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#2 + (4) - [X]
<dfryer> best linkdead fix ever would be to just remove the linkdead detection code
#795 + (-15) - [X]
[15:17] <Fesek> Am i in the right irc room? I was under the impression this was a room for Planeshift. :|
[15:17] <`Zidane> Fesek: it is.
[[15:17] <eldoth> Nah... this is ComplainShift

#596 + (12) - [X]
Ayshe: rerogo, it bothers me that you can ask about Kanalal's core dumps without flinching
***rerogo doesn't get it
Ayshe: I know
Ayshe: that's why it's scary
#664 + (11) - [X]
<janner> swearing in a group o guys, no big deal. BUT when a lady is present, a gentleman never resorts to vulgarity.
<joseSleep> janner, what if the lady swears alot?
<janner> Cover your ears
#660 + (2) - [X]
< Demarthl> your tolerance of stupidity, including mine, is remarkable Lacey
< Lacey> I'm used to dealing with children Demarthl ;)
#1024 + (16) - [X]
(In Gossip Channel)

Earowo: Hello self
Veelic: Hi self
Veelic: How bored am I to talk to myself
Earowo: Probably pretty bored
Tanosn: I'll have Tano invade Earowo's personal space, one moment.
Tanosn: Hi there :D
Rizula: Hawt
Earowo: Hi >.>
#404 + (19) - [X]
<Venge> Please file it with the other 1000 bugs.
<Venge> I will ignore it until a year from now when someone mentions it to me and I make a 5 minute fix.
#302 + (4) - [X]
Netrhys tells you: (I was using the flight key, but didn't notice that the damage was back on, so I died. But I flew nontheless... dead girl flying. ^^)
#69 + (-6) - [X]
<Anth|Altharion> except for when i thought grakrim was a chick, there is no other women in PS that i ever picked on..
#111 + (-7) - [X]
Sirspike says: hi!
>Nilaya greets sirspike.
Sirspike says: whats the controls?
Sirspike says: whats the controls??????
Grakrim says: How did you get in here if you don't know the controls?
Sirspike says: hello anyone???????
Sirspike says: whats the conbtrols?
Grakrim says: But you walked here...
Nilaya says: sirspike, a, s, d, w, space, m, shift, arrow keys, r
Sirspike says: someone help please?
Grakrim puzzles over the philosphy, "How many roads must a man walk down before he learns the controls?"
#196 + (3) - [X]
<MadMerlin> tired of clicking rux?
* Zeraph isn't!
* Zeraph clicks Rux.
* Zeraph clicks Rux again.
<Zeraph> Wheeee!!!!
<Zeraph> c'mon everyone join in!
<Deserir> lol
#1022 + (9) - [X]
<IllogicalStuff> now you have to kill a sheep and offer it to Talad
<Electra> Well... Planeshift is free... and beta...
<Rarelel> can i scratch and reverse that
#44 + (17) - [X]
<Kwartz> I love you aendar you complete me
<Aendar> Hold me Kwartz!
* Kwartz wasnt expecting repartee and is afraid
<Aendar> lol
#848 + (-2) - [X]
<Baldur> I can't believe my mouse is lagging.
<Afrix> usb?
<Baldur> Touchpad :(
<ravna> it just wants some attention
<Vonor> Baldur, give it some love and pet it with your finger :)
<Vonor> .o0(no double meaning intended!)
#72 + (19) - [X]
<aarobber> dfryer, you here?
<aarobber> fine, don't be here
<aarobber> be a jerk
#666 + (9) - [X]
<Uy|work> If I had a pack of viagra for every mail I've gotten about it, I could have sex around the clock until I was 90.
#982 + (-19) - [X]
[Channel] [1: gossip] Pontifer: I used a broad statement to adress the masses not the individuals.
[Channel] [1: gossip] Hulenore: ?
[Channel] [1: gossip] Pontifer: It means I don't want to hear how many dark corcle rings you all have.
[Channel] [1: gossip] Haraun feels personally offended
[Channel] [1: gossip] Hulenore snickers
[Channel] [1: gossip] Pontifer: Circle*
[Channel] [1: gossip] Hulenore: Yeah, like everyone is gonna be all like, "Hey, just so ya know, I have X amount of 'em..."
[Channel] [1: gossip] Aramara: I'm going to leave it on my voicemail
[Channel] [1: gossip] Hulenore: Lol
[Channel] [1: gossip] Aramara: "you have reached Aramara, I'm not home right now, please leave a message, and by the way, I have 23 dark circle rings
#794 + (-23) - [X]
[14:05] * `Zidane sticks to his "cleaner unplugged server to plug in mobile phone charger" theory.
#711 + (-8) - [X]
<WarpZone> Yay! Logs!
<WarpZone> What scrolls down screens, alone or in teens, runs over your neighbor's blog. It fits in a meg, and goes good with eggs, it's log, log log!
<FossiFoo> my cs logs is several megs though i guess
<WarpZone> SHHH!
<WarpZone> I can't very well say "it fits in an arbitrarily-defined ammount of disk space that, while potentially large, is usually less than one would think is unreasonable, given the quality of the information." It wouldn't fit the Ren & Stimpy song.
#477 + (12) - [X]
<dancer_in_shadow> Nebuduck, gentoo doesn't seem to know what to do with SCSI
<dancer_in_shadow> ideas?
<Lordbug> point a gun at it and say "Work!"
<dancer_in_shadow> tried that already
<dancer_in_shadow> it asked what the metal tube was for
#1030 + (20) - [X]
<aramara> lilu, that putty is meant for serious business situations
<Lilu> oooooh
<Sarras> can i stick it in my butt
<Lilu> probably
#392 + (6) - [X]
<+Ayshe> so long as I am an admininator on the qdb, I can ensure that nothing moronic I say ever ends up in the qdb
<@josephoenix> Hm.
<@josephoenix> That could be a problem
<+Ayshe> aww
<+Ayshe> I jest
<+Ayshe> I'm not captain censorship yet
* josephoenix adds "if you have a funny Ayshe quote, /msg directly to jose" to the topic
<+Ayshe> nooes!
<+Ayshe> it's not my funay I fear getting quoted
<+Ayshe> it's the weird stuff I say
<+Ayshe> like how I like rolling in water and oatmeal naked

#813 + (-24) - [X]
<Tuxide> Come and I will show you
<Tuxide> It will look even funnier on your end than it will on mine
<Tuxide> Let me know when you're there
<Aiken> I should be close
<Aiken> I am flying
Dopplganger comes in at the wroooong time...
#33 + (-7) - [X]
<lynxlynxlynx> Xordan is the true and only heir to the thrown
#418 + (25) - [X]
Barry: Rux do you know why everything at the arena is impervious to attack that may explain why no one is online
Rux: npc server must be down again
Barry: someone mentioned super client this is beyond me
ramlambmoo|mIRC: super client controls npc actions
Barry: Thank you did not know that
Xyle: is it vulnerable to cyberkryptonite? ;)
Rux: it's vulnerable to slight gusts of wind
#836 + (-24) - [X]
[17:22] <Zwenze> Underthemoon, we discussed that inguild chat but consider the work as too much and we haveto little artists in guild.
[17:23] <vinafera> Zwenze: besides, all the doorwayswould be too low for most of the players if we designed it
[17:23] <Zwenze> and the mugs to large
#273 + (-8) - [X]
The banner over the PS tester's room:
>:| FIX >:| TEST >:| IMPLIMENT >:| TEST >:| FIX
#243 + (120) - [X]
rerogo shows up with two fish speared on either side of a pick "what do I do now? Cooking isn't implemented."
<joseAway> You sell them.. to Ayshe!
<joseAway> Tell her they're turnips.
rerogo hides fish in turnip shaped boxes
<Ayshe> perks up
<Ayshe> turnips?
<joseAway> Yes indeed.
<Ayshe> gives jose a kippered turnip
<rerogo> who want turnips-3 tria each- no, theres nothing fishy about this deal
<Ayshe> i'm not herring much sincerity in your voice
rerogo thinks "carp, shes onto me"
<Ais> perks up her nose....something smells fishy
<stfrn> I'm herring a lot of carp :|
<Ayshe> i may pike out of this deal
#743 + (12) - [X]
<Gaiyamato> DSL costs money my friend. :P
<Afrix> then mine for some gold *nods*
<Gaiyamato> hahahahaha
<Gaiyamato> lol.
<Draklar> Too many games, Afrix.
<Draklar> Gaiyamato, loot some people on the street.
<Miaua> I tired in front of my house. it said 'you dont see a good place to dig" :s
<Gaiyamato> lol.
<Miaua> I tried to loot people on street. but they did deffend themself :s
<Afrix> Miaua is such a noob :|
#64 + (22) - [X]
<aarobber> crap! I just got my toe stuck in a beer bottle!
#826 + (-19) - [X]
<homik> i hate word problems
<homik> american math is so stupid (or atleas the way they teach it
<steuben_sleeps> math \o/
<homik> its always "Little billy bought X amount of substance B at price Z and shoved it in bodily oriface Y"
#619 + (-7) - [X]
* Farren_Kutter smacks the peace out of Peacer.
* Peacer is now known as r
#226 + (2) - [X]
<feldimaus> where can i get a non corupt planshift?
<feldimaus> :-)
* Cydo sighs
<Ayshe> Planeshift used to be good, but someone bought it one of those novelty 'One ring' dealies. Did these people not see the movie? The Ring of Power for your loved ones? It corrupts you and makes you evil! And you have to walk bloody miles to get rid of it...
<Ayshe> so, Planeshift kinda went into a spiral of deceit and evil. It's so corrupted now, if you open the .exe and add a "z" to the end then save it as a .mpg it's a vid of Micheal Jackson
<Cydo> At times you scare me Ayshe....
#894 + (8) - [X]
<Skald> I tell you, these felines are getting more and more reckless.
<Moon|loggin> You have cats, or you almost ran over cats?
<Skald> I wish! (the latter)
<Skald> Like, yesterday I left the door open when going to the frontyard.
<Skald> Stayed there for a few minutes and when I returned, proceeding with closing the door
-->| Pizik (i=Pizik@unaffiliated/pizik) has joined ##ps-fans
<Skald> *BAM!* the neighbours' cat ran out of nowhere and scramed outside.
<Baldur> xD
<Baldur> Cats love people who don't like'em :D
<Skald> Hey, I almost got a heartattack there!
<Skald> And I bet that was her plan.
<Baldur> By a wittle kitty cat :]
<Baldur> Foiled, once more.
<Pizik> I told you that you should have hidden a Tiger there Baldur, but did you listen?
<Baldur> I DO listen, I just willingly shut off my hearing when my ego is at stake
<Skald> ...
<Skald> Another one ;_;
<Skald> I'm sitting, watching valleyball when the dude walks in and he's all like
<Skald> =<.<=
<Skald> =>.>=
<Skald> And I'm all like
<Skald> ..yes?
<Skald> And he's like
<Skald> =O_O=
<Skald> And runs off.
<Baldur> Awesome.
#287 + (9) - [X]
<Demarthl> now im going to collapse before i remember what i did with my brothers ex boyfriends mother >.>
<Xordan> o.o
* Sekhemet covers her ears "lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala"
<Demarthl> what?
<Demarthl> she was hot >.>
#169 + (0) - [X]
<Ecolem> lol the random name came up with Loser as a first name!
<stfrn> lol!
<Rux> it's a sign
* stfrn bans that name just in case...
#1029 + (-2) - [X]
<Sarras> can i stick it in my butt
<Lilu> probably
#341 + (8) - [X]
<pinniped> there are really only a few humans on the planet - and very many monkeys disguised as humans
#704 + (-4) - [X]
<Eklina> Fenkis are hot.
<Vengeance> They certainly have nice glutes
#222 + (-11) - [X]
* Platyna cries hysterically and beats her fists against her desk...
Xordan: I blame your insanly low glibc version :P Because I can't think of anything else to blame other than Debian as a whole :P
Platyna: Come on Xordan....
Xordan: hmmm, fine I blame pie.
#1016 + (12) - [X]
<Lilura> i had a dream that i had a pet crap named Steve
<Rigwyn> LOL!!!
<Rigwyn> crap or crab?
<John80sk> that's a very strange dream indeed
<Lilura> *crab >.>
<Ralas> LOL
#65 + (9) - [X]
* aarobber has left #planeshift ("Beer -- it's not just for breakfast anymore")
#1058 + (11) - [X]
<Illy> I am sleepy I think I will go to bed now. Goodnight.
<Trog> night
<LigH> GN8 Illy
<Illy> hehe... had to look up 8 in german just then to see why there was an 8 there. ;)
<Illy> o/
<LigH> Well, works in english too, almost ... "Good N(e)ight"...
<Sarras> no.
<Sarras> it does not.
<Sarras> unless you're part horse.
<LigH> Horse?
<LigH> Wanna ride me? ...
#128 + (19) - [X]
Androgos on the issue of 'Planeshift...wow...sucks...2'
Androgos : Summary: I hate you
Vengeance : Androgos is cute when he gets mad. :)
#663 + (-17) - [X]
* Underthemoon ponders a guild bent on subjegating newbies, not helping them.
<DAL|Losted> Underthemoon: That's just cruel. Need help gathering the 20,000 trias?
#614 + (13) - [X]
<+Lordbug> Do you people live somehwere near Hell?
<Goldir> Nah, I live in Hell Lite. It is known as North Platte, Nebraska
#112 + (1) - [X]
Drey: boring
Pogopuschel: ?
Drey: im bored
Pogopuschel: Read a book
Drey: hmm
Pogopuschel: Go outside and foretell the end of the world
Jorrit: Write a book
Drey: im might play tomb raider
Pogopuschel: That's what I usually do
#474 + (10) - [X]
=-= Alhana|Food is now known as Alhana|Soulless
<rerogo|school> grabs Alhana's soul as it leaves her body
<rerogo|school> \o/ a backup soul!
* Hokinon burn it to dvd
<rerogo|school> thinks he can bzip it onto a floppy disk
<rerogo|school> souls are quite compressible
<rerogo|school> lots of redundancy
<rerogo|school> and it's mostly plain text
#623 + (7) - [X]
<dfryer> pff, I move using my keyboard :D
<Xordan|Afk> I only use my mouse for movement in WoW
<DaveG> adding more camera controls would be fairly simple
<DaveG> dfryer: ditto ;)
<dfryer> mice are for fairy mac users
<Xordan|Afk> keyboard movement sux :P
<Xordan|Afk> lol
<Xordan|Afk> I like being able to play a game with one hand ;)
<dfryer> my mouse only has about 6" movement space
<dfryer> . . .
<DaveG> Xordan|Afk: that could be missinterpereted
<dfryer> been looking at those fenkis or something?
<Xordan|Afk> XD
<Xordan|Afk> It was not my mind which thought such thoughts xP
#233 + (2) - [X]
<Lacey> Venge is absolutely right.
<Venge|away> ah my 4 favorite words :)
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