
#513 + (2) - [X]
Underthemoon: 45 min to DL bittorrent? *grins* Don't ya just love dialup?
Ralas: \o/
* Underthemoon rides the snail into battle for fame and glory!
Underthemoon: Have I moved yet?
* Underthemoon gets passed by an ice age.
#514 + (14) - [X]
* sueastside has quit IRC (""<@Jorrit> docs? Is this actually documented?, In the manual?"")
#515 + (69) - [X]
Ayshe: Being good in IT requires arrogance and confidence. Making a career of it requires swallowing your pride and being humble. Fix first, explain later, do not accept the blame, but do not assign it either
dancer_in_shadow: Ayshe: exactly
Kiirani: And I assume "It's not MY fault" isn't good either.
Nebuduck: depends
Ayshe: sometimes you'll need to take that stance, yea
Ayshe: if they drop a 50 thousand dollar server into a pool, feel justified
Kiirani: lol
dancer_in_shadow: "the server was not designed for operation in a submerged environment"
dancer_in_shadow: "if you wish, i can spec out a new server that will support submerged operation"
Ayshe: Dancer, you must be one hell of a salesman.
#516 + (7) - [X]
<josePhoenix_> I have an underscore and I dun know what to doooo
<josePhoenix_> I feel like I'm walkin around with TP on my shoe
<josePhoenix_> if I weren't so lazy, I'd just do /nick
<josePhoenix_> since I'm really tired, I think it will be /kick
* josePhoenix_ was kicked by josePhoenix_ (Zzzzzzsnrk.)
#517 + (-3) - [X]
<Jorrit> Rux: pointless arguments are the most fun to have!
<Rux> and so was born irc
#518 + (15) - [X]
<Kanalal> is it just me, or are linux docs always about as helpful as chocolate teapots?
#519 + (-3) - [X]
<Arianna> Underthemoon, the only thing that I have is my ww power
<Underthemoon> I don't get those either. :P
<Underthemoon> That is all you need. That and your pretty face. ;)
<Arianna> Underthemoon, oh, you have a lot of other things :-) That is why people don't pick on you :)
<Underthemoon> And your glowing personality.
* Arianna searches the pretty face in the wardrobe
<Arianna> that is for catching mosquitos
#520 + (5) - [X]
<@Talad> I guess I managed to crash server
<dfryer|away> Talad: I guess that's kind of like God annihilating the universe?
#521 + (5) - [X]
[Lordbug] and marry me and we'll have little bugs wandering around Planeshift.... hmm.. like they are right now
* Lordbug discovered something
<Arianna> Lordbug, I think I have had some past with you already then ;)
[Lordbug] Arianna: exactly :P
#522 + (4) - [X]
*fun with netsplits*

* Joins: jorgan (n=jorgan@83-102-43-247.customers.ktab.fn.fi)
* Joins: Hak`M (n=hakm@82-197-199-242.dsl.cambrium.nl)
* Joins: Taser (n=taserthe@209-6-141-31.c3-0.wrx-ubr5.sbo-wrx.ma.cable.rcn.com)
* Joins: janner (n=joeguppy@host81-129-208-249.range81-129.btcentralplus.com)
<Rux> almost
<Sarrow|Notloved> NUU
* Sarrow|Notloved kicks the people out
* Quits: janner (n=joeguppy@host81-129-208-249.range81-129.btcentralplus.com) (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
* Quits: Taser (n=taserthe@209-6-141-31.c3-0.wrx-ubr5.sbo-wrx.ma.cable.rcn.com) (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
* Quits: jorgan (n=jorgan@83-102-43-247.customers.ktab.fn.fi) (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
* Quits: Hak`M (n=hakm@82-197-199-242.dsl.cambrium.nl) (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
#523 + (157) - [X]
<dfryer> I wonder how many times the telegraph was used for cybersex
<Vengeance> lol
<Vengeance> I'm not quite that old :)
#524 + (12) - [X]
<rerogo> guess what?
<Nebuduck> ...
* Nebuduck guesses
<Nebuduck> OMG
<Nebuduck> WOW
<josePhoenix> :O
<Nebuduck> You... thats so amaziong!
<Nebuduck> rerogo, I can't believe it!
<Nebuduck> You know, I think you're a little young... but still, WOW
#525 + (5) - [X]
* Now talking in #planeshift-devs
* Arianna does the CVS dance
<Arianna> hoooga hooga hogga hoooga hooga hogga
<Bakuun> I think I love this place :3
#527 + (48) - [X]
Nebuduck: Yay!
Nebuduck: I added another animation sequence to my dick
Nebuduck: *duck
Nebuduck: ...
josePhoenix: ...
#528 + (1) - [X]
* Underthemoon mods the DR to look like Disneyland.
<Underthemoon> Now it is a true hell. >;)
* McNaire|J4ck3d adds Elmo for the propour element of terror.
<joseSleep> Underthemoon, talk about an incentive not to die...
<McNaire|J4ck3d> Darn right!
<joseSleep> "I wanna be reincarnated!" "Sorry sir, you are number 133 in a queue of 200. The ride will next open at 2:00."
<joseSleep> "Screw that. *stab*"
#529 + (12) - [X]
--> COFFEEE (...) has joined #planeshift
<COFFEEE> hello
<Hoki_Workin> milk and two please
<COFFEEE> espresso only
<COFFEEE> with sugar?
<Hoki_Workin> yup
<COFFEEE> with creme
<COFFEEE> on top
<Hoki_Workin> perfect
#531 + (20) - [X]
* rerogo|PS returns to pondering how to make tria without killing rats
<Lordbug> rerogo: mine?
<Ayshe> Mine rats! excellent
<Lordbug> xD
<Lordbug> "You got a Rat Eye!"
<Lordbug> "You gained experience in mining"
<Lordbug> "Awsome!" */dig rat*
#532 + (4) - [X]
<josePhoenix> stfrn, you have an s and an f in your name... go yell at sf.net and make CVS work
<stfrn> I would, but then they'd commit me :|
#533 + (-2) - [X]
<LuisBG> this is just great
<dfryer> great like fabulous, or great like "AHHH I KILL YOU ALL"?
#534 + (7) - [X]
-lilo- [Global Notice] Hi all. In a moment we're going to be performing some quick maintenance. About 4,000 users on a main rotation server will be detached from the network and reconnected. Please bear with us.
DaveG: shut up lilo...
* DaveG has quit (kornbluth.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
* DaveG () has joined
* irc.freenode.net gives voice to DaveG
Drey: haha
DaveG: damn you lilo.....
#535 + (5) - [X]
Vengeance: I just got my client into npcroom
Vengeance: and now I'm stuck on a wall in walk-mode, and I can't move
Vengeance: bah
Vengeance: It seems like it should have taken longer than 20 seconds to find a bug in npcroom.
#536 + (10) - [X]
<Stradd> Im in a chicks body
<DaveG> deal with it
#537 + (38) - [X]
[07:17:57] *** Kii has left this server. (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[07:20:07] * Hoki_Workin adds duct tape to Kii's connection
[07:20:27] *** Kii has joined this channel.
[07:20:37] <Hoki_Workin> \o/
#538 + (-2) - [X]
Drey_in_bed ive been spending some time playing PS
Drey_in_bed rather than #playing#
Drey_in_bed # = '
Drey_in_bed woooo!
* SoVHead mocks your keybarod skills
Drey_in_bed quizmania \o/
SoVHead keyboad :)
SoVHead keybaord even
SoVHead oh gees
Drey_in_bed owned
SoVHead lol
#539 + (4) - [X]
Talking with Flodnag about World of Warcraft:

Flodnag: obscure refrences throught the game poking fun at pop culture
Flodnag: like there is one dungeon you go through and to fight one of the bosses that is behind a huge door you put a staff in the ground in the middle of a model city on the floor and a beam of light shines from the staff to the door and pops it open
Flodnag: hmmmm never seen anything like that before lol'
Dekar: Cliche world! :)
Flodnag: ya
Flodnag: lol
Flodnag: its pretty funny because the boss is a giant statue and comes out and says who dares awaken me
Dekar: hahahaha :)
Flodnag: um no one we just wanted the door open
#541 + (-12) - [X]
From ingame--

Keletin says: What is Kran?
Keletin says: day?
Aeshion [you are]
Hyung says: I had assumed you were.
Ralas says: (heh no it's your species)
Keletin says: I am a Kran.
Keletin says: Is that good?
Ralas says: um...
Ralas says: (it's jus the race you picked. pretty meaningless aside from appearence for now)
Ralas says: er...
Ralas says: that is...
Keletin says: meaningles?!?!
Keletin says: hmmmmm
Keletin says: I'm not a Kran.
Ralas says: (meaningless as far as...well ok not meaningless. but the cultures are pretty undefined as of now)
Keletin says: I'm a blue angel.
Keletin says: Made out of bean stalks.
Keletin says: Ok borring RPers. Blue Angel is going exploring.
#542 + (1) - [X]
<drey|aslep> morning o/
<Bakuun> night o/
<Kerol> gnight Bakuun :)
<Bakuun> No, to Drey :P
<Kerol> dang
<Kerol> now i totally mixed it up
<drey|aslep> you want kary to leave >.>
<Kerol> yes, i want that :-/
<Kerol> always
=-= Bakuun was booted from #planeshift-gms by drey|aslep
<Kerol> o.o
<Xordan> o.o
<drey|aslep> gone \o/
=-= drey|aslep was booted from #planeshift-gms by Xordan
-->| drey|aslep has joined #planeshift-gms
=-= Mode #planeshift-gms +o drey|aslep by ChanServ
=-= drey|aslep was booted from #planeshift-gms by Xordan
<Xordan> :P
-->| drey|aslep has joined #planeshift-gms
=-= Mode #planeshift-gms +o drey|aslep by ChanServ
=-= Mode #planeshift-gms -o Xordan by drey|aslep
<Xordan> Hi xD
<drey|aslep> >.>
-->| Bakuun has joined #planeshift-gms
=-= Mode #planeshift-gms +o Bakuun by ChanServ
=-= Mode #planeshift-gms -v Xordan by drey|aslep
=-= drey|aslep was booted from #planeshift-gms by Bakuun (I'm rather disinclined to acquiesce to your request.)
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<Bakuun> :D
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<Kerol> omg.. children >.>
* drey|aslep untrusts xordan >.>
<Kerol> :-P
<Xordan> >:|
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* drey|aslep goes to brush teeth
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<drey|aslep> \o/
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<Xordan> :P
<Xordan> Night o/
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<drey|aslep> >.>
#543 + (-4) - [X]
<Grakrim> I get my hair cut by a chick. Often a hot one.
<Grakrim> Although not today :/
<Cado> chick = man?
<Grakrim> ...
<Grakrim> Yes, chick = man. I get homosexual haircuts in the gayest strip joint ever, are you happy now?
<Cado> very much so
<@SaintNuclear> yes

#544 + (-7) - [X]
<Talad> being the boss in a free project is VERY different than being one in a company
<Talad> I miss the cadillac, the girls and the time, leaving the money out of the discussion since it's the less fun part
#545 + (4) - [X]
<Daikan> I think Talad has let his role go to his head, personally, but yeah ;P
<Daikan> We need a person to play Laanx and compete with him :P
<Daikan> Although...they do call the server Laanx...
<Daikan> so i can see why they don't get along.
#546 + (-1) - [X]
<Rux> pirated software is illegal. you must pay! yarrr
<Rux> i pirated gentoo once.
<Rux> http://www.travisnelsa.com/planeshift/piratedlinuxsoftware.jpg
#548 + (-2) - [X]
<+Shooree> I need advice
<+Nebuduck> I can advise you!!!
<+Nebuduck> here's my advice
<+Nebuduck> drink asparagus soup
<+Nebuduck> it'll put hair s on your chest
<+Nebuduck> </advice>

#549 + (-8) - [X]
* Vengeance is now known as Venge|away
* Talad|ZzZ is now known as Talad
<Rux> heh
<Rux> right after Vengeance leaves Talad gets here
<Rux> i've seen enough disguised superheros to know what's going on.
<Rux> they're the same person!
#550 + (-5) - [X]
<Rux> Vodul, intelligence?
<Vodul> Rux: Sorry, I've no idea what 'intelligence' might be.
<Rux> we know
#551 + (-7) - [X]
<josePhoenix> Vengeance, \o
<Vengeance> o/
<josePhoenix> Vengeance, remember when I offered you a hug, but you said you preferred a wave from across the room so you could pretend you didn't know me?
<josePhoenix> well there you go
<Vengeance> no I don't remember that
<Vengeance> do I know you?
#553 + (-4) - [X]
<dfryer> i've dreamt in text after too much mudding
<dfryer> freaking scary
#556 + (4) - [X]
***Aspasia joined the lottery pool at work today
<Ayshe> Aspasia: can you swim?
<Aspasia> For millions of dollars I can ;o)
<Ayshe> don't sink too much cash in to it
<Aspasia> Could you float me a loan?
<Aspasia> winning the lottery could be a life saver
<Shooree> this reminds me of the carp/fish quote in the db
<Ayshe> yea we're drowning in puns again
<Shooree> which IS kinda nice
<rerogo|food> indeed
<Ayshe> I think Aspasia aught to stop bringing puns to this dive
<Ayshe> everyone keeps jumping on board(s)
<Aspasia> I think ayshe might need some anchor management classes
<Shooree> >.>
<Shooree> right
<Hart_Sterr> -.-
<Kii> XD!
<Ayshe> ...
<Ayshe> i got nothing
<Ayshe> you win
#558 + (6) - [X]
<FaKeShAdOw> the word 'twat' has nothing to do with pregnant goldfish you losers.
<FaKeShAdOw> whoa wrong channel.
<FaKeShAdOw> Oo.

#559 + (2) - [X]
* Zorbels goes off to base the turkey "be right back."
<Cyl> lo Zorb
<Lacey> How does one "base the turkey"
<Lacey> And has the turkey consented?
<Venge> Is that some sort of "metaphor?"
<Venge> I don't think the turkey has any choice.
<Lacey> Poor turkey :(
#560 + (11) - [X]
Peacer says: [don't go into the woods, you will crash]
< player walks into the woods >
You tell GM: can you move that player please?
GM tells you: done :]
< player comes and walks into the woods again >
Peacer shakes his head and hits it
You tell GM: can you move that player again?
GM tells you: ok but this is the last time
< player comes from behind and walks into the woods...>
#561 + (4) - [X]
<drey> and now i know why people hold the outside of glasses when drinking
<drey> brb
#562 + (102) - [X]
<Cait> *sighs seductively between kisses, making sure you feel the heat of her breath gliding across your neck as the kisses trail back, along your jaw, to your lips again... and parting them, closes her eyes as her tongue dances with yours* >:]
<Cait> crap
<Cait> that wasnt meant for this channel
<Cait> sorry
<Cait> sorry sorry sorry!
<Deckard> no! no! keep going!
<Deckard> :D
#563 + (-3) - [X]
<Jorrit> reisio: I don't think you can claim antartica. As Vengeance says there is a treaty on that.
<Jorrit> reisio: http://www.antarctica.ac.uk/About_Antarctica/Treaty/
<reisio> no, you can claim it
<reisio> you just can't do anything about it :p
Lacey pats reisio on the head.
<Lacey> And thus my argument about men and the lack of capacity for rational thought is concluded.
<Vengeance> What man claims rational thought?
<Lacey> See, Vengeance, you are probably the smartest man alive.
#565 + (3) - [X]
Xordan: Dwarfs look so cute in leather xD
Xordan: They could stand in a corner and be mistaken for a leather sack xD
#566 + (-8) - [X]
<gymsmoke> is there a way to decrease the amount of space between <p>'s ?
<joseAway> hmm I wonder... was it supposed to be gunsmoke and got turned around? y is next to u, m is next to n
<reisio> joseAway: there you go wondering again
<joseAway> right :|
<joseAway> I'm not paid to think
<reisio> amen
<joseAway> ... hey, wait a minute... I'm not paid at all :\
<reisio> :p
<gojo> lol
#567 + (4) - [X]
(A barefoot dwarf approaches...)

Dalik says: anyone have any armor to spare for a newbie?
Dalik says: or shoes?
Dalik says: slippers?
Nilaya says: Shoes? Well...
Mesad says: I'm sorry, I have little to spare
Dalik says: little duckie slippers? something?
Nilaya looks at her feet and grins. "I don't think mine would fit you, but..."
Nilaya says: Right this way.
(Nilaya buys a pair of boots from Boralis Voladrand and drops them in front of Dalik.)
Nilaya says: These look more your size...*smiles*
Mesad says: what big feet you have
Nilaya says: (lol...he crashed?)
Mesad says: (lol, i guess)
Nilaya says: (I gave him the boots, and the server gave him the boot! :D)
#568 + (8) - [X]
<joseAway> Red3ye, talk like a normal person or be muted :|
<Red3ye> ru the fucking admin?
* joseAway has kicked Red3ye from #planeshift (yep)
#570 + (3) - [X]
* Peacer|PPS switches to "nightwish - wankerlust"
<Peacer|PPS> wanderlust*
#572 + (-15) - [X]
<dfryer> If you're going to be a religious nutjob, put some effort into it, kthxbye
#573 + (7) - [X]
From #crystalspace:

<nookie> sorry if this is not a help IRC, but: Wich Crystal Space do i need to download to start making a simple 3d game?? (i know not simple, but just to get used too)
<nookie> Cause i see 3 different versions
<dfryer> stable, pseudo stable and CVS or ?
<nookie> Can i make with all of them games?
<dfryer> well.. yes
<dfryer> do you know C++?
<nookie> Hell no
#574 + (14) - [X]
Nyramael shouts: if you can't make a straight line, how are you going
to fight an army?
Nilaya shouts: WITH STYLE!
#575 + (9) - [X]
<Cait> Okay so who the heck is Santiago?
<Deckard> Santiago is a political refugee from the Peoples Republic of Uzbekistan. He originally joined the Planeshift team in the capacity as an interpreter who was writing the French and Klingon versions of the game manual. However, after a short while he discovered that the applicable skills he picked up working in a pig manure methane processing plant allowed him a tolerance for wading through shit ...
<Deckard> ... that made him a natural and evenhanded forum moderator.
#577 + (15) - [X]
From #crystalspace:

<Uyaem> 2008: "I installed CS on my fridge. the toaster interface gave some trouble at first, but..."
<Uyaem> "....Now all my sausages are in 3d and they support ray tracing. woot."
#578 + (-8) - [X]
[00:51:23] -->| Tarel (i=Tarel@ip56522cba.speed.planet.nl) has joined #planeshift-gmtalk
[00:51:29] * Kanalal listens to Boom Boom Satellites - 'I Will Dive For You'
[00:51:34] <--| Tarel has left #planeshift-gmtalk
[00:51:49] <Kanalal> my taste in music isnt that bad surely :|
#579 + (-1) - [X]
<Kaerli> which stat has more effect on the amount of damage I inflict: strength or the stat for the weapon in question?
<Zorbels> I would think a combination of strength, and your skill set on a weapon, or melee.
<Kariloy> I would think a combination of old worn socks, a rod of power and a sunflower
#580 + (3) - [X]
<iKtoaway> by the way, can we settle this once and for all? is Laanx male or female?
<Darkmoon> yes.
<Hokinon> must be female if she can't make her mind up :)

#581 + (4) - [X]
<Archon> im deeply disturbed
<Archon> i demand therapy!
<Jekkar> i know someone
<Jekkar> Doctor Jekkar
<Jekkar> He's a genius
<semi-frio> I heard tha too
<semi-frio> you should definatelly go see him
<Archon> sounds kinda odd..
*** semi-frio is now known as Lordbug
<Lordbug> I went to see him about my multiple personality
<Lordbug> I'm cured ^^
*** Lordbug is now known as hume
#582 + (-13) - [X]
<rerogo> ok, after another reset, i'm running the computer topless
<rerogo> hopefully that'll cool it off
<Torzigg> meow
* Peacer|HW kicks torzigg "SCAT!!!"
<rerogo> purrrr
<Torzigg> O_o
<Peacer|HW> :P
<Kanalal> rerogo: how will you being half-naked help the computer cooling?
<Peacer> LOL
#583 + (5) - [X]
From #crystalspace:

<b0ef> thebolt|working: I'm happy to have a free software discussion with you in #gnu, if that's where you are going;)
<thebolt|working> b0ef: nah, i don't have the possibility to waste taht much time on people who cannot have a normal balanced discussion right now
<Jorrit> thebolt|working: it is just another viewpoint. There is nothing wrong with it as such.
<Jorrit> I fully understand it.
<Jorrit> But I don't follow it myself.
<thebolt|working> Jorrit: yes of course
<thebolt|working> i respect it, but don't understand it ;9
<Dentoid|Work> "I would love to discuss ethnicity in our nazi stronghold if you want"
<thebolt|working> Dentoid|Work: :-)
#584 + (6) - [X]
<Tuxide> \o/ reclaimed 30 gigs of space on my hard drive(s)
<Ralas> nice
<Tuxide> by cleaning out my video folder
<Ralas> jose freed up 30 gigs by realizing that he had 4 different copies of his 10 GB iTunes library
#585 + (5) - [X]
<Nebuduck> ?
<Rilar> ?
<Nebuduck> ?
<Rilar> !
<Seperot> *
<Nebuduck> !?
* josePhoenix sets mode +m #planeshift
<josePhoenix> .
#586 + (-1) - [X]
You tell Lyine: if we were seen together yliakum would break out in chaos
Lyine tells you: than who is yliakum
#587 + (-8) - [X]
* V10l3NC3 has joined #planeshift-gms
<V10l3NC3> found you
* Tarel-ingame is now known as Tarel
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Tarel
<Syilph> V10l3NC3: found who and who are you?
<V10l3NC3> found the hidden gms
<Syilph> no you didn't :p
* V10l3NC3 was kicked by Syilph (Syilph)
#588 + (2) - [X]
In #crystalspace, discussing units...

<whitelynx> personally i think they should base everything off the speed of light in a vacuum and call it even :-P
<Rhad> Well the definition of a second has evolved as with the definition of most units of measurement. The base units in the method above are probably the most accurate measurement obtainable at the time of the agreement, and the count of those units are whatever happened to line up with the definition agreed upon by the international comittee
<Rhad> Which probably all started with something even more crazy like "the fastest speed a one armed man can clap"
#589 + (-7) - [X]
<Syilph> \o/ We have a guild named "The Fellowship"
* joseAway goes to found "The Fellowship of the Thing"
<Ker_lap|STUDY> i listed all the nice guildnames before :-P
<Syilph> "The Fellowship of The Ring of Summon Familiar" would be nicer :p
<Syilph> we have Frodos, Gimnlis, Legolas can shoot some summon missiles, Aragorns a bunch, we only need the fires of the crashy flame burst mountain and we are set :D
#590 + (2) - [X]
<jarrod06> checking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
<dfryer> ooh
<dfryer> that would be important!
#592 + (10) - [X]
Rulzern: YAY!
Rulzern: now it segfaults before char selection
Rulzern: the progress is mindblowing
#593 + (8) - [X]
* Rolenun jumps off a tall building!
<josePhoenix> \o/
* Rolenun lands on josePhoenix!
<josePhoenix> _o_
#594 + (2) - [X]
Nuthedie tells you: ( Haven't you ever thought about fashion? )
You tell Nuthedie: (fashion?)
Nuthedie tells you: (always using the () thingies is old fashioned)
Nuthedie tells you: (you've to renew yourself)
Nuthedie tells you: (you look sooo boring and old fashioned with those () all the time)
You tell Nuthedie: {Like this?}
Nuthedie tells you: (you got my point)=
You tell Nuthedie: {XD}
Nuthedie tells you: (each season, a different way)
Nuthedie tells you: {} () []
You tell Nuthedie: {Hmmm... that'll eventually become quite.... space-consuming, after I run out of combinations and move on to multiple brackets... [(([{{<text>>>))]} }
Nuthedie tells you: (that should be rococco style fashion.)
You tell Nuthedie: {^^}
Nuthedie tells you: (errr... really, stop the thingy about {} :D)
You tell Nuthedie: (Though generally, I reserve the curly brackets for IC thoughts)
Nuthedie tells you: (that sounded so freaking elitist.)
You tell Nuthedie: (lol :P)
Nuthedie tells you: (When my char bends to pick a flower, I use italic comic sans, together with a tiny shadow of grey 20% )
You tell Nuthedie: (ROFLMAO! XD)
You tell Nuthedie: (_That_ is going into the quoteDB :P)
#595 + (8) - [X]
Tuxide: I think I'm speaking to the person who asked if the temple was Kada-El's
Nilaya: hey, cool :)
Nilaya: dermorian with two swords?
Tuxide: yes
Nilaya: yup
Tuxide: if he goes forward he'll stab me in the buttocks
Tuxide: Ah, thank you server crash for saving my butt
Nilaya: \o/
#596 + (12) - [X]
Ayshe: rerogo, it bothers me that you can ask about Kanalal's core dumps without flinching
***rerogo doesn't get it
Ayshe: I know
Ayshe: that's why it's scary
#597 + (5) - [X]
<FaKeShAdOw> ... when this random guy ingame asked for stats, i gave him : Sharon: Description: Likes to take long walks on the beach and get high on sugar. / Level 95 / HP: More than you will ever have / MP: Better than you / Found in other people's beds
<FaKeShAdOw> i didn't realize he meant like measurements O_o
#598 + (0) - [X]
<Kixie> Karyuu has dangerous powers.
<Kixie> She can shoot tuna out of her fingertips. Scary stuff.
<Hadfael> canned? that must hurt
<Torzigg> :S
<Kixie> No, diced tuna.
<Kixie> And she can direct rainbows with her heart, which she will rip directly from her chest. It's like a bloody jack in the box.
<josePhoenix> Kixie, :O
<Hadfael> Kixie, you were told before. Do not eat those fancy mushrooms
#599 + (13) - [X]
<joseSleep> I'm leaving soon
<Underthemoon> joseSleep=lies
<Underthemoon> You never really sleep, you just go into josesaver mode.
<joseSleep> it's true :\
<joseSleep> my secret is out
<joseSleep> I'm energy star compliant
#600 + (4) - [X]
<Peacer|working> enkis can burn in hell :P
<Lordbug> HEY!
<Torzigg> >:(
<Peacer|working> i think i just insulted half of this channel
#601 + (13) - [X]
<Alliva> is the existing teraain ect gonna change ?
<ThomPhoenix> alliva: yes, Hydlaa will be replaced
<joseAway> everyone knows it's too silly
<Bakuun> Hydlaa is going to be replaced by a platform with rats.
<lammas> that sounds awesome :D
<ProteousG> lol
<ThomPhoenix> yes, Bakuun is right!
<lammas> i'll start up a rat farm...
<ThomPhoenix> note that the rats will be us...
<Bakuun> It's the new virtual reality show - who will be booted off first?!
<Easton> then youll need to implement some cheese or soemthing..
<ThomPhoenix> it's the greatest1
<joseAway> The next release won't have player housing, we didn't have room :D instead you will be kept in a cage
#602 + (-1) - [X]
<dfryer> FantasticFoo: although you could try launching client
<FantasticFoo> dfryer: k
<dfryer> see if it gets past that
<dfryer> or if it goes AHHH FLAMING DEATH!
<FantasticFoo> heh
<dfryer> that's a .. technical term
#603 + (19) - [X]
<Alhana> Cadoras, you remind me of a dog constantly humping its masters leg... sorry.
#604 + (5) - [X]
<KeithWeisshar> free games like planeshift may not be as well developed or supported
<Venge|away> KeithWeisshar: 100% satisfaction or your money back. :)
#605 + (-4) - [X]
<Ilaniol> any news?
<peeg> nope
<Ilaniol> ah well
<Deek_> none worth spreading
<Ilaniol> any rumers? lol
<josePhoenix> sure
<josePhoenix> the new planeshift client will include player housing, alchemy, and will sync with your ipod
* illori laughs
Hassadria and cheese
<josePhoenix> and if you don't have an ipod, it will interface with your printer and print out a perforated paper set of logic gates and storage media that you can assemble into one
#606 + (8) - [X]
<DaveG> by the way, speaking of headache players... did Shalmaneser/Zanzibar leave?
<dfryer> I take no responsibility!
<Bakuun> DaveG: eery, isn't it.
<DaveG> I feel like he's biding his time, and is going to pop out and rant at me when I least expect it
<dfryer> hee hee hee
<dfryer> *logs on as his Zanzibar alt*
<DaveG> XD
<Bakuun> Why do devs have to live in paranoia of players. WHY GOD WHY :x
<dfryer> it is the natural order of things
<dfryer> we're volunteers, i.e. suckers
<Bakuun> "If I feed it, maybe it'll go away"?
#607 + (26) - [X]
<Nebuduck> Ayshe, I had a great game idea
<Ayshe> sure
<Nebuduck> its FPS-FileManager
<Ayshe> fire away
<Ayshe> yep
<Nebuduck> so, you wake up in a strange room
<Nebuduck> on the ceiling is a "~"
<Nebuduck> there are several doors leading out of the room, each marked with a word
<Nebuduck> except one, which is marked by ".."
<Nebuduck> in the middle of the room are serveral pedestals each with a document sitting on the top
<Nebuduck> some documents are protected by a shield, which can only be accessed once the "su-goggles" are unlocked
<Nebuduck> using a massive assortment of weaponry, such as the rm-rifle, and chmod-grapple, you must fight your way past undead demons and two headed frogs in order to edit your files.
<Ayshe> I envy your reality
<Ayshe> it's so... unconnected to mine. or anyone's for that matter
<Ayshe> I'm doing two things
<Ayshe> first, I'm stealing yourgame idea
<Ayshe> second, I'm halving your crack ration
#608 + (-1) - [X]
<Xenia> Guess what I now have stuck in my head?...:P
<Farren_Kutter> a fork?
#609 + (4) - [X]
/* About the updated Hydlaa map file */

<dfryer> We made it smaller!
<Teraukey> it was bigger before
<dfryer> Xordan sat on it
<SoVHead> go compression!
#610 + (8) - [X]
-->| Aysh1 has joined #felines-lair
<Aysh1> my, those mountain goats sure are chewing overtime on the net connections today.
<Aysh1> makes me wish NZ's main internet backbone line wasn't a string of dutch midgets passing punchcards down a human chain.
#611 + (-18) - [X]
* Zorbels corruptes Foxgamer "Cooooooooome to the dark side, besides theres free cookies."
* Alhana is the victim of Zorbels malicious lies and deception.
* Kanalal goes to the dark side for the free cookies
<foxgamer> free cookies? o.O
* foxgamer rushes to the dark side
#612 + (-4) - [X]
<Cadoras> anybody notice bad posts done by my forum account?
<lammas> umm... how would they differ from your regular posts? :P
<lammas> in short: no i haven't :)

#613 + (-8) - [X]
-->| Ayshe has joined #felines-lair
<rerogo> yeah, apparently some people have pumpkins
<rerogo> so we'll have to give you some of those drugs dancer was talking about
<Sleepykii> Yeah but pumpkins taste horrible
<Ayshe> ... this place is a font of weird.
#614 + (13) - [X]
<+Lordbug> Do you people live somehwere near Hell?
<Goldir> Nah, I live in Hell Lite. It is known as North Platte, Nebraska
#615 + (-8) - [X]
Robinmagus> I'm portugese...
<Robinmagus> o_O
<FaKeShAdOw> Hahahahahhahahahahaha.
<Robinmagus> Watch...
<Lordbug> tyou can't even spell Portuguese!
<Lordbug> *you
<reisio> hahahahah
#616 + (-6) - [X]
(from In Game):
Sorarrel Says: I'd have to say that being a drunk and a politician are somewhat alike.
Sorarrel Says: We both babble on about nothing until we pass out.
#617 + (-15) - [X]
<Kanalal> heh, i love this like 'Checking whether build enviroment is sane'
<Kanalal> on my computer, you must be jokeing
<Lord_eating_Bugs> xD
<josePhoenix> "build environment not sane: gcc test output: Wheeeee Bingley Bleeep Fleeble!"
#618 + (4) - [X]
<Lordbug> Can I be an idea dev? and get uber powers and dev server access just for giving ideas?
<josePhoenix> Lordbug, call it being a settings writer ;]
#619 + (-7) - [X]
* Farren_Kutter smacks the peace out of Peacer.
* Peacer is now known as r
#620 + (17) - [X]
<Lordbug> O.o
<Miadon> o.O
<Moon|Hyuken> ^)O_O(^
<Keto> \(_o)/
<Miadon> ()
<josePhoenix> you crazy persons o.O
<Lordbug> they started it
<Miadon> () () () () () TEDDY BEAR picnic
#621 + (-15) - [X]
<shoo> ok
<Yaccin> arr
<Yaccin> wait
<Lordbug> are you Shooree?
<Yaccin> its /server psmirror.org
* Lordbug does /whois >:)
<shoo> who is shoree
* Lordbug notes
* Lordbug checks logs
<Lordbug> dman I was wrong :(
<Lordbug> not shooree
<shoo> can you help me please?
<Lordbug> shoo: open a browser
<shoo> what's that?
<Lordbug> and type: h-t-t-p-:-/-/-w-w-w-.-p-s-m-i-r-r-o-r-.-o-r-g-/
<Yaccin> shoo: just type /server psmirror.org
<Lordbug> shoo: a faster way is: /quit www.psmirror.org
*** shoo has quit IRC ["www.psmirror.org"]
* Lordbug promises to use this power for good only
#622 + (78) - [X]
<Uyaem> It's amazing how many people actually blog. They got nothing to say, but they write down stuff anyway. It's like the total IRC-ripoff.
#623 + (7) - [X]
<dfryer> pff, I move using my keyboard :D
<Xordan|Afk> I only use my mouse for movement in WoW
<DaveG> adding more camera controls would be fairly simple
<DaveG> dfryer: ditto ;)
<dfryer> mice are for fairy mac users
<Xordan|Afk> keyboard movement sux :P
<Xordan|Afk> lol
<Xordan|Afk> I like being able to play a game with one hand ;)
<dfryer> my mouse only has about 6" movement space
<dfryer> . . .
<DaveG> Xordan|Afk: that could be missinterpereted
<dfryer> been looking at those fenkis or something?
<Xordan|Afk> XD
<Xordan|Afk> It was not my mind which thought such thoughts xP
#626 + (17) - [X]
<Jekkar> god bless the devs, who are smart enough to place cliffs in an area with 5 f/ps
<Jekkar> god im getting tired of this
<Jekkar> welcome to the bronze doors, you may now die
#629 + (15) - [X]
<Lordbug> I wonder how the dev meetings are...
<Lordbug> "I suggest we insert the walking bug now! It's too soon to make the inventory bug appear!"
<Torzigg> lol
<Keto> sounds about right ;P
<Keto> "feature! we use the word feature!"
#630 + (-16) - [X]
<FaKeShAdOw> nature calls, brb.
<FaKeShAdOw> wait wait nevermind
<FaKeShAdOw> wrong number >.>
#631 + (-1) - [X]
<Cha0s> The following post, "Re: apps dont work." by Cha0s has been reported by The Most on a board you moderate:

"Yes. It is. And please don't post about the same problem in two separate threads. We're going to use the other one. So I'm locking this one. If Updater.jar doesn't work, edit your post in the other thread to explain. iLock."

<Cha0s> The reporter has made the following comment:
<Cha0s> Cha0s is a meany and uhhh...a BUTT-HEAD!
<Cha0s> Regards,
<Cha0s> The PlaneShift Team.
#632 + (5) - [X]
(encounter near Harnquist)

{newbie}: Where can I mine for iron?
Mordaan: There is a place in the dungeon. Have you been there before?
{newbie}: No.
{newbie}: Where can I get a rock pick?
Mordaan: You can buy one from Harnquist.
{newbie}: Ok thx
[about a minute later]
{newbie}: Where can I get money?
#633 + (-17) - [X]
* FaKeShAdOw has quit ()
<Torzigg> nooo
<Wolfy> :(
<darknight> nooo what
* Torzigg tries to summon Fakey back
* lammas joins the summoning
<lammas> alakazam!
<Torzigg> ...tentacles
* FaKeShAdOw (n=FaKeShAd@adsl-64-175-37-145.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net) has joined #planeshift
<lammas> it worked!
#634 + (-8) - [X]
<Xilllix> planshift ought to have some alternative physics
<Xilllix> in places
<Lordbug> Xilllix: physics apply to the whole universe :P
<Mykentros> like, spontaneous combustion?
<Mykentros> that would suck
<Mykentros> "You walk into a cave, you look around. You catch on fire spontaneously"
#635 + (-1) - [X]
DaveG: I've said it before, and I'll say it again, please don't blame the game when you screw up.
#636 + (-3) - [X]
<Ayshe> yea, the FL site had screwed up permissions
<Ayshe> thanks to Ayshe, AKA dumbfuck
<Kanalal> aaw
<Kanalal> your not that bad
<Ayshe> I issued -R chmod -x * from /var/www
<Kanalal> ah, ok you kinda are
#637 + (134) - [X]
<Underthemoon> "How do I play this game?" Dev/Gm: "You roleplay." "How do I do that?" Dev/Gm: "Well, you just.....um..... HEY LOOK! Shiny new features! *runs away*"
#638 + (-3) - [X]
* joseAway sets mode: +m
<joseAway> okay...
<joseAway> lately people have been complaining about the amount of absolute nonsense going on
<joseAway> while I don't have a problem with that as such, the devs that are trying to read this channel, -build, and -devs too
* Cilay_Mecur has quit IRC (Client Quit)
* anfa has joined #planeshift
<joseAway> as a result, they stop looking in here, meaning that it takes longer for questions to get answered, and also we lose their ever-insightful commentary
<joseAway> so please try to keep the nonsense in here down, and if you must, go to #lmao
* joseAway sets mode: -m
* Demarthl licks joseAway
#639 + (-3) - [X]
<rerogo> here i am, on the road again
<rerogo> here i am, up on the stage
<rerogo> here i go, playing star again
<rerogo> here i go, turn the page
<rerogo> damn, it's weird when i sing along on my keyboard
* Demarthl has joined #felines-lair
* Demarthl has left #felines-lair
#641 + (7) - [X]
* ninjakid has quit (Excess Flood)
<Ker_lap> hehe
<Ker_lap> harakiri
#642 + (-9) - [X]
* Kanalal rubs his nipples on the screen in apreciation
<Demarthl> now i feel ill
<Demarthl> you sir, are a sick bastard
<Demarthl> go get some help
<Demarthl> or a shirt
#643 + (-4) - [X]
noXide: that might have been my fault? o0'
* Xordan|Afk gets out the lynch
Xordan|Afk: Explain or die most horribly... no pressure ;)
#644 + (3) - [X]
<iKtoaway> well if you're anything like an enki, you wear high heels all the time to look tall :D
<iKtoaway> high heels held up by SHEER ATTITUDE
#647 + (-11) - [X]
josePhoenix: you have too many names
josePhoenix: and this is coming from the person that crashed nickserv by linking too many nicks :P
#648 + (-6) - [X]
* Demarthl tackles Kiirani
* Kiirani has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
<Demarthl> **** o.o think i tackled a bit too hard
#649 + (-15) - [X]
<Induane> So..erm..talad... how bout the game last night! I think the Bears looked pretty good on defense.
<Talad> what game?
<Induane> Its traditional for men to get together at a friends house and watch football.
<Talad> ah, so I should answer... oh, yes, the Enkidukai looked pretty fast
<Talad> and did you see the long run of the shaman enki to the left when the bears were running out of breath?
<Gag_H> LOL!
#650 + (-6) - [X]
*** dowanger (~boxer@pool-68-160-5-43.bos.east.verizon.net) has joined channel #planeshift
<dowanger> hello
<@SaintNuclear> Hi.
<dowanger> whats wrong with planeshift at the moment
<dowanger> cant log on
<@SaintNuclear> Oh, alot of things, really.
<@SaintNuclear> To name just a few: The developers, the engine, the project leaders, the server, the concept, and anyone who plays it.
<@SaintNuclear> We're working on fixing those.
<dowanger> sweet
<dowanger> let me know when you fix all of these problems
<@SaintNuclear> Oh, it'll take a while.
<dowanger> good luck!
*** Signoff: dowanger (Signed off)
#651 + (-7) - [X]
*** jose has signed off IRC ("this laptop has gone to sleep").
Kanalal: oh noes we lost a jose
* Kiirani orders a replacement
*** jose has joined #Channel.
Kiirani: Woo!
*** Ralas has joined #Channel.
Kiirani: My jose arrived, with a complimentary ralas!
#652 + (-18) - [X]
<Dem|SRO> i hate weekends
<Dem|SRO> its hell to log in non stop >:|
<Dem|SRO> stupid school kids. go to bed
<Lordbug> ahaha, you sound like my father :P
<Dem|SRO> remind me to shoot myself when im finished playing
* Niavard imagines Dem|SRO telling Lordbug "Lordbug, I am your father. join me and we will rule #planeshift as father and son"
* Dem|SRO thinks Niavard shouldn't smoke crack
<Niavard> and Lordbug would obviously have to respond "Noooooooooo"
<Niavard> And then you'd all explode, like the flying sheep with the gift of foresight told me.
<iKtomi> o.O
<Nilaya> Uh...huh. :)
<Nilaya> You feeling okay, Niavard? ;)
<Niavard> Quiet! you're not tricking me with your puniful mind games, for I have tinfoil hats!
<Lordbug> that's his normal self
<Nilaya> Right.
<Lordbug> when he says something that actually makes sence... then that question will be apropriate
#653 + (-1) - [X]
* K56ariloy eats all the tinfoil in the world... and beyond it
<Niavard> That's going to render your liver immune to mind control beams.
#654 + (-4) - [X]
* stfrn readies the muting catapult
<_Baldur_> O_O
* joseAway has quit IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
* _Baldur_ flees!
<stfrn> whoops, fired jose by mistake
#655 + (-19) - [X]
<Vengeance> Kromel: there is a new "Getting started in 400 easy steps" quick guide on the main website now
<Vengeance> Kromel: I suggest reading that for a few
#656 + (-20) - [X]
<Myriam> How did a Tefusang got at the iron mine's entrance? ^^
<Underthemoon> Um....to get to the other side.
<Underthemoon> ?
#658 + (25) - [X]
<Mr-Eff> its a ratio of what 3-g.k.h.m
<josePhoenix> 3 gigakilohectomorons?
<Memienta> lol
<josePhoenix> we'll be here all week, folks >.>
<josePhoenix> ... oh the irony.
<josePhoenix> brb
#659 + (-7) - [X]
* Demarthl wonders if theres anyone here that could talk so that he could understand what was going on
* Underthemoon talks so Demarthl can understand.
Underthemoon> Stab stab prawn stab socks food prawn stab bored.
Demarthl> wtf? XD prawn?!
Demarthl> socks?
Underthemoon> See, you understood.
Underthemoon> \o/
Demarthl> no i dont
Demarthl> but im dieing of laughter
Demarthl> where the hell did prawn and socks come from?
Underthemoon> I don't have a clue.
Underthemoon> But it sounded funny
Demarthl> it is
Demarthl> im gonna cry
Sisilam> they spawn randomly Demarthl
Demarthl> i could just see myself in an asylum mumbling that
* Demarthl says "grnngrg STAB STAB! ... dirty prawn grnng hllrrrr STAB YOU SOCK! nnng..."
#660 + (2) - [X]
< Demarthl> your tolerance of stupidity, including mine, is remarkable Lacey
< Lacey> I'm used to dealing with children Demarthl ;)
#662 + (-21) - [X]
<Phinehas> "Ok... single girls first, since there's more guys
around. Karyuu, Kiirani, Kalika, Zorbels, Demarthl"
<Karyuu> "I am the most unsingle person ever :3"
<Phinehas> "Nobody asked you. Sit down."
#663 + (-17) - [X]
* Underthemoon ponders a guild bent on subjegating newbies, not helping them.
<DAL|Losted> Underthemoon: That's just cruel. Need help gathering the 20,000 trias?
#664 + (11) - [X]
<janner> swearing in a group o guys, no big deal. BUT when a lady is present, a gentleman never resorts to vulgarity.
<joseSleep> janner, what if the lady swears alot?
<janner> Cover your ears
#665 + (7) - [X]
* Walugo stabbed his thumb with a pocket knife
<Walugo> hurts like hell
<Teazigg> emo?
<Walugo> no, nerd
<Walugo> i was trying to open a proccesor with the knife
#666 + (9) - [X]
<Uy|work> If I had a pack of viagra for every mail I've gotten about it, I could have sex around the clock until I was 90.
#668 + (4) - [X]
* Arianna is tired, ignore her
* Bereror is ignoring Arianna
* Ker_lap offers Arianna a bed
* Arianna sells it on Ebay
* Ker_lap * nooo! that was my brothers bed >:-/
* Ker_lap * damn you
> Talad2 (n=53d8b61a@ has joined
* Arianna * and you offer to me?
* Ker_lap * yeah :P
* Talad2 * HI
* Ker_lap * hi Talad
* Talad2 * will I manage to stay connected more than 2 seconds????
* Ker_lap * cloning already? :)
* Arianna * Talad2, 1
* Arianna * Talad2, 2
* Arianna gives a cookie to Talad2 for rewarding him to be connected 10 sec
* Talad2 * I found a place where the wifi signal is stronger
* Arianna * the toilet?
* Talad2 * don't ask!
* Ker_lap * lol
* Talad2 * I will try again with mIRC now.
* Ker_lap starts a ritual for Talad's connectivity
* Arianna * you said that you found a place and I tried to guess, I didn't ask ;D
* Arianna * Ker_lap, in the bathtube?
> Talad (n=Talad@ has joined
+ ChanServ enables 'Op' status for Talad
* Arianna * nooooo
* Arianna * two talads noooooo
* Ker_lap * no, i'm googling for a ritual of connectivity
* Arianna counts double paranoia and her head just get dizzy
< Talad2 (n=53d8b61a@ has disconnected (Client Quit)
< Talad (n=Talad@planeshift/director/Talad) has disconnected (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
* Arianna * ah, I was ready to say if he gave viagra to his connection
* Arianna * maybe he should..
* Arianna * maybe somebody should quote me when I am in such a great cabaret mood
> Talad3 (n=53d8b61a@ has joined
* Talad3 * mm... I probably know what's happening
* Arianna * Talad, talad, arriva gia' il nemico, scappa, ma tu ci sei amico, Talad, arriva talad TREEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee
* Talad3 * this connection supports one connection only
* Arianna * ehm , sorry
* Ker_lap * the third clone.. now it's getting nasty
* Talad3 * so if I open mirc and the web it doesn't work
* Talad3 * at least this is what it does
* Talad3 * why I have to debug also the wifi connection of the hotel? :)
* Talad3 * test
* Ker_lap * test back :)
* Arianna * because everybody knows how lovely you are and they want to entertain you
* Talad3 * ok, then I can browse the net
* Arianna thinks that that was not a great joke and thinks that the callstack she just looked at sucked as badly
* Talad3 * anyway....
* Ker_lap * http://wally.cs.iupui.edu/n241-new/webMag/internetMagic.html
* Arianna * Talad3, where are you, just out of curiosity?
* Talad3 * mmm... I have a public image to defend.
* Ker_lap * what country, at least?
* Arianna * Talad3, what planet?
* Talad3 * anyway I layed a blanket on the floor of the room, and I have the laptop there
* Arianna * you have an image?
* Arianna thought about which city Talad was
* Talad3 * I'm in Maranello, home of Ferrari
* Ker_lap * ah. the blanket supports the wlan, that must be it :)
* Talad3 * yesterday I was in Venice
* Arianna * Talad3, oh, nice trip
* Arianna thinks about all the nice food
* Arianna drools
* Arianna wants food
* Talad3 * today I was in Milan :)
* Arianna should go to sleep soon
* Ker_lap * Arianna: Talad3, oh, nice trip <- agreed
* Talad3 * well, complex travels as always
* Arianna cries in nostalgy
* Talad3 [tells what he ate to dinner]
* Arianna strangles her bf, kidnaps the cat and flies to a normal country
* Arianna takes a chinese bamboo-stick and does harakiri
* Ker_lap * traveling salesman problem
* Khaki * Ker_lap: ah so that's his real job
* Ker_lap * "where is the best food and how much can i eat till i have to stop next?"
* Ker_lap * yes, Talads RL job is selling freezers to pinguins :)
* Ker_lap * and like scrooge mcduck he owns his own money safe
* Ker_lap * with tons of dollars
* Talad3 * selling pinguins seems nicer
* Ker_lap * to freezers?
* Ker_lap * on which planet are you, Talad? o.o
* Talad3 * currently earth
^ Talad3 is now known as Talad
+ ChanServ enables 'Op' status for Talad
* Ker_lap * i must have missed "the revolution of the freezers" :D
* Arianna [asks about a bug]
< Bereror (n=enar@planeshift/developer/Bereror) has disconnected ("Night")
< Talad (n=53d8b61a@planeshift/director/Talad) has disconnected ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
* Arianna * damn ittttttttttttttttttttt
> Talad3 (n=53d8b61a@ has joined
* Arianna [asks again!]
* Talad3 * ok, I will just stay like this
* xillix * :D
* Arianna * yes, please.
* Ker_lap imagines talad holding the laptop exactly 23 mm over the blanket trying not to shake
* Talad3 * something like that
#669 + (-4) - [X]
* Cha0s (n=ctta0s@ip68-110-239-24.dc.dc.cox.net) has joined #planeshift-gmtalk
<Caarrie> hi Cha0s
<Cha0s> hi
<josePhoenix> cha\o/
<josePhoenix> ...
<josePhoenix> Cha0s, \
<josePhoenix> damnation
<josePhoenix> Cha0s, \o/
<josePhoenix> there
<Cha0s> hello
<Cha0s> ;)
<josePhoenix> sure, go for the simple approach :|
#671 + (1) - [X]
<Bakuun> We just can't win. The obvious solution is to just have everyone explode.
#672 + (0) - [X]
aarobber\\away is now known as aarobber
<aarobber> hi
aarobber finally got wow :/
aarobber [n=aarobber@cpe-66-91-255-110.san.res.rr.com] has quit IRC ("Lost terminal")
<Borrillis> Well, that'll be the last we see of aarobber for a while
<xillix> Nooooooooo
#673 + (-9) - [X]
* Awayshe gets an evil streak
dancer_in_shadow: gets or brings out the evil streak? ;)
Awayshe: I am as pure as the driven snow
Awayshe: no bad thought has ever traversed my mind
Awayshe: ... in the same way light doesn't travel through the sun
#674 + (-4) - [X]
<Cherppow> Hmm, if you had a medieval "computer" what all items could the "keyboard" have?
<Talad> a medieval keyboard is a set of dwarves, each with an assigned letter, you spell a word and each of them writes down a letter
<Venge> An army of monks each transcribing what you say or doing the same math problems--parallel processing! :)
<TomT> how about a magical keyboard that corrects your spelling as you type
<Venge> That's called "Word"
* Ker_lap imagines little dwarves jumping from key to key typing stuff while calculating
<TomT> poor little dwarves
#677 + (6) - [X]
<Alliva> wtf
<Alliva> whats with all this randomness today ?
<Rux> standard operating procedure
#679 + (-3) - [X]
<Farren_Kutter> Shaving and shower took less time than I thought
<Cadoras> first time showerer, Farren_Kutter?
<Farren_Kutter> o.O
<@josePhoenix> xD
<Cadoras> You just seem, inexperienced
<@Venge|away> lol
#680 + (20) - [X]
<Cadoras> I want to be the complaints manager of PS :P
<Cadoras> Everybody sends me their complaints
<Cadoras> Any good ones I'll take seriously
<Cadoras> but I mostly just want to make the stupid people cry :P
<Cadoras> "You seem to be confused, dear complainer, I always win. Always. If you would rephrase your complaint and send it again, I would be happy to reign victorious over your miniscule intellect." :P
<+Akaye> >:| Stupid internet connection
<Cadoras> I'm sorry, Akaye, but Planeshift can not take responsability for your recent complaint. If you would like to rephrase it and send it again, I would be happy to dismiss it once more.

#681 + (-5) - [X]
<Rux> so there i was, tied to an ulber...
<Rux> you finish the story
<DAL|Away> When ulber mating season begain. The End.
#682 + (5) - [X]
<Frostmorn> CAdoras,
<Frostmorn> i love you
<Frostmorn> lets get married
<Frostmorn> have childeren
<Frostmorn> then start a farm
<Frostmorn> grow wine
<Frostmorn> then hire mexicans
<Frostmorn> then grow old
<Frostmorn> argue over the financial future of the farm
<Frostmorn> then get sued by the goverment for running an illigal drug running operation
<CAdoras> as long as we can breed cats, Frostmorn
#683 + (17) - [X]
<Vengeance> I view irc as my opportunity to be completely blunt and honest with people. :)
<Vengeance> Irl, I have no such freedom. :)
<Xillix[A]> :)
<Vengeance> Many people view their online personae as an opportunities to lie.
<Vengeance> I view it as my big chance to be truthful. :)
<Xillix[A]> well i figure people would have figured out by now that going and crying to someone named veangeance won't work out in your favor
<Vengeance> rofl
<Vengeance> Hence my alternate "approachable" nickname, Flower. :)
* Vengeance is now known as Flower
#684 + (0) - [X]
<Bakuun> I've been trying to track him down for forever. He's been getting emails from me every week :P
<josePhoenix> Bakuun, I know, hence the "if" :P everyone's looking for him
<Farren_Kutter> I'm not :P
<josePhoenix> yes you are
<josePhoenix> we can see your dreams
<Farren_Kutter> o.O
<josePhoenix> 'Dave! Dave! Save me from the bugs!"
<Nilaya> lol
<Bakuun> XD
<Farren_Kutter> You realize that my name is dave too, right?
#685 + (165) - [X]
<steuben> it starts with the iphone, then you get the iphone shuffle. it's smaller and cheaper, but dials a random number when you want to make a call
#686 + (-3) - [X]
<DAL|School> Where would I change something to make the bow a weapon?
<acraig|work> It's defined in the database.
<Ralleyon> in the database, in the item_stats table
<acraig|work> In item stats
<acraig|work> Just make it equipable
<acraig|work> Any object can be used as a weapon if it's equipable in the Righthand/lefthand slots
<acraig|work> I was attacking things with carrots one time.

#687 + (-8) - [X]
You have joined the channel ##java
<Rux> You know what's really great about Java?
<Rux> yeah... me neither :(
#689 + (-5) - [X]
<Ker_lap> well, you have to know. i'm just a poodle with knit sweaters.
<Ker_lap> *dances in josey's mind*
#690 + (-3) - [X]
<John80sk> Vengeance: Er, any way I could get a snippet of complicated code to look at?
<Vengeance> I still know for a fact that you will give up after deciding that programming is "incredibly lame" within hours.
<rux> trues
<joseAway> John80sk, http://planeshift.cvs.sourceforge.net/planeshift/planeshift/src/
<Vengeance> John80sk: Reading it isn't the hard part. Writing it is. :-)
<joseAway> knock yourself out ;]
<rux> ROFL
#691 + (-8) - [X]
<Rux|sleep> I'm gonna sleep so good that people will be like, "DANG! He's sleeping good!". And I'll be like "ZZZ j00 lamerz!"
#692 + (-14) - [X]
<DAL|Away> So I will need to have a light in there before I export it?
<Induane> if you want to see it
<jorrit> :-)
<jorrit> Details
<Induane> :D
#693 + (-9) - [X]
<Bakuun> I'd like to make a channel called #The_Red_Sea sometime. Just so I can type "/part #The_Red_Sea"
#694 + (6) - [X]
<ramlambmoo> I've had 3 different cards on 2 computes and ndiswrapper has never worked
<ramlambmoo> Im convinced theres no actual code there at all, just a whole lot of different error messages
#695 + (-8) - [X]
#696 + (-1) - [X]
<Venge|away> munkii: Most people who play PS are doing it because they like hanging out with their friends
<Venge|away> higher ranks or more money almost happen by accident
<Venge|away> it's like hanging out at the mall, but with more elves. :)
#698 + (-15) - [X]
<dfryer> Frosty Mace of Laanx's Testicles
<Gluonite> Must have 150 testosterone to wield it.
#699 + (8) - [X]
<Vengeance> Instead of "A world is not enough" we can make it "Don't get too attached to your shit." :)
#700 + (-4) - [X]
<Ninjab3ar> and i only ran into 3 ppl
<Ninjab3ar> and they were all afk
<Vengeance> sounds like the dev channel :P
#701 + (-9) - [X]
<Eklina> /tell Rat please: /set invincible off
#702 + (-2) - [X]
<Irkoon_Melnibone> is the npc ai client up ?
<Vengeance> We like to refer to it, since this update, as Artificial Stupidity
#703 + (-16) - [X]
<Ninjab3ar> hmm
<Ninjab3ar> how are the graphics in this game?
<Vengeance> not very good
<Vengeance> excellent, though, compared to like MineSweeper
#704 + (-4) - [X]
<Eklina> Fenkis are hot.
<Vengeance> They certainly have nice glutes
#705 + (3) - [X]
rux: all the good brain cells get used on code so by the time i get to irc i... fit right in
#706 + (-18) - [X]
<Vengeance> kable: Magodra is working on it, and I don't want to step on him
<kable> good to know
<Vengeance> He is the main dev working on adding things to npcclient, so he is most likely the one that made it worse a few weeks back. :)
<Vengeance> You'll know it is fixed when you hear the faint sound of a forehead being slapped in Norway.
#707 + (-19) - [X]
<res|laptop> "'Patches welcome' is the Open Source way of saying 'Go screw yourself'."
<res|laptop> http://video.google.nl/videoplay?docid=-4216011961522818645
#708 + (2) - [X]
<@joseAway> The forum titles are quite silly. Emeraldfool is a 'veteran'? Zanzibar is a 'forum legend', just because he posts a lot?
<Mononoke> joseAway: isn't he legend ? :)
* Cadoras puts Mononoke in the corner
<Cadoras> And you are going to think about what you said
<Cadoras> When you are ready to apologize, you can come back
#709 + (-12) - [X]
<Cerala> whoo, white out...
<Mordaan> hmm?
<Cerala> Like when snow comes down so hard that its pure white outside and nothing can be seen
<Mordaan> graphics bug or is that happening with everyone?
<Cerala> In real life :) outside my window
<Mordaan> oh
#710 + (-1) - [X]
<xillix> death should be a woman
<Ker_lap> death should be a genderless pile of lump
<Karyuu> Bah, you've no imagination :P
<xillix> Karyuu i only say this because he is male everywhere other than PS
<Jeraphon> death should be a man....
<Jeraphon> ....that suddenly became a woman when laanx became a man.
<Jeraphon> conservation of deific phalluses
<Karyuu> ...Jeraphon's mind works in interesting ways.
#711 + (-8) - [X]
<WarpZone> Yay! Logs!
<WarpZone> What scrolls down screens, alone or in teens, runs over your neighbor's blog. It fits in a meg, and goes good with eggs, it's log, log log!
<FossiFoo> my cs logs is several megs though i guess
<WarpZone> SHHH!
<WarpZone> I can't very well say "it fits in an arbitrarily-defined ammount of disk space that, while potentially large, is usually less than one would think is unreasonable, given the quality of the information." It wouldn't fit the Ren & Stimpy song.
#712 + (-5) - [X]
<Irick> "You are too chafed to do that now" would be the best error message ever
#714 + (-4) - [X]
<Robinmagus> AH! I dug up the banjo. This is gonna be GREAT.
<Venge> You don't hear those two sentences together much
#715 + (-5) - [X]
rux: i'm a distro whore ;_;
MadMerlin: win2k isn't much of a distro
rux: er uh crack whore?
MadMerlin: that works
#716 + (-1) - [X]
Edicho: are main book character names are allowed in PS ?
iKtomi: no
iKtomi: character names should be entirely original
Edicho: hm then another one to petition about
rux: can't we just chase him off with touches and pitchforks?
Edicho: yea i miss it
Edicho: i'd pickup one of those torches by in BD to burn those :P
aslan_ has joined
rux: omg aslan the lion king! :O
rux bows
rux: wait what was that about main book character names?
Edicho laughs
#717 + (-14) - [X]
<After two hours of trying to make Rylour understand me>

Telles says: I want you to rot in the depths of the Death Realm
Rylour Awnnys says: Can you be more clear?
Telles says: I'll chop your head off and use it as a ball.
Rylour Awnnys says: Can you be more clear?
Telles says: I hate you
Rylour Awnnys says: You speak strangely... Can you be more clear?
Telles says: die!
Rylour Awnnys says: If I die, I will just reincarnate when I return from the Death Realm, so I don't see why that should give you satisfaction.
#718 + (-2) - [X]
* Venge|away imagines UTM pointing out that in medieval England there were no tacos
<iKtomi> To its great detriment.
* Venge|away then imagines Idoru stepping in to say that in medieval Norway, they had something resembling a taco, only with ice cold herring
* Venge|away then imagines Bilbous getting offended at the use of wikipedia in a forum argument
<Venge|away> Ah such a community we have
<Venge|away> It just warms the cockles of your heart, doesn't it
<iKtomi> [ Cue 3 hour debate, culminating in Janner leaving planeshift. Again. ]
* Venge|away sleeps soundly
#719 + (-19) - [X]
<Jurrely> gods dont defend themselfs or explain
<Jurrely> or correct spelling
<Cadoras> says who?
<Jurrely> god
<Jurrely> dissprove him
<Cadoras> wouldn't that be explaining his lack of explanations?
<Cadoras> in which case, he just contradicted himself?
<Jurrely> ask him
<Cadoras> and wouldn't the bible and other religious books be explanations? :P
<Jurrely> ask him
<Cadoras> I will
<Cadoras> one second
* Cadoras mumbles to himself
<Cadoras> he says you're an idiot
#721 + (2) - [X]
<Edicho> oh my god
<jem> hmm? yes?
<Edicho> you know why laanx isn't among us anymore?
<Aerianna> no..
<Aerianna> tell us! tel us!
* Edicho shows dagger of Laanx's Mind to everyone "someone had to make it....."
* Aerianna giggles
<Edicho> that's prolly the reason why Talad doesn't wave to anyone, too
* Edicho takes out short sword of Talad's Arm
#722 + (2) - [X]
<steuben_ofthepen> mistress karyuu, i think a member of your graphics herd may be looking for you in the main channel
<Karyuu> The herd beckons! To the devmobile!
#723 + (26) - [X]
<Miadon> damn internet is slow again
<Miadon> I should download the internet and keep it stored locally.
#724 + (-12) - [X]
<Karyuu> We need better item names. "Rather Foul Coffee," "Slightly Dubious Cake," "Cheese That Maybe Probably Shouldn't Be Eaten," etc.
#725 + (-7) - [X]
<Vengeance> The game is a bit sucky, and there are several very annoying people in the community, but overall we like it. :)
#726 + (4) - [X]
<Torzigg> never mix real life with rp
<Torzigg> it just doesn't work
<Zwenze> Yes Torzigg. Don't try to take a shortcut through DR in real life to get home faster :D
#727 + (9) - [X]
<steuben_ofthepen> 3) Don't kill your instructor. <-- usually good advice
<Cadoras> Hmm
<Cadoras> Darth Vader broke that rule
<Cadoras> I didn't say that
<Cadoras> look away!
<Cadoras> I'm cool
<Cadoras> Err
<Cadoras> Beer!
<Cadoras> And
<Cadoras> Cars!
#728 + (0) - [X]
John80sk> remember, on the internet men are men, women are men, and children are the FBI
#729 + (1) - [X]
<bobofett> I just want to kill a rat for christ sake! lol
<Emerald> nothing like that first rat-kill
<Emerald> the adrenaline rush
<bobofett> lol E
<Semutara> oh yea... rats are... uhm... exciting
<Alliva> yes
<Emerald> and sexy
<Semutara> oh yea
<Semutara> rats are good at lap dance :P
<lammas> lap dance \o/
#730 + (-2) - [X]
<Cadoras> I live by simple reasoning
<Cadoras> If there is a god
<Cadoras> It's me
<Cadoras> and I'll forgive myself for not believing in me
<Cadoras> So, no worries in being an atheist
<+Hoki_Workin> \o/
#731 + (-5) - [X]
<HaniX> ok serious issue with fishe here
<HaniX> serious exploit
<HaniX> Kerol, you there?
<Kerol> here
<Kerol> fishe?
<HaniX> yes a serioius exploit is IG
<Kerol> tell
<HaniX> ok fish that the dlayos drop a getting named like the weapons
<Hilon> fish?
<HaniX> for instance a spidersilk fish of the hammer.
* Hilon slaps HaniX with a fish.
<Kerol> wth?
<HaniX> however stat booster
<Kerol> a stat boosting spidersilk fish of the hammer?!?
<Kerol> ROFL
<Hilon> :D
<HaniX> there are stat boosting fish when you eat them, you get what ever stat boosted and it doesnt wear off and is stackable
<Kerol> no, for real?
<HaniX> yes
<Hilon> Does it still work if you put butter and lemon juice on them?
<HaniX> for real
<Kerol> omfg
<Kerol> this is just hilarious
<HaniX> lol
<HaniX> for example
<HaniX> the spidersilk fish boosts 10 AGI
* Kerol can't stop laughing
<Hilon> spidersilk fish? I gots to see this. :D
<HaniX> each time you eat a Spidersilk fish you get a +10 AGI boost and it stacks
<HaniX> apart from finding a reinforced fish of the blinding strike
<Hilon> And I thought I was doing a bit of drinking today. :/
<Kerol> xD
<HaniX> lol
<HaniX> aparently someone looted a fish of Talads arm earlier too.
#732 + (-24) - [X]
<Cyrius> perl, python, and php are all hammers for insane people
<Cyrius> perl's a hammer for people who put the nails in clever patterns
<Cyrius> python's for obsessive-compulsives who make sure every nail is perfectly spaced
<Cyrius> and php is for people who like hitting their thumbs repeatedly
#733 + (28) - [X]
Unnamed shouts: how do you get a weapon and fight stuff?
Ampathos shouts: read the website
Unnamed shouts: yea right i pirated this off kazaa
#734 + (-5) - [X]
* MadMerlin kiiranis stfrn to the channel
<-- stfrn has left this server (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer)).
<MadMerlin> ahh!
<MadMerlin> unusually fitting, but remind me not to do that again
#735 + (-24) - [X]
<Vengeance> Fenki_Rhia: In general, people online are more tolerant of gays or jihadis than they are of people using an "opposing" OS. :P
<Vengeance> It is very strange
#736 + (13) - [X]
<Awai|away> Has the server stabilised? I'm at work, and just distracting myself with the prospect of PS. Unless it's going down every two minutes again
<steuben> pretty stable
<steuben> i've been for ~3 hrs continous
<Awai|away> Groovy. Something to look forward to then :]
<steuben> although... if this was a cartoon, the server would crash shortly.
<steuben> umm... with that having been said... did the server crash?
<Underthemoon> Yes.
#737 + (-19) - [X]
<quotemstr> Wow, I've never seen an advertisement in an SMTP 5xx response before.
<quotemstr> 550 We would love to have gotten this email to mr3wm@aim.com. But, your recipient never logged onto their free AIM Mail account. Please contact them and let them know that they're missing out on all the super features offered by AIM Mail. And by the way, they're also missing out on your email. Thanks.
#738 + (-3) - [X]
<Arianna> plus I have just finished dinner (which we couldn't have earlier) so if I go to bed now, I will have the digestion up to my ears
#739 + (17) - [X]
<twistedpa1n> my girlfriend has started calling PS my mistress ...
<Hadfael> soon your mistress will call PS your GF
<Hadfael> start training to say "I swear honey, I will divorce". It's useful in PS and IRL
<Hadfael> keep "I can stop anyday" for your parents and the doctor
#740 + (-26) - [X]
<Miadon> Life is like a packet of Pink Wafers...
<MIadon> ...its terrible.
#741 + (-7) - [X]
MadMerlin: some people say that computer science people are anti-social, i think we're just anti-stupid
rux: true
MadMerlin: the distinction is easy to miss
rux: i'm allergic to dumb
MadMerlin: it gives me hives
#742 + (-31) - [X]
* rux adds more null
* Kariloy|work eats the null
* Kariloy|work starves
<rux> :(
* rux offers an after meal int
#743 + (12) - [X]
<Gaiyamato> DSL costs money my friend. :P
<Afrix> then mine for some gold *nods*
<Gaiyamato> hahahahaha
<Gaiyamato> lol.
<Draklar> Too many games, Afrix.
<Draklar> Gaiyamato, loot some people on the street.
<Miaua> I tired in front of my house. it said 'you dont see a good place to dig" :s
<Gaiyamato> lol.
<Miaua> I tried to loot people on street. but they did deffend themself :s
<Afrix> Miaua is such a noob :|
#744 + (-2) - [X]
<sipher> man.. this freakin noob asked me 2 days ago for a dark circle ring like a couple hours after I put them up for auction.. 1600 each (at cost to be nice).. server crashes and it doesn't happen.. he's been bothering me for 2 days about it so I tell him I'm in the arena and to come get it.. half an hour later he's like "I'm in the arena where are you?".. I tell him in the outer ring to the right...
<sipher> ...of gregori.. half an hour later he tells me he can't find Gregori.. so I tell him where he is.. 15 minutes later I ask what's taking him so long "I'm dead".. I tell him he can have it for free and he wants me to /die because it's easier..
<sipher> I ask if he's an enki or something and he says yeah.. so I think "fine.. ffs.. just so you stfu".. I /die and tada.. he's a fing klyros
#745 + (-15) - [X]
<Gag_H> Hello.
<Gag_H> Is there a minimum mining level for diamonds?
<Ker_uni> diamonds are forever...
<Aerianna> no
<Aerianna> lol
<Kemedes> <Ker_uni> diamonds are forever... <--- until the next wipe :p
* Aerianna laughs
<Ker_uni> <.<
#746 + (-11) - [X]
<Linksunius> IT's a MOVIE
<josePhoenix> With lusty wenches?
#747 + (7) - [X]
<Oghdebah> laaaaaaaaaaaaaag
<Emerald> I feel for you
<Emerald> and by that I mean shut up
#748 + (-1) - [X]
<Cadoras> we don't speak the r word around Cadoras :P
<Kiirani> I'm oh so lost.
<Hart_Sterr> religeion
<Kiirani> oh
<Kiirani> duh
<Kiirani> Sorry.
<Kiirani> I was trying to think of something dirty
<Cadoras> rectum
<Kanalal> someone call?
<Kanalal> oh god
<Hart_Sterr> XD
<Kanalal> i meant the window was flashing when i came back DAMNIT!
<Hart_Sterr> well.. thats a rather interesting.. highlight..
<Kiirani> For the record. I LOVE this place
<Kanalal> it was before he said it
<Shurrim> XD
<Kanalal> IT WAS BEFORE!!!!!
<Hart_Sterr> suuuure
<Kiirani> Whatever you say Kan
* Hart_Sterr rolls around on the floor
* Kanalal huddles in the corner and cries
#751 + (9) - [X]
<MenZa> I have putty on my dongle <3
#752 + (-7) - [X]
<Mononoke> I just won car for 1mont
<Mononoke> *month
<Miadon> so infact you won the right to borrow a car for 1 month?
#753 + (5) - [X]
<aarobber_> there, it's committed
<aarobber_> I didn't test it, but it's simple enough that I'm confident it works
#755 + (-16) - [X]
<Linksunius> I've bribed a gm's non-gm character to get the GM to do a favour for me
<Arianna> I bet you bribed him with pearls of wisdom and jewels of fantasy :)
#756 + (0) - [X]
<SexBunnie> I saw the war on TV.
<Cadoras> Dude, don't joke about that, I lost my eyes in 'nam
<John80sk> I lost my fingers in WW II
<John80sk> \o/
<Cadoras> Damn!
<Cadoras> You win :P
<John80sk> better than when I lost my toes in the revolutionary war :-/
<Cadoras> I lost my life during the Rise of Rome
<John80sk> :o
<John80sk> I lost both arms and legs in a caveman fight
<Cadoras> I...err... lost my viginity in the Jurassic period
<John80sk> I think you win Cadoras :P
#757 + (-14) - [X]
* xillix breaks out flamethrower and seaches the house for the one bug that keeps buzzing in his face
#758 + (-3) - [X]
<xillix> we still one bug away?
<Gluonite> sorta.
<Arianna> take my bug awayyyyy
<Arianna> tu - tuuuun
<Arianna> tu -tuun
<Arianna> tu - tuuunnn
<Arianna> take my bug awayyyyyy
#759 + (-6) - [X]
<Kerol> Talad, can i have a minute?
<Kerol> or two :)
<Arianna> I think that by now you have accumulated one hour of Talad
<Kerol> lol
#760 + (1) - [X]
<Pogopuschel> Whoa Ary that's some serious ban masks :D
<Arianna> uhm?
<Draklar> I'm sure Pogo tells that to all women he meets :O
<Pogopuschel> lol Draklar
<Arianna> :-)
#761 + (25) - [X]
<Vengeance> of course I mean "psychopath" in the gentlest of senses :)
#762 + (-23) - [X]
Arianna: Xil|sleeps: shouldn't you sleep ? :)
Xil|sleeps: i should
Xil|sleeps: indeed
Xil|sleeps: i stayed up too late working on ps last night :)
Xil|sleeps: gonna be another hard day for me :0
Talad kicked Xil|sleeps: for health reasons
Xillix has joined
ChanServ enables 'Voice' status for Xillix
Xillix: thanks talad :)
Xillix (n=Xillix@planeshift/setting/leader/xillix) is now known as Xil|sleeps
Xil|sleeps is now away - Reason : zzz
Xil|sleeps: night
Talad: night
#763 + (-5) - [X]
Ker_bed> Xordan|Afk, are you there?

<Ker_bed> or JorritAfk?

<Arianna> they are afk DD

<Arianna> well, lunch time

<Kayden> and you are in bed

#765 + (46) - [X]
joseRemote> Seperot: I want to win an iphone, can you tell me how to do that?
<Seperot> i do too
<Miadon> easy. You give me all your credit card numbers and if one of them is lucky
<Miadon> you win
#766 + (-4) - [X]
--> Kerol (n=Kerol@dslb-084-056-204-219.pools.arcor-ip.net) has joined #planeshift-gmtalk
<Kerol> hi
<Remmon> This is an automated message, everyone is missing, please try again in a few years.
<Kerol> oki
<-- Kerol (n=Kerol@dslb-084-056-204-219.pools.arcor-ip.net) has left #planeshift-gmtalk
#767 + (16) - [X]
<Induane> If it makes you feel any better I just got a computer in with the message taped to it - "is no work drive go clickity clack all time"
#768 + (-6) - [X]
<Remmon> Rule one of programming: "It can't be that hard/Should be easy/other variants inevitably means the resultant code will be either horribly complex, bugged or already implemented."
#769 + (-5) - [X]
<Tuxide> oh god there's a Dermorian PC char named Tinki Winki
<Tarel> :S
<Tuxide> To the petitionmobile!
#770 + (-1) - [X]
* Tuxide wonders if Talad plays PS, since Venge says he doesn't
Talad: I don't, I prefer to dedicate time to developing.
Talad: the only time I play is to check game balancing
Talad: or to test various options
Tuxide: Of course, no reason to take away developer resources
Talad: when release 1.0 will be out, I will play.
Tuxide: Nice :-)
Talad: (or plan 1.1)
Tuxide: Venge says he doesn't play because it sucks
Talad: I have a restless developer mind
tbti: haha
tbti: that's not what he said
Tuxide: it isn't?
tbti: He said he doesn't play because you RP'ers scare him.
tbti: and because it crashes too much.
|arerano|working: lol
Tuxide: Oh yeah...that too
Talad: Venge doesn't play because he will not be able to complete any quest ;)
#771 + (-8) - [X]
<josePhoenix> no such policies in those days really
<josePhoenix> make a thread "should this dude be a gm?" with poll options yes/no/abstain
<Kerol> i believe i was the last prospect either way of that era :)
<josePhoenix> if more yesses than noes, you are a gm
<josePhoenix> yeah, they changed it because they found that people like you were getting in :P
#772 + (-10) - [X]
<Farren_Kutter> you crashed the server >.>
<Kayden> did not x.x
<Farren_Kutter> hehehe
<Kayden> weird it is down...
<Farren_Kutter> ?
<Kayden> it did say failed...but I haven't seen any crash mails in hours
<Farren_Kutter> :P
<Kayden> ah there it is :)
* Kayden looks inside with anticipation
<Kayden> I *did* crash it XD
<Kayden> Data = 0x1b379e10 "Name : Kayden Clackersbane7418\nScript:\n<evt><block operation=\"remove\" category=\"+WaterBarrier\" delay=\"60000*PowerLevel\" /> </evt>\nVariables:\n", Size = 143, MaxSize = 192, GrowBy = 64},
<Kayden> minibuff = "Name : Kayden Clackersbane7418\000:/\b",
<Kayden> nice :D
#773 + (0) - [X]
[HaniX returns after a long absence]
<HaniX> so whats happenin?
<Ayshe> well, Dancer's new wife turned out to be his own twin, separated at birth. Pogovina contracted bovine spongiform encephalitis, but was cured by a mystery man with ties to her past. Kiirani got final approval for her sex change, but is hiding a dark secret. Inglorion discoverered the source code for pwn in a dig at Giza but lost it in a game of cards
#774 + (-11) - [X]
<Mononoke> I really can't imagine story about knight who half of day spends with fighting for heart of princess and other half with mining like *beep* in mines
#775 + (4) - [X]
<Khado> God, this Coneitic character on the forums is an idiot.
<Aerianna> umr Khado he is on here too :P
* steuben snickers...
<Khado> Oh
* Aerianna giggles
<Khado> God, this Coneitic character on the forums and on IRC is an idiot.
<Khado> sorry
#776 + (13) - [X]
[11:02] <Pizik> My girlfriend has a stalker, well, not my girlfriend, just someone i keep an eye on ;o)
#777 + (-19) - [X]
<Talad> if you are in game
<Talad> avoid moving
#778 + (-22) - [X]
<joseAway> Add one to the list of things I did NOT want to see in a /query window.
<joseAway> 20:10:59 <Farren_Kutter> Feel the wrath of my hairy beast
#779 + (89) - [X]
<Miadon>I've never played D&D
<Miadon>I've played S&L tough, which is quite cool.
<Miadon>Snakes and Ladders
#780 + (-6) - [X]
<Cadoras> Night, Talad|ZzZ
<Cadoras> Dream of me
<Baldur> You sure you want him to wake up screaming and sweating? :P
<Talad|ZzZ> no thanks ;)
<Solone> haha
<Cadoras> Not tonight? Maybe tomorrow, Talad? :P
<Solone> lol
<Talad|ZzZ> I hope you are a nice dermorian girl?
<Cadoras> Umm....
<Cadoras> I can be in your dreams :P
<Talad|ZzZ> I just dream PS characters, sorry :)
<Cadoras> Ah well, maybe another lifetime :P
#781 + (-19) - [X]
<Talad> seems this new HD goes in standby and disconnects me from mirc during the night
<Arianna> it needs to sleep too
#782 + (-22) - [X]
<Kaerli> does anyone know which bug is holding up the NPCClient start up?
<Arianna> npcclient is a bug.
#783 + (-25) - [X]
<Jeraphon> Ugh! Just when you want the WC the most
<Jeraphon> it's infinite login
<Arianna> Jeraphon, that sentence sounds really funny if you think WC = toilet :D
<Jeraphon> Just the kind of humour I expect from the country that gave us Roberto Benigni.
#784 + (-16) - [X]
<Talad> acraig: infinite login means there is no /sessions dir
<Talad> or the disk space is finished
<Arianna> or the end of the world is coming!
<Arianna> we are doomed!
* Arianna takes cover
* Kerol pushes Arianna over the edge of the world
* Arianna respawns
<Arianna> I was just out of bounds!
#785 + (-19) - [X]
<Jeraphon> hey folks. Anything happen since last night? :)
<Arianna> back from lunch
<Xordan|Afk> Arianna ate lunch
<Jeraphon> good to know
<Arianna> sometimes it happens :D
#786 + (-1) - [X]
[23:49] * Xillix struts throught the channel in a newbskin coat, "ye though i walk through the valley of the noobs, I shall fear no newbness, for I am covered in the blood of the leet."
#787 + (-4) - [X]
* Inglorion turns into a "do not disturb" sign
* Miaua steals secretly the 'not' from Inglorion's sign and hides
* danseur giggles
* Rayken sees the sign and disturbs Inglorion
* Inglorion is seriously disturbed
#788 + (-16) - [X]
[14:29] <`Zidane> so, i can kill a rat in like, maybe 5 minutes, with 10% hp left..... so thats strong enough to kill an ulber right?
#790 + (-4) - [X]
< Kiirani> I just looted a silverweave dagger!
< Kiirani> It's crappy!
< Miadon> then clean it
#791 + (-21) - [X]
* Kanalal pokes Kerol in the tummy to see if he squeaks
* Kerol burps
<Kanalal> :/
#792 + (-28) - [X]
<Vinafera> work is easy ... marriage is easy ... planeshift ... now that is complicated
#793 + (-29) - [X]
MadMerlin chews on kariloy
MadMerlin has disconnected: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
Kariloy|work: and that's what you get when you chew on Kariloy :|

#794 + (-23) - [X]
[14:05] * `Zidane sticks to his "cleaner unplugged server to plug in mobile phone charger" theory.
#795 + (-15) - [X]
[15:17] <Fesek> Am i in the right irc room? I was under the impression this was a room for Planeshift. :|
[15:17] <`Zidane> Fesek: it is.
[[15:17] <eldoth> Nah... this is ComplainShift

#796 + (-24) - [X]
[15:46] * Xil|sleeps hides all the noob parts in the closet
[15:46] * Xil|sleeps whistles
#797 + (0) - [X]
* Lordbug is making random simple weapon mods because he's bored
* DAL|Food randomizes Lordbug
*** Lordbug is now known as odruLgb
#798 + (-7) - [X]
<Lordbug> ACK!
<Lordbug> there's no op!
* Lordbug feels unsafe
*** Mode change [+o Lordbug] on #felines-lair by ChanServ
<[Lordbug> ACK! I'm an op!
<Rerogo> quick! to the panicmobile!
#799 + (-4) - [X]
* Semutara wonders if she has broken a record by getting a 6month old baby addicted to ps enough to cry when she tries to take him away :P
< Attersson> You did.
< Attersson> However this record isn't something I'd be proud of ;)
#800 + (-4) - [X]
< Underthemoon> Ultima 8 Pagan, was a dark story.
< Underthemoon> With some bugs. ;)
<+Jeraphon> buggier than...say...Daggerfall?
< homik> buggier than PS?
<+Jeraphon> oh you did NOT just go there
#801 + (9) - [X]
<jorrit> Talad: ignoring the few problems that may still be there we are now at about 12000 times faster.
<jorrit> But it seems to work mostly.
<Kayden> Seems to work 98% of the time for me :)
<Talad> ok, can you make also rendering of geometry 12000 times faster? ;)
<jorrit> Sure, no problem. Will send you a patch in five minutes.
* jorrit makes a patch to render everything black.
<Talad> ok, I will call the game "Power of your imagination"
<Talad> with a black package, we will sell a lot
#802 + (-3) - [X]
<utMoon> My parser is similar to NPCclient. I skip all two letter words.
<utMoon> Then resort to four letter words.
* Rizin giggles.
#803 + (-3) - [X]
Kemedes: Hey Kerol
Kemedes: Yet more toys to GM team :p
Kerol: omg
Kerol: you're scaring me
Kerol: what's this time? :)
Kemedes: ./purgeall
Kemedes: Deletes all player chars
Kerol: uhm
Kerol: that means i can make a server wipe?
Kemedes: lol
Kemedes: j/k :)
Kerol: pity :-(
#804 + (-14) - [X]
<Silavur> One day I was asking Xillix about the Dlayo's, and I'm pretty sure he logged on and had one chase me..
#805 + (-13) - [X]
* Arianna feels like hunting
<Jeraphon> It's player season
* Arianna takes her favourite lazo from the collection

#806 + (-7) - [X]
* DAL|Away huffs
* borgrel puffs
* Afrix muffs
* DAL|Away cuffs
* borgrel stuffs
* DAL|Away bluffs
* Afrix telemuffs
* Dihenis curfluffs
* DAL|Away tuffs
* borgrel jigglypuffs
* DAL|Away makes pies
* borgrel eats them
#807 + (11) - [X]
<Raa> I have, like, an over 150 IQ... I just choose not to use it when I don't feel like it.
<Khado> uh huh
<Raa> Seriously, FICE.
<Khado> We all believe you! No, really
<Khado> You might think I'm being really sarcastic
<Khado> But I'm not
<Khado> We really all think you are very smart
<Raa> ...
<Khado> trust me
<Khado> I mean sure, I'm going on and on and it really, really seems like I'm being sarcastic
<Khado> But I'm not
<Khado> As I'm sure you can tell
<Raa> I think you need to shove an elephant's tusk up your bottom. #_#
<Khado> Being all smart and all
<Khado> Who's a smarty, yes you are
* Khado pats Raa on the head
<Khado> Good, smarty
<Raa> .................
<Khado> roll over?
<Raa> ........
<Khado> Oh, not that smart?
<Raa> .............................
<Khado> Must need 200 "Raa" IQ points for that.
<Khado> Now please, be quiet, be respectful or leave.
<Raa> ............................
* Hoki_Workin looks back in
* Tuxide raaghs
<Khado> so far, you've shown that you can't do any of those three things. Things that come naturally to people with a double digit IQ
#808 + (-5) - [X]
<Yill> If it is BIG HAIRY and NASTY, run. It's either an enki or an ulbernaut. can never be too sure.
#809 + (-9) - [X]
On Planeshift Devs:

Yill: On a side note.....
Yill: all of you people are insane, crazy, bordering dangerous nutheads.
Yill: I love eeet!
#810 + (-12) - [X]
* Eliere giggles and wiggles waving around with repairkits
* Phanto is trying to get Sack quest to see if it works too
<Lordbug> Eliere...Eliere... where did I heard that name before...
<Eliere> you probably saw drunkpartlynaked fenki dancing in fountain and getting kicked out of town by guards
<Lordbug> Ah, that must be it... but then again, I'm in all sorts of weird parties.
#811 + (-4) - [X]
<zen_scotsman> i love coming in here, makes me feel almost normal ;)
#812 + (0) - [X]
<Willfon> you know you have a drinking problem, when you tell your wife you are out drinking beer, to cover up you are sitting at your office, playing PS
#813 + (-24) - [X]
<Tuxide> Come and I will show you
<Tuxide> It will look even funnier on your end than it will on mine
<Tuxide> Let me know when you're there
<Aiken> I should be close
<Aiken> I am flying
Dopplganger comes in at the wroooong time...
#814 + (-4) - [X]
<Hooloovoo> kback
<drey|aslep> kgood
<Hooloovoo> kawsome
<drey|aslep> kindeed
<Raoni> kwhat ?
<Hooloovoo> k>:|
<drey|aslep> k:/
#815 + (56) - [X]
<Talad> anyone in game?
<Talad> I just banned myself to test the /ban command :)
<Talad> can someone /unban talad ?
#816 + (-4) - [X]
<John80sk> nah, I go through a bag of jerky in a sitting... easy
<LiadanCreag> small or large?
<John80sk> the big one
<McNaire|Around> Ever reach in without looking and eat the silica bag by mistake?
<John80sk> :-/
* John80sk thinks that explains alot about McNaire|Around
#817 + (4) - [X]
<Underthemoon> PS is not a game, it is a mass of bugs holding hands. ;)
#818 + (-27) - [X]
[12:02] * Lolitra_Purrty walks up to Talad and takes his arm 'hello there my handsome Dev'l oper'
[12:03] * Talad (n=info@planeshift/director/Talad) Quit ( Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) )
[12:03] <sxealex> haha!
[12:03] <Izzabella> oo Lolitra_Purrty you scared him off!
[12:03] <Lolitra_Purrty> oooo...
[12:03] <Arerano_Areramau> What have you done!!??
[12:03] <Arerano_Areramau> :P
[12:03] <Lolitra_Purrty> whoops
[12:03] <Izzabella> your too much woman for him.
[12:03] <a_wibble> "Connection reset by peer" Looks like there's competition for Talad.....
#819 + (-24) - [X]
<Farren_Lindar> I don't go to funerals

<Farren_Lindar> Because everyone is always crying and they hug me because I'm the only one not crying :/

<Ryiel> Yeah cause you say: "What's the fuss about? It takes only 2mins to get out of the DR"
#820 + (-26) - [X]
<Listbard> XilliX is a slang term often depicting something awesome, or someone awesome, it often replaces '1337' or other terms that refer to someone being awesome.
<Gag_H> Sacrileg! ;)
<Listbard> XilliX also substitutes for the phrase 'win' as opposed to 'fail' XilliX can mean success in life, or anything else. For this same reason it can be replaced with 'owned' or 'pwned'
<Listbard> "Wow that jump you made on your bike was XilliX dude!"
<Listbard> "My skills on counterstrike are XilliX..."
<Listbard> "j00 got pwned by mah XilliX skillz"
<Listbard> "You just got XilliXed n00b"
<Listbard> "You fail at being as XilliX as me."
#821 + (0) - [X]
<Eliseth> I can see the forum headlines "PS DEVS play scrabble while MAJOR bugs go UNFIXED... pg 15"
* Caarrie laughs
<Donari|afk> ^^
<LiadanCreag> hehe
* LiadanCreag laughs evilly
#822 + (4) - [X]
<Cadoras> Oh, I made a Lemur character
<Cadoras> he's awesome
<Cadoras> He's a little annoying creep who bothers people
<Cadoras> I loves him
<Hwnae> Phinehas?
#823 + (-5) - [X]
Dee`: Meh, you should give up on the opposite sex
Rayken: o.O
Cadoras: I would, Dee`, but -somebody- is with Ayshe
Dee`: lol Rerogo, that's not what I meant!
Cadoras: :P
Dee`: lol
Dee`: I can share
Dee`: :-p
Cadoras: Mrrrow :P
Rerogo: oh god
Ayshe: this is the second happiest day of my life
***Rerogo censors that last bit from certain... people
Rerogo: \o/ why?
Rerogo: oh
Rerogo: what's the first happiest?
Ayshe: I'm reserving that for the orgy.
Cadoras: xP
#824 + (4) - [X]
<XilliX> remain calm, server is being looked at, all is well, do not rush for the life boats, keep your money in the bank, and do not flood the supermarkets stocking up for nuclear winter.
#825 + (-5) - [X]
* Rheos wonders how many trias it would cost to get a smithy extension added to the guildhouse
< Cele|weekend> do you have the skill "mathematics", Rheos ?
< Rheos> can't find a trainer
< Cele|weekend> Rheos: Many Trias then ^^

#826 + (-19) - [X]
<homik> i hate word problems
<homik> american math is so stupid (or atleas the way they teach it
<steuben_sleeps> math \o/
<homik> its always "Little billy bought X amount of substance B at price Z and shoved it in bodily oriface Y"
#827 + (2) - [X]
<Edicho> it always look laggy in cities :)
<Tanner_SlaveOfPI> looks laggy?
<Tanner_SlaveOfPI> you can see lag?
Edicho> hahaha
<Edicho>it's like air
<Edicho>you can't see it
* Tanner_SlaveOfPI dons lag vision goggles
#828 + (-22) - [X]
<newbie> asks: help with tutorials
You advise <newbie> with this suggestion: Please be a little more specific with your question.
<newbie> asks: i dont understand the tutorials

(to be fair, more specific questions followed, that's why i deleted his name ;-) )
#829 + (-3) - [X]
<Dihenis> Flecour?
<Dihenis> how's that for a nickname?
<kelate> something I can remember how to spell latter please?
<kelate> >.<
<Dihenis> XD
#830 + (-1) - [X]
Rayken uses duct ape on stfrn
stfrn: a whole ape? o.O
Rayken: yea
Rayken: it's an ape you use in plumbing
stfrn: I'm not even sure they'd fit in a duct :P
Rayken: nono you use the ape's drool
Rayken: it's adhesive
stfrn: I see...
Rayken: so it drools on things and the stick together
stfrn: well, as long as it works for you....
stfrn: wait, you were using it on me :p
stfrn: "keep your drools off me, you damn duct ape!"
#831 + (8) - [X]
[14:15] * Noriin wonders why ChanServ does never speak
[14:15] * Noriin frowns..
[14:15] <@Noriin> Spy!
#832 + (-4) - [X]
<Xordan> We're not a F/OSS project
<Xordan> We're a Free as in Beer OSS project ;)
<Xordan> Because we like beer
#833 + (-16) - [X]
drey: rux!
rux: drey!
drey has disconnected: "me!"
rux: ok then
#834 + (-7) - [X]
GuildChat from Svuun: I wonder how faction rating are rp'd in game. like before you fight a tefu does he want to see your rating with his kind "sorry man i need to see some papers [motions you to hand over your faction papers] "oh I see, that's t oo bad. very negative. I'll have to hit you harder. Here are your papers, let's proceed with this fight"
#835 + (12) - [X]
<Shiver`Phin> oh christ
<Shiver`Phin> crazy bitch just made the "history is about men thats why they call it His-Story" crack
<Shiver`Phin> I almost shot my self on the spot
<Goune> wow
<Goune> if iwas the guy behind you
<Goune> i'd be like 'DONT DO IT"
<Goune> put my head next to yours and be like 'NOW DO IT'
<Shiver`Phin> hahahaha
#836 + (-24) - [X]
[17:22] <Zwenze> Underthemoon, we discussed that inguild chat but consider the work as too much and we haveto little artists in guild.
[17:23] <vinafera> Zwenze: besides, all the doorwayswould be too low for most of the players if we designed it
[17:23] <Zwenze> and the mugs to large
#837 + (-7) - [X]
[23:00] <Alzilios> Talad has been held up at airport security as a person of interest b/c he checked a big honkin server bound for Singapore as luggage
#838 + (-4) - [X]
<oudin_1> i trip over my wifi beam all the time.
#839 + (0) - [X]
<KORENIS> sorry me very VERY tispy
<Seryn> pingo ping
<Pingo> Seryn, the current status of laanx.fragnetics.com is: server down. It has been down for over 4 hours.
* KORENIS walks over to pingo
<KORENIS> hey pretty lady what you doing here
* Kelate rolls her eyes
#840 + (-20) - [X]
<Ryiel> what do you speak then?
<Elvi> swedish
<Farren_Lindar> I speak Darnassian
#841 + (1) - [X]
<christiniegirl> and he was just repeating everything.
<christiniegirl> repeatedly.
#842 + (-5) - [X]
[19:34] <Rinasho> Think your kids get addicted to PS when they are older?
[19:34] <Kelate> lol
[19:35] <@Lyaph> :P
[19:35] <@Lyaph> Be nice Rinasho
[19:35] <Rinasho> Didnt mean it as insult Lyaph :P
[19:35] <Rinasho> Im sure you make it a chore for your kids Lyaph
[19:35] <Rinasho> If you ever get any
[19:36] <Rinasho> "RP thieves or no desert!"
[19:39] <@Lyaph> Well... My kids are sure as hell not going to get to know you ;)
[19:39] <Rinasho> :P
[19:39] * Rinasho may be dead by then
[19:41] <@Lyaph> If i get my hands on you ;P
#843 + (-21) - [X]
<Torzigg> drey! back in the closet! Now!
<Torzigg> =>.<=
<Farren_Kutter> drey came out of the closet?
#844 + (3) - [X]
<corky> the death realm isn't a shortcut anymore!
<Yaycub> oh?
<corky> that good old times
<corky> "i wanna get home" "/die" :P

#845 + (-3) - [X]
=-= YOU are now known as Rizin|Sleep
=-= jyoshka is now known as jyosleeps
* Underthemoon follows the ladies.
<Underthemoon> Not litterally, of course.
<MacChesney> good night :)
<Rizin|Sleep> Underthemoon: Should I quote you :P
<MacChesney> lol
#846 + (-2) - [X]
<Nobilis> Hi all I am bored entertain me kthx. :P ;)
* LaptopKii hands Nobilis some nsfw artwork.
<LaptopKii> Have fun.
<Nobilis> Nsfw artwork?
<LaptopKii> You wanted entertianment.
<Nobilis> What is nsfw artwork?
<LaptopKii> Uhm.
<Tuxide|laptop> do you know where babies come from?
<LaptopKii> Great, trying to make a joke in a vaguely-inappropriate manner dug me in a hole.
<Zetsumei> mommie's magic place?
* LaptopKii facepalms and decides to keep her mouth shut
<Nobilis> Babies grow in cornfields...
<Hoki_Workin> lies they grow from crystals
<LaptopKii> xD
<Nobilis> I grew in a tree...
<LaptopKii> I suppose.
* LaptopKii came from a hospital!
<Nobilis> I wish I was a *cough* =)
<Tuxide|laptop> right now imagine inappropriate things being done to cornfields
<LaptopKii> LOL tuxide xD
<LaptopKii> I'm sure I've seen that before.
<Tuxide|laptop> and imagine someone drawing inappropriate things being done to cornfields
<Tuxide|laptop> that is nsfw artwork
<LaptopKii> rofl.
#848 + (-2) - [X]
<Baldur> I can't believe my mouse is lagging.
<Afrix> usb?
<Baldur> Touchpad :(
<ravna> it just wants some attention
<Vonor> Baldur, give it some love and pet it with your finger :)
<Vonor> .o0(no double meaning intended!)
#849 + (-8) - [X]
<Ryiel> http://img.moonbuggy.org/barbie-doom-horse-adventures/
<Ryiel> i want this game!
<Bald|Student> I knew she was sly...
<MazurLap> And what about the family Stone?
<Bald|Student> Distant relatives to Flintstones?
<MazurLap> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sly_&_the_Family_Stone
<MazurLap> Or did you mean the belligerent midget?
<MazurLap> The one in Stall One.
<MazurLap> ?
<Bald|Student> What? No I meant Barbie
<MazurLap> I didn't know she was Sly, myself.
<Bald|Student> ...
#850 + (-20) - [X]
Trying to find a birtday present for overtherainbow is hard and wakes alot of conflict
<ravna> some ps3 games
<Bald|Dreamweaver> A monstertruck within the 50-100$ limit..
<ravna> wtf
<ravna> 1 gallon fuel
<Bald|Dreamweaver> Yo momma.
<Pizik> MP3 player
<ravna> yo momma is cheaper
#851 + (-24) - [X]
|<-- crj has left irc.freenode.net (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
-->| crj has joined #planeshift-citycontest
|<-- crj has left irc.freenode.net (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
-->| crj has joined #planeshift-citycontest
<crj> doh, i just keep pushing the magic button that crashes my client...
<Baldur> Priceless :')
#852 + (-3) - [X]
<Darkmillian> ahh saturday nigh
<Darkmillian> what to do now..
<Carua[Advisor]> sing a saturday song??
<HaniX> ooohh
<Addeline> aaaah!
<Carua[Advisor]> eeeeh
<Addeline> doobi doo bi dooo!
#853 + (-27) - [X]
Soraile: I'm furry. . . . <.< not A furry. well, unless they create a raccoon person, then yeah, i'll be all over that. but still
DAL|Lost1d: Furrys rule vanilla drools
#854 + (-5) - [X]
Kilezo: i mean.. do i need to keep the glyphs, after i learned the magic?
Akaiddo: Yes
Akaiddo: you must keep them
Kilezo: whats the best way?
kougaro: a sack
Kilezo: i mean... from the Magic Ways
#855 + (-21) - [X]
<homik|grrrr> if i start typing strange things its vecause garden gnomes truned my keyvoard into chocolate milk and i couldn't rememver which way the key fit back togather
<Akaiddo> lol
#856 + (-5) - [X]
<Akaiddo> how wierd, I can smell fish and chips all of a sudden and noones home
<homik> Akaiddo, you farted?
<Akaiddo> No, maybz a maori did eh
* Pizik beats Akaiddo round the head with a homik
<homik> 9.o;;;;
<Baldur> A Maori broke into your home, Akkaiddo?
<Akaiddo> I am scared my house may be gettin robbed silently around me
<Baldur> Damn immigrants!
<homik> Akaiddo, yes, Skynet is finally taking over
<Akaiddo> LOL, Maori arent immigrants, just disgruntled natives who aren't even oppressed enough :P
<Akaiddo> Skynet smells like fush and chupz?
<homik> "You must be oppressed X amount to be a native" :P
<Akaiddo> 9000+ homik
<homik> Akaiddo, thats what it wants you to think it smells like
<homik> I'M OVER 9000!!!!!
<Akaiddo> Skynet wants me to think Maoris are stealing my TV when its taking over the world?
<homik> yes....and that it smells like fish and chips
<homik> its all VERY complicated
<Akaiddo> Ah, the new Terminator models have maori accents and confiscate TVs... what a joy of technology
<homik> NO NO NO, you're getting it wrong!!!
<homik> Skynet wants you to THINK that they have maori accents and are stealing your tv.
<homik> look at the matrix source code :/
<Akaiddo> O_O
<homik> The Matrix is under the Gnu license >.>
<Baldur> Or they're just f*cking with your head
<homik> see, Baldur gets it :P
<Akaiddo> LOL
<Baldur> In fact, it's l's and o's and not 1's and 0's! Now reexamine the code, grasshopper
<Akaiddo> 10101011110001101010111010110
<homik> i feel like posting this on the quote db >.>
<Akaiddo> I want a super-jump spell
<Baldur> lolololllllooollolololllololollo
<Addeline> io, io, it's off to work we go
<homik> brb >.>
<Akaiddo> lolz
#857 + (7) - [X]
<+kougaro> I am in your head homik \o/
<homik> o.0
<+kougaro> figment of yer magination
<+kougaro> you are alone on earth
<Azileq> and the imagination speaks O.o
<+kougaro> and you are a 6-billion personnality schizophrenic
<homik> you are the most honest dilusion i have ever had...
<+kougaro> *personalities
<homik> <3
<Dihenis> lol
#858 + (-1) - [X]
<nairan> i see some winged ones..
Koios flaps his wings: Got anything against that?
Akaiddo clips the wings.
<Akaiddo> heh
Koios hurls a Clakcer at Akaiddo
<Koios> Clackertag!
Akaiddo hurls a Clacker at Talad
<Akaiddo> Oh, that won't work.
Talad adds it to the pile
<Akaiddo> YAY he answered
<Akaiddo> I feel blessed
<Koios> lol
<Akaiddo> I wonder who Talad will throw the Clacker on to for Clackertag
Talad looks at the pile, then at Akaiddo
<Akaiddo> uh oh
#859 + (-2) - [X]
Moonnaps: Later folks. Azi needs the lappy. :)
Epyrion: what?
Epyrion: hmm
Moonnaps left the room (quit: "goned to eat my salad!!!").
Epyrion: is that short for lapdance?
#860 + (2) - [X]
Pizik: "Male, 26, Unemployed, lives with mother, prone to extended periods of self pity. Seeks the impossible" ;o)
#861 + (-21) - [X]
<freenode'Vonoff> weltall, you made me a frigging chicken! :P
<weltall> me?
<freenode'Dajoji> I don't wanna ask for details O_o
<freenode'Vonoff> at least i think it was you, since you threatened to make me perma klyros :D
and why you aren't a klyros then?
<freenode'Vonoff> no idea, but am perma chicken now
<freenode'Dajoji> hehe
<freenode'Tinvel> lol...you were the Hungy Ulbernaut with chicken model and description of a Dlayo Vonoff?
<freenode'Vonoff> Name Vonor
<freenode'Vonoff> Last name
<freenode'Vonoff> Race Kikiri
<weltall> XDDDDDD
[some minutes later]
<freenode'Vonoff> weltall, ah yes, i forgot about him :)
<freenode'Vonoff> anyways, who made me a chicken through the dev wc, if it wasn't weltall? meh :-/
<weltall> it was nice eh
<freenode'Vonoff> no
<freenode'Vonoff> :P
<weltall> why not?
<freenode'Vonoff> <-- not a chicken :D
<weltall> ^ a quality one
* freenode'Vonoff is more the derghir kind of person :D
<freenode'Anqua> I gave Vonor a great idea
<freenode'Vonoff> Anqua, you did? :P
<weltall> anqua+vonor+idea? nah this doens't work
<freenode'Anqua> hehe
<freenode'Anqua> Now that Vonor is a kikiri, everytime he go visible and help a player, he can lay an egg before going invis. again
<freenode'Tinvel> lol
<freenode'Anqua> This way our players will be happy
* freenode'Rizin|Sleep has entered the channel
<freenode'Vonoff> lol
<freenode'Anqua> Satisfaction Guarenteed
<freenode'Anqua> :P
<weltall> hahahahaha
[in the mean time vonor was sending some pm]
<Vonoff> was it you?! I know it was you!
<kougaro> me what?
<Vonoff> you made me a kikiri, didn't you?
<kougaro> smoked something? :P
<Vonoff> i'm a damn chicken!
[and other pm too]
<freenode'Vonoff> meh, it was you who changed me, wasn't it?
<weltall> are you poking all devs?
<freenode'Vonoff> just poked you before then kou and now you again but in private :D
<weltall> what's wrong in being a kikiri anyway
<freenode'Vonoff> well, i don't want to be one :D
<weltall> why not aiken is a kikiri 24/7
<freenode'Vonoff> i'm not aiken :D
[coming back in the channel...]
* freenode'Pizik ora conosciuto come freenode'Not_a_GM
<freenode'Not_a_GM> hey, welsmall are you around?
<freenode'Anqua> hehe
<weltall> pizik you'll become a dwarf soon
<weltall> XD
<freenode'Not_a_GM> hehe
<freenode'Not_a_GM> better than fishy
<freenode'Anqua> better be a dwarf than a klyros :P
<weltall> ok klyros then
<freenode'Vonoff> weltall, can you assing item meshes to chars? if so, make Not_a_GM a carp fish :D
<freenode'Not_a_GM> didn't think it would be
<weltall> you need a cal3d model to assign it
<weltall> and a race defined too
* freenode'Not_a_GM ora conosciuto come freenode'Pizik_afk
<freenode'Vonoff> gn8 guys
<freenode'Tinvel> good night Vonoff
<freenode'Anqua> bye Vonoff
<freenode'Xopal> gn o/
<freenode'Vonoff> btw, please let me be a dwarf again...or at least a derghir...but heck, not a chicken! :D
<freenode'Anqua> how about an egg?
<freenode'Anqua> or a tloke?
<freenode'Vonoff> stonebreaker or derghir
<freenode'Vonoff> :D
<freenode'Anqua> okie
<freenode'Anqua> I'll request them to make you
<freenode'Anqua> a female stonebreaker
<freenode'Anqua> XD
<freenode'Vonoff> male!
<freenode'Xopal> lol
<freenode'Anqua> Female will be better, trust me
<freenode'Anqua> You just have to chnge your name from Vonor to Vonoria
<freenode'Anqua> ;)
<freenode'Vonoff> i don't have to play a female char to be better :D
<freenode'Xopal> .. or Vonoretta ^^.. very feminine!
<freenode'Anqua> hehe
<freenode'Xopal> Bet she combs her beard too! What a lady. xD
<freenode'Anqua> LOL
<freenode'Vonoff> meh, you're all so silly :D
<freenode'Anqua> some female dwarves have beard
[next day...]
<freenode'Vonor> weltall, when will you change my mesh back? :D
<weltall> when you will submit to klyros greatness
<freenode'Rizin> lol
<freenode'Tazen> lol
<freenode'Vonor> oh those klyros, they are so awesome
<weltall> hum
<weltall> it doesn't seem convinced
<weltall> XD
* freenode'Vonor bows down "klyros are the bestest"
[in #planeshift]
<freenode'Vonor> Klyros are the bestest race evah
* freenode'Elvi jumps Vonor "blurghbubaHA!
<freenode'Semutara> >_>
<freenode'Vonor> klyros I say!
<freenode'Elvi> so... why where you a dwarf yesterday? :P
<freenode'Vonor> i only morphed
[back in the other channel]
<freenode'Vonor> weltall, look how serious i am -> #planeshift
<weltall> ahahhaha
<freenode'Vonor> are you convinced now?
<weltall> changed
<freenode'Vonor> meh, you made me a klyros
<weltall> XD
<freenode'Vonor> I admit, klyros are great, but i want to be a stonebm or a derghir :D
<weltall> oh sure XD
<freenode'Vonor> come on man
<weltall> you know you like the brotherhood
<weltall> :D
<freenode'Vonor> well, am gonna delete vonor then
<weltall> why? XD
<freenode'Vonor> to remake him as stonebreaker
<weltall> it will change again
<weltall> XD
<weltall> now you are a stonebreaker
<weltall> a boring stonebreaker
<weltall> bah
<freenode'Vonor> didn't you forget something?
<freenode'Vonor> Name Vonor
<freenode'Vonor> Last name
<freenode'Vonor> Race StoneBreaker
<freenode'Vonor> Gender F
<weltall> hum no
<freenode'Tazen> lol gender F

#862 + (-6) - [X]
<freenode'Hoki_Workin> ask one of the codemonkeys ;)
<freenode'Bonzodog> damn, I could change the entitylabels rootfile value if I knew what a valid value would be
<freenode'hooloovoo> 42
<weltall> http://www.crystalspace3d.org/docs/online/api/structiKitchenSink.html => does anyone understand how to use this? :D
* freenode'mouli (n=mouli@ entrato in #freenode'#PlaneShift
* freenode'Carua takes everything else
* freenode'Akaiddo|SleepZzZ uscito (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
* freenode'mouli uscito (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
<freenode'Hoki_Workin> its used as a part of this http://www.spesh.com/danny/writing/washdishes.html
<weltall> so if i do psserver.shredder(on) it doesn't work?
<freenode'Hoki_Workin> no us installs only
<weltall> what if i put LANG=en_US
<freenode'Hoki_Workin> noes need GARBAGE_disposal=present
<weltall> oki
<weltall> anything else?
<freenode'hooloovoo> If you wanna do the dishes you can come over here instead. Got a pile waiting.
<weltall> it still returns SHREDDERDOESNTWANTTOWORK
<freenode'Hoki_Workin> ahh M$ code then you're bjorked
<freenode'Carua> hehe, try insert_hand return void()
<weltall> +i don't think it's a good idea
<weltall> i get pure function call now
<weltall> pure virtual*
<freenode'Hoki_Workin> so it virtually working?
<freenode'Hoki_Workin> time for some food and a coffee
<weltall> no it segfaults
<freenode'Carua> wow,this is like Nerd RP
<weltall> XD
#863 + (-17) - [X]
<weltall> nope
<weltall> XD
<weltall> i only slide him u 2
<weltall> XD
<freenode'Carua> and then someon RPed it into Harn's suicide
<weltall> XDDDDD
<weltall> yeah
<weltall> they said harnquist has hanged
<weltall> let me find the log
<freenode'Carua> *hung
* freenode'mouli (n=mouli@ entrato in #freenode'#PlaneShift
<weltall> (15:06:22) Evaraj says: there is an npc in the bronze doors fortress whisch sells hammers
<weltall> (15:06:38) Deinos says: thanks
<weltall> (15:07:39) Evaraj says: harnquist is stuck in the roof
<weltall> (15:08:00) Weltall says: ahahhaha
<weltall> (15:08:34) [Guild] Pain says: that is a shame
<weltall> (15:09:02) [Guild] Pain says: did you lift harn again?
<weltall> (15:09:07) [Guild] Pain says: I reset him earlier
<weltall> (15:09:25) [Guild] Weltall says: yes
<weltall> (15:09:47) [Guild] Weltall says: + dlayo in the tree
<freenode'Eckar> If it were by rope it'd be hanged, not hung. :p
<freenode'Eckar> Doesn't the english language rule?
* freenode'Eckar laughs.
<weltall> (16:26:46) Auslorrod says: have some people in town today!
<weltall> (16:27:32) Auslorrod looks up
<weltall> (16:28:04) Auslorrod says: holy cr%&...hadn't even noticed. poor harn... must have been the Pain Monster I've seen lurking about
<weltall> (16:28:52) Auslorrod looks to the dwarf...[oops, i think i just rp'ed :P]
<weltall> (16:29:32) Auslorrod says: Pain Monster yeah, evil kikiri hanging around Harns recently, deranged from drinking out of the casting box, metal poison i think
<weltall> (16:30:04) Auslorrod tosses his brackets into the furnace
<weltall> (16:30:31) Eurac says: If I was taller i would pick harnquists pockets, get back some of that money he cons everyone out of.
<weltall> (16:30:51) Auslorrod says: yeah for sure,
<weltall> (16:31:00) Auslorrod looks about for a poker or somethin
<weltall> (16:31:22) >Assimil Koer greets everyone.
<weltall> (16:31:24) Auslorrod says: Greetings Assimil
<weltall> (16:31:27) Eurac says: Hi
<weltall> (16:31:37) Assimil says: hey he can fly or is it me?
<weltall> (16:31:45) Auslorrod says: was just looking at harns boots up close
<weltall> (16:31:54) Auslorrod says: Eurac thinks he's been hanged for ripping citizens off
<weltall> (16:32:06) Assimil says: hehe
<weltall> (16:32:23) Assimil says: cant marry him *haha*
<weltall> (16:32:45) Assimil says: anyone of you a crafter?
<freenode'Eckar> Yep, hanged is correct.
<weltall> (16:32:57) Eurac says: He is already married, just a minute maybe he hanged himself.
<weltall> (16:33:39) Auslorrod chuckles at eurac then turns to Assimil. nope, can't craft yet.
<weltall> (16:33:50) Eurac says: Me niether
<weltall> (16:33:56) Assimil says: *sigh*
<weltall> (16:34:04) Auslorrod says: met a fenki named Titaso that is able
<weltall> (16:34:04) Assimil says: no dagger for a little fenki
<weltall> (16:34:17) Assimil says: Tarotin?
<weltall> (16:34:46) Auslorrod says: ummm..not sure....here it was Titaso
<weltall> (16:35:10) Assimil says: ah...yeah..saw him yesterday...but he is a axe man
<freenode'Eckar> <.< Harnquist sometimes needs to die.
<weltall> 16:35:39) Assimil says: where did he found the rope?
<weltall> (16:36:20) Assimil shouts: DONT DIE...Customers are Comming !!!!!!
<weltall> (16:36:46) Auslorrod says: hmm, well, perhaps we'll be able to sell to each other now!
<weltall> (16:36:52) Assimil says: hehe...ok time to take a look around...catch ya later`s i guess *hehe*
<weltall> (16:36:58) Auslorrod says: see ya
<weltall> (16:37:04) Eurac says: :)
<weltall> (16:37:17) Assimil says: looks a bit stupit *haha*
<weltall> (16:37:45) Auslorrod says: wonder if Kada's is dead over here
<weltall> (16:37:59) Auslorrod says: well, aside from the fact that everywhere is dead
<freenode'Carua> so,wait you were talking to the "Pain Monster"?
<weltall> yes also
<weltall> (16:58:17) Eurac says: Hi
<weltall> (16:58:22) Gabiwe says: Hi
<weltall> (16:58:32) Eurac looks at Harnquist.
<weltall> (16:58:54) Eurac says: He floats now?
<weltall> (16:59:07) Gabiwe says: Look at the notice hean hear
<weltall> (16:59:33) Eurac says: I see.
<weltall> (16:59:48) Gabiwe says: I just noticed it ealyer myself too
<weltall> (17:00:03) Eurac says: well it is to late for him to pay a better return top the citizens now.
<weltall> XD
<freenode'Eckar> He would say that..
#865 + (-24) - [X]
<freenode'chewed-on> o.O
<freenode'chewed-on> Xordan is in the #crystalspace directory but not in this
<freenode'Bald|Studying> Bastid
<freenode'chewed-on> channel, not directory ^.^!
<freenode'Bald|Studying> Funny :P
<weltall> directory? :D
<weltall> cd #crystalspace
<weltall> cd xordan
<weltall> ls
<weltall> :O the wonders
<weltall> :D
<freenode'Hoki_Workin> rm -rf xordan
<weltall> oh my who fixes the client now
<weltall> XD
<freenode'chewed-on> weltall: :P
<freenode'chewed-on> ah, shush ! :P
#867 + (-6) - [X]
<Lokter> I prefer this one
<Lokter> http://failblog.org/2009/05/01/audi-billboard-fail/
<Haraun> XD
<Haraun> Wait.... I drive an Audi >.>
<Akashani> :p
<Lokter> LOL
<Lokter> We has a BMW so :P
<Lokter> except it has no wing mirror :S
<Lokter> some chavs in france stole it..
<Haraun> XD

#868 + (-17) - [X]
greato> When Pizik will be back
-->| Khaki_ (n=Khaki@93-97-141-193.zone5.bethere.co.uk) has joined #planeshift
<Minks> on soulcake tuesday
<Baldur>Though cake does imply it's a lie.
<--| greato has left #planeshift
#869 + (-8) - [X]
<Vonor> Welcome to IRC, where men are men, women are men and little girls are FBI agents.
#871 + (-21) - [X]
zanzibar: bilbous, etes-vous un quebecois?
bilbous: nein
#872 + (-7) - [X]
* eLBati (i=536775fe@gateway/web/freenode/x-4d6307973a9b3bdd) has joined #planeshift
<eLBati> hi
<+Pizik> Hiya eLBati
<+weltall> hi
<hydrolyzer> they're really wussy with consent for donation over here
<hydrolyzer> even if you have it stated on your licence that you are a donor 'A' implying that all organs are available for donation immediately upon death, they still need consent of the next of kin, if they cant be located, then the organs cant be harvested.
<hydrolyzer> oh...that probably sounds really strange for eLBati
<eLBati> :D
<+Pizik> That sucks hydrolyzer, your consent should still be valid after brain death
<hydrolyzer> yeah its quite crap.
<eLBati> a bit
<UtM> At least you said it with pants on this time.
#873 + (7) - [X]
*DAudioLink snuggles all over the Mellas, drey, Afrix, Haraun, Baldur, niklasboelter, and DAL|Sleep
<Afrix> :O
<drey> kk
<Haraun> Channelsnuggle :o
* Baldur wears snugg-lar
* DAL|Sleep carries Pizik off to the back room for a super secret mansnuggle
<Pizik> \o/
* Mellas peeks
* Mellas draws
<DAL|Sleep> :O
<Mellas> blackmail material :D
#874 + (1) - [X]
Vakachehk: vowels u mean like wedding vowels?
#875 + (0) - [X]
Vakachehk: so if u live in germany dont u speak german not english?
#876 + (-23) - [X]
[17:36:04] * Allola (n=) has joined #theoutlaws
[17:36:37] <Allola> Jaycc|dead! =O
[17:36:52] <+Morla_Phlint> hey 'Llola
[17:37:08] <Allola> o/
[17:37:18] <+Morla_Phlint> sorry, it's all my fault, I dropped Jaycc on the floor and she broke :'(
[17:37:29] <Allola> =O
[17:37:36] <+Morla_Phlint> i know...
[17:37:52] * +Morla_Phlint is ashamed
[17:38:46] * Allola picks up the Jaycc|dead pieces and tries to put her back together.
[17:39:04] * +Morla_Phlint hands 'Llola some glue
[17:39:25] * Allola giggles and pulls out duct tape "This works better"
[17:39:26] <Allola> >=]
[17:39:33] <+Morla_Phlint> :O
[17:39:51] * Allola tries to duct tape Jaycc|dead back together
[17:39:56] * +Morla_Phlint throws the glue away and smashes a window
[17:40:04] <Allola> O.o
[17:40:15] <+Morla_Phlint> oops... I did it again
[17:40:17] <+Morla_Phlint> xD
[17:40:26] <Allola> LMAO!
#877 + (-1) - [X]
(01:11:56) [X] shouts: You're wrong! I know you're wrong! You took his mind from his body, sure... but you have to have put it somewhere!
#878 + (-5) - [X]
(17:33:59) GuildChat from Araroyige: :D
(17:34:05) GuildChat from Araroyige: You silly goose.
(17:34:23) Araroyige honks at Morla.
(17:34:25) Morla gooses Aro
(17:34:33) GuildChat from Araroyige: !!
(17:34:38) GuildChat from Araroyige: you grabbed my ass?
#879 + (-29) - [X]
(13:03:48) GuildChat from Morla: Xiasa, what are you irl?
(13:04:01) GuildChat from Xiasa: Human =P
(13:04:09) GuildChat from Morla: ah, nice
(13:04:09) GuildChat from Araroyige: So you claim.
(13:04:16) GuildChat from Araroyige: How do we know?
(13:04:17) GuildChat from Morla: humans are strange

#880 + (1) - [X]
(note: loltz is a bot)
[20:24] <Morla_Phlint> O.o
[20:24] <loltz> Oh.
[20:25] * Morla_Phlint slaps loltz
[20:25] <loltz> Do you like talking to me?
[20:25] <Morla_Phlint> noooo
[20:25] <loltz> "Do you like talking to me? "? Not?
[20:25] <Morla_Phlint> not
[20:25] <loltz> I see.
[20:25] <Morla_Phlint> what do you see?
[20:25] <loltz> I see a computer nerd.
#881 + (1) - [X]
(quest difficulties)
(21:57:19) GuildChat from Hanomo: Good, now give it to Grimal.
(21:57:25) GuildChat from Hanomo: THEN PUTS THE LOTION ON THE SKIN!!
(21:57:35) GuildChat from Hanomo: I'm not sure where that came from...
(21:57:37) GuildChat from Homik: o.0
#882 + (-3) - [X]
(18:49:36) Orgonwukh steals Morila's 'i' and hands it to Morla
(18:49:42) Araroyige watches Ikakio die.
(18:49:44) Morila slits Ikakio's throat
(18:49:48) GuildChat from Ikakio: O.O
(18:49:51) GuildChat from Araroyige: \o/
(18:49:53) Morla pouts and refuses to take the "i"
(18:50:04) GuildChat from Morla: haha
(18:50:19) GuildChat from Ikakio: t
(18:50:24) GuildChat from Morila: {guild chat from Morla} GIMME BACK MY I!
(18:50:24) Orgonwukh throws the 'i' at Morla
(18:50:36) GuildChat from Morila: WHAY ONE??
(18:50:40) GuildChat from Morila: what*
(18:50:49) GuildChat from Elvi: lol what a mess xD
(18:50:55) GuildChat from Orgonwukh: lol
(18:51:02) Morla catches the "i" and throws it at Morila
(18:51:06) GuildChat from Araroyige: caps lock loses effectiveness when it has typos, Morla.
(18:51:09) GuildChat from Ikakio: I am so making a character named Morlia just to piss people off
(18:51:17) GuildChat from Orgonwukh: lol
(18:51:26) Morila thanks Morla And stabs everyone else
#883 + (4) - [X]
[13:19:07] Elvi2 needs to go pay some bills
[13:19:12] <Elvi2> how fun yeeeeeee! \o/
[13:19:29] <Zetsumei> I was just going to say, 'have fun'
[13:19:31] Shangshi had that fun last week
[13:19:46] <Shangshi> cost me a fortune
#884 + (-6) - [X]
[00:59:54] Orgonwukh calls planet earth
[01:00:29] <+Morla_Phlint> password?
[01:00:45] <@Orgonwukh> foobar
[01:01:16] <+Morla_Phlint> sorry, password doesn't match, check if you have caps active
[01:01:56] Orgonwukh enters another password: 'password'
[01:02:19] <+Morla_Phlint> sorry, password doesn't match, check if you have caps active
[01:02:26] <AiwendilH> lol
[01:03:01] Orgonwukh hits Morla_Phlint on the head with his keyboard
[01:03:33] Morla_Phlint 's last thought is that she actually made Org think at 1am...
[01:04:20] <Jaycc_k> thats mean!
[01:04:27] Orgonwukh looks innocent
[01:04:33] <@Orgonwukh> Look, Morla fell!
[01:05:15] Morla_Phlint is very dead, brutally killed in fact, mm...
[01:05:38] Orgonwukh whistles
[01:07:08] Morla_Phlint spits out a note (although still very dead) ''When the doop-keeper loses, the system is locked''
[01:07:34] <+Morla_Phlint> *door
[01:07:48] Orgonwukh reboots Morla_Phlint
[01:07:53] <Allola> >.>
[01:09:15] Morla_Phlint 's screen shows a message ''Fatal error. Data severely damaged. Estimared data loss: 98%. System reinstall recommended''
[01:09:25] <+Morla_Phlint> *estimated
[01:09:53] Orgonwukh installs orgonunix
[01:10:56] Morla_Phlint 's screen shows another message ''Incompatible OS ''
[01:11:04] <@Orgonwukh> lmao
[01:11:15] Orgonwukh formats Morla_Phlint, then re-installs
[01:11:57] Morla_Phlint 's screen blinks ''Incompatible OS''
[01:12:28] <AiwendilH> lol
[01:12:59] Orgonwukh replaces Morla_Phlint's 2GB RAM with an old 64MB RAM "Enough for a girl..."
[01:13:40] Orgonwukh wonders about the silence...
[01:14:20] Morla_Phlint 's screen message: ''No hardware swap without WINDOWS reinstall'' *beep*
[01:14:58] AiwendilH giggles "You moved the mouse...please restart windows"
[01:15:02] Morla_Phlint electro-shocks Orgonwukh
[01:15:29] Orgonwukh jerks
[01:15:40] <Jaycc_k> O.O
[01:15:50] <Allola> O.O
[01:16:34] Orgonwukh gives up and tries to install Orgonunix on Aiwendil
[01:17:28] <Jaycc_k> O.O 's at Allola
[01:17:42] Morla_Phlint is forgotten in a corner waiting for the maintenance team
[01:17:42] Allola blinks
[01:18:05] AiwendilH doesn't even start up
[01:19:20] Orgonwukh throws the CD away and gives brain a low nice
#885 + (-24) - [X]
[01:00:07] * Elvi joinks at Allola's tail and it snapps off "well lookie here, its a clip on tail"
[01:00:34] <Allola> O.O
[01:00:37] <Allola> Nuhuh!
[01:00:41] <+Morla_Phlint> oopsy...
[01:00:43] <Allola> It's not supposed to come off!
[01:00:48] * Allola shreiks
[01:00:56] <+Morla_Phlint> but it did...bad merchandise
#886 + (-6) - [X]
<Vorac> I always wanted to sit on a water-sac
#887 + (-1) - [X]
[11:55] <PS-Ninja> AndreAzevedo IAdrianI is the last person you should listen to.
[11:55] *** PS-Ninja is now known as XilliX
[11:56] <|Adrian|> me, did you hear what XilliX said?
[11:56] <IAdrianI> yeah
[11:56] <|Adrian|> what should we do?
[11:56] <IAdrianI> listen to me
[11:56] <IAdrianI> D:
[11:56] <|Adrian|> /o\
[11:56] <|Adrian|> I Feel bad now
[11:56] <IAdrianI> \o/
#888 + (2) - [X]
<k2_> strawberry banana isnt that good
* Shangshi (n=chatzill@ ha entrado en #planeshift
<Afrix> mutant fruit? :o
<k2_> yogurt
<Afrix> oh
#889 + (0) - [X]
<Haraun> Illysia: Do you have me the forum url again...? Working on other computer -> No browser history :P
<Illysia> For the stonehead?
<Haraun> Jup
<Illysia> http://stoneheadps.freeforums.org/index.php
<Haraun> Merci
<Illysia> ???
* weltall spams posts "I WANNA HAVE A CAKE!"
<Haraun> Thank you :P
<Illysia> *condenses the posts into one with moderator powers* :)
* weltall kills the kikiri in response
* weltall puts the kikiri underground
<weltall> Registered users: Haraun => haraun is always everywhere
<weltall> XD
* Haraun just finished his Forum-tour
<LiadanCreag> nice
<Illysia> weltall: >.> mess with the kikiri and I will spam you with what will likely end up being her name. :p
<LiadanCreag> what is her name, Illysia?
<LiadanCreag> and why is it a she? not a he?
<weltall> cat Illysia > /dev/null
<weltall> :D
<Eckar> Lady Marie-Therese de Peckerly-Anne XVI
<Monala> What's the most likely name, then? :P
<Illysia> The probably name? The long one... She apparently laid an egg at some time.
* LiadanCreag laughs
<Haraun> I like the Peckerly part XD
<weltall> i will rename it irikiki
<weltall> put a disease script on it
<weltall> and make everyone run
<weltall> XD
<LiadanCreag> WHO came up with that, Illysia?
<weltall> it's extremely easy to put a disease on a kikiri
<weltall> just add a script on !veryshortrange trigger
<f8ejf> I don't want to know how you give kikiris a disease...
<weltall> as soon as you approach it you see the hp going down down down
<weltall> :P
<Monala> SNeeze on 'em
<Monala> *Sneeze
<Haraun> The tavern-kikiri is the only one with a chance of which I could become more a fan of than the killer-kikiri in Oja who chases big people around
<Joccey> hi.. switchin between computers so i may not talk much
<weltall> <script><if t="Target:ActiveSpellCount('Kikiri disease') &lt; 1"><then><apply aim="Target" name="kikiri disease" type="buff" duration="1200000"><hp-rate value="-10"/><msg text="You feel a disease on the presence of the irikiki" undo="You thought you felt better now that the disease is gone"/></apply></then></if></script>
<k2> LOL
<Illysia> LiadanCreag: Jita.
<k2> do it do it do it nau
<LiadanCreag> oh
<LiadanCreag> lol Haraun
<LiadanCreag> you noticed that kikiri too?
<LiadanCreag> glad it's just not me
<Illysia> Leave my kikiri alone... I'm telling Rizin! :'(
<weltall> it's alone
<weltall> it's the people near him that will get problems
<weltall> XD
<weltall> oh
<weltall> the disease attacks also gm
<weltall> :O
<Haraun> LiadanCreag: Was too funny to see people running in Oja while the kikiri chases them XD
* LiadanCreag giggles
<weltall> who renamed that kikiri!
* Monala still wants to call the tav Kikiri dinner :D
<weltall> i'm telling rizin!
<Illysia> I think the funniest thing like that I have seen was a chicken roundhousing a fox in Mabonogi. It was practically kung fu pwning it.
<weltall> you are lucky Illysia the wc we use is bugged so i can't add the script :P
<Illysia> :p Good... meanie...
<weltall> but the name is reverted in kikiri
<weltall> and rizin will hear me :P
<Tuxide> Is Mabinogi worth griefing
[a /killnpc nameless was executed - it's the actual name of the kikiri for now]
------------- in planeshift
(09:58:53) Illysia says: Huh?
(09:59:00) Illysia looks around and rubs her eyes
(09:59:05) Kronwag says: what the hell with the kikiri ?
(09:59:14) Kronwag says: He just fell as I was coming in !
* weltall whistles
<Illysia> No.
<Illysia> Leave it alone.... >.> I like mabinogi.
<PS-Ninja> SA broke Tuxide's mind
<PS-Ninja> he'll never recover
<weltall> lol
<LiadanCreag> who did?
<Monala> SomethingAwful, LiadanCreag
<LiadanCreag> oh
<Illysia> I thought you were sleeping... >.>
<LiadanCreag> who?
<Eckar> He talks in his sleep.
<Monala> I actually forgot they existed up to this point
<LiadanCreag> he's a good sleep-typer
<Illysia> Me too.
<Monala> They still going?
<PS-Ninja> I have my ninja clothes on I'll ask that you stop god-modding knowing my gender.
<Illysia> I think they made themselves look like idiots not being able to focus long enough to get throuh the tutorial.
<Eckar> Hahahaha.
<PS-Ninja> lame!
<LiadanCreag> PS-Ninja: how many female ninjas do you know?
<Monala> Hehe
<Illysia> Most of the trolls got stopped before they got in game. :p
<Illysia> LiadanCreag: In or out of animes? :p
<weltall> unfortunately not all get stopped there
<LiadanCreag> lol Illysia
<LiadanCreag> out, Illysia
<LiadanCreag> animes don't count
<PS-Ninja> LiadanCreag I don't know any, I can't tell their gender. DUH.
<Illysia> But they are the reason anyone even thinks of ninjas as often as they do.
* weltall scripts kikiri death
<weltall> XD
<Illysia> weltall: Leave mah kikiri alone!
* LiadanCreag whistles
<weltall> noes
<Illysia> No cake for you.... ever....
<Monala> Illysia: Unless they were weaned on TMNT
<Monala> >>;
<weltall> when you will give me mah cake i will stop killing it
<weltall> XD
<weltall> (blackmailing ftw :P)
<Illysia> Monala: Shh.... :p
<Illysia> weltall: I gave you cake already.... <|3 <--- see...
<weltall> ?
<Joccey> mmm cake
<weltall> that looks like an ice cream
<weltall> XD
<Illysia> Then look at it differently... :p
<Joccey> mmm ice cream
<LiadanCreag> mmm
<LiadanCreag> mousie with head cut off
<LiadanCreag> <|3=D~
<weltall> i won't be cheated by these low attempts
<weltall> XD
<Monala> XD
* Monala throws cake at weltall
* weltall renames piles of bread crumbs in "diseased dish"
<Illysia> Stop messing with my kikiri. :p
<weltall> me?
<weltall> it's my pc
<weltall> talk with it
<weltall> :D
<Illysia> :p
<weltall> Ref# Seconds Repeat Command
<weltall> 1 70.0 100 msg #system /killnpc nameless
<Illysia> weltall's pc: Stop it! :p
* weltall 's pc refuses
* weltall 's pc is impervious to stopping
<PS-Ninja> weltall seems to have gotten mad-kikiri disease.
<weltall> Ref# Seconds Repeat Command
<weltall> 1 70.0 97 msg #system /killnpc nameless
<weltall> just another 97
<weltall> :P
<weltall> or give me a cake!
<weltall> XD
<weltall> 96
<weltall> XD
<LiadanCreag> i think weltall loves the kikiri
<Illysia> You wait till rizin comes back. :p
* Joccey sighs
<weltall> and? :D
<f8ejf|work> PS-Ninja: aren't you supposed to be in bed? :)
<Illysia> I'm telling...
<weltall> 9312 => just these seconds of kikiri deaths
<weltall> :P
<PS-Ninja> mostly
<f8ejf|work> heh
<weltall> yeah i will be telling too
<weltall> :P
* PS-Ninja gives weltall cake
<PS-Ninja> drop the kikiri and step away slowly!
<Illysia> And your PC too. :p
<weltall> i'm not near the kikiri
<weltall> XD
<f8ejf|work> I wouldn't have used a kikiri in the gug tavern
<f8ejf|work> who the heck keeps a chicken as a pet
<f8ejf|work> I'd have used one of the familiars
<weltall> i'm behind illysia with a big saw
<Illysia> f8ejf|work: People with kind hearts that don't kill kikiri's on sight. :)
<Illysia> weltall: keep it up and I will sic the scariest thing I know on you. :p
<weltall> i don't kill it on sight
<weltall> XD
<LiadanCreag> which is, what, Illysia
<weltall> yeah which is it?
<weltall> XD
<LiadanCreag> srsly, you two need to get a room
<f8ejf|work> Illysia: it's not that, it's just that poultry make a strange mascot for a tavern ;)
<Monala> f8ejf|work: I've heard of people keeping chickens as pets. :P
<Eckar> Feed it lake mushrooms and beer. >.>
<weltall> Ref# Seconds Repeat Command
<weltall> 1 70.0 93 msg #system /killnpc nameless
<f8ejf|work> eew
<Eckar> See what happens. <.<
<LiadanCreag> they do in calgary
<weltall> only 93
<LiadanCreag> and montreal
<f8ejf|work> well, to each his own I guess
* Monala looks for that video...
<Illysia> weltall: The university administration problems that have been following me since I started freshman year. :p
<weltall> http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/6255/shot1083.png
<weltall> shall i care? :P
<weltall> they do also for me
<Eckar> Disturbing.
<LiadanCreag> awww Illysia
<Illysia> weltall: Then I will give you more. :p
<weltall> the reverted password to the default one was enough
<weltall> XD
<weltall> it seems Illysia didn't look at the pic
<weltall> XD
<Illysia> f8ejf|work: Well the tavern has attracted a kikiri often enough for it to stick.
<Monala> o.O;
<Illysia> I saw it fine weltall and I raise you my scholarship problems as well. :p
<weltall> XDDDD
<weltall> the timing of the screenshot was perfect
<weltall> it got better than i expected
<weltall> XD
- In planeshift
(10:09:56) Kronwag says: ANyway, my shift is always rather calm. I have days where nobody come
(10:10:09) Zephan says: We could say the same for ours I guess...
(10:10:32) Zephan says: Has Lady Marie-Therese de Peckerly-Anne learned the "play dead" trick?
(10:10:53) Zephan frowns.
(10:11:08) Kronwag says: The name is not already decided, no ?
(10:11:17) >Kronwag Gheargh smiles at Zephan Cystennin
(10:11:18) Zephan says: No, but I like that one...
(10:11:35) Kronwag says: try to influence the vote ?
(10:11:45) Zephan says: I don't have to... it's already in the lead.
(10:11:48) Illysia says: It is the most likely to win right now with 5 votes.... mostly staff.
(10:11:57) Zephan grins.
(10:12:11) Kronwag says: [By the way, where is the vote done, I have not seen it ?]
(10:12:27) Zephan says: I should probably get the list of names for Kronwag to see?
(10:12:31) Illysia says: [It's not anywhere yet.]
(10:12:47) Kronwag says: [ok]
(10:12:49) Zephan says: ((Elady put them on a book here o.o))
(10:12:58) Illysia says: [She likely has it then.]
(10:13:06) Zephan says: ((Noes, it's in the pantry. I'll get it))
(10:13:57) >Zephan Cystennin dropped a book.
(10:14:53) Kronwag says: [I have seen the list on the forum, it's ok. Was just wondering for the vote]
<weltall> marie therese? are we serious?
<weltall> except the fact - can't be used :)
<weltall> Ref# Seconds Repeat Command
<weltall> 1 70.0 89 msg #system /killnpc nameless
<Illysia> weltall: well too many people liked it to leave it out and last I recall the naming conventions were relaxed, Beside is not like it can all be fit into the kikiri name anyway.... It will have to be changed.
<weltall> marie therese is a real world name
<weltall> plus we have a monarchy like name which doesn't fit in the setting :)
<weltall> and last the - isn't accepted by the engine
<weltall> yes sharven name shall be changed
<weltall> same goes for player names
<weltall> else we have a conflict
<Illysia> Last time I said that a GM shot me down about the naming convention and there is royalty in game.
<Illysia> :p
<Illysia> What does setting have to do with anything?
<weltall> with the fact npc data must be consistent among servers
<weltall> at least till it will be possible to overlay npc data
<Illysia> It probably is if you stop messing with it/ :p
<weltall> what? :P
<Illysia> The kikiri is already in both places what more does it need? :p
<weltall> the name will have to be consistent too
<weltall> if it gets renamed
<Illysia> XD Now that would be funny. If I set up the tavern on Ez will you get happy and leave the kikiri alone?
<weltall> no :P
<Illysia> Then leave it alone anyway. Your script is more disruptive to the RP environment than her future name. :p
<weltall> which script the disease one or the kill one? XD
<Illysia> I'm going to bed.... Night everybody. o/
<weltall> night
<Illysia> The kill one, :p
<Monala> G'ngiht, Illy
<weltall> but it was funny XD
<Illysia> the first thing my bartender said coming through the door was wth? :p
<weltall> ahhahahaha
<weltall> yes that was really funny
<Illysia> That is disruptive and only funny to you.
<weltall> XD
<weltall> well can't you rp a disease? :P
<Illysia> Not one that kills her constantly... playing dead was a stretch enough.
<weltall> :P
<Illysia> I should put a note about disruptive devs in the disruption poll thread. :p
<weltall> lies
<weltall> :P
* weltall deletes
<LiadanCreag> lol
<weltall> no seriously chill :P
<weltall> i think the disruption drama is a bit too exagerate
<weltall> :P
<weltall> or maybe they all play while i sleep
<weltall> well let's close the server from 22 to 5 utc
<weltall> problem solved :D
<Illysia> leaving my kikiri alone would be better. >.>
<weltall> it has been alone for 10 minutes now XD
<Illysia> No, your script is there... get your script away from it as well. :p
<weltall> script?
<weltall> i didn't put the script
<weltall> it's not possible with the bugged wc
<weltall> that kikiri afaik is missing also kikikikiki
<Baldur> Skald o/
<Illysia> It has that too and stop the dying cycle.
<weltall> additionally the script i posted doesn't work on stable server :)
<weltall> no it doesn't
<weltall> :P
<Illysia> Hiya Baldur!
<Illysia> I have passed it when it has said kikikikikiri!
<Baldur> Hey Modelless :)
<Illysia> Modelless?
<weltall> it was a dev then
<weltall> Knowledge Areas present in this NPC:
<weltall> Knowledge Area - Priority
<weltall> No knowledge areas present in this NPC.
<weltall> specific knownledge is empty too
<weltall> it can't talk
<Illysia> Well, then why did it display in the NPC tab?\
<Baldur> I picked that as a female term for Modeler :D And it also nudges on the word Sorceress ;)
<Illysia> If it can't talk someone mess with it. >.>
<Illysia> XD making up words again? Only we native speakers are suppose to do that. :p XD
<Baldur> I'm that careless :D
<Baldur> C:
<Illysia> XD Ok... enough arguing with weltall, I need to get sleep... Nighty Baldur! :) Nighty Everybody else! :) No cake for you weltall... evar. >.>
<weltall> XDDDD
<weltall> no you will make me cakes!
<Baldur> Toasts abound! \o/ Nite Illy :)
<weltall> good night
<weltall> and it was your imagination the kikiri doesn't talk in npc tab :P
* Baldur pops a basket of toast to weltall
<Illysia> it used to... stop messing with it and it might act right. >.>
* Illysia uscito ("It are late nao! o/")
<weltall> i'm not messing with it :P
<weltall> it used to because before it was a real kikiri
<Baldur> Good comeback :P
<weltall> now it's a kikiri from npcroom
<weltall> so another thing :P
<weltall> which was an ulbernaut before
<weltall> bah transracers
<weltall> XD
<Baldur> Yeah, I really think you should save that somewhere and tell it to her xD
<weltall> better to put this on qdb
<weltall> XD
<Baldur> ain't stopping you :D
<weltall> XD
<weltall> someone wants kikiri slices?
<weltall> high quality
<weltall> fresh from the origin
<weltall> http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/7725/shot1085.png
<Baldur> Rofl. Nameless Kikiri?
<weltall> yes
<Baldur> Why not call them Kikiri D
<Baldur> :D
#890 + (-20) - [X]
<Lokter> I thought you were about to flame me..
* Odin|work sprays Lokter with a fire extinguisher
* Lokter looks at Odin "He hasnt started yet"
<Odin|work> Preemptive spray
* Lokter grabs the fire extinguisher from Odin and beats him with it
* falcnor douses Lokter with kerosene.
<Lokter> not good
#891 + (-12) - [X]
* Tucos got confused
* Tucos looks around for brainz
<Lokter> lol
* Tucos targets Lokter
<Lokter> I dont have any brains
* Tucos looks disappointed and turns away
<Lokter> you should have worked that out by now
#892 + (-5) - [X]
-->| HellDragon (i=jd@modemcable178.248-201-24.mc.videotron.ca) has joined #planeshift
<beardy> I pooped a pile preemptively prior to proving the party pooping picked pickled peppers parttaking in promising poolparty panic.
* Lokter stabs beardy with a spoon
<Lokter> Shush
<Lokter> your making my head hurt
<overtherainbow> Alliteration \o/
|<-- HellDragon has left freenode (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
#893 + (-2) - [X]
<PS-Puppy> join my guild
<Tucos|IG> PS-Puppy, the white corps, was it? what do you do all day?
<falcnor> I'm already in a guild.
<PS-Puppy> ok tucos
<PS-Puppy> *falc
<Skald> I wonder if I'm in a guild.
<PS-Puppy> tucos we do stuff
<Tucos|IG> XD
<PS-Puppy> right now we recruit and rp
<PS-Puppy> we are doing the unseen crusade
<Skald> As in, no one sees you actually doing it?
<PS-Puppy> ...
<PS-Puppy> stabs skald
<Skald> I take that as a no.
#894 + (8) - [X]
<Skald> I tell you, these felines are getting more and more reckless.
<Moon|loggin> You have cats, or you almost ran over cats?
<Skald> I wish! (the latter)
<Skald> Like, yesterday I left the door open when going to the frontyard.
<Skald> Stayed there for a few minutes and when I returned, proceeding with closing the door
-->| Pizik (i=Pizik@unaffiliated/pizik) has joined ##ps-fans
<Skald> *BAM!* the neighbours' cat ran out of nowhere and scramed outside.
<Baldur> xD
<Baldur> Cats love people who don't like'em :D
<Skald> Hey, I almost got a heartattack there!
<Skald> And I bet that was her plan.
<Baldur> By a wittle kitty cat :]
<Baldur> Foiled, once more.
<Pizik> I told you that you should have hidden a Tiger there Baldur, but did you listen?
<Baldur> I DO listen, I just willingly shut off my hearing when my ego is at stake
<Skald> ...
<Skald> Another one ;_;
<Skald> I'm sitting, watching valleyball when the dude walks in and he's all like
<Skald> =<.<=
<Skald> =>.>=
<Skald> And I'm all like
<Skald> ..yes?
<Skald> And he's like
<Skald> =O_O=
<Skald> And runs off.
<Baldur> Awesome.
#895 + (4) - [X]
<kougaro_lap> I'm a little girl
<lilura> hiya
<llyn_work> Pizik: weltall did
<kougaro_lap> on my part time I work for the FBI
<LiadanCreag> with pink bows in her hair
<GizmoDuck> lol
<kougaro_lap> just like Liadan says
<Pizik> kougaro, were you aiming for kougaro_lapdance but it didn't fit? ;o)
#896 + (-3) - [X]
<Sardoan> i get called idiot and the person is not baned. and i am agry. you idiots
* kung ist jetzt bekannt als kung|away
<Sardoan> it seems i can call you idiota.
* steuben inserts an apt yoda quote
<Sardoan> <ou are all idiotsa
<Underthemoon> You are not demonstrating your case very well that you are not, in fact, an idiot.
<Bonzodog> Sardoan: the odd bit of name calling is allowed. but now you are trolling
<steuben> and barly able to type. but since you are wanting the rules enforecd so it shall be
<Bonzodog> you take offense to easily
<Sardoan> i am angry, was called an nidiot anhnd i want to show to you how it feelas
* steuben entfernt den Bann auf *!*@*.home3.cgocable.net
* steuben setzt einen Bann auf *!captainmo*@*
* steuben setzt einen Bann auf *!*@f053155052.adsl.alicedsl.de
* steuben hat Sardoan aus #Planeshift gekickt (steuben)
#897 + (1) - [X]
<Afrix> yah, NPCs get 20 days a year offline, new working laws :p
#898 + (2) - [X]
<Taulus> So I have the panel already, :)
<Taulus> CAn you tell me how I can dual screen?
<weltall> did you hook the monitor?
<Taulus> Yes but i think i need to restart, it is undetected. BRB
* Taulus (n=goz@cpc3-brig15-0-0-cust788.3-3.cable.virginmedia.com) has left #planeshift-gms
<weltall> did he notice the button detect displays? :D
<Venalan> xD
<Venalan> guess not
<Venalan> whats dragnoor's IC crime for him jailtime?
<weltall> dueling in the plaza
<Venalan> lol
* Taulus (n=goz@cpc3-brig15-0-0-cust788.3-3.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #planeshift-gms
<Taulus> OK Weltall I am back:)
<Venalan> you wana tell him or me weltall?
<weltall> you
<weltall> XD
<Venalan> Taulus, there is a button to detect displays
<Taulus> Tell me :)
<Venalan> Taulus, there is a button to detect displays
<Venalan> 3rd time?
<Taulus> lol!
<Taulus> Yes both displays are detected. The CRT i want as secondary has now become primary.
<Venalan> point a finger at it and tell it to change back
<Taulus> I did it did not work. Shall i shout at it?
<Venalan> yep
<Venalan> then do both
<Venalan> then try swapping them over in the setting window
<weltall> and there is a make primary option
<weltall> :P
* Venalan shakes his head "copying what i say just to seem smart again weltall..."
<weltall> it's a different option :P
<weltall> it means where gnome panel goes
<weltall> ah you have to not accept the first time and do apply settings two times
<weltall> but in gnome toolbars
* Valrion|work (n=Valrion@planeshift/setting/associate/valrion) has left #planeshift-gms
<Taulus> Now I am lost?
<Venalan> nooo...
<Venalan> just restart the computer
<Taulus> There is no option to make primary
<Venalan> and start again
<Taulus> brb
* Taulus has quit ("Leaving.")
<Venalan> xD
<Venalan> i so hope he is actually restarting
<weltall> lol
<Venalan> i think he is
<weltall> ahhahaha
* Venalan starts to cry laughing so hard
* Taulus (n=goz@cpc3-brig15-0-0-cust788.3-3.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #planeshift-gms
<Taulus> You fed up with me yet?
<Venalan> yep
<Venalan> not that we would tell you
<Venalan> =]
<Venalan> you didnt restart did you?
<Taulus> yes XD
<Taulus> Your bad.
<Venalan> <Venalan> xD
<Venalan> <Venalan> i so hope he is actually restarting
<Venalan> <weltall> lol
<Venalan> <Venalan> i think he is
<Venalan> <weltall> ahhahaha
<Venalan> * Venalan starts to cry laughing so hard
<Taulus> I am begining to dislike you both.
<Taulus> Just a bit though XD
<Taulus> LOL!
<weltall> i did nothing!
<weltall> XD
* Venalan takes the credit
#899 + (29) - [X]
<lilu|afk> its raining its pooring talad is snoring! he went to bed and hit laanx on the head ...and she woke up a man the next morning!
#900 + (-1) - [X]
* Jacula prays to Talad
* @Talad listens
<llyn_work_> O.o
<Hydrolyzer> quick, ask for a megaras!
#901 + (-2) - [X]
<Cal_Magic-Turtel> He is homik the allmighty gm who got crushed by a cow
<homik> i'm a gm? o.0
<homik> why wasn't i informed of this?
#902 + (2) - [X]
<XilliX> All the data is compromised
<XilliX> wipe
<XilliX> people on wrong server won't leave
<XilliX> wipe
<Linko> WIPE IT
<XilliX> Tuxide has a guildhouse
<XilliX> wipe
#903 + (-1) - [X]
<bakMan> thinking thinking...mmntt
<bakMan> ]mmnt
<bakMan> aghh
<bakMan> mmnt
<nonty> you can do it
#904 + (-7) - [X]
[22:04] <Vayl> Baldur -> Boulder -> Kran?
[22:05] <Afrix> noes, gate :O
[22:05] <Baldur> I prefer Krans but that's a very impressive train of thought even if it's not correct xD
[22:05] <Baldur> Shut up, Afrix :P
[22:05] <Vayl> Psh
[22:06] <Baldur> Baldur, otherwise known as Balder in sweden, the norse god of Valour
[22:07] * Anumesa_ pokes Ryiel
[22:07] <Vayl> So... you're a dwarf?
[22:07] <Baldur> ...
[22:07] * Anumesa_ dropkicks a dwarf across the room, bouncing it square off of Ryiel's noggin
[22:07] * Baldur returns to the gate
[22:08] <Afrix> the norse god who haz a gate )o)
[22:08] * Vayl knew it \o/
#906 + (-16) - [X]
<aleena|ps> ok to use eels?
<Valrion> hmmm
<Valrion> you can list it, sure
<aleena|ps> would work I think, altho may want to call them something else,
<Valrion> yeah, should work
<aleena|ps> ok, will add to list
<Baldur> How about keels? That way keelhauling would be more lucrative
<aleena|ps> believe that boats make poor eating
<Baldur> No, to rename eels I meant
<aleena|ps> meant too many people would associate with boats
<Baldur> And still, the confusion would be epic to see...
<aleena|ps> lol
<aleena|ps> oh yeah
<Baldur> "Boards? Wha- we're outta meat again?"
<aleena|ps> rofl
#907 + (-1) - [X]
Ryiel pokes Haraun in the eye with a rubics cube
<Haraun> .O

#908 + (4) - [X]
<Ryiel> pokes Haraun in the eye
<Haraun> -.o
Tucos pokes Haraun in his other eye
<Haraun> .
Tucos licks Haraun's eye
<Lokter> O.O
Ryiel fries them for Tucos
<Haraun> \/
Tucos om nom noms the fried eyes after poking Lokter in his eye
Haraun doesn't care and concentrates on his fudge :)
<falcnor> When Role Play Goes Bad....
Tucos chops off falcnor's head with a ninja sword
<Lokter> see above?
<Ryiel> then QDB it!
#910 + (-6) - [X]
[21:15] <Shurrim_> 21 deaths already :(
[21:15] <Haraun_> \/
[21:15] <Minks_|work> /\
[21:15] <Haraun_> My timimg -.-
[21:15] <Haraun_> My typing-.-
[21:15] <Shurrim_> i was about to say XD
[21:15] <Haraun_> My spaces - . -
#911 + (1) - [X]
[19:12] <Jonoth> actually putting the ylian m in fenki clothes would be pretty scandalous
[19:12] <weltall> ok let's do also that
[19:12] * Jonoth realizes that means a whole lot of Brunos wlaking around
#912 + (7) - [X]
<Pizik> Really it is all BS marketing anyway, if your PC turns on and does what you want then don't worry about cores and cache ;o)
* LiadanCreag gasps
<LiadanCreag> WHAT?
<Akaiddo> Thanks Pizik I feel real good about my crap cache now :P
<Pizik> /o\
<weltall> cache miss aren't marketing bs
<weltall> you know most of the optimizations on console
<LiadanCreag> NO we need the highly technical speech about the inneards of computers
<weltall> are avoiding cache miss?
<LiadanCreag> men have to feel manly
<weltall> they have tools measuring it
<LiadanCreag> even if they don't know an alternator from a converter
<Pizik> Penis extension....
<Akaiddo> I have to say I agree with Pizik though, if the computer does what it needs to, which mine will, I'll be happy.
<LiadanCreag> the computer has given even the most physically inept a chance to feel like he is a true male warrior
<Pizik> lol
* Akaiddo feels like a true male warrior.
<LiadanCreag> battling against hordes of cores and coolants
<weltall> lol
<LiadanCreag> yeh i should probably stop
<Akaiddo> This... is... nVidia!!
<LiadanCreag> a little too sarcastic
* Pizik goes to update his FB status with that
<LiadanCreag> NO!
<weltall> XD
<weltall> this goes in qdb
<LiadanCreag> that's probably gonna be QDB'd, right?
* Akaiddo searches Pizik out on FB
<LiadanCreag> damnit
<weltall> XD
#913 + (2) - [X]
[22:23] <LiadanCreag> who here knows what John Frieda is?
[22:23] * falcnor can't concentrate at the moment or I would read it
[22:24] <falcnor> Sounds familiar
[22:24] <Baldur> Is it a Borg?
[22:24] <Haraun_> [22:23] <LiadanCreag> men >.< <-- hehe :P
[22:24] <LiadanCreag> it's about 8 dollars a 150 mL bottle...?
[22:25] <Baldur> I didn't know Borgs did drugs.
[22:25] <LiadanCreag> it's shampoo you wise-ass
[22:25] <Baldur> Borgs snort shampoo?!?
[22:26] <LiadanCreag> i guess so
#914 + (-22) - [X]
[11:08] * Minks__ writes a list
[11:09] <Minks__> *proper bread*
[11:09] <Minks__> *things to put on bread*
[11:09] <Inglorion> what do you put on bread, Minks__?
[11:09] <Minks__> toilet paper!
#915 + (-5) - [X]
An ordinary evening in #psde
(translated from german)

<Sulaika> fenres, you have to repair my torso.
#916 + (-4) - [X]
<CIA-2> planeshift: weltall2 * r4926 /trunk/mk/msvc/ (apppsclient.rc apppsclient_static.rc): Visual-C++ project files: Automated Visual-C++ project file repair.
<Kayden> spam :D
<CIA-2> planeshift: kennygraunke * r4927 /trunk/src/server/bulkobjects/psspell.cpp: AOE fix: search for entities near the /target/, not the caster.
<CIA-2> planeshift: kennygraunke * r4928 /trunk/src/server/ (4 files in 2 dirs):
<CIA-2> planeshift: Export new "OrigTarget" variable to spell scripts.
<CIA-2> planeshift: For AOE, "Target" changes for each affected target, but "OrigTarget" is
<CIA-2> planeshift: always the original target - the epicentre of the AOE effect. This
<CIA-2> planeshift: allows scripts to take special action for the original target using <if>.
<CIA-2> planeshift: Added a new "Chain Lightning" example spell which uses this.
<CIA-2> planeshift: kennygraunke * r4929 /trunk/src/server/ (6 files in 3 dirs): (log message trimmed)
<CIA-2> planeshift: Drop exclude_target from the spell table.
<CIA-2> planeshift: Spell scripts can now do this with:
<CIA-2> planeshift: <if t="Target != OldTarget">
<CIA-2> planeshift: <then>
<CIA-2> planeshift: ...
<CIA-2> planeshift: </then>
* Pizik uscito (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
<Kayden> spam :D
<Lanarel> :P
<Lanarel> real spam would mean in a minute there is a "adding forgotting file", then a "really fixing this "and then a "cleanup" that reverts the last three
<Kayden> haha
<Kayden> yeah
<weltall> that's xordan
<Kayden> true :D
<RlyDontKnow> btw: will the strength spell be back? cause it doesn't seem to be usable on the test server but i saw a bug related to it that's closed as fixed/working
* DAL|Sleep ora conosciuto come DAL|Losted
<CIA-2> planeshift: mgist * r4933 /trunk/src/pslaunch/pawslauncherwindow.cpp: - Revert wrong change.
<Lanarel> hahahaha
<Lanarel> [22:01:59] <Lanarel> real spam would mean in a minute there is a "adding forgotting file", then a "really fixing this "and then a "cleanup" that reverts the last three
<Lanarel> [22:05:01] <+weltall> that's xordan
<weltall> XD
<Kayden|away> hahahah
<Kayden|away> nice!
<Kayden|away> you called it :D
* Kayden|away ora conosciuto come Kayden
<weltall> XD
<ravna> should start betting on it
<ravna> "how long till the next revert"
<ravna> the one who is furthest off, comments 1 class
<ravna> at the end of the month, all of PS will be commented :)
* CXD|Away ora conosciuto come CXDamian
<Lanarel> and for every bug on that class, you have to make 2 more. Etc.
<ravna> nah
<ravna> no recursive definitions
<ravna> it'll end up in someone fixing all of PS
#917 + (8) - [X]
<XilliX> Geoni, listen carefully, I want this to stick with you for your whole life. Which OS do you use?
<Geoni> whats an OS Xillix? XD
<Mordaan> lol
* XilliX cries
<XilliX> ok so Geoni you're on windows!
#918 + (11) - [X]
sarrasaur | all the hottest guys are the dudes who are "good" and can beat the crap out of "bad" dudes
sarrasaur | and they're not stupid heroes while doing it
Unode | sarrasaur: yes but who scores is the smart guy that gets himself all beaten up so that the girls feel sorry for him
sarrasaur | Unode: scoring doesn't matter in the long run, does it? nooooo, unless you want aids ;)

#919 + (0) - [X]
<XilliX> My girlfriend is 10 years younger than me and pretty damned hot.
<sarrasaur> EW
<XilliX> sarrasaur spoken like a true newb
<XilliX> :)
#920 + (9) - [X]
(02:41:41) CXDamian: they are in art/skins/elves.zip
(02:42:32) nt: oh, ok, so I just unzip and play?
#921 + (0) - [X]
Haraun_ likes the fog in the landscape
<Reilithion> As opposed to in the head?
<Pizik> hehe
<Haraun_> ;-)
#922 + (-4) - [X]
<lilura> pengunia...pengunia....isnt godxillah from there?
<@XilliX> no
<lilura> you sure?
<@XilliX> i am from my mommy
<@XilliX> :P
<Illysia> No, he is from NoNewbieLand...
<lilura> ooooooooh
<Illysia> It's up by iceland... somewhere.... :p
<Xoel|afk> your mommy... I'm sure I've been there :P
#923 + (-7) - [X]
<Reilithion> Ka-chunk!
<Reilithion> Clearly the sound a shark makes when it breaks down a door
#924 + (-2) - [X]
(from IG)
[1: gossip] Marathal : oh please..it was during a group thing
[1: gossip] Marathal : i'm no creeper
[1: gossip] Sarva : So Marathal is into watching group things.
[1: gossip] Marathal : now sarva..way to go supporting a friend :P
#925 + (0) - [X]
<PriestessMaisent> lol
<PriestessMaisent> i hate talad
<PriestessMaisent> he is mean
<lilura> =0
<Talad> infidel!!!!!
#926 + (-3) - [X]
<Mounts> what do talad's arm weapons do?
<+ravna> they hit ppl
<+ravna> :)
* Mounts slaps ravna
<lilura> =0
<@Talad> they cook pasta
<Mounts> :D
<lilura> dont hurt ravna =0
<Mounts> Talad!!
<Mounts> What does your arm do?
<@Talad> Mounts!!
#927 + (1) - [X]
<lilura> talad why wouldnt you marry me ='(
<@Talad> lilura: I'm still in love with laanx somehow
* Ralas raaghs lazily
<@Talad> that's why
<@Talad> I'm sure you are a rare beauty and interesting person
<@Talad> but I have a history on my shoulders...
<lilura> aww thats the nicest rejection ive ever heard =P
<+Ralas> hahaha
#928 + (4) - [X]
[17:12:38] <@Talad> weltall: is the gawert on the list as well?
[17:13:28] <+weltall> yes
[17:13:32] <+weltall> but it's a nice checkerboard
[17:13:50] <+weltall> all npc types are in game
[17:13:55] <@Talad> gorweal != gawert
[17:13:58] <+weltall> hum
[17:14:04] <@Talad> gorweal is a tree
[17:14:09] <@Talad> gawert is a flying bee
[17:14:21] <+weltall> it's new?
[17:14:54] <@Talad> yes
[17:15:12] <@Talad> I still have to add the art for it
[17:15:14] <+weltall> i don't see it in the meshes.zip
[17:16:00] <+weltall> well then no it's not in the data
[17:16:06] <+weltall> we can't load unexistant mobs
#929 + (-2) - [X]
weltall does some funny things in LaTeX
<omg|its|otr> don't deny it weltall
<omg|its|otr> we know you like it.
#930 + (-1) - [X]
<XilliX> Once there was an envious troll named Diggisbutt Finkletinkle. He worked to make sure that he was the only troll with control of the bridge. Eventually though, the water got too high and the traffic too thick.
<XilliX> And kitties and reptiles had to be parachuted in to help the troll scare all the people
<Lilura> o.o
<XilliX> but then the money wasn't as good for Diggisbutt
<XilliX> so Diggusbutt had all the help he needed, but he wasn't getting enough money to build his nuclear weapon
<XilliX> and the rest of the world was mad because he was stealing all their kitties and lizards
<XilliX> Do poor Diggusbutt Finkletinkle didn't know what to do with himself.
<XilliX> So he called the U.N.
<XilliX> they weren't too happy with Diggusbutt either though
<XilliX> so they put him on sactions and they were all like "no soup for you!"
<XilliX> Diggusbutt was sad, and the reptiles, wanting for their soup, began a strike, and they marched in the streets all like: "Omg diggusbutt sucks, let's choose a new leader"
<XilliX> But then Diggusbutt got all evulz and cracked down on the reptiles. He formed the Kitteh's into an elite guard and sent them out to eat away all the bellies of the reptiles.
<XilliX> Fighting ensued on the bridge.
<XilliX> Reptile vs. Kitteh
<XilliX> but the Reptiles were no match for the Kittehs, and soon they were scattered.
<XilliX> but the reptiles used there cellphones to film the violence done to them, and wrote facebook posts, and twittered, and all the world saw how Diggusbutt treated them.
<XilliX> Sanctions intensified, but Diggusbutt wasn't about to give in. He had more and more Kittehs air-dropped in.
|<-- HTT-Bird has left freenode (Read error: Operation timed out)
<XilliX> and over time, slowly, without diggusbutt noticing because he was so angry at the world...
<Pizik> "With you in that red dress, My thoughts I confess, verge on dirty"
<XilliX> there came to be so many kittehs it was like one big furry bridge
<XilliX> until one day while Diggusbutt slept
<XilliX> some reptiles dressed themselves up as kittehs, and incited a revolution...
<Lilura> =O
<XilliX> and the Kittehs united in their hatred for Diggusbutt's and all the bad things they'd been ordered to do by him, and frustrated that they still didn't have the nuclear bomb he'd promised, they ate him while he slept.
<XilliX> and we woke up and was liek, O noez teh Kittehs! But they ate him just the same.
<XilliX> And the reptiles and bunnies made peace, and they signed a treaty and got out of trouble with the world.
<XilliX> and that's why kittehs all over the world now <3 reptiles big time
<XilliX> teh end.
#931 + (-6) - [X]
[1: gossip] Ingles: Slides out from under Lilra's left foot and sticks a finger in his mouth, and blows himself back up :)
[1: gossip] Lilura: =/
[1: gossip] Amaneldth: lol
[1: gossip] Amaneldth: ingles is a blow up doll? :D
[1: gossip] Lilura takes out kra's claymore entitled 'voice of talad' and pops jingles
[1: gossip] Lilura: >.< ama
[1: gossip] Amaneldth: hehehe
[1: gossip] Ingles: Opps my secret is out ^^
#932 + (-18) - [X]
[16:47] <drey> then someone find out what this wet patch is on my desk >.>
#933 + (-17) - [X]
<sarrasaurus_rex> i'm going to europe this summer yey
<sarrasaurus_rex> and i can meet my french bf :D
<Geoni> Liar.
<sarrasaurus_rex> no i'm srs
<Geoni> You don't have a french bf.
<sarrasaurus_rex> well he thought he was
<Geoni> You though? XD
<Geoni> thought*
<sarrasaurus_rex> he wanted to be my bf, but we were only together for a month
<sarrasaurus_rex> *not relationship togetther, i mean location-wise
<sarrasaurus_rex> and on the last day he's like "SARRAS I LOOOVE YOU" and i was like "i know" all han solo-ish
<Geoni> I don't understand the location-wise ordeal.
<Geoni> Ew your real name is Sarras?
<sarrasaurus_rex> no you dumb dumb
<Geoni> So your misquoting?
<sarrasaurus_rex> i don't want to say my real name
<Geoni> Blood sucking misquoto!
<sarrasaurus_rex> o.O
#934 + (2) - [X]
<homik> damn, spammers just don't give up
<homik> nothing is safe, even skupe :|
<homik> skype*
<Afrix> :o
<kougaro> :D
<zweitholou> alas
<homik> "HI! I'M A RUSSIAN BRIDE WHO IS A ARABIAN OIL PRINCESS AND WANTS TO ENLARGE YOUR PENIS THAT LIVES IN [city in your area but not close enough to be right]!"
<zweitholou> :P
<zweitholou> Hey, that sounds real. Quick, before it's too late!
<homik> :D

#935 + (-1) - [X]
<Minks_> Why's there a bed
<Minks_> ?
<Minks_> For those who drank too much and have to sleep it off?
<Lilura> i guess
<Haraun_> No bucket next to the bed? :P
<Lilura> lol
* weltall forces Lilura in the bed
<Lilura> theres fish
<Lilura> o.O
<Lilura> is shouting rape in this channel past PG ?
* Haraun_ nods
#936 + (0) - [X]
* Pizik wonders why even watching zombies eating humans makes him wonder what he should have for dinner...
<steuben_sleeps> because you are a humanitarian
#937 + (-5) - [X]
<Xifer> what happend to Skylab?
<Lilura> weltall hit it with a baseball bat Xifer
<HTT-Bird> Xifer: it crashed I guess :P
<Xifer> Oh... great...
<Xifer> well, have fun everyone :D
<Lilura> wait!
<HTT-Bird> dude...who broke it? :P
<Geoni> I'm blaming Esorono for breaking it.
<Geoni> I blame Esorono for everything bad.
<Geoni> I blame Esorono for the oil spill.
<Esorono> I blame Geoni for all the spiders in my bathroom >_>
<Geoni> I blame Esorono for global warming.
<Esorono> I blame Geoni for blaming too much.
<Geoni> I blame Esorono for every war that happened in history.
<Esorono> I blame Geoni for the dinosaur's extintion.
<Geoni> I blame Esorono for the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.
<Esorono> Blame taken :D
<Zarre> ha!.. and proud of it too I see, Esorono ^^
<Esorono> Maybe I am.
<Esorono> >.>
<Esorono> <.<
<Geoni> I blame Esorono for every gnat that has flown into my drink, rending it undrinkable.
<Esorono> I blame Geoni for every Halitite that dissapeared on me when I licked it too much.
<Geoni> I blame Esorono for every starving person in the world right now.
<Esorono> I also accept that blame :D
<Geoni> I blame Esorono for every woman that has been raped.
<Lilura> o.O
<Lilura> no that was weltalls fault
<Esorono> I blame Geoni for every man raped.
<Geoni> I blame Esorono for every woman that has contracted the blue waffle infection.
<Esorono> I blame Geoni for every person with a heart attack.
<Esorono> >_<
<Esorono> My cat is raping my other cat right next to me! D:
<Geoni> I blame Esorono for every nightmare everybody goes through.
<Lilura> i dreamed that lego people were eating my face..
<Geoni> I blame Lilura for causing me to quit the blame game.
#938 + (-17) - [X]
[10:47:32] <Bald|Worker> Aaahh, soon of from wooork...
[10:47:37] <Bald|Worker> Great :)
[10:50:31] * Look_a_klyros does naughty things to Bald|Worker.
[10:51:05] <Bald|Worker> I hope you're a girl xD
[10:52:40] <Halbor> it's eso
[10:52:50] *** Bald|Worker (~BJ@90-227-107-17-no34.business.telia.com) Quit (Quit: I'm going to shower for a few hours now...)
#939 + (8) - [X]
[19:26] <Geoni> What's a stork?
[19:26] <Minks_> A fork made from stone
#940 + (-2) - [X]
<Geoni> Wuts vaginismus?
<Geoni> Somebody google please.
<Illysia> No idea but its a good thing chieftain isn't around.
#942 + (-11) - [X]
Xoel: He just makes an ass of himself for being around
Telnavi: Irony too great.... >.<
#943 + (2) - [X]
Jaycc_k: heya all. o.o
Jaycc_k: I don't like the name of the server... I think it should be called zeroplusorminus300ping
gheraint: it's called wegotitforfree.sodont.com.plain
#944 + (-20) - [X]
<Xoel> think I might hit the town.
<Illysia> Hey Xoel, can't you wrap up/summerize the rest of your stupid? Soon I'll have to leave for class and won't be here to call you on it.
<Geoni> How do you hit the town?
<Xoel> Sure, I'll summarize it. Official IQ: 145. Read it and weep.
<Xoel> Geoni: a very large hammer, obvs.
<Geoni> Tears are just POURING out of my eyes.
#945 + (-19) - [X]
<Esorono> /me captures Blazecon in a pokeball.
* blazecon breaks out "aww, so close"
<Caraick> hehe
<Esorono> /me captures Blazecon in a masterball.
<blazecon> masterball?
<Esorono> It captures a pokemon without fail.
<blazecon> aww thats no fair
<Esorono> ^_^
<blazecon> even Agumon!?
<Esorono> That's a digimon :p
#946 + (3) - [X]
[Channel] [1: gossip] Marathal: that mangoat irl is pretty hot :D
#951 + (-27) - [X]
<@Marathal> i went to mean mommy school and graduated magna cum laude
#952 + (3) - [X]
<Hirato> I miss my friends form 0.3.*
<Mal|content> They obviously don't miss you, or they'd be here saying the same thing :P
#953 + (1) - [X]
[15:23] <Mishka_> I take it Minks_ + Haraun_, sitting on a tree? K-I-S-S-I-N-G ?
[15:24] <Mishka_> They are a good couple :DD
[15:24] <Haraun_> Nah... doing other things...
[15:24] <Baldur> Doing naughty things.
[15:24] <Haraun_> :o
[15:24] <niklasboelter> O:
[15:24] <Baldur> o.o
[15:24] <Mishka_> :O
[15:24] <niklasboelter> are we in kindergarten now >=0
[15:24] <Mishka_> Don't let Talad know!
#955 + (-17) - [X]
[18:11] <@Lilura> blaaa
[18:12] <@Lilura> someone say something funny so someone can quote it and baldy can update and i wont be bored for 5 secs =D
[18:12] <+ravna> something funny
[18:13] <@Lilura> =|
[18:14] <Baldur> *updates*
#956 + (-7) - [X]
[17:15] <Miadon> and now a man with three buttocks
[17:16] <omg|its|otr> Yo team
#957 + (-5) - [X]
[17:59] <Geoni> Good noon.
[18:00] == Keella [~elly@89-201-149-152.dsl.optinet.hr] has joined #planeshift
[18:00] <Miadon> good a'noon
[18:00] <Tucos> good evening
[18:01] <Miadon> good news everyone
[18:03] <Miadon> We're whalers on the moon. We carry a harpoon. But there ain't no whales so we tell tall tales and sing our whaling tune.
#959 + (12) - [X]
[00:01] <Marathal> i took dance classes when i was little. the teacher finally took my mom aside and told her to stop wasting her money.
#961 + (-2) - [X]
<AlienCat> I have encountered a strange bug, the desc of other players is replaced with some strange npc desc with the player's name
<AlienCat> most players just have the text "It seems to be intelligent as a stone and poorly trained..."
<Pizik> tbh that sounds like most players ;op
#962 + (-13) - [X]
<Perlan> you sheep :P
<Lilura> better than im a tad bit disinterested
<Perlan> not in holland :)
<RlyDontKnow> mh
-->| homik (c6251b56@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #planeshift
<AiwendilH> that's a goat RlyDontKnow ;)
<Perlan> i only use BA when i see BA baracus :P
<Perlan> lol
<Marathal> a german goat, AiwendilH ? :)
<Perlan> you fool!
<Minks_> m?
<AiwendilH> yep Marathal...just ask my girl and she would tell you ;)
<Marathal> XD
<Marathal> funny.
<AiwendilH> sheeps are bh;)
<Minks_> mh!
<Mishka> beeeee
* Mishka plays electric guitar with wah-pedal
<Mishka> I'm so cool.
<RlyDontKnow> anyway, mh is a german sheep
<RlyDontKnow> a goat would be mhhhhh
<Perlan> isn't it, maaaaaah and ma-a-a-a-a-a-a-a?
<Perlan> first sheep, 2nd goat?
<RlyDontKnow> sounds about right
<Marathal> okay..this convo is just weird.
<Perlan> ok, then they differ not much from dutch sheep :)
<AiwendilH> noz so sure...I think in her picture books it's indeed bh for sheep
#964 + (-21) - [X]
[20:04] * Elvi bounces on AiwendilH's troll head
[20:04] * Mishka chains Mellas to the game
[20:04] <Mellas> :O
[20:04] <Mellas> kinkey :p
[20:04] <AiwendilH> but in case you can't give up yet...played already in zeroping Mellas?
[20:05] <Mellas> yep
[20:05] <Elvi> not kinkey like nekkid elvis sprites running around on your screen
[20:05] <Baldur> Mellas isn't really used to kinky, he keeps misspelling it :P
[20:05] <Mellas> who's he?
[20:05] <Elvi> HAHA! fail Baldur
[20:05] <Baldur> It.
[20:06] <Baldur> Wait. Nice..
#965 + (-6) - [X]
[18:19] <Marathal> now i have two girls on my lap. guys, be jealous :D
#966 + (-19) - [X]
*In a guessing game about computer parts*

[15:51] <Elvi> you still use those didsks today everyday infact ;)
[15:51] <Baldur> ...
[15:51] <Baldur> The wheel?
#967 + (-5) - [X]
<Geoni> Who are The Beatles
<Geoni> Oh yeah.
<Geoni> I remember.
* Geoni facepalms at himself.
#968 + (-22) - [X]
(23:43:15) Amaneldth says: ...a Ynnwn out there...
(23:43:17) Amaneldth says: with...
(23:43:20) Amaneldth says: no pants!!!
(23:43:22) Roled says: I shall get the drinks
(23:43:26) Roled says: NO PANTS!
(23:43:30) Amaneldth says: No pants!
(23:44:25) Roled says: Let me buy ye a drink Sir NoPAnts!
(23:44:30) Roled laughs
(23:44:41) Roled says: Tis Trogdar!
(23:44:43) Lilura says: trog put on some pants
(23:44:45) Barike looks at Roled and snarls under his breath
(23:44:46) Amaneldth gives a weird look to Roled.
(23:44:48) Trogdar says: If I had pants I would put them on right about now.
(23:45:03) Esorono says: Getting cold for you too?
(23:45:05) Lilura says: and ama ...stop staring
(23:45:06) Amaneldth looks at the tall Ynnwn.."Aren't you rahter cold?".
(23:45:13) Amaneldth says: I'm not staring!
(23:45:21) Lilura says: sureee
(23:45:34) Esorono tries to hug Lilura.
(23:45:42) Trogdar shrugs "It's not really the cold that I am worried about"
(23:45:48) Trogdar chuckles
(23:45:57) Amaneldth gazes intently. "Then what are you worried about?"
(23:46:14) Amaneldth says: [at trogdar's face!!]
#969 + (-7) - [X]
[An excerpt from the MOM guild chat, names removed for anonymity]

[Guild] LOLcat1 says: lots of <3 for perly baby in gossip
[Guild] DaD1 says: Most everyday for a couple of weeks now at one time or another.
[Guild] LOLcat1 says: lol
[Guild] DaD1 says: People get kind of sick of him when he talks too much :)
[Guild] DaD1 says: Which is most of the time.
[Guild] LOLcat1 says: I got sick of him after the first time he spoke to me
[Guild] DaD1 says: hahaha, taht's about how many times it takes.
[Guild] DaD1 says: But, he's ok, at least he likes himself so he'll never be alone.
[Guild] LOLcat1 says: I want to say 'poor guy', but i really dont give a shit
[Guild] DaD1 says: About Perlan?
[Guild] LOLcat1 says: yeah
[Guild] DaD1 says: You're the 500th member of the Don'tGiveAShitAboutPerlan Club
[Guild] LOLcat1 says: Oh what......
[Guild] DaD1 says: hahaha
[Guild] LOLcat1 starts up the ReallyDon'tGiveAShitAboutPerlan CLub
[Guild] DaD1 says: Dohmo pays his dues to join
[Guild] LOLcat1 says: you can be my number two
[Guild] LOLcat1 says: our motto will be "You Sir, are not RP in the slightest."
[Guild] DaD1 says: Hahaha
[Guild] DaD1 says: Can we have a byline under that
[Guild] DaD1 says: But you Sir, are a dumbass
[Guild] LOLcat1 says: hahah, sure
[Guild] LOLcat1 says: imma put this on the PS quote data base
[Guild] LOLcat1 says: but omit out names
[Guild] LOLcat1 says: I shall be known as LOLcat1
#971 + (5) - [X]
[00:50] <Illysia> I still only have the quotes from past... why nobody wants to quote me unless I'm pointing out that xoel is being a pain? U_U
#972 + (-1) - [X]
<Lilura> tbh i read everything on the interweb like its sarcastic
<Geoni> I love you.
#973 + (-23) - [X]
<LigH> UtM: I know, sometimes I have to force myself to type one key after anotehr not to mix them.
<LigH> *another :P
#975 + (-18) - [X]
<RlyDontKnow> Xordan: do you remember how creating the breakpad symbols from the binary and platform symbols work? or know who did it before?
* groton (~groton@unaffiliated/groton) entrato in #crystalspace
<Xordan> res|laptop: IIRC, it figures out which cells are out of range, and newly in range, then allocates or reuses blocks to fill those cells. It's done based on distance between the last position (so if you haven't moved much it doesn't recalc I think).
<res|laptop> well that sounds sensible
<res|laptop> not checking every generated mesh, that is ;p
<Xordan> I'm not sure that's what it really does though :P
<res|laptop> lol
<Xordan> It's a rather complicated amount of code for something which sounds so simple
<res|laptop> possibly
<Xordan> I never 100% understood how it worked when I last tried to make it faster
<res|laptop> but sometimes, saving work makes code more complicated :P
<Xordan> RlyDontKnow: hmm, yeah I did it.
<res|laptop> weltall: quick, Xordan admitted he did it! save that quote!
<Xordan> :P
<Xordan> RlyDontKnow: I ran some breakpad symbol dumper I compiled from the breakpad source tree
<res|laptop> I bet it comes in *very* handy if properly used out of context.
#976 + (3) - [X]
[1: gossip] Chays: Huh. Snow freezes my client. How appropriate.
#977 + (173) - [X]
<sarras> somehow we got on the subject of putting things up one's butt
<Leoni> I'm gay, so this probably won't freak me out.
#978 + (-15) - [X]
[06:52] == marathal [~chatzilla@planeshift/gamemaster/Marathal] has joined #planeshift
[06:52] == mode/#planeshift [+o marathal] by ChanServ
[06:52] <Lilura> MARAAAAAAAAAAA
[06:53] <@marathal> LILUUUU
[06:53] <Baldur> MMOOOMMMMMYYYYY!
[06:53] <@marathal> wow..baldur is here
[06:53] <@marathal> i was thinking about you when i read the forums the other day
[06:53] <Baldur> <<<<<<<<<<3
[06:53] <@marathal> chuckling at the fact you took down your pics. ;d
[06:53] <Timmothy> I suck less at the ukulele now!
[06:54] <Baldur> Yep, all 32 pages :P
[06:54] <@marathal> ALL 32? XD
[06:54] <@marathal> that's pretty darn funny.
[06:54] <Baldur> All the pages id posted my pics on xD
[06:55] <Baldur> haha xD I got a bit worried ;P
[06:58] <@marathal> I was yanking your chain, Baldur.
#979 + (-5) - [X]
[19:20] * Elvi lights a firecracker in Pizik's pants
<Lilura> [19:22] <Lilura> why were you in his.....
<Lilura> [19:22] <Lilura> nvm
<Lilura> [19:23] * Elvi thinks Lilura wan'ts to know Pizik's secret
<Lilura> [19:23] <Pizik> The better question is why aren't you Lilura ;op
<Lilura> [19:24] =-= Pizik was booted from #planeshift by YOU (/me slaps Pizik)
#980 + (-16) - [X]
[14:07] <drey2> Cer|dwen: the only rule is drey wins, always
[14:07] <Jecewie> you're dre2
[14:07] <Jecewie> drey2*
[14:07] <Baldur> Win Jecewie
[14:07] == drey2 has changed nick to Dreyz0rz
[14:07] <Cer|dwen> oh yes I got that from earlier with the time difference, can't agree to disagree
[14:07] <Jecewie> still not drey
[14:08] == Dreyz0rz has changed nick to Count_Drey
[14:08] <Baldur> drey-fail, an anomaly :P
[14:08] <Count_Drey> :|
[14:08] <Count_Drey> now there's tzatziki on my keyboard :(
#981 + (-23) - [X]
<Mekora> Work at a Pubic Hair Salon
<Vakachehk> -_-
<Vakachehk> Doing what
<Vakachehk> ?
<Vakachehk> I'm not a trained Hairdresser
<marathal> pubic hair salon?
<marathal> really?
<Bird|ghosted> Mekora: no :P
<marathal> giving brazilian waxes?
<marathal> lilura: mekora gets in qdb.
#982 + (-19) - [X]
[Channel] [1: gossip] Pontifer: I used a broad statement to adress the masses not the individuals.
[Channel] [1: gossip] Hulenore: ?
[Channel] [1: gossip] Pontifer: It means I don't want to hear how many dark corcle rings you all have.
[Channel] [1: gossip] Haraun feels personally offended
[Channel] [1: gossip] Hulenore snickers
[Channel] [1: gossip] Pontifer: Circle*
[Channel] [1: gossip] Hulenore: Yeah, like everyone is gonna be all like, "Hey, just so ya know, I have X amount of 'em..."
[Channel] [1: gossip] Aramara: I'm going to leave it on my voicemail
[Channel] [1: gossip] Hulenore: Lol
[Channel] [1: gossip] Aramara: "you have reached Aramara, I'm not home right now, please leave a message, and by the way, I have 23 dark circle rings
#983 + (-1) - [X]
Kiirani: I want to turn my kettle on from in bed
Kiirani: Oh wait, I could rig that myself
Kiirani: just have to take the kettle apart and attach it to a remote control
Kiirani: attach the other end to the computer
Ayshe: that's command thinking right there
Kiirani: and code something
Ayshe: or use a pole
Kiirani: oooohhhh
Ayshe: or a sex-starved BFF in the permanent friend zone
Ayshe: "I wish my boyfriend was like you. Hey, make me a cuppa?"
Twey: Heheheheh
Utmoon: Do those come in female?
Ayshe: I'm pretty sure they do not.
Kiirani: xD
Ayshe: "I wish my girlfiend was more like you"
Ayshe: "What, disinterested in you sexually? Yeaaaah.... About that"
#984 + (3) - [X]
<Xoel> my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
<Lilura> fascinating
<Xoel> No U
<Lilura> indeed
<Xoel> outdeed
<Xoel> I want food
<Marathal> ew.
<Xoel> :o
<Lilura> XD
-->| Vakachehk (7248e0b7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #planeshift
<Marathal> oh no.
<Marathal> both of them.
<Vakachehk> o.O
<Vakachehk> what?
<Vakachehk> Oh hey Marathal and Lilura the special one
<Lilura> hai
<Lilura> vaka did you know that xoel's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard?
<Vakachehk> Did you har Mara
<Vakachehk> No, last I heard it only brought his GF to the yard so you just called his GF a boy
<Vakachehk> :O
<Lilura> [22:57] <Xoel> my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
<Lilura> he did
<Marathal> lol
<Marathal> wow.
<Marathal> i didn't realize he swung that way.

#985 + (5) - [X]
weltall: i will make it crash each day at 6.66
weltall: hum
weltall: :(
weltall: there is no such an hour damn !
weltall: XD
#986 + (-27) - [X]
<Minks_work> You hug Kran butts?
<Haraun_> XD
<Mishka_> I knew it
#987 + (-10) - [X]
[PlaneShift: A Free 3D MMORPG .:. http://planeshift.it .:. Report bugs at http://hydlaaplaza.com/flyspray/ .:. Discussions about competing projects are not allowed in here. .:. troubleshooting guide: http://tinyurl.com/3ym467g]
[23:04] == Baldur_ [52d19f86@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #planeshift
[23:04] -ChanServ- [#planeshift] Welcome to the official PlaneShift fan channel. Behave respectfully and read the guide before asking questions.
[23:04] <DAudioLink> Big quesion here: Who would buy a painting of bacon?
#988 + (-17) - [X]
[1: gossip] Mishka is listening to a cougar purring <3
[1: gossip] Marathal: get your ear off my front door, mishka
#989 + (-3) - [X]
*****: what is planeshift engine written in?
*******: crayon
#990 + (-6) - [X]
[1: gossip] Elady: I have a big long wand looking ot share with others XD
[1: gossip] Lilura: thats what he said
#991 + (0) - [X]
[1: gossip] Teshia: glitter!
[1: gossip] Lilura: tentacles!
[1: gossip] Travosh: double ko
#992 + (13) - [X]
<Marathal> hey sarras
<sarras> hey sexy old moma
#993 + (12) - [X]
[13:46] =-= Catlemur was booted from #planeshift by YOU (Don't spread Bieber fever around in PS channels plz =P)
#994 + (1) - [X]
<Talad> hammer animations are ready in game
<Talad> please update your clients!!
<Lilura> its hammer time?
<Talad> it is!
#995 + (-2) - [X]
|adrian| feels like the only one who doesn't really like Star Wars.
* Marathal sucks in air.
* Marathal covers lilura's ears.
|adrian| was booted from #planeshift by Lilura (WHAT!?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
<Marathal> LOL
<Mishy> >.<
<Marathal> too late..she heard it.
<Mishy> I saw that coming, sincerely.
|adrian| (~adrian@unaffiliated/adrian/x-6285106) has joined #planeshift
<|adrian|> ouch

#996 + (3) - [X]
Newbie asks: How do I get Unstuck again?
Advisor advises Newbie with this suggestion: With the /unstick command
Newbie asks: OK. But what is the unstick command?
#997 + (21) - [X]
< RlyDontKnow> hm... enki filled klyros
<@weltall> yeah good idea
#998 + (9) - [X]
[23:04] Teshia has like... an asshole magnet.
[23:04] Lilura ....
[23:04] Lilura you know how wrong that sounds?
[23:04] Teshia <_<
[23:05] Teshia >_>
#999 + (5) - [X]
<Renfield> Are there new dark way spells?
<CAlak-E3> renfield
<CAlak-E3> yes
<Renfield> Cool!
<CAlak-E3> its called ultimate suckage
<CAlak-E3> it summons an xoel who does absolutly nothing
<Renfield> Nevermind.
<Xoel> ohai gais
#1000 + (-5) - [X]
<Marathal> booze+marathal=types better1!
<Marathal> who would've thought!
#1001 + (13) - [X]
[01:27] * loreal (7def5dfc@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #
[01:27] <Tuxide> Howdy loreal
[01:27] <loreal> im called loreal, cause im worth it.
#1002 + (-3) - [X]
Boredien syncs his handfarts to Savage Garden's "Break me, Shake me"
<Mishka> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbr60I0u2Ng
<Hirato> anyway you want me?
<Boredien> Not right now, get back in the closet
* Hirato returns to being straight
<Boredien> Mmm, straight ironed khaki pants.
#1003 + (15) - [X]
<joshu28> does anyone here play wow?
<niklasboelter> no only smart people in this channel
|<-- joshu28 has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
<Boredien> niklasboelter: I love you.
#1004 + (23) - [X]
<Mishka> drunkjedi: make a pokeflute!
<LigH> slaps Mishka: "Nonsense!"
<Mishka> backhands LigH "My parents are DEAAAAAAAAAD!"
<Mishka> (IG that is)
<LigH> Still - no Poke in Plane.
<Mishka> would like to RP someone throwing a ball and making a yulbar/groffel appear
<drunkjedi> pikachu! lol
<LigH> But we have the ring instead.
<LigH> One ring to bind ...
<LigH> :o
<LigH> :|
#1005 + (9) - [X]
<BobArctor> unlike josePhoenix, most of us don't use our real names here
<@josePhoenix> My actual name is Christina, you insensitive clod
#1006 + (-6) - [X]
<Lilura> it was jose
<Lilura> in the ballroom
<Lilura> with a garo
<Marathal> YOU WIN!
<Marathal> Darn, I love clue.
<Garo_Droid> coulda sworn it was Lilura in the Kitchen with Barike's tail
Lilura> >.>
<Marathal> O.O
<Marathal> Lilura gets some tail?
<Lilura> >.<
#1007 + (4) - [X]
[Guild] Qter says: we need Bladezz sister!!! we need him to be slap!
[Guild] Lilura says: lol
[Guild] Qter says: slaped
[Guild] Qter says: slapt
[Guild] Qter says: slapp
[Guild] Qter says: salp
[Guild] Qter says: plas
[Guild] Qter says: laps
[Guild] Lilura says: slapped?
[Guild] Qter says: thank you!
[Guild] Qter says: I needed the extra p!!!
[Guild] Qter says: I knew it neded an extra p!
[Guild] Qter says: needed*
#1008 + (7) - [X]
<Garo_Droid> LILURA MARRIED!?(
<Lilura> XD
<Lilura> it was funny but now glilura wont divorce me =P
<Garo_Droid> glilura?
<Elady> That will teach you to propose to every glitter covered Kran that happens by.
#1009 + (12) - [X]
DAL|Desktop humps BobArctor wildly with a can of tuna
<BobArctor> ewwwww
<BobArctor> get it off get it off
<Barike> He's trying!
<BobArctor> xD
<BobArctor> ewwwww
<Barike> woh dang... I must be more tired than I thought if I'm cracking jokes like that
<BoredAlcohol> Barike: I would say sharper
<Barike> Hmm?
<BoredAlcohol> You're sharper, not tired
<Barike> Can't be that sharp when it took 12 minutes to come up with a response
<BoredAlcohol> cause you took a 11 min nap. Sharp.
<Barike> Still took a minute, so not sharp
<BobArctor> but this is irc time
<BoredAlcohol> sharp enough.
<BobArctor> sharp relatively
#1010 + (3) - [X]
<josePhoe1ix> There's a kid in my CS class writing code in Microsoft Word
<josePhoe1ix> o_o
<Ares> Microsoft Word, the best IDE ever!
#1011 + (-8) - [X]
<Mordaan> Last night it looked like a scene from A Beautiful Mind. I had papers and charts everywhere.
<Mordaan> Now I'm doing a flow chart.
<LigH> That should have been done to engineer, not to reverse-engineer a quest.
-> weltall joined the channel
<LigH> WB weltall
<Mordaan> True...problem is I keep getting lost. lol
<Mordaan> I have all the steps, I just need to work out the required steps.
<weltall> an explorer getting lost
<weltall> kick him!
#1012 + (-6) - [X]
<BobArctor> Pizik: make me some pizza!
<Pizik> I haz no foodz BobArctor
<BobArctor> it's okay i ate my sandwiches now
* Food_ has quit (Quit: Page closed)
#1013 + (11) - [X]
Ralas is done with his tacos
<Marathal> >.<
* Marathal runs away from stinky-breathed ralas
* Ralas chases Marathal around
* Marathal makes herself invisible.

[ERROR] Connection to irc://freenode/ (irc://chat.freenode.net/) reset. [Help]
-->| YOU (Marathal_) have joined #planeshift
=-= Topic for #planeshift is PlaneShift: A Free 3D MMORPG .:. http://planeshift.it .:. Report bugs at http://hydlaaplaza.com/flyspray/ troubleshooting guide: http://tinyurl.com/3ym467g | linux: if pslaunch crashes install openal
=-= Topic for #planeshift was set by weltall!~weltall@planeshift/developer/weltall on Friday, October 14, 2011 10:42:45 AM
-->| EzPingo2 (~cwbot@ has joined #planeshift

<Pizik> wb Marathal_ ;op
* Marathal appears again....
<Marathal_> That invisibility charm really works!
<Lilura> XD
#1014 + (7) - [X]
Boredien> Vayl: Step away from the mouse :P
<Vayl> Mowse.
<Boredien> Mooose
<Ebonwumon> Meese.
<AiwendilH> This is #planshift, All hope abandon, ye who enter in.
* DAL|Sleep tackles Vayl and snuggles her like a long lost kitten finally returning to a house of love
<Boredien> o.o
<Darkmoon> o.O that's... intimate..
<Boredien> That's... DAL|Sleep.
<Vayl> And this is SPARTA
=-= DAL|Sleep is now known as DAudioLink
<matthiaskrgr> bcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
<Boredien> alkalka
<Boredien> That almost made sense..
<Marathal> you guys are weird
<Darkmoon> bazinga.
#1015 + (14) - [X]
Whoever edits and publishes these atrclies really knows what they're doing.
#1016 + (12) - [X]
<Lilura> i had a dream that i had a pet crap named Steve
<Rigwyn> LOL!!!
<Rigwyn> crap or crab?
<John80sk> that's a very strange dream indeed
<Lilura> *crab >.>
<Ralas> LOL
#1017 + (10) - [X]
<aramara> Lilura: what are you going to win the nobel prize for?
<Ralas|afk> or by not including her in your speech
<Lilura> achievements in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and for peace.
<Ralas|afk> don't steal my story idea!
<Ralas|afk> that's MY nobel price waiting
<weltall> prize?
<Lilura> i shall write a book that cures/prevents cancer and Alzheimers but it will be over 9000 pages and will cause world peace because everyone stopped fighting because they are so absorbed in book
<aramara> \o/
<aramara> that's so awesome!
<aramara> I'm so glad I'm responsible for your success
<Garoninja> Lilu world peace is the calm before the storm >.>
<Lilura> naw you'll be the cat that chews up the prototype
<aramara> but! what does that have to do with physics or chemistry? besides basically breaking all known laws of both?
<Lilura> i need chemistry to make the special ink and paper it will be printed on ...that cures/prevents cancer and alzheimers
<aramara> Lilura: you couldn't have done it without my feline mind beams implanting the knowledge into yer brain
<Lilura>and as for physics ......they have to read it on a roller coaster
<aramara> \o/ weeeee!
#1018 + (15) - [X]
<aramara> guys, i think my biological clock is like, seriously ticking
<AiwendilH> and you think saying something like this in a channel full of male nerds living in a basement is a good idea?
<aramara> i thought maybe, if i said it outloud, it would go away
#1019 + (13) - [X]
<Garoninja> Talad you speak better french than i do. Its Canada's second language
<kengi> no talad good speak french haha
<Lilura> Talad: do you speak Klingon as well?
<Talad> Kran
<Talad> hmrrggg ffrrrggmm mddd
#1020 + (10) - [X]
{Cenisie = female Nolthrir, played by Talad; Karnath = male Nolthrir, due to the lack with Dermorian model}

Cenisie says: I can give you some of my tea to taste
Cenisie says: it's free
Cenisie says: ah, I recognize you dermorian from before
Karnath says: "I'm nolthrir... And i drink only from my cup.. No offence."
#1021 + (10) - [X]
jorrit> Hi
<Ralas> hi
<Ralas> you done with CS: android edition yet? :P
<jorrit> Yes of course :-)
<jorrit> I'm now porting CS to postscript so it can run on a printer.
<jorrit> 8 pages/frames per second.
#1022 + (9) - [X]
<IllogicalStuff> now you have to kill a sheep and offer it to Talad
<Electra> Well... Planeshift is free... and beta...
<Rarelel> can i scratch and reverse that
#1023 + (15) - [X]
<Mishka> When I was 8, my mom told me there was bad people on the internet. Now, with almost 21, I realized I'm one of those people
#1024 + (16) - [X]
(In Gossip Channel)

Earowo: Hello self
Veelic: Hi self
Veelic: How bored am I to talk to myself
Earowo: Probably pretty bored
Tanosn: I'll have Tano invade Earowo's personal space, one moment.
Tanosn: Hi there :D
Rizula: Hawt
Earowo: Hi >.>
#1025 + (-1) - [X]
(In the Stone Head)

Codyr says: Silence! I am arranging them in alphabetical order!
Codyr says: DONT TOUCH THEM!
Stashka says: You should do reverse alphabetical.
>Stashka Tyye pokes Seared Fish.
Stashka says: What now?
Stashka says: Huh?!
Stashka says: WHAT NOW?!?!
Codyr says: [You have touched the fish! D:]
Codyr glares at stashka
Codyr says: And moari... and then Ned....
>Stashka Tyye pokes Seared Fish.
#1026 + (5) - [X]
<+eonwind> and sorry venalan for having caused you an heart attack:)
<+venalan> I have a spare heart ill be fine once i get it in and turned on
<+eonwind> cool, like iron man :)
<+venalan> cooler than iron
<+eonwind> harder than diamond
<+venalan> faster than a speeding bulet
== venalan has changed nick to Super_Venalan
* Super_Venalan is here
<+eonwind> LOL
<+Super_Venalan> :P
<+Super_Venalan> should tweet that, funny
<+eonwind> Super_Venalan you're soooo cooool!
<+Super_Venalan> thanks man
== Super_Venalan has changed nick to Venalan
<+eonwind> we should tweet the conversation XD
<+eonwind> at least the heart attack part
<+Venalan> 142 characters =/
<+eonwind> directors cut? :)
<+Venalan> ill take out some spaces
<+Venalan> <eonwind>cool, like iron man :) <venalan>cooler than iron <e>harder than diamond <v>faster than a speeding bullet * Super_Venalan is here
<+eonwind> take out vowels!
<+eonwind> XD
<+Venalan> <nwnd>cl, lk rn mn :) <vnln>clr thn rn <>hrdr thn dmnd <v>fstr thn spdng bllt * Spr_Vnln s hr
<+eonwind> lol lol lol
#1027 + (13) - [X]
<Ralas> man i should try and get something done today :P
<pizik> nah
<Ralas> hm
<Ralas> you make a compelling argument
#1028 + (15) - [X]
<almien> if you got the wrong 32/x86_64 installer, would that manifest itself as the installer program just terminating after asking you for the installation language?
<Minks_> No. Idea. Which file did you try to install on which system?
<almien> PlaneShift-v0.5.9.2-x86.run on ubuntu 12.04
<Minks_> that sounds like a 32 bit file. Should also run on 64 bit, right?
<almien> oh it was right one - x64 was "cannot execute binary file".
<almien> so installer just quits without any warnings after the language-selection dialog
<Minks_> Did you to the chmod thingy that people get told to do whenever there's a problem installing on Linux
<Minks_> ?
<Minks_> Whatever it does.... <.<
<almien> sorry, I'm an idiot. I had been pressing cancel because it was the button on the right-hand side where I was expecting OK to be :(
<Minks_> XD
#1029 + (-2) - [X]
<Sarras> can i stick it in my butt
<Lilu> probably
#1030 + (20) - [X]
<aramara> lilu, that putty is meant for serious business situations
<Lilu> oooooh
<Sarras> can i stick it in my butt
<Lilu> probably
#1031 + (18) - [X]
<Sarras> Lilu
<Sarras> :O
<Lilu> =0
<Sarras> if you insist
<Sarras> =0 <===3
<Lilu> waa
<Sarras> =(<===3
<Lilu> noo
<Sarras> =(==3
<Sarras> =(3
<Sarras> =3
<Lilu> stahp
#1032 + (18) - [X]
<Sarras> Ralas play with us!
<Ralas> but i'm busy drinking beer and watching buffy
<Ralas> besides RP is hard
<Sarras> no it's easy
<Sarras> you just pretend to be someone
<Ralas> ohhhh i could pretend to be Sarras!
<Ralas> my character could walk around starting arguments and stuff!

#1034 + (21) - [X]
<Ralas> you know it's pretty hard to watch eternal sunshine and cry my eyes out
<Ralas> when you keep linking me to things
<pizik> Last one then
<Ralas> ...
<Ralas> for some reason this makes me wanna watch A Midsummer Night's Dream
<pizik> ^.^
<Ralas> wait you're not trying to tell me something right
<Ralas> because to each his own but no
<pizik> As you are an English teacher I will assume you mean the play, not the film ;op
<pizik> And no, I don't want to get you high on mushies and then rape you....
<Sarras> ...what
#1035 + (3) - [X]
<lilu> now sweep up this room
<Garo_Droid> turns on the nuclear vacuum
<Garo_Droid> Oh wait am I allowed to vacuum Lilu?
*LigH leaves before getting sucked
<LigH> \o
<--| LigH has left #planeshift
<Garo_Droid> Probably wise
<lilu> where is ralas when i need him to almost make inappropriate comments
#1036 + (8) - [X]
Starg: Venelan typed <kill server> and it worked
Herihi: As a famous baby dinosaur once famously said....."Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Teshia beats herihi with the frying pan. "not the momma!"
Sarras: i don't remember any baby dinosaurs ever saying anything...
Sarras: you know what, i don't remember any dinosaurs saying anything, ever.
Starg: Hmm, giving away your age?
Butat: I do remember a pot of petunias' saying something like that, I think it was "oh no, not again"
Butat: technically
Sarras: yeah, i'm 70 million years old. so what?
Starg: Late Cretaceous, wow
Herihi: then you'd remember the talking baby dino
Sarras: they used to call me the sarrasaurus volcarex.
Starg: king of the volcanos
Herihi: Sarras is female
Starg: I know
Herihi: unless something happened I don't know about
Starg: there has been a lot of time for changes, from the late Cretaceous to now
Teshia: well, there was this one night...
Sarras: let's not talk about it.
#1038 + (32) - [X]
-->| YOU (Sarras|BuckNaked) have joined #planeshift-gmtalk
<Sarras|BuckNaked> Talad! good morning!
<Sarras|BuckNaked> excuse me.
=-= YOU are now known as Sarras
#1039 + (9) - [X]
<lilu> why is Ralas|afk afk!?
<lilu> who am i supposed to have girl talk with now!?
#1040 + (6) - [X]
Eonwindd says: I just reorum post todayplied the f
Hirene says: Could you rephrase that answer, Eonwind? :)
#1041 + (6) - [X]
<+Mordaan> A collegue has a mac. When I went to set up something on it, I literally did not know how to turn it on. :s
<+Venalan_> xD
<+Venalan_> there is normally a button
<+Venalan_> look on the side or back
<+Venalan_> ;)
<+Mordaan> yeah, I didn't see one
<+Mordaan> turns out it was hidden by a sticky note. :P
#1042 + (10) - [X]
<Venalan_> [Abelia smiles before answering.] Laanx is one of the gods present here in Yliakum and as you might know he created the Lemurs. Laanxs main temple is here in Hydlaa, as I mentioned, and is run by an elderly Lemur-tologist, Sharven. Another, Taladadin, was responsible for creating the Kranalites and he has a temple unsurprisingly in the Kranopolis city of Gugrontid.
<Taya> Hah! I love it, but it's going to confuse the hell out of someone new :D
#1043 + (7) - [X]
<Ralas> man why did i think it was a good day to go for a job after working all day
#1044 + (8) - [X]
* jorrit (~jorrit@bluecoat1.uzleuven.be) has joined #planeshift
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to jorrit
* Thidin has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
* Thidin (~Thidin@68-117-8-39.dhcp.fdul.wi.charter.com) has joined #planeshift
<jorrit> Hi
<Thidin> Ho
<Thidin> We're off to work we go.
#1045 + (-3) - [X]
>You start repairing the Ruined Shortsword and continue for 20 seconds.
>You have repaired your Ruined Shortsword to 1 out of 1
>Your Ruined Shortsword is in perfect condition.
#1046 + (13) - [X]
<omg|its|otr> People who know abou the client here?
<omg|its|otr> I'm getting "bus error" then crash
<Ralas> sounds like you're missing a driver
<Ralas> buses usually crash when they are missing a driver
#1047 + (10) - [X]
<Sarras> people rely on technology too heavily
<Haraun_> And you tell this via internet...?
#1048 + (8) - [X]
* Haraun_ climbs on Lilu's head.
* Lilu dyes Haraun_ purple
* DAudioLink climbs on Haraun_'s head on Lilu
* Haraun_ balances DAudioLink
* Tucos climbs on DAudioLink's head on Haraun_ on Lilu
* DAudioLink ballances Tucos
* Lilu dyes everyone purple
#1049 + (10) - [X]
* DAudioLink hands Ralas a scantly clad Vegas show girl with baby oil in her hand
<DAudioLink> Does it look like it?
<+Ralas> uhhh what?
<DAudioLink> Run along now
#1050 + (6) - [X]
<mircea_popescu> o hai!
<drey> sup.
<mircea_popescu> well, actually, trying to figure out how to summon a pet.
<mircea_popescu> i have the ring completed and equipped, is there some command ?
<drey> I was never cool enough to have a pet
<mircea_popescu> aww
<Ralas|afk> mircea_popescu: /pet summon
<mircea_popescu> a ty
<Ralas|afk> followed by 0, 1, or 2 to specify which pet if you have more than one
<Ralas|afk> (not necessary if you only have one)
<mircea_popescu> o my god i laid a chicken
#1051 + (-2) - [X]
<Garo_Droid> It has just occured to me that George of the jungle is always depicted clean shaven. A man raised by apes shaves?
<Zalya> IS that the only thing you question about that movie?
<Garo_Droid> yes
#1052 + (20) - [X]
Player says: about food association
[NPC] Jomed Parcen says: I don't have any, but you might try the tavern.
#1053 + (-1) - [X]
* Pingo has quit (Excess Flood)
* Pingo (~cwbot@ has joined #planeshift
<Trog> go away pingo
<Ralas> pingo ping!
<Pingo> Ralas, the current status of planeshift.zeroping.it is: server down. It has been down for over 467 days.
<Ralas> lulz
<Ralas> Pingo: by how many servers are you out of date now?
<Trog> pingo if Ralas sucks ping
<Pingo> Trog, the current status of planeshift.zeroping.it is: server down. It has been down for over 467 days.
<Trog> thats mean
<Ralas> pingo if trog is an ass ping
<Trog> dont you do it
<Trog> ...
<Ralas> oh C'MON
<Trog> lmao
<Ralas> that's just not fair
#1054 + (10) - [X]
<Aiena> HI Venalan
<Venalan> hey ya :D
<Aiena> Oh cool you're there
<Aiena> Yay
<Aiena> Venalan: On ubuntu I have glibc version 2.14 will PS still work ?
<Venalan> yes, assuming your hiamuuna is disorientatedified towards the bathroom
<Aiena> Whaaaat
<Venalan> let me rephrase
<Venalan> I've no idea
<Venalan> :)
<Venalan> :P
<Aiena> hehe
* Aiena lmao
#1055 + (16) - [X]
Taya: Na, I'm a pain.
Taya: We all know this by now!
Taya: ... a thing able to break your english?
Venalan: ha, you're one to talk about rubbish english
Venalan: (my insults getting to you yet?)
Taya: nop. me englisch is impeakabubble
Venalan: better than impopabubble
* Taya peaks you to try pop you
Venalan: xD
#1056 + (14) - [X]
[Tell] Mariana tells you: wanna try to polish some of my own shit.
[Tell] You tell Mariana: - You cannot polish a terd. It doesn't w... oh... right.
[Tell] Mariana tells you: xD
[Tell] Mariana swats you.
[Tell] You tell Mariana: xD You said it.
[Tell] Mariana tells you: Ohhh.
[Tell] Mariana tells you: Oh yes I did didn't I xD

#1057 + (1) - [X]
eonwind: anyway guys this is simply awesome: http://www.thenoobcomic.com/index.php?pos=1
Mordaan: I'm up to page 24. :)
eonwind: it sometimes reminds me PS XD
* Taya is liking it as well.
* Venalan_ can't read so is just looking at the pictures.
#1058 + (11) - [X]
<Illy> I am sleepy I think I will go to bed now. Goodnight.
<Trog> night
<LigH> GN8 Illy
<Illy> hehe... had to look up 8 in german just then to see why there was an 8 there. ;)
<Illy> o/
<LigH> Well, works in english too, almost ... "Good N(e)ight"...
<Sarras> no.
<Sarras> it does not.
<Sarras> unless you're part horse.
<LigH> Horse?
<LigH> Wanna ride me? ...
#1060 + (-3) - [X]
<Lilu> and by pms i mean private messages
<Lilu> not pms
#1061 + (3) - [X]
How NOT to behave when talking to players.

Jesuro says: do you guys no where kaiman is?
Tharkas says: [[don't ask OOC questions in Main]]
Tharkas says: [[check planeshift.net for npc locations]]
#1062 + (-3) - [X]
Diuren: Where may Ondren be, if not at the plaza and in the forge?
Daxa holds up a sign: discussion of NPC locations in gossip is considered a spoiler.
Diuren: And moving NPCs are just an annoyance... well.
Haraun draws funny faces around the letters of the sign.
Lumi: lol
Lumi salutes Haraun and looks at him drawing
Haraun waves to Lumi
Lumi: What about a flower in the corner ?
Haraun does so and makes it smile!
Lumi seems satisfied and waves to get back to Tavern discussion
#1063 + (-4) - [X]
Darryel: I'm curious, which race is the most used on the server?
Venalan: Troll
Tazen: LMAO
Tay: Venalan <3
Venalan: but we are trying to get rid of them
#1064 + (13) - [X]
The_Garo_Brothers: Lets boo Lilu!
Old_Man_Garo: Okay sounds good
The_Garo_Brothers: Boooooooooo
Old_Man_Garo: Boooooooooooooo
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