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#267 + (36) - [X]
acraig: yes, having some issues at the moment we are trying to resolve.
iKtomi: -.-
odd2k: yay issues
acraig: 'issues' sounds better than 'OMFG why the hell won't the server stop crashing. OMG I want to shoot myself in the head!! "
#1046 + (13) - [X]
<omg|its|otr> People who know abou the client here?
<omg|its|otr> I'm getting "bus error" then crash
<Ralas> sounds like you're missing a driver
<Ralas> buses usually crash when they are missing a driver
#317 + (2) - [X]
<Kiirani> -_-
<Kiirani> maddie4hamsters (3:17:02 PM): not like they'll do anything, of course, seeing as your so far awa - HEY!
<Kiirani> maddie4hamsters (3:17:15 PM): i totally found new zealand on the map in Social Studies earlier today
<Kiirani> Ayshe, I feel small
#898 + (2) - [X]
<Taulus> So I have the panel already, :)
<Taulus> CAn you tell me how I can dual screen?
<weltall> did you hook the monitor?
<Taulus> Yes but i think i need to restart, it is undetected. BRB
* Taulus (n=goz@cpc3-brig15-0-0-cust788.3-3.cable.virginmedia.com) has left #planeshift-gms
<weltall> did he notice the button detect displays? :D
<Venalan> xD
<Venalan> guess not
<Venalan> whats dragnoor's IC crime for him jailtime?
<weltall> dueling in the plaza
<Venalan> lol
* Taulus (n=goz@cpc3-brig15-0-0-cust788.3-3.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #planeshift-gms
<Taulus> OK Weltall I am back:)
<Venalan> you wana tell him or me weltall?
<weltall> you
<weltall> XD
<Venalan> Taulus, there is a button to detect displays
<Taulus> Tell me :)
<Venalan> Taulus, there is a button to detect displays
<Venalan> 3rd time?
<Taulus> lol!
<Taulus> Yes both displays are detected. The CRT i want as secondary has now become primary.
<Venalan> point a finger at it and tell it to change back
<Taulus> I did it did not work. Shall i shout at it?
<Venalan> yep
<Venalan> then do both
<Venalan> then try swapping them over in the setting window
<weltall> and there is a make primary option
<weltall> :P
* Venalan shakes his head "copying what i say just to seem smart again weltall..."
<weltall> it's a different option :P
<weltall> it means where gnome panel goes
<weltall> ah you have to not accept the first time and do apply settings two times
<weltall> but in gnome toolbars
* Valrion|work (n=Valrion@planeshift/setting/associate/valrion) has left #planeshift-gms
<Taulus> Now I am lost?
<Venalan> nooo...
<Venalan> just restart the computer
<Taulus> There is no option to make primary
<Venalan> and start again
<Taulus> brb
* Taulus has quit ("Leaving.")
<Venalan> xD
<Venalan> i so hope he is actually restarting
<weltall> lol
<Venalan> i think he is
<weltall> ahhahaha
* Venalan starts to cry laughing so hard
* Taulus (n=goz@cpc3-brig15-0-0-cust788.3-3.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #planeshift-gms
<Taulus> You fed up with me yet?
<Venalan> yep
<Venalan> not that we would tell you
<Venalan> =]
<Venalan> you didnt restart did you?
<Taulus> yes XD
<Taulus> Your bad.
<Venalan> <Venalan> xD
<Venalan> <Venalan> i so hope he is actually restarting
<Venalan> <weltall> lol
<Venalan> <Venalan> i think he is
<Venalan> <weltall> ahhahaha
<Venalan> * Venalan starts to cry laughing so hard
<Taulus> I am begining to dislike you both.
<Taulus> Just a bit though XD
<Taulus> LOL!
<weltall> i did nothing!
<weltall> XD
* Venalan takes the credit
#685 + (165) - [X]
<steuben> it starts with the iphone, then you get the iphone shuffle. it's smaller and cheaper, but dials a random number when you want to make a call
#359 + (142) - [X]
<Xalthar> fear me!
<Xalthar> I mean.. Greetings Berler!
#537 + (38) - [X]
[07:17:57] *** Kii has left this server. (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[07:20:07] * Hoki_Workin adds duct tape to Kii's connection
[07:20:27] *** Kii has joined this channel.
[07:20:37] <Hoki_Workin> \o/
#1017 + (10) - [X]
<aramara> Lilura: what are you going to win the nobel prize for?
<Ralas|afk> or by not including her in your speech
<Lilura> achievements in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and for peace.
<Ralas|afk> don't steal my story idea!
<Ralas|afk> that's MY nobel price waiting
<weltall> prize?
<Lilura> i shall write a book that cures/prevents cancer and Alzheimers but it will be over 9000 pages and will cause world peace because everyone stopped fighting because they are so absorbed in book
<aramara> \o/
<aramara> that's so awesome!
<aramara> I'm so glad I'm responsible for your success
<Garoninja> Lilu world peace is the calm before the storm >.>
<Lilura> naw you'll be the cat that chews up the prototype
<aramara> but! what does that have to do with physics or chemistry? besides basically breaking all known laws of both?
<Lilura> i need chemistry to make the special ink and paper it will be printed on ...that cures/prevents cancer and alzheimers
<aramara> Lilura: you couldn't have done it without my feline mind beams implanting the knowledge into yer brain
<Lilura>and as for physics ......they have to read it on a roller coaster
<aramara> \o/ weeeee!
#568 + (8) - [X]
<joseAway> Red3ye, talk like a normal person or be muted :|
<Red3ye> ru the fucking admin?
* joseAway has kicked Red3ye from #planeshift (yep)
#371 + (1) - [X]
Demarthl: Scumdust... it's a piece of scum, the hard nasty green you get under the rim of your toilet and it loves dust, like a magnet, it can also make about 5000 different sounds with one gfx card fan
#119 + (5) - [X]
Reilithion: I met some kids from Spain on a boat once.
Reilithion: Their favorite phrase was "Que significa eso?"
Kariloy: what does that mean :P
Reilithion: exactly
#1032 + (18) - [X]
<Sarras> Ralas play with us!
<Ralas> but i'm busy drinking beer and watching buffy
<Ralas> besides RP is hard
<Sarras> no it's easy
<Sarras> you just pretend to be someone
<Ralas> ohhhh i could pretend to be Sarras!
<Ralas> my character could walk around starting arguments and stuff!

#668 + (4) - [X]
* Arianna is tired, ignore her
* Bereror is ignoring Arianna
* Ker_lap offers Arianna a bed
* Arianna sells it on Ebay
* Ker_lap * nooo! that was my brothers bed >:-/
* Ker_lap * damn you
> Talad2 (n=53d8b61a@ has joined
* Arianna * and you offer to me?
* Ker_lap * yeah :P
* Talad2 * HI
* Ker_lap * hi Talad
* Talad2 * will I manage to stay connected more than 2 seconds????
* Ker_lap * cloning already? :)
* Arianna * Talad2, 1
* Arianna * Talad2, 2
* Arianna gives a cookie to Talad2 for rewarding him to be connected 10 sec
* Talad2 * I found a place where the wifi signal is stronger
* Arianna * the toilet?
* Talad2 * don't ask!
* Ker_lap * lol
* Talad2 * I will try again with mIRC now.
* Ker_lap starts a ritual for Talad's connectivity
* Arianna * you said that you found a place and I tried to guess, I didn't ask ;D
* Arianna * Ker_lap, in the bathtube?
> Talad (n=Talad@ has joined
+ ChanServ enables 'Op' status for Talad
* Arianna * nooooo
* Arianna * two talads noooooo
* Ker_lap * no, i'm googling for a ritual of connectivity
* Arianna counts double paranoia and her head just get dizzy
< Talad2 (n=53d8b61a@ has disconnected (Client Quit)
< Talad (n=Talad@planeshift/director/Talad) has disconnected (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
* Arianna * ah, I was ready to say if he gave viagra to his connection
* Arianna * maybe he should..
* Arianna * maybe somebody should quote me when I am in such a great cabaret mood
> Talad3 (n=53d8b61a@ has joined
* Talad3 * mm... I probably know what's happening
* Arianna * Talad, talad, arriva gia' il nemico, scappa, ma tu ci sei amico, Talad, arriva talad TREEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee
* Talad3 * this connection supports one connection only
* Arianna * ehm , sorry
* Ker_lap * the third clone.. now it's getting nasty
* Talad3 * so if I open mirc and the web it doesn't work
* Talad3 * at least this is what it does
* Talad3 * why I have to debug also the wifi connection of the hotel? :)
* Talad3 * test
* Ker_lap * test back :)
* Arianna * because everybody knows how lovely you are and they want to entertain you
* Talad3 * ok, then I can browse the net
* Arianna thinks that that was not a great joke and thinks that the callstack she just looked at sucked as badly
* Talad3 * anyway....
* Ker_lap * http://wally.cs.iupui.edu/n241-new/webMag/internetMagic.html
* Arianna * Talad3, where are you, just out of curiosity?
* Talad3 * mmm... I have a public image to defend.
* Ker_lap * what country, at least?
* Arianna * Talad3, what planet?
* Talad3 * anyway I layed a blanket on the floor of the room, and I have the laptop there
* Arianna * you have an image?
* Arianna thought about which city Talad was
* Talad3 * I'm in Maranello, home of Ferrari
* Ker_lap * ah. the blanket supports the wlan, that must be it :)
* Talad3 * yesterday I was in Venice
* Arianna * Talad3, oh, nice trip
* Arianna thinks about all the nice food
* Arianna drools
* Arianna wants food
* Talad3 * today I was in Milan :)
* Arianna should go to sleep soon
* Ker_lap * Arianna: Talad3, oh, nice trip <- agreed
* Talad3 * well, complex travels as always
* Arianna cries in nostalgy
* Talad3 [tells what he ate to dinner]
* Arianna strangles her bf, kidnaps the cat and flies to a normal country
* Arianna takes a chinese bamboo-stick and does harakiri
* Ker_lap * traveling salesman problem
* Khaki * Ker_lap: ah so that's his real job
* Ker_lap * "where is the best food and how much can i eat till i have to stop next?"
* Ker_lap * yes, Talads RL job is selling freezers to pinguins :)
* Ker_lap * and like scrooge mcduck he owns his own money safe
* Ker_lap * with tons of dollars
* Talad3 * selling pinguins seems nicer
* Ker_lap * to freezers?
* Ker_lap * on which planet are you, Talad? o.o
* Talad3 * currently earth
^ Talad3 is now known as Talad
+ ChanServ enables 'Op' status for Talad
* Ker_lap * i must have missed "the revolution of the freezers" :D
* Arianna [asks about a bug]
< Bereror (n=enar@planeshift/developer/Bereror) has disconnected ("Night")
< Talad (n=53d8b61a@planeshift/director/Talad) has disconnected ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
* Arianna * damn ittttttttttttttttttttt
> Talad3 (n=53d8b61a@ has joined
* Arianna [asks again!]
* Talad3 * ok, I will just stay like this
* xillix * :D
* Arianna * yes, please.
* Ker_lap imagines talad holding the laptop exactly 23 mm over the blanket trying not to shake
* Talad3 * something like that
#329 + (18) - [X]

<Tangera-away> The members are impervious to attack
<Tangera-away> can anyone do something?
<Induane> members?
<Tangera-away> Monstors!
<Induane> My member is impervious to attack.
<Tangera-away> opps
<Arianna> Induane !!!!!!
<Induane> lol sorry
<Tangera-away> The monsters are impervious to attack
* Arianna closes her ears and sings
#779 + (89) - [X]
<Miadon>I've never played D&D
<Miadon>I've played S&L tough, which is quite cool.
<Miadon>Snakes and Ladders
#641 + (7) - [X]
* ninjakid has quit (Excess Flood)
<Ker_lap> hehe
<Ker_lap> harakiri
#503 + (7) - [X]
<Lalas> why is there just one server ??
<Rux> donate another one
<Lalas> cannot somebody mirror the server ??
<FaKeShAdOw> oh come on,. one server is enough trouble
#492 + (6) - [X]
<Kerol> now i get ~500 25%
<Kerol> 1s ping
<Kerol> ... hm.
<Kerol> fail.
<Kerol> better than TV
<Kerol> one never know what happens next
<Bakuun> Though one does know what happens -eventually-
<stfrn> who will be voted off the server next??? :B
#348 + (16) - [X]
Demarthl coffee rocks
Demarthl rocks garden
Demarthl garden light
Demarthl light burns
Demarthl burns hot
Demarthl hot coffee
Demarthl mmm
#83 + (23) - [X]
* Drey is listening to Blink 182 - F**k a Dog
* Xordan is listening to Brahms Clarinet Sonata No.1 Op 120 in F minor - 4th Movement
#243 + (120) - [X]
rerogo shows up with two fish speared on either side of a pick "what do I do now? Cooking isn't implemented."
<joseAway> You sell them.. to Ayshe!
<joseAway> Tell her they're turnips.
rerogo hides fish in turnip shaped boxes
<Ayshe> perks up
<Ayshe> turnips?
<joseAway> Yes indeed.
<Ayshe> gives jose a kippered turnip
<rerogo> who want turnips-3 tria each- no, theres nothing fishy about this deal
<Ayshe> i'm not herring much sincerity in your voice
rerogo thinks "carp, shes onto me"
<Ais> perks up her nose....something smells fishy
<stfrn> I'm herring a lot of carp :|
<Ayshe> i may pike out of this deal
#637 + (134) - [X]
<Underthemoon> "How do I play this game?" Dev/Gm: "You roleplay." "How do I do that?" Dev/Gm: "Well, you just.....um..... HEY LOOK! Shiny new features! *runs away*"
#441 + (3) - [X]
* Arianna could write a Ph.D thesis
* Ayshe could write the letters P H and D and possibly even spell thesis to within 10% margin of error
#162 + (3) - [X]
<Zeraph> then people servive on beer & mushrooms
<stfrn> pretty much
#189 + (5) - [X]
* Kariloy kidnaps Pogopuschel >=D
<Pogopuschel> you're welcome to try XD
<Pogopuschel> but think about your back, and bring a stapler
<Pogopuschel> er .. wrong word
<Pogopuschel> forklift*
<Kariloy> why do assume i would do it alone? why not a pro team of kidnappers... or even a moving company? :D
#971 + (5) - [X]
[00:50] <Illysia> I still only have the quotes from past... why nobody wants to quote me unless I'm pointing out that xoel is being a pain? U_U
#593 + (8) - [X]
* Rolenun jumps off a tall building!
<josePhoenix> \o/
* Rolenun lands on josePhoenix!
<josePhoenix> _o_
#377 + (3) - [X]
Makratok: let me ask you this, have you ever had to draw boobs on a spider? i have :|
Underthemoon: Another nightmare?
Makratok: nope, reality
Ralas: you had to?
Underthemoon: Yikes.
Makratok: yup
Makratok: needed female
Makratok: but thats confidential information only obtainable with MI rank class 5 or higgher :|
Tuxide: you needed a female spider, so you drew boobies on her...
Ralas: i dont' think spiders have them
Ralas: nto being mammals and all
Makratok: i'll be drawing humans, elves, orcs, dwarves, cybernetic biomechanical beings, and plant creature thingies too
*** Ayshe has joined #planeshift.
*** Mode change "+v Ayshe" for channel #planeshift by ChanServ.
Tuxide: ...with boobies?
Ralas: o/ Ayshe
Makratok: 50:50
Ayshe: mm, boob-
Tuxide: oh welcome
Ayshe: huh?
Ralas: heh that was good timing
#994 + (1) - [X]
<Talad> hammer animations are ready in game
<Talad> please update your clients!!
<Lilura> its hammer time?
<Talad> it is!
#531 + (20) - [X]
* rerogo|PS returns to pondering how to make tria without killing rats
<Lordbug> rerogo: mine?
<Ayshe> Mine rats! excellent
<Lordbug> xD
<Lordbug> "You got a Rat Eye!"
<Lordbug> "You gained experience in mining"
<Lordbug> "Awsome!" */dig rat*
#1050 + (6) - [X]
<mircea_popescu> o hai!
<drey> sup.
<mircea_popescu> well, actually, trying to figure out how to summon a pet.
<mircea_popescu> i have the ring completed and equipped, is there some command ?
<drey> I was never cool enough to have a pet
<mircea_popescu> aww
<Ralas|afk> mircea_popescu: /pet summon
<mircea_popescu> a ty
<Ralas|afk> followed by 0, 1, or 2 to specify which pet if you have more than one
<Ralas|afk> (not necessary if you only have one)
<mircea_popescu> o my god i laid a chicken
#739 + (17) - [X]
<twistedpa1n> my girlfriend has started calling PS my mistress ...
<Hadfael> soon your mistress will call PS your GF
<Hadfael> start training to say "I swear honey, I will divorce". It's useful in PS and IRL
<Hadfael> keep "I can stop anyday" for your parents and the doctor
#456 + (16) - [X]
<Seperot> planeshift a game born of lag
<Seperot> adpoted by crashing
<Seperot> sold to bugs
<Seperot> then marryed to another lag
<joseSleep> :O
<Karyuu> Scandalous :|
<Seperot> such a heartwarming story
<joseSleep> finally adopted by Talad, who gave it a loving home...
<Karyuu> A tale of love and betrayal, sacrifice and war.
<joseSleep> And cookies? And fudge?
<Seperot> a true epic
<McNaire|PS> I thought you were asleep?
<joseSleep> -true- epics have cookies and fudge
#464 + (4) - [X]
* GodAlmighty smites JoseArting
* joseArting has kicked GodAlmighty from #planeshift (excommunicate THIS!)
#614 + (13) - [X]
<+Lordbug> Do you people live somehwere near Hell?
<Goldir> Nah, I live in Hell Lite. It is known as North Platte, Nebraska
#733 + (28) - [X]
Unnamed shouts: how do you get a weapon and fight stuff?
Ampathos shouts: read the website
Unnamed shouts: yea right i pirated this off kazaa
#831 + (11) - [X]
[14:15] * Noriin wonders why ChanServ does never speak
[14:15] * Noriin frowns..
[14:15] <@Noriin> Spy!
#275 + (3) - [X]
Tmed on promoting some GM's

Tmed: yeah do not promote any of them because they are international terrorists
Tmed: they blew up my ass
#54 + (28) - [X]
<Tybalt> I love doing a banana
<Tybalt> uho...forget I said that
#632 + (5) - [X]
(encounter near Harnquist)

{newbie}: Where can I mine for iron?
Mordaan: There is a place in the dungeon. Have you been there before?
{newbie}: No.
{newbie}: Where can I get a rock pick?
Mordaan: You can buy one from Harnquist.
{newbie}: Ok thx
[about a minute later]
{newbie}: Where can I get money?
#18 + (41) - [X]
<BongoTheBloody> Planeshift: We crash a lot, but not as much as windows
#341 + (8) - [X]
<pinniped> there are really only a few humans on the planet - and very many monkeys disguised as humans
#597 + (5) - [X]
<FaKeShAdOw> ... when this random guy ingame asked for stats, i gave him : Sharon: Description: Likes to take long walks on the beach and get high on sugar. / Level 95 / HP: More than you will ever have / MP: Better than you / Found in other people's beds
<FaKeShAdOw> i didn't realize he meant like measurements O_o
#37 + (13) - [X]
<Aendar>I want a potato
#383 + (14) - [X]
<Epix> Do alot of people play Planeshift? Ex, how many people are on the server right now?
<IKetoI> heheh...
<semi-frio> tyhere are 129 players on
* Nebuduck hugs every single player who is on at the moment
* Seperot now needs a bath
* semi-frio is glad he crashed
* Karyuu escapes, luckily
#147 + (38) - [X]
17:40:16 --> EkSe (excellente@host29-59.pool80116.interbusiness.it) h
as joined #planeshift
17:40:22 <-- EkSe has quit (Read error: EOF from client)
<SaintNuclear> ...
<Grakrim> And its a new record!
<Faldrok> Record?
<Grakrim> Yep. In Grakrim's Game O' Idiot-Quick-Leaving-Newbs.
<Grakrim> EkSe is such a good player, he doesn't even need to chime in with the customary "ne1 here???"

#159 + (2) - [X]
* MaidenIndigo waits for someone to eat Moogie
<Zayek> >:| it is my destiny!
* Drey bites moogie
<Zayek> i only eat Moogie in private
#515 + (69) - [X]
Ayshe: Being good in IT requires arrogance and confidence. Making a career of it requires swallowing your pride and being humble. Fix first, explain later, do not accept the blame, but do not assign it either
dancer_in_shadow: Ayshe: exactly
Kiirani: And I assume "It's not MY fault" isn't good either.
Nebuduck: depends
Ayshe: sometimes you'll need to take that stance, yea
Ayshe: if they drop a 50 thousand dollar server into a pool, feel justified
Kiirani: lol
dancer_in_shadow: "the server was not designed for operation in a submerged environment"
dancer_in_shadow: "if you wish, i can spec out a new server that will support submerged operation"
Ayshe: Dancer, you must be one hell of a salesman.
#261 + (9) - [X]
* Uber_Zim remembers the Teffy Milk, and shudders.
<Karyuu> If I remember correctly, I spent weeks trying to forget that.
#664 + (11) - [X]
<janner> swearing in a group o guys, no big deal. BUT when a lady is present, a gentleman never resorts to vulgarity.
<joseSleep> janner, what if the lady swears alot?
<janner> Cover your ears
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