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#1021 + (10) - [X]
jorrit> Hi
<Ralas> hi
<Ralas> you done with CS: android edition yet? :P
<jorrit> Yes of course :-)
<jorrit> I'm now porting CS to postscript so it can run on a printer.
<jorrit> 8 pages/frames per second.
#609 + (4) - [X]
/* About the updated Hydlaa map file */

<dfryer> We made it smaller!
<Teraukey> it was bigger before
<dfryer> Xordan sat on it
<SoVHead> go compression!
#204 + (22) - [X]
<josePhoenix> -MemoServ- Memo #2 from ArcaneFalcon (sent 5 days (12h 29m 39s) ago):
<josePhoenix> -MemoServ- PS-MC IS DOWN, FRIGGIN FIX IT...errr...please?
#505 + (25) - [X]
<Sarrow> My Dorm mate wants to use the computer, what do I do?
<Underthemoon> Kill him?
<Verrliit> Get out the trout.
<Araye> kill the dorm mate
<Aradia_Demeter> poke him with a butter knife
<Sarrow> You guys are seriously twisted, ill just say that the computer needs defragging
#1 + (64) - [X]
<Vengeance> The intent of the game is to make newbies kill rats
#1007 + (3) - [X]
[Guild] Qter says: we need Bladezz sister!!! we need him to be slap!
[Guild] Lilura says: lol
[Guild] Qter says: slaped
[Guild] Qter says: slapt
[Guild] Qter says: slapp
[Guild] Qter says: salp
[Guild] Qter says: plas
[Guild] Qter says: laps
[Guild] Lilura says: slapped?
[Guild] Qter says: thank you!
[Guild] Qter says: I needed the extra p!!!
[Guild] Qter says: I knew it neded an extra p!
[Guild] Qter says: needed*
#595 + (8) - [X]
Tuxide: I think I'm speaking to the person who asked if the temple was Kada-El's
Nilaya: hey, cool :)
Nilaya: dermorian with two swords?
Tuxide: yes
Nilaya: yup
Tuxide: if he goes forward he'll stab me in the buttocks
Tuxide: Ah, thank you server crash for saving my butt
Nilaya: \o/
#279 + (22) - [X]
*** josePhoenix_ has kicked leji from #planeshift [josePhoenix_]
*** josePhoenix_ is now known as josePhoenix
[Lordbug] ???
[Lordbug] why?
<josePhoenix> >:|
<Demarthl> o.O
*** Drey_ (n=Tom2@82-44-176-15.cable.ubr05.haye.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #planeshift
<josePhoenix> leji josePhoenix_ Moogie Pogopuschel kick me
<josePhoenix> that's what he said
[Lordbug] ah
*** Pogopuschel has kicked josePhoenix from #planeshift [Pogopuschel]
<Pogopuschel> done :P
#321 + (11) - [X]
Demarthl> night drey
drey|aslep> o/
stfrn> night drey
drey|aslep> o/
Demarthl> night drey
drey|aslep> o/
Demarthl> night drey
drey|aslep> o/
Demarthl> xD
drey|aslep> o/
stfrn> :P
drey|aslep> o/
Demarthl> o/
drey|aslep> o/
Demarthl> :|
drey|aslep> o/
stfrn> knight drey
drey|aslep> o/
Demarthl> bed now curly bonce!
drey|aslep> o/
Demarthl> bleh
drey|aslep> :P
#610 + (7) - [X]
-->| Aysh1 has joined #felines-lair
<Aysh1> my, those mountain goats sure are chewing overtime on the net connections today.
<Aysh1> makes me wish NZ's main internet backbone line wasn't a string of dutch midgets passing punchcards down a human chain.
#451 + (8) - [X]
<malverian[work]> Release early, release often.
<stfrn> spend all your time fixing bugs :P
#584 + (6) - [X]
<Tuxide> \o/ reclaimed 30 gigs of space on my hard drive(s)
<Ralas> nice
<Tuxide> by cleaning out my video folder
<Ralas> jose freed up 30 gigs by realizing that he had 4 different copies of his 10 GB iTunes library
#329 + (17) - [X]

<Tangera-away> The members are impervious to attack
<Tangera-away> can anyone do something?
<Induane> members?
<Tangera-away> Monstors!
<Induane> My member is impervious to attack.
<Tangera-away> opps
<Arianna> Induane !!!!!!
<Induane> lol sorry
<Tangera-away> The monsters are impervious to attack
* Arianna closes her ears and sings
#593 + (8) - [X]
* Rolenun jumps off a tall building!
<josePhoenix> \o/
* Rolenun lands on josePhoenix!
<josePhoenix> _o_
#1041 + (6) - [X]
<+Mordaan> A collegue has a mac. When I went to set up something on it, I literally did not know how to turn it on. :s
<+Venalan_> xD
<+Venalan_> there is normally a button
<+Venalan_> look on the side or back
<+Venalan_> ;)
<+Mordaan> yeah, I didn't see one
<+Mordaan> turns out it was hidden by a sticky note. :P
#1038 + (32) - [X]
-->| YOU (Sarras|BuckNaked) have joined #planeshift-gmtalk
<Sarras|BuckNaked> Talad! good morning!
<Sarras|BuckNaked> excuse me.
=-= YOU are now known as Sarras
#289 + (8) - [X]
<kronosx> is the server for Planetshift, available for download ?
* Draklar blinks
<Draklar> ha?
<Drey> yes
<kronosx> i cant find it
<Drey> try new zeland
#1027 + (13) - [X]
<Ralas> man i should try and get something done today :P
<pizik> nah
<Ralas> hm
<Ralas> you make a compelling argument
#568 + (8) - [X]
<joseAway> Red3ye, talk like a normal person or be muted :|
<Red3ye> ru the fucking admin?
* joseAway has kicked Red3ye from #planeshift (yep)
#580 + (3) - [X]
<iKtoaway> by the way, can we settle this once and for all? is Laanx male or female?
<Darkmoon> yes.
<Hokinon> must be female if she can't make her mind up :)

#723 + (26) - [X]
<Miadon> damn internet is slow again
<Miadon> I should download the internet and keep it stored locally.
#1047 + (10) - [X]
<Sarras> people rely on technology too heavily
<Haraun_> And you tell this via internet...?
#779 + (89) - [X]
<Miadon>I've never played D&D
<Miadon>I've played S&L tough, which is quite cool.
<Miadon>Snakes and Ladders
#110 + (20) - [X]
<Linforcer> I did qbasic at age 13'7 years ago
<deiu> some asm :(
<deiu> then VC++ 5 , 6...
<Linforcer> now I'm doing ESTER
<deiu> what's that ? :|
<Linforcer> my girlfriend's name
#240 + (18) - [X]
* Moogie sings: "seventeen pages of spam to delete, seventeen pages of spaaam, you click one post, you make it a ghost- still seventeen pages of spam to delete"
#560 + (11) - [X]
Peacer says: [don't go into the woods, you will crash]
< player walks into the woods >
You tell GM: can you move that player please?
GM tells you: done :]
< player comes and walks into the woods again >
Peacer shakes his head and hits it
You tell GM: can you move that player again?
GM tells you: ok but this is the last time
< player comes from behind and walks into the woods...>
#140 + (12) - [X]
fken: ~MadMerlin@d150-133-71.home.cgocable.net is a mail address ?
Rux: and a darn good one too
fken: it must be hard to remember
#943 + (2) - [X]
Jaycc_k: heya all. o.o
Jaycc_k: I don't like the name of the server... I think it should be called zeroplusorminus300ping
gheraint: it's called wegotitforfree.sodont.com.plain
#133 + (8) - [X]
Nilexam: yes, that's money... O.o ... tria (triangles), hexa (hexagons), octa (octagons), and circles
Nilexam: you can probably guess which are worth more ^^
Saab: ...................
Saab: Sorry caps.
Saab: I mean... if you think about it, Circles have an infinite number of tangents...
Avaicus: so do emus
#341 + (8) - [X]
<pinniped> there are really only a few humans on the planet - and very many monkeys disguised as humans
#439 + (11) - [X]
(getting CrystalSpace from CVS)

geargolem: garou, i'm just downloading the source
garou: Well, have fun with it. You're now working with the bleeding edge. :)
geargolem: what happened to the cutting edge?
garou: Got dull.
#881 + (2) - [X]
(quest difficulties)
(21:57:19) GuildChat from Hanomo: Good, now give it to Grimal.
(21:57:25) GuildChat from Hanomo: THEN PUTS THE LOTION ON THE SKIN!!
(21:57:35) GuildChat from Hanomo: I'm not sure where that came from...
(21:57:37) GuildChat from Homik: o.0
#122 + (22) - [X]
Zeraph eats a choco-covered-kitten.
MaidenIndigo mourns for the kitten
Kariloy mourns for the chocolate
#303 + (16) - [X]
Moogie: right... reboot then
***Ayshe wishes you luck
***Moogie hugs Ayshe
Ayshe: i'll be here
Ayshe: expect it to take 5 - 20 mins
Moogie: it won't ask me any questions will it? :|
Ayshe: no
Moogie: okies
Ayshe: it's automatic
Moogie left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).

(ten minutes pass)

***Ayshe frets
***Ayshe panics
***Ayshe hyperventilates
josePhoenix [n=josephoe@unaffiliated/josephoenix] entered the room.
Ayshe: oh no i have killed moogies computer and she will be upset and wont ever come back to irc ever and everyone will know it was me who did it and i'll be known as the moogiekiller and it will be bad and i'll never see moogie again because my advice was bad and i am really nervous because she relied on me and i might have stuffed up and oh man its scary waiting here and i had a coffee or two while i waited or maybe it was three i like caffeine oh man oh i hope moogie gets back soon
Ayshe: er, I mean heya jose
#952 + (3) - [X]
<Hirato> I miss my friends form 0.3.*
<Mal|content> They obviously don't miss you, or they'd be here saying the same thing :P
#145 + (18) - [X]
<Darkmoon> am I going to have to draft a full set of Yliakum laws now? :P
<Tuxide> make it so you can dump booze in the lake
<stfrn> sure :)
<Darkmoon> why do you want the entire Nolthrir population falling-down drunk?
<Tuxide> to make it easy to barter
#297 + (6) - [X]
<Karyuu> .. Do centaurs have two pairs of organs?
<Draklar> ...huh?
<Karyuu> Well I mean like.. two hearts, two sets of lungs..
<Karyuu> Four kidneys o.o
* Draklar pats Karyuu
<Draklar> So how bad is the cold?
<Karyuu> You're right. Perhaps the bottom is just filled with styrofoam.
#623 + (7) - [X]
<dfryer> pff, I move using my keyboard :D
<Xordan|Afk> I only use my mouse for movement in WoW
<DaveG> adding more camera controls would be fairly simple
<DaveG> dfryer: ditto ;)
<dfryer> mice are for fairy mac users
<Xordan|Afk> keyboard movement sux :P
<Xordan|Afk> lol
<Xordan|Afk> I like being able to play a game with one hand ;)
<dfryer> my mouse only has about 6" movement space
<dfryer> . . .
<DaveG> Xordan|Afk: that could be missinterpereted
<dfryer> been looking at those fenkis or something?
<Xordan|Afk> XD
<Xordan|Afk> It was not my mind which thought such thoughts xP
#295 + (3) - [X]
[21:14][Lordbug] noooooooooooooooooo
[21:15] * Lordbug wants jose!
[21:15]*** iKtomi (n=josephoe@c-24-98-51-203.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) has joined #ps-mc
[21:15]*** Mode change [+o iKtomi] on #ps-mc by ChanServ
#614 + (13) - [X]
<+Lordbug> Do you people live somehwere near Hell?
<Goldir> Nah, I live in Hell Lite. It is known as North Platte, Nebraska
#217 + (33) - [X]
* Cydo digs around for a screwdriver to fix his bloody knife
<Cydo> ....err, for the record the knife is not actualy "bloody"
<Cydo> just a pain in the rear
<Moogie> you stab people in the bum with a knife? :O
#29 + (8) - [X]
* MadMerlin flirts with moogie
*** Moogie has left #planeshift-fans
#402 + (14) - [X]
<Spleen> Now is planeshift's game play heavily focused on team work or can someone take a breather in travel somewhere with low risk of being put in an encounter?
<Venge> Spleen: The main goal is to run around as long as possible before the server crashes. :)
#433 + (7) - [X]
This is what REALLY goes on in #planeshift-devs all day...

<TomT|afk> hello
<TomT|afk> iz any1 here???
<TomT|afk> kids - ugh
<TomT|afk> hi
<TomT|afk> omg
<TomT|afk> shannon rox
<TomT|afk> she iz totely better than i
<TomT|afk> bibi
<Moogie> iz she olol kthx
<TomT|afk> wut??
* stfrn|away is now known as stfrn
<Moogie> omg u dis mi?/
<TomT|afk> omggg
<TomT|afk> wuz ^
<TomT|afk> hi stfrn
<acraig> lol :)
<stfrn> hello
<Moogie> heya stfrn :)
<Moogie> and acraig
<TomT|afk> dis da bestest chat in da wurld
<TomT|afk> :D :D :D :D :D
<TomT|afk> :-D
<acraig> Poor TomT :)
<GeorgeD> never knew TomT is such a chatterbox :)
<TomT|afk> omg
<Moogie> how we continue to uphold the image of a mature and intelligent dev discussion channel is beyond me :D
<TomT|afk> wut
<TomT|afk> im so intelligent
<TomT|afk> lyke totely
<GeorgeD> i hope nobody's gonna post this log somewhere :)
<Moogie> omgz u speled it rong itz intellygint lol!!11
<TomT|afk> lol
<TomT|afk> OMG RELE
<TomT|afk> I DIDNT NO
<Moogie> lolol u nub!\
<acraig> Moogie to the rescue!
<Moogie> xD
<TomT|afk> still waiting for that intelligent dev discussion
<TomT|afk> XDXDXD im so intelligent
<Moogie> I can't keep up the 'minus IQ' as long as TomT can
<acraig> I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-A-T I mean S-M-A-R-T
<TomT|afk> OMG ppl r jumping on mi roof
<TomT|afk> lol u guyz r so funni!!!!1!!1
<acraig> There must have been a sale on !'s today!!!!!
<TomT|afk> wut sale omg were
<TomT|afk> !!!!!!!!!!!
<Moogie> monie plz
<TomT|afk> OMGGG
<TomT|afk> OmGnEsS fOoD!!!
<TomT|afk> iz finely redyy
<TomT|afk> im going 2 eat
<TomT|afk> 's rnt n chat languge
<TomT|afk> acraig no apostrefes
<acraig> how about ` ?
<TomT|afk> no1s talking 2 mi
<TomT|afk> hihihi
<GeorgeD> EnJoY da fOoD!!!!!1!!1ONE
<TomT|afk> yummi n mi tummi
<stfrn> ah, the dev channel, where I see most of my leet :)
#166 + (2) - [X]
* Moogie shakes head
* Drey shakes moogie's head
* Moogie shakes Drey's head
<Drey> :O
* Drey hugs
* Zeraph shakes everyone's head with an earthquake.
* Cherppow is shaken.
* Rux shakes his groove thang
<Zeraph> unles you have shock-absorbing sandles...
* Drey hugs some more
<Rux> death balls!
<Cherppow> I have shake amplifying bramble mitts :I
<Drey> yup
#189 + (5) - [X]
* Kariloy kidnaps Pogopuschel >=D
<Pogopuschel> you're welcome to try XD
<Pogopuschel> but think about your back, and bring a stapler
<Pogopuschel> er .. wrong word
<Pogopuschel> forklift*
<Kariloy> why do assume i would do it alone? why not a pro team of kidnappers... or even a moving company? :D
#601 + (12) - [X]
<Alliva> is the existing teraain ect gonna change ?
<ThomPhoenix> alliva: yes, Hydlaa will be replaced
<joseAway> everyone knows it's too silly
<Bakuun> Hydlaa is going to be replaced by a platform with rats.
<lammas> that sounds awesome :D
<ProteousG> lol
<ThomPhoenix> yes, Bakuun is right!
<lammas> i'll start up a rat farm...
<ThomPhoenix> note that the rats will be us...
<Bakuun> It's the new virtual reality show - who will be booted off first?!
<Easton> then youll need to implement some cheese or soemthing..
<ThomPhoenix> it's the greatest1
<joseAway> The next release won't have player housing, we didn't have room :D instead you will be kept in a cage
#134 + (12) - [X]
Nilaya casts various blue and crystal healing magic thingies on Drey
Rux casts "I'll cut you with my sword"

#477 + (11) - [X]
<dancer_in_shadow> Nebuduck, gentoo doesn't seem to know what to do with SCSI
<dancer_in_shadow> ideas?
<Lordbug> point a gun at it and say "Work!"
<dancer_in_shadow> tried that already
<dancer_in_shadow> it asked what the metal tube was for
#51 + (4) - [X]
* Zeraph eats Talad's ZzZ
* astare is now known as dfryer
<dfryer> HA!
<dfryer> I have the console.
* Zeraph eats dfryer's console.
* dfryer has quit IRC ("-NO CARRIER: CONSOLE EATEN-")
* dfryer has joined #planeshift
<Zeraph> lol!
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