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#977 + (173) - [X]
<sarras> somehow we got on the subject of putting things up one's butt
<Leoni> I'm gay, so this probably won't freak me out.
#685 + (165) - [X]
<steuben> it starts with the iphone, then you get the iphone shuffle. it's smaller and cheaper, but dials a random number when you want to make a call
#523 + (157) - [X]
<dfryer> I wonder how many times the telegraph was used for cybersex
<Vengeance> lol
<Vengeance> I'm not quite that old :)
#483 + (153) - [X]
<Karyuu> The tech support problem dates back to long before the industrial revolution, when primitive tribesmen beat out a rhythm on drums to communicate:
<Karyuu> This fire help. Me Groog
<Karyuu> Me Lorto. Help. Fire not work.
<Karyuu> You have flint and stone?
<Karyuu> Ugh
<Karyuu> You hit them together?
<Karyuu> Ugh
<Karyuu> What happen?
<Karyuu> Fire not work
<Karyuu> (sigh) Make spark?
<Karyuu> No spark, no fire, me confused. Fire work yesterday.
<Karyuu> *sigh* You change rock?
<Karyuu> I change nothing
<Karyuu> You sure?
<Karyuu> Me make one change. Stone hot so me soak in stream so stone not burn Lorto hand. Small change, shouldn't keep Lorto from make fire.
<Karyuu> *Grabs club and goes to Lorto's cave*
#475 + (148) - [X]
-->| Fossie has joined #planeshift
<Fossie> Ahoy hoy
-->| Hoki_Workin has joined #planeshift
<Hoki_Workin> cabbage
|<-- Fossie has left ("Leaving")
<FaKeShAdOw> you made fossie leave with but one word O_o
<Hoki_Workin> but what a word it is :)
#359 + (142) - [X]
<Xalthar> fear me!
<Xalthar> I mean.. Greetings Berler!
#256 + (136) - [X]
Demarthl: what if like, the sky breaks, and it like, falls on moogie?!? :O
Xordan: :O
Moogie: well let me ask you this: shut up!
#637 + (134) - [X]
<Underthemoon> "How do I play this game?" Dev/Gm: "You roleplay." "How do I do that?" Dev/Gm: "Well, you just.....um..... HEY LOOK! Shiny new features! *runs away*"
#243 + (120) - [X]
rerogo shows up with two fish speared on either side of a pick "what do I do now? Cooking isn't implemented."
<joseAway> You sell them.. to Ayshe!
<joseAway> Tell her they're turnips.
rerogo hides fish in turnip shaped boxes
<Ayshe> perks up
<Ayshe> turnips?
<joseAway> Yes indeed.
<Ayshe> gives jose a kippered turnip
<rerogo> who want turnips-3 tria each- no, theres nothing fishy about this deal
<Ayshe> i'm not herring much sincerity in your voice
rerogo thinks "carp, shes onto me"
<Ais> perks up her nose....something smells fishy
<stfrn> I'm herring a lot of carp :|
<Ayshe> i may pike out of this deal
#70 + (115) - [X]
<acraig> I think I will use this Latin phrase as a sig... Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam
<stfrn> what does it mean?
<acraig> I have a catapult. Give me all your money, or I will fling an enormous rock at your head
#562 + (102) - [X]
<Cait> *sighs seductively between kisses, making sure you feel the heat of her breath gliding across your neck as the kisses trail back, along your jaw, to your lips again... and parting them, closes her eyes as her tongue dances with yours* >:]
<Cait> crap
<Cait> that wasnt meant for this channel
<Cait> sorry
<Cait> sorry sorry sorry!
<Deckard> no! no! keep going!
<Deckard> :D
#779 + (89) - [X]
<Miadon>I've never played D&D
<Miadon>I've played S&L tough, which is quite cool.
<Miadon>Snakes and Ladders
#622 + (78) - [X]
<Uyaem> It's amazing how many people actually blog. They got nothing to say, but they write down stuff anyway. It's like the total IRC-ripoff.
#515 + (69) - [X]
Ayshe: Being good in IT requires arrogance and confidence. Making a career of it requires swallowing your pride and being humble. Fix first, explain later, do not accept the blame, but do not assign it either
dancer_in_shadow: Ayshe: exactly
Kiirani: And I assume "It's not MY fault" isn't good either.
Nebuduck: depends
Ayshe: sometimes you'll need to take that stance, yea
Ayshe: if they drop a 50 thousand dollar server into a pool, feel justified
Kiirani: lol
dancer_in_shadow: "the server was not designed for operation in a submerged environment"
dancer_in_shadow: "if you wish, i can spec out a new server that will support submerged operation"
Ayshe: Dancer, you must be one hell of a salesman.
#434 + (65) - [X]
NebuNekoru: Excuse me while I go change into something more comfortable
NebuNekoru: transforms into a sofa.
#1 + (64) - [X]
<Vengeance> The intent of the game is to make newbies kill rats
#815 + (56) - [X]
<Talad> anyone in game?
<Talad> I just banned myself to test the /ban command :)
<Talad> can someone /unban talad ?
#480 + (54) - [X]
<Dentoid> What's the iSelfDestruct I see things about in CVS mail?
<res2k> in case the terrists or klingons or so gain access to CS we can blow it up.
#85 + (52) - [X]
<BlizMare> IKotomi , i think you need to study english a bit more before you pass judgement on my usage
* @Moogie capitalises BlizMare's "english"
<@Vengeance> It's "judgment" btw
* @iKtomi fixes the spelling of iKtomi in BlizMare's comment
* MadMerlin adds a period at the end
* @iKtomi removes an extraneous space character
#105 + (52) - [X]
* mrIchy has joined #planeshift-devs
<Rhad> Talad: I know you have made up your mind, but I'm telling you, in-game hardcore sex is not suitible for a fantasy MMORPG..
<Talad> mrIchy: This channel is for devs only, please leave.
* mrIchy has left #planeshift-devs
<Rhad> Always fun to spread false rumors :)
#446 + (48) - [X]
GuildChat from Josephoenix: what the heck? why is harnquist harnquisty?
GuildChat from Josephoenix: who did that o.O
GuildChat from Chaos: jose,I named-changed him, then server crash, nameupdated
GuildChat from Josephoenix: :O
GuildChat from Chaos: I changed him back, but it won't update till a server restart
GuildChat from Chaos: cause it's a bug
GuildChat from Josephoenix: why did you change him in the first place o.O
GuildChat from Chaos: to see if I could ;)
GuildChat from Josephoenix: nice going einstein -.-
GuildChat from Chaos: it's not that big a deal ;)
GuildChat from Josephoenix: ye gods man
GuildChat from Josephoenix: the best known npc in hydlaa is now an adjective
#527 + (48) - [X]
Nebuduck: Yay!
Nebuduck: I added another animation sequence to my dick
Nebuduck: *duck
Nebuduck: ...
josePhoenix: ...
#504 + (47) - [X]
<Lordbug> omg! alt+F4 = space
*** Kevin|IG has quit IRC ["Quit"]
*** Kevin|IG has joined #planeshift
<Kevin|IG> remind me to hit you sometime
#765 + (46) - [X]
joseRemote> Seperot: I want to win an iphone, can you tell me how to do that?
<Seperot> i do too
<Miadon> easy. You give me all your credit card numbers and if one of them is lucky
<Miadon> you win
#328 + (44) - [X]
Lordbug|PS: joy everywhere!
Lordbug|PS: whee! :D
Lordbug|PS: see!!! a flying cow!
* Nefron has joined #ps-mc
* Lordbug|PS throws a flying cow at Nefron
* Nefron has quit (Client Quit)
Lordbug|PS: erm...
Lordbug|PS: it wasn't me
#131 + (43) - [X]
Moogie > Zayek, your log is huge
#218 + (43) - [X]
* Nefron rubs a bard of soap on his tongue
<Nefron> *bar
<Karyuu> Nefron, stop eating the minstrels.
#18 + (41) - [X]
<BongoTheBloody> Planeshift: We crash a lot, but not as much as windows
#147 + (38) - [X]
17:40:16 --> EkSe (excellente@host29-59.pool80116.interbusiness.it) h
as joined #planeshift
17:40:22 <-- EkSe has quit (Read error: EOF from client)
<SaintNuclear> ...
<Grakrim> And its a new record!
<Faldrok> Record?
<Grakrim> Yep. In Grakrim's Game O' Idiot-Quick-Leaving-Newbs.
<Grakrim> EkSe is such a good player, he doesn't even need to chime in with the customary "ne1 here???"

#537 + (38) - [X]
[07:17:57] *** Kii has left this server. (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[07:20:07] * Hoki_Workin adds duct tape to Kii's connection
[07:20:27] *** Kii has joined this channel.
[07:20:37] <Hoki_Workin> \o/
#34 + (37) - [X]
Wizardking says: now tell xordan how great he is on 3
Wizardking says: 2
Wizardking says: 1
Wizardking says: 0
Wizardking says: You the best player of all Xordan!
Pereil says: I thought on 3?
Stafengrimr says: whos this Xordan person?
#267 + (36) - [X]
acraig: yes, having some issues at the moment we are trying to resolve.
iKtomi: -.-
odd2k: yay issues
acraig: 'issues' sounds better than 'OMFG why the hell won't the server stop crashing. OMG I want to shoot myself in the head!! "
#217 + (34) - [X]
* Cydo digs around for a screwdriver to fix his bloody knife
<Cydo> ....err, for the record the knife is not actualy "bloody"
<Cydo> just a pain in the rear
<Moogie> you stab people in the bum with a knife? :O
#1038 + (32) - [X]
-->| YOU (Sarras|BuckNaked) have joined #planeshift-gmtalk
<Sarras|BuckNaked> Talad! good morning!
<Sarras|BuckNaked> excuse me.
=-= YOU are now known as Sarras
#62 + (30) - [X]
<blueCommand> Vengeance: We actually have something called "Mini Mortter", Mini Carrots
<blueCommand> You can buy them at McDonalds
<Vengeance> congrats
<Draklar> ok, we should have McDonalds selling magic carrots :D
<blueCommand> you can stick them up your nose at least
<Draklar> ...
<Xordan> o.0
<Vengeance> I want to see that
<blueCommand> my little brother
<blueCommand> not me
<Vengeance> blueCommand with his nose stuffed with Swedish mini-carrots
<Vengeance> running around going "am I invisible yet?"
#215 + (30) - [X]
* Kiirani is the only sane one in this channel.. and she's hiding up a tree poking sticks at people who come close
#241 + (30) - [X]
<stfrn> looks like the sewers are nicely populated
<Tuxide> populated with rats or newbs?
<Vengeance> Tuxide: is there any difference? :)
<Tuxide> yeah...the number of eyes
#298 + (30) - [X]
* Count_Drey has a plan!
<Karyuu> Does it involve peanut butter and lemmings?
<Count_Drey> nope
<Karyuu> Just checking, Drey. Just checking.
#379 + (30) - [X]
Karyuu: Heeey
Karyuu: Can I have a mini-rant about something?
***Underthemoon bows to Karyuu and get another chair.
Makratok: as long as i keep my pants on :|
***Underthemoon takes a seat and listens.
***Karyuu takes out a Verliit puppet sock. "I am the lady of DARKNESS! My roleplay is superior! I am the roleplay MASTER! Without me, your community will DIE! Your wipes are KILLING PlaneShift! BLAH BLAH BLAH! LOOK AT ME, I HAVE TEETH AND EAT STUFF!"
Karyuu: /end
Ayshe: ...
#323 + (29) - [X]
Demarthl: yeah, so anyway, i was monking across thep laza with my 0.15 slash dagger of peace, and this ulbernaut appeared and asked where the ice cream van was
Demarthl: thought it a bit odd, y'know, ice cream not being in the plaza
Demarthl: so i showed him the way to Kada's and we had ice cream
Demarthl: twas cool
Demarthl: /endwtf
#899 + (29) - [X]
<lilu|afk> its raining its pooring talad is snoring! he went to bed and hit laanx on the head ...and she woke up a man the next morning!
#54 + (28) - [X]
<Tybalt> I love doing a banana
<Tybalt> uho...forget I said that
#125 + (28) - [X]
Rux: leji!
MadMerlin: rux!
Rux: MadMerlin!
MadMerlin: me!
Drey: Drey!
Rux: you!
Rux: Drey!
MadMerlin: drey!
stfrn: rux!
Rux: stfrn!
stfrn: MadMerlin!
MadMerlin: me!
MadMerlin: stfrn!
stfrn: drey!
Drey: stfrn!
Rux: us!
MadMerlin: us!
stfrn: them!
Drey: we!
krod: wtf
#733 + (28) - [X]
Unnamed shouts: how do you get a weapon and fight stuff?
Ampathos shouts: read the website
Unnamed shouts: yea right i pirated this off kazaa
#152 + (27) - [X]
<[Link```> What the hell
<[Link```> Mad Max is banned in sweden
<Grakrim> Eh? Why's that?
<[Link```> The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is banned too
<[Link```> And "Dracula"
<Grakrim> Its a conspiracy.
<[Link```> Something called Titicut Follies is banned in the US
<[Link```> Has good votes
<[Link```> I'll see what it is
<[Link```> Plot Summary: Highly controversial documentary c hronicaling life inside a Massachusetts institution for mentally ill convicts.
<Grakrim> Hmm... That's a bit disappointing, considering the title.
#178 + (27) - [X]
<Chaotis> I don't remember seeing the video.
<Chaotis> What was in it?
<Chaotis> ...other than the obvious.
<Zeraph> monkeys dancing infront of a jap McDonalds I think...
<Chaotis> Nupe, didn't see it.
<Zeraph> they looked like ape escape monkeys
<Drey> hmm
<Rux> i wish i could say that narrows it down, but the internet is one freaky place
#265 + (27) - [X]
* Demarthl levels up in spelling
* iKtomi levels up in stuff
* Moogie levels up in Hyuga single-handedly taking down scores of enemy Gears with his bare hands while the other characters watch
* Xeraans loses experience in understanding what's going on.
#505 + (26) - [X]
<Sarrow> My Dorm mate wants to use the computer, what do I do?
<Underthemoon> Kill him?
<Verrliit> Get out the trout.
<Araye> kill the dorm mate
<Aradia_Demeter> poke him with a butter knife
<Sarrow> You guys are seriously twisted, ill just say that the computer needs defragging
#607 + (26) - [X]
<Nebuduck> Ayshe, I had a great game idea
<Ayshe> sure
<Nebuduck> its FPS-FileManager
<Ayshe> fire away
<Ayshe> yep
<Nebuduck> so, you wake up in a strange room
<Nebuduck> on the ceiling is a "~"
<Nebuduck> there are several doors leading out of the room, each marked with a word
<Nebuduck> except one, which is marked by ".."
<Nebuduck> in the middle of the room are serveral pedestals each with a document sitting on the top
<Nebuduck> some documents are protected by a shield, which can only be accessed once the "su-goggles" are unlocked
<Nebuduck> using a massive assortment of weaponry, such as the rm-rifle, and chmod-grapple, you must fight your way past undead demons and two headed frogs in order to edit your files.
<Ayshe> I envy your reality
<Ayshe> it's so... unconnected to mine. or anyone's for that matter
<Ayshe> I'm doing two things
<Ayshe> first, I'm stealing yourgame idea
<Ayshe> second, I'm halving your crack ration
#723 + (26) - [X]
<Miadon> damn internet is slow again
<Miadon> I should download the internet and keep it stored locally.
#168 + (25) - [X]
<Drey> bleh
<Drey> he used to be cool
<-- Hory has quit
<Xordan> Yeah
<Xordan> Now he's just drunk
<Drey> yup
#294 + (25) - [X]
<Talad> when touching npcclient, I feel like an elephant in a glass shop
<Khaki> when going through npcclient I feel like I'm a cleaner in a glass shop after the elephant's left :)
#418 + (25) - [X]
Barry: Rux do you know why everything at the arena is impervious to attack that may explain why no one is online
Rux: npc server must be down again
Barry: someone mentioned super client this is beyond me
ramlambmoo|mIRC: super client controls npc actions
Barry: Thank you did not know that
Xyle: is it vulnerable to cyberkryptonite? ;)
Rux: it's vulnerable to slight gusts of wind
#444 + (25) - [X]
<Drey> Seperot!
<Seperot> DREY
<Seperot> power up?
<Drey> go go go!
<Seperot> FIRE!
<Drey> w00t
<joseAway> Seperot, Drey, wtf?
#658 + (25) - [X]
<Mr-Eff> its a ratio of what 3-g.k.h.m
<josePhoenix> 3 gigakilohectomorons?
<Memienta> lol
<josePhoenix> we'll be here all week, folks >.>
<josePhoenix> ... oh the irony.
<josePhoenix> brb
#761 + (25) - [X]
<Vengeance> of course I mean "psychopath" in the gentlest of senses :)
#174 + (24) - [X]
<Arianna> to model -> modelling, modelled, or modeling modeled?
<Arianna> so, it is with double l?
<josePhoenix> I think so
<Jorrit> Arianna: I would use tripple l. At least there are sufficient then.
<Jorrit> Arianna: the reader can always use that extra l for something else.
<leji> aah jorrit, you're so user-friendly :P
<Jorrit> Always :-)
<Arianna> Jorrit: maybe you are right. Maybe they can use it if there is one l missing somewhere else.
<josePhoenix> Jorrit is the greatest!
<Jorrit> Arianna: exactly!
* leji builds a statue to the glory of Jorrit
<Jorrit> Arianna: in fact if you double every letter in your sentence then can even make their own sentences to construct sentences you forgot to talk about.
<leji> o.O
<Arianna> that's really practically.
#83 + (23) - [X]
* Drey is listening to Blink 182 - F**k a Dog
* Xordan is listening to Brahms Clarinet Sonata No.1 Op 120 in F minor - 4th Movement
#1004 + (23) - [X]
<Mishka> drunkjedi: make a pokeflute!
<LigH> slaps Mishka: "Nonsense!"
<Mishka> backhands LigH "My parents are DEAAAAAAAAAD!"
<Mishka> (IG that is)
<LigH> Still - no Poke in Plane.
<Mishka> would like to RP someone throwing a ball and making a yulbar/groffel appear
<drunkjedi> pikachu! lol
<LigH> But we have the ring instead.
<LigH> One ring to bind ...
<LigH> :o
<LigH> :|
#149 + (23) - [X]
<Karakth> My imaginary girlfriend dumped me :/
<Grakrim> That's a shame.
<Karakth> It was my choice, though.
<Grakrim> Eh?
<Grakrim> Then I don't understand many tokens of that first sentence...
<Karakth> It's a long story.
<Grakrim> I'd say.

#204 + (23) - [X]
<josePhoenix> -MemoServ- Memo #2 from ArcaneFalcon (sent 5 days (12h 29m 39s) ago):
<josePhoenix> -MemoServ- PS-MC IS DOWN, FRIGGIN FIX IT...errr...please?
#264 + (23) - [X]
<Jorrit> Maybe we should add an option to pssetup to select which bug you prefer.
<Jorrit> So people can choose.
#279 + (23) - [X]
*** josePhoenix_ has kicked leji from #planeshift [josePhoenix_]
*** josePhoenix_ is now known as josePhoenix
[Lordbug] ???
[Lordbug] why?
<josePhoenix> >:|
<Demarthl> o.O
*** Drey_ (n=Tom2@82-44-176-15.cable.ubr05.haye.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #planeshift
<josePhoenix> leji josePhoenix_ Moogie Pogopuschel kick me
<josePhoenix> that's what he said
[Lordbug] ah
*** Pogopuschel has kicked josePhoenix from #planeshift [Pogopuschel]
<Pogopuschel> done :P
#447 + (23) - [X]
<joseAway> you know, I just saw in my mind a commercial of a kran saying "rock hard, literally" and then I wanted to commit harakiri
#64 + (22) - [X]
<aarobber> crap! I just got my toe stuck in a beer bottle!
#122 + (22) - [X]
Zeraph eats a choco-covered-kitten.
MaidenIndigo mourns for the kitten
Kariloy mourns for the chocolate
#338 + (22) - [X]
straight from auto announce...

* Daikan|Away Listens To Devil Music! :O!!: 2971. Mozart - Symphony No.9
#38 + (21) - [X]
* Xordan sighs again
* Moogie sighs louder
* Xordan sighs once more for luck
* Aendar sighs loudest
* Faldrok groans
* Xordan thinks this could look a bit wierd
#68 + (21) - [X]
<+Xordan> Kariloy: Time to take your pills
<Kariloy> no :D
* +dfryer takes kariloys pills
<+dfryer> wtf?? Estrogen?
#124 + (21) - [X]
<iKtomi> the Taladmobile.. evokes a fred flintstone-esque vehicle with a kran pedaling furiously and shouting at noobs as he whizzes past
<Karyuu> Screaming "Damn kids, get off my lawn!" as he tours Yliakum.
#997 + (21) - [X]
< RlyDontKnow> hm... enki filled klyros
<@weltall> yeah good idea
#1034 + (21) - [X]
<Ralas> you know it's pretty hard to watch eternal sunshine and cry my eyes out
<Ralas> when you keep linking me to things
<pizik> Last one then
<Ralas> ...
<Ralas> for some reason this makes me wanna watch A Midsummer Night's Dream
<pizik> ^.^
<Ralas> wait you're not trying to tell me something right
<Ralas> because to each his own but no
<pizik> As you are an English teacher I will assume you mean the play, not the film ;op
<pizik> And no, I don't want to get you high on mushies and then rape you....
<Sarras> ...what
#110 + (20) - [X]
<Linforcer> I did qbasic at age 13'7 years ago
<deiu> some asm :(
<deiu> then VC++ 5 , 6...
<Linforcer> now I'm doing ESTER
<deiu> what's that ? :|
<Linforcer> my girlfriend's name
#436 + (20) - [X]
<aarobber> I have no food :/
<DaveG> poor aarobber is going to starve to death :/
<aarobber> I have no food, but I can't find any pants
<aarobber> this sucks
<DaveG> poor aarobber is going to starve to death while pantsless
<DaveG> how did you loose your pants?......
<DaveG> aarobber... did you eat your pants?........
<Xordan> :O
<aarobber> I was never wearing any pants
<aarobber> k, found some pants
<aarobber> now need some clean underwear
<Xordan> Worst case you can turn some old ones inside out :P
<aarobber> no, worst case I use a baithing suit
* DaveG sighs
<aarobber> these are desperate times DaveG

#462 + (20) - [X]
Vengeance: We believe we have built an excellent architecture for bug generation.
#472 + (20) - [X]
Drey: if it helps, thats my favourite pair of jeans
Drey: and im wearing them now
Gag|PS: I'm glad that you wear trousers.
#531 + (20) - [X]
* rerogo|PS returns to pondering how to make tria without killing rats
<Lordbug> rerogo: mine?
<Ayshe> Mine rats! excellent
<Lordbug> xD
<Lordbug> "You got a Rat Eye!"
<Lordbug> "You gained experience in mining"
<Lordbug> "Awsome!" */dig rat*
#680 + (20) - [X]
<Cadoras> I want to be the complaints manager of PS :P
<Cadoras> Everybody sends me their complaints
<Cadoras> Any good ones I'll take seriously
<Cadoras> but I mostly just want to make the stupid people cry :P
<Cadoras> "You seem to be confused, dear complainer, I always win. Always. If you would rephrase your complaint and send it again, I would be happy to reign victorious over your miniscule intellect." :P
<+Akaye> >:| Stupid internet connection
<Cadoras> I'm sorry, Akaye, but Planeshift can not take responsability for your recent complaint. If you would like to rephrase it and send it again, I would be happy to dismiss it once more.

#1030 + (20) - [X]
<aramara> lilu, that putty is meant for serious business situations
<Lilu> oooooh
<Sarras> can i stick it in my butt
<Lilu> probably
#1052 + (20) - [X]
Player says: about food association
[NPC] Jomed Parcen says: I don't have any, but you might try the tavern.
#39 + (19) - [X]
<Moogie|Mogura> ./buddy give moogie lots of money and a big house and a sports car and an indoor swimming pool and a private jet and ... ...
* Pogopuschel makes a dog-like sound "too many parameters"
#72 + (19) - [X]
<aarobber> dfryer, you here?
<aarobber> fine, don't be here
<aarobber> be a jerk
#128 + (19) - [X]
Androgos on the issue of 'Planeshift...wow...sucks...2'
Androgos : Summary: I hate you
Vengeance : Androgos is cute when he gets mad. :)
#145 + (19) - [X]
<Darkmoon> am I going to have to draft a full set of Yliakum laws now? :P
<Tuxide> make it so you can dump booze in the lake
<stfrn> sure :)
<Darkmoon> why do you want the entire Nolthrir population falling-down drunk?
<Tuxide> to make it easy to barter
#240 + (19) - [X]
* Moogie sings: "seventeen pages of spam to delete, seventeen pages of spaaam, you click one post, you make it a ghost- still seventeen pages of spam to delete"
#305 + (19) - [X]
semi-frio: meh... just seeing Kii makes me hungry...
Kii_food: Erm..
semi-frio: I mean the nick
Kii_food: I'd be flattered, but I'm really just disturbed O.o
#404 + (19) - [X]
<Venge> Please file it with the other 1000 bugs.
<Venge> I will ignore it until a year from now when someone mentions it to me and I make a 5 minute fix.
#497 + (19) - [X]
<Nebuduck> you said cute cos you thought i'd be insulted if you said hot
<FaKeShAdOw> :)
<Cadoras> no, she said cute because she thought you would be insulted if she said butt ugly

#603 + (19) - [X]
<Alhana> Cadoras, you remind me of a dog constantly humping its masters leg... sorry.
#144 + (18) - [X]
Venge: Isn't it funny how we talk for years about all these grandiose plans for our new kind of MMORPG, and then when we finally deliver it turns out to be just a rat killing game? :)
#506 + (18) - [X]
<Niavard> In Soviet Planeshift, features have not implemented YOU!!
#246 + (18) - [X]
<Rhad> I don't know why people automatically suspect the software or hardware when they get low fps. It could be that time is at fault instead.
#329 + (18) - [X]

<Tangera-away> The members are impervious to attack
<Tangera-away> can anyone do something?
<Induane> members?
<Tangera-away> Monstors!
<Induane> My member is impervious to attack.
<Tangera-away> opps
<Arianna> Induane !!!!!!
<Induane> lol sorry
<Tangera-away> The monsters are impervious to attack
* Arianna closes her ears and sings
#1031 + (18) - [X]
<Sarras> Lilu
<Sarras> :O
<Lilu> =0
<Sarras> if you insist
<Sarras> =0 <===3
<Lilu> waa
<Sarras> =(<===3
<Lilu> noo
<Sarras> =(==3
<Sarras> =(3
<Sarras> =3
<Lilu> stahp
#1032 + (18) - [X]
<Sarras> Ralas play with us!
<Ralas> but i'm busy drinking beer and watching buffy
<Ralas> besides RP is hard
<Sarras> no it's easy
<Sarras> you just pretend to be someone
<Ralas> ohhhh i could pretend to be Sarras!
<Ralas> my character could walk around starting arguments and stuff!

#44 + (17) - [X]
<Kwartz> I love you aendar you complete me
<Aendar> Hold me Kwartz!
* Kwartz wasnt expecting repartee and is afraid
<Aendar> lol
#56 + (17) - [X]
<Pogopuschel> i got addicted to IRC once
<Pogopuschel> I managed to get out though through... no wait
<Pogopuschel> HELP
#104 + (17) - [X]
<TomT> I'm thinking about buying a new computer chassi..
*Erik^10001 has joined #planeshift-devs
<TomT> Need to be really tight but preferly not cost too much..
<Erik^10001> Hi all!
<Erik^10001> TomT: Looking for getting laid tonight, are you? :P
#132 + (17) - [X]
* THAPRINZE has joined #planeshift
<Vengeance> THAPRINZE: I'm surprised to see you
<Vengeance> Wasn't there a whole kerfuffle about you getting renamed in game?
<aarobber> why can't people just not be creative and use the name generator?
<Vengeance> Clearly this is Will Smith, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and he wants to use his original nickname
<stfrn> :)
<Nilaya> lol
<Vengeance> Or Freddie Prinz Jr trying to act 'street'
<Vengeance> Is Sarah Michelle Gellar behind you THAPRINZE?
<Vengeance> She was a great Buffy
<aarobber> :)
<Vengeance> A little too flat and mousey for me, but hey, I'm glad you're happy.
#138 + (17) - [X]
Moogie: Drey, you just missed some girl get her boobs out on tv
Moogie: and I didn't :D
#213 + (17) - [X]
groton: anyway, i resisted till 2002 without a cell phone. then i lost
Spoonman: you lost?
Spoonman: what did it do, beat you up?
#301 + (17) - [X]
<Ayshe> I have a disturbing propensity for disproportionate evaluations of inherint relevance during discourse regarding the precise magnitude and disposition of my opinions
<Karyuu> Ayshe, that is -so- going to get quoted.
<Nilaya> :D
<Karyuu> \o/
<Ayshe> can you shorten it to "Ayshe says he talks a lot of crap" ?
#303 + (17) - [X]
Moogie: right... reboot then
***Ayshe wishes you luck
***Moogie hugs Ayshe
Ayshe: i'll be here
Ayshe: expect it to take 5 - 20 mins
Moogie: it won't ask me any questions will it? :|
Ayshe: no
Moogie: okies
Ayshe: it's automatic
Moogie left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).

(ten minutes pass)

***Ayshe frets
***Ayshe panics
***Ayshe hyperventilates
josePhoenix [n=josephoe@unaffiliated/josephoenix] entered the room.
Ayshe: oh no i have killed moogies computer and she will be upset and wont ever come back to irc ever and everyone will know it was me who did it and i'll be known as the moogiekiller and it will be bad and i'll never see moogie again because my advice was bad and i am really nervous because she relied on me and i might have stuffed up and oh man its scary waiting here and i had a coffee or two while i waited or maybe it was three i like caffeine oh man oh i hope moogie gets back soon
Ayshe: er, I mean heya jose
#337 + (17) - [X]
acraig: what brought on this header changes anyways?
Fossi:thebolt ;)
acraig: ah :)
* acraig lights a bag of poo on fire and rings thebolts doorbell...
stfrn: :O
#620 + (17) - [X]
<Lordbug> O.o
<Miadon> o.O
<Moon|Hyuken> ^)O_O(^
<Keto> \(_o)/
<Miadon> ()
<josePhoenix> you crazy persons o.O
<Lordbug> they started it
<Miadon> () () () () () TEDDY BEAR picnic
#626 + (17) - [X]
<Jekkar> god bless the devs, who are smart enough to place cliffs in an area with 5 f/ps
<Jekkar> god im getting tired of this
<Jekkar> welcome to the bronze doors, you may now die
#683 + (17) - [X]
<Vengeance> I view irc as my opportunity to be completely blunt and honest with people. :)
<Vengeance> Irl, I have no such freedom. :)
<Xillix[A]> :)
<Vengeance> Many people view their online personae as an opportunities to lie.
<Vengeance> I view it as my big chance to be truthful. :)
<Xillix[A]> well i figure people would have figured out by now that going and crying to someone named veangeance won't work out in your favor
<Vengeance> rofl
<Vengeance> Hence my alternate "approachable" nickname, Flower. :)
* Vengeance is now known as Flower
#739 + (17) - [X]
<twistedpa1n> my girlfriend has started calling PS my mistress ...
<Hadfael> soon your mistress will call PS your GF
<Hadfael> start training to say "I swear honey, I will divorce". It's useful in PS and IRL
<Hadfael> keep "I can stop anyday" for your parents and the doctor
#71 + (16) - [X]
<aarobber> I enjoy the period when you get extremely paranoid after about 35-45 hours of non-sleep
<aarobber> I ran away from my shaddow into a wall once
#99 + (16) - [X]
* pinniped wishes he had a faster pooter now
* pinniped hates long compile times
Pogopuschel: have a cup of coffee in the meantime
Jorrit: If you're compiling CS then you can also plant some coffee.
#107 + (16) - [X]
stfrn: I was using carrier pigions at one point, but there was too much packet timeout :/
#126 + (16) - [X]
(somone asks for code help)
* Arianna is curious anyway
* Arianna pushes Jorrit aside
* Jorrit kicks Arianna from her chair.
* Arianna types from the floor
* Jorrit throws Arianna's keyboard out of the window.
* Arianna throws herself out of the window and types flying
(some actual help here)
* Jorrit wonders if Arianna hit the ground already.
* Arianna is flying on persian carpet that she took when she was typing on the floor before throwing herself out of the window
#136 + (16) - [X]
* Zeraph fixes stuf
Zeraph: stuff* \o/
Zeraph: it's fixed
#408 + (16) - [X]
<Walugo> Just realized, Meshes != Heightmaps
<Demarthl> good for you
<Demarthl> we know your ugly but we dont comment on it do we
<Walugo> :)
* logics (n=jketreno@dsl093-216-122.aus1.dsl.speakeasy.net) has joined #planeshift
<Demarthl> so play nice
<Sekhemet> with dice
<Sekhemet> but not with lice
<Demarthl> eating rice
<Sekhemet> with chinese spice
<Demarthl> and ill stab ye thrice
<Walugo> You have many-a-vice
* Hory` (n=Miranda@ has joined #Planeshift
<Sekhemet> pie! can i have a slice?
<logics> i can't get the game to work w/ my mice
<Sekhemet> did you try with ice?
<Sekhemet> it works nice
<Demarthl> ok stop now
<Walugo> ok, that much rhyming will suffice
<Sekhemet> that's good advice
<Sekhemet> XD
* Demarthl snaps the shotgun barrel back and forth > :|
<Sekhemet> my, that's a frightening device...
<Sekhemet> *ducks behind box*
<Demarthl> ARGH *BLAM!*
#348 + (16) - [X]
Demarthl coffee rocks
Demarthl rocks garden
Demarthl garden light
Demarthl light burns
Demarthl burns hot
Demarthl hot coffee
Demarthl mmm
#416 + (16) - [X]
<blueCommand> I have 9 in ping to the server
<Seytra> 9? 9 seconds...
<blueCommand> 9 ms
<josePhoenix> blueCommand, ...what kinda connection do you have there
* Xordan pokes blueCommand's direct fiber to the server
<blueCommand> well
<blueCommand> is quite fast
<Xordan> lol xD
#421 + (16) - [X]
<Tuxide> just reject his code, dude
<dfryer> hey, blue contributes :)
<Cha0s> I think he just needs to have his code screened ;)
<Tuxide> yeah...paired programming
<dfryer> I prefer impaired programming
<Tuxide> impaired programming?
<dfryer> yea, I slam back a shot of hard liquor and get to work
#456 + (16) - [X]
<Seperot> planeshift a game born of lag
<Seperot> adpoted by crashing
<Seperot> sold to bugs
<Seperot> then marryed to another lag
<joseSleep> :O
<Karyuu> Scandalous :|
<Seperot> such a heartwarming story
<joseSleep> finally adopted by Talad, who gave it a loving home...
<Karyuu> A tale of love and betrayal, sacrifice and war.
<joseSleep> And cookies? And fudge?
<Seperot> a true epic
<McNaire|PS> I thought you were asleep?
<joseSleep> -true- epics have cookies and fudge
#482 + (16) - [X]
< Zorbels> I really hate it when the npc's dissapear
<+Xordan|Afk> They probably really hate it when you disappear
<+Xordan|Afk> But you don't care about what they feel >:|
<+Xordan|Afk> So selfish
<+Xordan|Afk> :P
* Zorbels sticks her tongue out at Xordan
< rerogo> How can we care about their feelings?
< rerogo> If we asked one about its feelings, it would say "response to feelings 0,100"
<+Xordan|Afk> lol
#767 + (16) - [X]
<Induane> If it makes you feel any better I just got a computer in with the message taped to it - "is no work drive go clickity clack all time"
#1024 + (16) - [X]
(In Gossip Channel)

Earowo: Hello self
Veelic: Hi self
Veelic: How bored am I to talk to myself
Earowo: Probably pretty bored
Tanosn: I'll have Tano invade Earowo's personal space, one moment.
Tanosn: Hi there :D
Rizula: Hawt
Earowo: Hi >.>
#1055 + (16) - [X]
Taya: Na, I'm a pain.
Taya: We all know this by now!
Taya: ... a thing able to break your english?
Venalan: ha, you're one to talk about rubbish english
Venalan: (my insults getting to you yet?)
Taya: nop. me englisch is impeakabubble
Venalan: better than impopabubble
* Taya peaks you to try pop you
Venalan: xD
#31 + (15) - [X]
Zabeal says: clam heads always prevail
Zabeal says: *calm
#518 + (15) - [X]
<Kanalal> is it just me, or are linux docs always about as helpful as chocolate teapots?
#150 + (15) - [X]
<[Link```> Draklar the Pole can't watch "Enya, the Video Collection"
<[Link```> or "The ChubbChubbs!"
<[Link```> OH MY GOD
<[Link```> They banned "Home Alone"!
<[Link```> HOW could someone NOT like Home ALone?
<[Link```> The first and second one
<[Link```> The rest all sucked
<[Link```> God damnit
<[Link```> I'm never going to poland
<Grakrim> Despite that, how the hell do you justify bannin
g Home Alone? There's nothing in it.
<[Link```> No shit
<Grakrim> I mean, if he hired a few hookers, and invited Michael Jackson over, I could see it. But he just has a fun time torturing some criminals.
#333 + (15) - [X]
* AryAway is now known as Arianna
<Koshdukai> \o =)
<Arianna> cosc!
<Arianna> you know, I have to tell you the truth. your name sounds funny in italian
<Arianna> coscia = upper part of the leg
<Koshdukai> I suspected that
<Arianna> du = sounds like di (it could be dialect)
<Arianna> cai = cane = dog
<Koshdukai> lol
<Arianna> so, upper part of the leg of a dog
<Arianna> = koshdukai
<Koshdukai> BAHAHAH
<Koshdukai> I think I'll put that on my sig ! :Z
<Koshdukai> "...buy you can call me upper part of the leg of a dog" ;)
<Koshdukai> *but
<Koshdukai> well, now that you mention it
#629 + (15) - [X]
<Lordbug> I wonder how the dev meetings are...
<Lordbug> "I suggest we insert the walking bug now! It's too soon to make the inventory bug appear!"
<Torzigg> lol
<Keto> sounds about right ;P
<Keto> "feature! we use the word feature!"
#402 + (15) - [X]
<Spleen> Now is planeshift's game play heavily focused on team work or can someone take a breather in travel somewhere with low risk of being put in an encounter?
<Venge> Spleen: The main goal is to run around as long as possible before the server crashes. :)
#360 + (15) - [X]
Demarthl: oi.O
Demarthl: ow!
Demarthl: there is an i on my eye!
#453 + (15) - [X]
<Nebuduck> I thought americans were pro free speech
<josePhoenix> nah
<josePhoenix> we like censorship and people spying on us
<josePhoenix> just look at santa claus
<Nebuduck> hmph
<josePhoenix> "he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake"
<Nebuduck> yeah, I reckon santa's worse than Jacko
<josePhoenix> of course, if this is free speech day, then I will be so bold as to suggest that santa makes use of the knowledge of when you're sleeping to come in and molest you :|
<Nebuduck> wow
<Nebuduck> people say its impossible for santa to deliver presents to all those kids
<Nebuduck> but to deliver presents AND molest?!
<Nebuduck> he must get in and out quickly
<Nebuduck> um...
<josePhoenix> ...
<Nebuduck> of the house
<josePhoenix> ehhhhh
<josePhoenix> thanks Nebuduck
<Nebuduck> in and out of the house
#577 + (15) - [X]
From #crystalspace:

<Uyaem> 2008: "I installed CS on my fridge. the toaster interface gave some trouble at first, but..."
<Uyaem> "....Now all my sausages are in 3d and they support ray tracing. woot."
#1003 + (15) - [X]
<joshu28> does anyone here play wow?
<niklasboelter> no only smart people in this channel
|<-- joshu28 has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
<Boredien> niklasboelter: I love you.
#1023 + (15) - [X]
<Mishka> When I was 8, my mom told me there was bad people on the internet. Now, with almost 21, I realized I'm one of those people
#1018 + (15) - [X]
<aramara> guys, i think my biological clock is like, seriously ticking
<AiwendilH> and you think saying something like this in a channel full of male nerds living in a basement is a good idea?
<aramara> i thought maybe, if i said it outloud, it would go away
#1028 + (15) - [X]
<almien> if you got the wrong 32/x86_64 installer, would that manifest itself as the installer program just terminating after asking you for the installation language?
<Minks_> No. Idea. Which file did you try to install on which system?
<almien> PlaneShift-v0.5.9.2-x86.run on ubuntu 12.04
<Minks_> that sounds like a 32 bit file. Should also run on 64 bit, right?
<almien> oh it was right one - x64 was "cannot execute binary file".
<almien> so installer just quits without any warnings after the language-selection dialog
<Minks_> Did you to the chmod thingy that people get told to do whenever there's a problem installing on Linux
<Minks_> ?
<Minks_> Whatever it does.... <.<
<almien> sorry, I'm an idiot. I had been pressing cancel because it was the button on the right-hand side where I was expecting OK to be :(
<Minks_> XD
#59 + (14) - [X]
<GeorgeD> server restart is coming, everybody duck!
* bongothebloody ducks
* Moogie falls over
* Ikarsik has quit IRC ("Leaving")
* menewbe jumps away
<GeorgeD> Ikarsik didn't take it well...
#271 + (14) - [X]
<Kixie> Car serviced?
<Kixie> What are you, a wuss?
<Kixie> I drive with no brakes.
<Kixie> Thats the ONLY way to drive.
<Xeraans> Yes, but it's not the way to stop. :)
#318 + (14) - [X]
6:34 * Cherppow has quit (Nick collision from services.)
6:34 * Cherppow (n=Cherppow@a84-231-96-169.elisa-laajakaista.fi) has joined #PlaneShift
6:34 * ChanServ gives voice to Cherppow
6:41 * Cherppow has quit (Nick collision from services.)
6:41 Drak|Writing Cherppow, people miss you ;o
6:41 * Cherppow (n=Cherppow@a84-231-96-169.elisa-laajakaista.fi) has joined #PlaneShift
6:41 * ChanServ gives voice to Cherppow
6:46 * Cherppow has quit (Nick collision from services.)
6:46 * Cherppow (n=Cherppow@a84-231-96-169.elisa-laajakaista.fi) has joined #PlaneShift
6:46 * ChanServ gives voice to Cherppow
6:50 * Cherppow has quit (Nick collision from services.)
6:50 * Cherppow (n=Cherppow@a84-231-96-169.elisa-laajakaista.fi) has joined #PlaneShift
6:50 * ChanServ gives voice to Cherppow
6:51 Cherppow: I don't know how the guys at elisa have nerves to call this a "connection".
#334 + (14) - [X]

<Arianna> my boyfriend is in Japan
* Arianna cries in a corner
<Arianna> stupid boyfriend that goes away without me!
<Arianna> :|
<snakekain> Arianna: you should have forced him to marry you
<snakekain> so you don't get separated
<Arianna> snakekain, you are right. Next time I will tie him with a engagement ring!
<res2k> ...how does the one imply the other?
<Arianna> res2k, I really don't know ;)
<res2k> Arianna, don't forget to weld one end of the ring to the floor or so.
<Arianna> res2k, don't make me become naughty. You served me a joke on a silver plate but I have to play the good girl.
<res2k> Arianna, oh okay. and that why I was about to mentioned that there is probably a wide selection of necklaces with attached chains available.
<Arianna> res2k, I appreciate the hint ;)
#336 + (14) - [X]
* Vengeance has quit ("I am the Goddess of Meep.")
#383 + (14) - [X]
<Epix> Do alot of people play Planeshift? Ex, how many people are on the server right now?
<IKetoI> heheh...
<semi-frio> tyhere are 129 players on
* Nebuduck hugs every single player who is on at the moment
* Seperot now needs a bath
* semi-frio is glad he crashed
* Karyuu escapes, luckily
#514 + (14) - [X]
* sueastside has quit IRC (""<@Jorrit> docs? Is this actually documented?, In the manual?"")
#491 + (14) - [X]
<Kanalal> i want the cooking skill to be implemented
<Cadoras> I want strip tease skill to be implemented
<Rux> i want cooking strippers skill
#574 + (14) - [X]
Nyramael shouts: if you can't make a straight line, how are you going
to fight an army?
Nilaya shouts: WITH STYLE!
#1015 + (14) - [X]
Whoever edits and publishes these atrclies really knows what they're doing.
#1056 + (14) - [X]
[Tell] Mariana tells you: wanna try to polish some of my own shit.
[Tell] You tell Mariana: - You cannot polish a terd. It doesn't w... oh... right.
[Tell] Mariana tells you: xD
[Tell] Mariana swats you.
[Tell] You tell Mariana: xD You said it.
[Tell] Mariana tells you: Ohhh.
[Tell] Mariana tells you: Oh yes I did didn't I xD

#37 + (13) - [X]
<Aendar>I want a potato
#129 + (13) - [X]
Fireofsoul: 53 people online! there hasn't been this many since the great cheating age
Rux: or yesterday
Fireofsoul: bah
#134 + (13) - [X]
Nilaya casts various blue and crystal healing magic thingies on Drey
Rux casts "I'll cut you with my sword"

#140 + (13) - [X]
fken: ~MadMerlin@d150-133-71.home.cgocable.net is a mail address ?
Rux: and a darn good one too
fken: it must be hard to remember
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